Creator: Edmund McMillen

Edmund McMillen (born 1980) is an indie game creator and former comic author. Initially making a name for himself through flash games on Newgrounds, Ed saw his breakthrough when he and programmer Tommy Refenes, collectively known as Team Meat, released a commercial sequel dubbed Super Meat Boy.

Following the toil of creating Super Meat Boy, the events being one of the three stories documented in Indie Game: The Movie, Team Meat saw widespread success from the game, leading to further success. Currently, Team Meat is working on a Meat Boy sequel and a new title, dubbed Mew-Genics; the progress of both, as well as some of McMillen's new artwork, can be found on his blog.

Works by McMillen and Team Meat include:

  • Carious Weltling (2003)
  • Gish (2004)
  • Blast Miner (2006)
  • Triachnid (2006)
  • Cereus Peashy (2007)
  • Host (2007)
  • Guppy (2007)
  • Coil (2008)
  • Meat Boy (2008)
  • Cunt (2008)
  • Aether (2008)
  • Grey Matter (2008)
  • Spewer (2009)
  • Time Fcuk (2009)
  • Super Meat Boy, (2010), the non-flash sequel to Meat Boy.
  • The Binding of Isaac (2011)
    • Wrath of the Lamb DLC (2012)
  • The Basement Collection (2012), a boxset of his older flash games, comics, and misc art.
  • Facist! (2014)
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (2014), a "re-quel" featuring a new, 16-bit art style and new content.
  • Super Meat Boy: Forever (TBA), the third instalment in the Meat Boy series.
  • Mew-Genics (TBA), a unique game summed up as a "Cat Lady Simulator". Currently on hold.

Tropes commonly employed

  • Black Comedy: A lot of Meat Boy's cutscenes, and almost all of Isaac.
  • Body Horror
  • The Cameo: Often times characters from his other games will make crossover appearances.
  • Canon Welding: Apparently, Time Fcuk and Isaac are highly related, and Steven may even be Isaac. This just complicates things more.
  • Mind Screw: The amount varies depending on the game, but just try to piece together what The Binding of Isaac's plot really is. Coil and Time Fcuk are other major examples.

Alternative Title(s):

Edmund Mc Millen