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"Apocalyptica, we love you boys!"
James Hetfield, on their performance of Metallica music with him as the guest vocal.

Some creators accept the presence of a fan work or a parody of their work. After all, there are creative fans who are willing to make anything based upon a work they love. Also, there are some other creators who not only accept such works existing, but also enjoy the fan material and sometimes even showcase it to other fans.

While not everything that the creator would enjoy would become Ascended Fanon, some works, ranging from fan art to song parodies and fan films, would be good enough to catch the attention of creators, or those involved in the source material. Not only could the creators outright state their enjoyment for the fan material, but they can even link that work to share with other fans. Sometimes such works can become Ascended Memes.

Compare with Creator-Preferred Adaptation, where it's an official adaptation that earns the respect of the creator. Also compare Ascended Fanon, Promoted Fanboy, Official Fan-Submitted Content. Contrast Fanwork Ban, Sincerest Form of Flattery. Creators may even offer Parody Assistance.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Those who worked at 4Kids Entertainment have enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, even though many of the jokes revolve around mocking them.
  • Several of the original English voices for Dragon Ball Z have expressed approval for Dragon Ball Abridged. There are several YouTube videos of the actors quoting lines from the series in-character. In fact, Kyle Hebert (the Narrator and Adult Gohan, among others) is a guest voice in a few of the episodes. It seems to be the mark of a successful Abridged Series whenever this happens, as Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged has also had a voice actor cameo in The Movie.
  • This appears to be the stance of some mangaka and creators, such as CLAMP and Type-Moon. This could be due to their own ties with Doujinshi.
  • Hidekaz Himaruya was found to be this to his fan base. To the point that he posted a drawing showing his thanks to them for all their work and even makes stuff every now and then explicitly for fans to work on.
  • Hayao Miyazaki personally approved of Joe Hisaishi's reorchestrated score for Castle in the Sky, written exclusively for the Disney dub. Even Hisaishi thought it was better than the original. (Unfortunately, the only way to hear it is to purchase the 2003 DVD edition OR import the Japanese, Australian, or UK Blu Ray, because the current Disney DVD/BD release does not contain it. Why? Because many purists DETESTED the new score. Ironically, it's now hailed as one of the best assets of Disney's dub now that it's gone.)

  • Garfield Minus Garfield, a webcomic that takes Garfield strips and airbrushes out all the characters except Jon, leaving a strip about a crazy man who talks to himself. Jim Davis enjoyed it enough to approve publishing a book of the best ones. The book also features a section of minused strips created by Davis himself.
  • Sonic the Comic Online, a fan-made continuation of the long-defunct Fleetway comic, received messages of support from most of the creative team behind the original publication, some of whom have since contributed artwork and consulted on storylines.
  • Alan Moore has said that Harry Partridge's Saturday Morning Watchmen and the Justice League episode "For the Man Who Has Everything" are the only adaptations of his work which he approves of. Dave Gibbons loved it, too.
  • Gary Larson wrote a The Far Side comic in which a female ape accused her mate of "doing more 'research' with that Jane Goodall tramp". As he related in his book "The Prehistory of the Far Side", Larson received a hostile letter from the Jane Goodall Society, threatening legal action over the strip. Shortly after that, he received a letter from the editors of National Geographic, who wanted to print the strip in an anniversary issue. When Larson explained his difficulties with the Jane Goodall Society, one magazine editor commented, "That doesn't sound like the Jane Goodall we know." After some research, they found out that Goodall enjoyed the strip and was not aware of the Society's actions against Gary Larson. Larson later met with Jane Goodall at her research facility in Mgombe. In his words, "Everything's cool."


  • The authors of the Warrior Cats books enjoy the animations that fans have made - most notably, they've linked to SSS Warriors and AlliKatNya's "Gravity of Love" AMV.
  • Zig-Zagged with J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter Lexicon, a fan-made website which indexed everything in the Potterverse. Rowling was more than happy with it as a website but once the owner published it as a real book she sued, because it was essentially the entire Harry Potter series as written by her only organized differently and with him as the purported author.
  • Rowling has a section on her website to honor fansites who catalog her books, like Mugglenet or The Leaky Cauldron. She's also expressed that she wishes she had thought up the shrunken head on the Knight Bus in the third Harry Potter film. She takes a "go ahead, I won't look" view toward fanfiction, though.
  • George R. R. Martin was impressed by Russian artist Amok's amateur portraits of characters from A Song of Ice and Fire that he sent notes to make them more accurate and eventually commissioned him to make official A Song of Ice and Fire art.
  • James Riley, author of Half Upon a Time, regularly posts fan art he receives for the series on its official blog.
  • Tom Angleberger, author of the Origami Yoda series, frequently posts pictures of origami made by fans on his blog.

     Live-Action TV 
  • Someone drew a comic spoofing the average plot of an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Chris Meloni, a former star of the show, ordered a signed copy.
  • While Legend of the Seeker was on the air, a fan created a blog called "Gay For Kahlan," which recapped each episode with light-hearted jabs and playing up the Les Yay between Kahlan and Cara. The show's stars, Craig Horner and Bridget Regan, both said they and the crew loved it, and would read it every morning on the way to set. After the show wrapped, the crew sent her a prop from set as a thank you.
  • In 2008, a fan film of Star Trek was made, called "Of Gods and Men". While the production is of similar quality to other fan-made films, this one is notable for featuring many Star Trek alumni as main characters in both familiar and new roles, and was directed by Tim Russ, who also played his Voyager role of Tuvok (who had previously been established to have been alive in the TOS era).
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was a fan of Saturday Night Live's Hans and Franz, appearing in one sketch, and later using their Catch Phrase "girlie men".
  • David Tennant saw Liam Dryden's video titled "David Tennant is Stalking Me" and sent him an email to let him know that he found it funny, later asking Liam to make a follow-up video alerting fans to online imposters.

  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's parodies are sometimes met with this from other artists. This isn't surprising, since he insists on seeking approval from them first before he records them, so they know what to expect.
    • The most notable aversion was Coolio, who felt that "Gangsta's Paradise" was too serious and intense a song to be parodied, and was upset when "Amish Paradise" was released. Yankovic felt bad about it and had been incorrectly told that he had Coolio's approval. Eventually, Coolio got over it and gave Al a hug. As Al put it, "I doubt I'll be invited to Coolio's birthday party, but at least I don't have to wear a bulletproof vest to the mall anymore."
    • Michael Jackson was a big fan and he enjoyed the parodies of his work. He also lent Al the set from the music video of "Bad" to shoot the music video for "Fat".
    • Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was incredibly flattered when Weird Al asked for permission to parody "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Cobain only requested that the lyrics to the song not be about food. Al reports being incredibly nervous when forced to admit that they were all about how indistinct and mumbly Cobain's vocals were, but Cobain loved the idea. The entire band reportedly laughed hysterically when they saw the video, and Cobain called Yankovic a "musical genius" in his journals.
    • Chamillionaire of "Ridin'" fame loved the parody "White and Nerdy" and even featured it on his MySpace page shortly after release. He was even impressed by Al's rapping abilities.
    • Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo congratulated him for "Dare To Be Stupid" and called it 'the perfect Devo song'.
    • When Yankovic approached LadyGaga's management to spoof "Born this Way," he got turned down. Gaga herself heard about it, tore her management team a new one, and gave Yankovic a green light to spoof what he pleased.
    • On the flip end, Weird Al himself is very receptive to fan content. In fact, he has a list of his favorites on his website.
  • Country Music parodist Cledus T. Judd has often gotten approval from the original artists on his parodies. A few have even helped him on his own parodies.
  • Despite her reputation as a serious, intense ballad singer, Céline Dion has a really good sense of humor, and is really good at taking a joke. When SNL was doing their parody of her in the wake of Titanic, she thought it was so hilarious, she invited Ana Gasteyer to her show in New York, where she did her Celine Dion impression to the crowd. On another occassion, when promoting her French album Sans Attendre on TV, she invited another imitator, Véronic DiCaire on stage.
  • Corey Taylor of Slipknot was asked what he made of "Psychosocial Baby", a mashup of the Slipknot song "Psychosocial" and "Baby" by Justin Bieber. Contrary to the opinions of many Slipknot fans, he loved it and found it hilarious.
  • None of The Beatles objected to The Rutles, and George Harrison liked the idea enough to produce and appear in the All You Need Is Cash mockumentary. John Lennon loved The Rutles so much that when their first film came out, he watched it almost nonstop on loan from the studio, and when time was up he very reluctantly gave the film back. Apparently Paul McCartney was a little bit wary at first, but his wife Linda assured him that it was all right.
  • They Might Be Giants post many fan videos of their music on their Facebook page and website, among various other things. A popular flash for "Certain People I Could Name" garnered much attention from them.
  • Apocalyptica started out their career covering songs by Metallica on 4 cellos. Metallica liked their arrangements so much that they played with Apocalyptica playing music written by the former in arrangements done by Apocalyptica.
    • Further case: Beatallica, a band whose oeuvre consists entirely of Beatles/Metallica mashups (example songs: "The Thing That Should Not Let It Be" and "And Justice For All My Loving") was aided in a minor legal dispute with Sony (who currently holds the rights to most of Beatles songs) by Lars Ulrich.
  • Bob Rivers parodied Joan Osborne's "One Of Us" into "What If God Smoked Cannabis". Osborne liked it so much, she covered the parody herself.
  • Michael Buble loved Bad Lip Reading's parody of "Haven't Met You Yet": "Russian Unicorn".
  • Robert Plant has said that comedy tribute band Dread Zeppelin is his favorite of all the LZ tribute acts out there.
  • In an interview Rebecca Black was asked which parody of "Friday" was her favourite, which was the Brock's Dub version.
  • When asked in a radio interview about his opinion of Time Lord rock band Chameleon Circuit, David Tennant said that "They're quite good, aren't they? It's like proper, decent music."
  • Taylor Swift tweeted her love for Walk Off The Earth's cover version of her song "Trouble".
  • Barry Manilow reportedly enjoyed Ray Stevens' parody of him on "I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow".
  • One Direction showed approval for fanfiction spoof cartoon The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction
  • Voltaire apparently browses the AMV sections of YouTube and even told someone "Nicely done!!!!" (yes, with all the exclamation marks) on their AMV of his song Crusade.
  • Lorde thought South Park's parody of her (where she turns out to be a cross-dressing man named Randy Marsh) was pretty funny, and even recorded a clip of herself going "ya ya ya ya, I'm Lorde" just like Marsh does.
  • The Tumblr blog "This Charming Charlie", combining Peanuts strips with lyrics from The Smiths, is another example of mixed reaction, garnering a cease-and-desist from Universal Music on behalf of Johnny Marr and praise from Morrissey. Since the two jointly hold the copyright, and they have to agree in order to pursue a claim, and they don't, the site remains.

    New Media 

    Stand Up Comedy 
  • Eddie Izzard has said he's impressed with various YouTube videos that take his routines and make them into stop-motion LEGO films.

    Video Games 
  • Jun Senoue, who writes music for the Sonic the Hedgehog games, praised the soundtrack of Sonic Before The Sequel's SAGE 2012 re-release.
  • Valve Software
    • One of Valve's founding principles was to do that opposite of id Software, whose release of source code was a combination of throwing the fans a bone and Carmack showing off his programming genius. No matter how thriving or prolific the mod community became id dismissed them as geeky hobbyists, amateurs and peons, and made no attempts to support them when communities and distribution channels were at risk of disappearing. Valve from the beginning hosted modding forums, and file databases and file-sharing.
    • The company posts fan-works of Portal and Portal 2 on the games' Facebook page. These have included "This is Aperture" and a video of "Still Alive" done with lasers.
    • In an earlier example, Valve approved and publicized a Half-Life 2 fan-film titled Escape from City 17.
    • Every once in a while, the official Team Fortress 2 blog showcases fan-works for the game, such as Brentalfloss's Team Fortress 2 theme song.
    • There is Black Mesa, a Fan Remake of Half-Life in the Source Engine, which Valve added to Steam through Greenlight. Valve allowed it on condition they remove "Source" from the name (so people wouldn't think it was an official Valve release), and on condition that they got first dibs on playing it.
    • In general, Valve is extremely supportive of fan works, even going out of their way to release and support tools to help make them, particularly Game Mods. Valve's reason for being so benevolent toward these efforts? In a plot worthy of The Last Starfighter, they use them as a means of scouting for talent.
  • Bungie is pretty benevolent toward all fan works of its material, regularly showcasing notable ones like Red vs. Blue or Halo A Fistful Of Arrows on its news.
  • Hideo Kojima said he was very impressed by Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy, and was moved by the filmmakers' passion and respect for the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • Reverge Labs puts up fan art of Skullgirls every Friday as part of Fan-Art Friday on their developer blog.
  • Tim Schafer tweeted about a fan-made mashup of Psychonauts footage with audio of the Inception trailer and considered it well-done.
  • BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (the Compilation Re-release for Wii) includes, as Unlockable Content, remixes of songs from the first three games by a fan named Mike Dannebaum, and songs inspired by the games by PreciseHero.
  • There was a project to remake Duke Nukem 3D using the Unreal engine. Gearbox, the current holder of the Duke Nukem IP, approved of the effort. That is, until Interceptor read the details of the personal license they were granted...
  • Capcom has not only acknowledged the existence of Maximillian's Assist Me series by linking the videos on their website, they even sponsored the Ultimate Assist Me series so Max and the crew wouldn't have to pay for the production costs out of their pockets like they normally do. Taken even further in the finale of Retro Assist Me: where Yoshinori Ono makes a cameo at the end. The only thing preventing it from being Ascended Fanon at this point is that it's still a fanmade work and not official.
  • Bethesda's official blog had linked to Fallout: Nuka Break, considering a "great work". They also tweeted Prequeltwice.
    • Not to mention that every Elder Scrolls and Fallout title produced and/or published by them comes complete with a modding kit that is essentially the API they used to build the game world. And Skyrim wound up being the launch title for Steam Workshop.
  • Double Dragon creator Yoshihisa Kishimoto praised Abobo's Big Adventure and doesn't mind unofficial derivative works as long as they're good and have something to do with the franchise.
  • Ted Price, president of Insomniac Gamesnote , while bashing later entries in the Spyro the Dragon franchise (mostly the Obvious Beta Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly), has also stated that "Digital Eclipse did a great job on the GBA titles"note .
  • SWERY, the game directior of Deadly Premonition, loves any and all fan-works of the game, and regularly links to pieces of fanart and writings on the game on his Twitter account. In a Game Developer's Confrence presentation, he even explained that creating fan-friendly characters and worlds is a part of his game design philosophy, because it gives fans a way to enjoy the game even when they're not playing it.
  • The original Dreamcast release of Soul Calibur contained an extensive, unlockable fanart gallery. Unfortunately, these galleries don't exist in later ports of the game due to the fact that over a decade has passed since the original release and thus it is difficult or impossible to track down the original artists so they can re-sign the usage rights for new consoles, as well as some of the art being blatantly sexual in nature (and thus affecting content guidelines from other companies.)
  • ZUN is generally quite supportive of Touhou fanwork, and usually only demands that the products are clearly marked as unofficial fan material. It's even believed to be part of the reason canon is so vague and Unreliable Narrator-driven; it leaves more space for fanon.
  • Overkill Software, makers of PAYDAY: The Heist, saw a group of fans create a skill calculator for the sequel to help other fans get a better understanding of what each skill does and how much of a bonus some skill tiers give since the in game description can be either vague or outright wrong. Overkill gave the calculator their seal of approval.
  • Hanako Games has an official section of their forum for fanart and fan fiction, and Hanako has been known to hold fanwork contests with free games as prizes. (She doesn't allow Rule 34 on her forum, but that's because it is an all-ages forum.)
  • Rockstar Games has been looking over the top-rated jobs people make in Grand Theft Auto Online, and adding the best ones to the game proper, as 'Rockstar Verified'. They also regularly post news on their Social Club site about fanmade videos and crews that pique their interest.
  • The Silver Lining, a fan-created sequel of the popular King's Quest series of adventure games, received a ringing endorsement from creator Roberta Williams, who was overjoyed to see her characters in 3-D.
  • Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV, approves of Photoshopped memes of a scene with Noctis and company in a car, which was first shown in the Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer. With that, Square Enix rolls out transparent PNG files of that scene for everyone to poke fun with, which counts as Parody Assistance.
  • Nintendo employees have been careful not to give "official" approval/praise to fan works (if only for legal reasons), but they rarely pursued fans for creating them, and later announced an endorsement scheme for fan projects. Given the existence of popular fan games and mods, such as Project M or the unofficial Mother 3 translation, this is possibly a move similar to Valve above.


    Web Video 
  • Matt Santoro likes most fan-art done of him.
  • Mr Repzion frequently posts fan-art done of him online.
  • The members of the Yogscast often reblog fan-art done of them on their respective Tumblr and Twitter pages, although they do have some limits and they don't take as kindly to some forms of fanfiction, mainly shipping.
  • Sips is a huge fan of the "Sips Sings" series, having provided some vocals to various tracks over the years and tweeting most new releases. Similarly, Trott of Hat Films was very complimentary of the episode guest starring him and the other two members.
  • PewDiePie tweeted his approval of the parody that Hat Films did of his "pack opening" video.
  • Let's Players such as PewDiePie and Chaotic Monki regularly put up handpicked fan art as either the thumbnail or in the beginning of their videos.

    Western Animation 
  • In general, the showrunners and writers of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic tend to enjoy a lot of the fanworks created by the Periphery Demographic:
    • Equestria Daily was formed in January 2011 as a fansite, and is regularly updated with fan material. Not only does The Hub acknowledge its existence, but it also sent official material, from an extended cut of "Equestria Girls" to exclusive interviews with the show's creative staff.
    • Similarly, Lauren Faust has stated that she's quite excited for My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic and would like to play it when it's finished. She apparently found the idea cool enough that when the game received a C&D order, she offered to design original characters for a new project. She's since officially teamed up with the programmers.
    • "Weird Al" Yankovic posted a link to a mash-up of MLP and one of his polkas on his Twitter page, then later did the same thing with another mash-up by the same editor. Al even hinted he might be/would like to be on the show at some point. As of season 4, he's been confirmed as a special guest voice in the episode "Pinkie Pride".
    • It's worth noting that William Anderson, FIM's background music composer, used to play for Weird Al and remains friends with him and his band. It's also worth mentioning that, before FIM, he was the composer to The Weird Al Show.
    • Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess once linked to a PMV featuring the band's song "Octavarium", saying he thought it was cool.
    • The not-for-profit, fanmade episode Double Rainboom got approval from Hasbro for its creation. It also got approval from Cartoon Network for the use of The Powerpuff Girls.
    • Ashleigh Ball, voice of Applejack and Rainbow Dash, expressed fondness for the PONY.MOV series, while simultaneously being disturbed by it.
  • Several of the writers from Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers lurk on the fan list, and Chris Rowley admits to have read some of the fanfic.
  • Samantha Newark, who voiced the titular character of Jem is a fan of the extremely vulgar parody series Jiz, and thinks that it's hilarious to make something as sweet as Jem so profane.
  • Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, and a few other crew members associated with Superjail have been known to appreciate the fanart and cosplay in existence for the series, while Karacas finds the adult fanart hilarious. It culminated in Karacas doodling a quick "Thank you!" illustration for a Japanese/Korean joint-produced doujinshi.
  • Greg Weisman has an account on the Young Justice Wiki, while it's sort of a meme in Tumblr fandom for the tie-in comic's artist, Chris Jones, to like or reblog someone's fanart or image edit, followed by the fan screencapping the notif and posting "He saw me!
    • Greg also reused the explanation for Jeffrey Robbins knowing Hudson was a gargoyle introduced in the canon-canon Goliath Chronicles in his official comic book follow-up.
  • Grey DeLisle, the voice of Azula, shared Doug Walker's vlog reviews of Avatar: The Last Airbender with a smiley face. Doug was somewhat concerned.
    Doug: So Grey Delisle is aware of my Avatar Vlogs and commented with a happy face on one of them. Um...should I be concerned about this? That is, the last time Azula said she looked forward to a show, there was a circle of fire and an assortment of killer animals. Eh, it'd be a cool way to go. " :) " back at ya.
    • Dante Basco, the voice of Zuko, also watched the vlogs. Appropriately, this became known soon after Doug released a vlog with immense praise for his acting.
      • It even got to the point where Basco himself appeared as a guest star on a Nostalgia Critic episode.
  • Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino (shortened to "Bryke") often reblog fanmade sets of gifs from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Similarly, Mike was screenshotted liking some fanart of Korra and Asami after the final episode of Korra was released. Note that this was a day or two before Bryke would make the announcement of it being canon. They've also admitted that various pun-related memes have become something of a Guilty Pleasure for them.
  • ChalkZone co-creator Bill Burnett posted this fan video, where Rudy is an adult (and presumably forgot about ChalkZone) and Snap calls to catch up with him, on his Tumblr account and said it was awesome.
  • South Park did an episode where Cartman became a hall monitor and turned into a copy of Dog The Bounty Hunter, and got his own crew and big-breasted wife, Beth. Dog loved the episode, and the real Beth said they should've made her boobs bigger.