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"And this is why Gurren Lagann fans should never be allowed to retell deconstructionist anti-war stories."
The author himself at the end of the Recap.

An Interactive Comic by Captain Lhurgoyf, based on Daniel Remar's game Iji, hosted on MSPA Forum Adventures. Well, mainly based on Iji. Because it has become a Mega Crossover of epic proportions.

The adventure initially follows the story of a killer game, starting in Iji's house on the morning of Bring-Your-Children-To-Work day. But a few differences appear quickly: For starters, Iji's mental state is already not that good. Her father being a Mad Scientist and her brother having a crush on her probably didn't help...


And it goes downhill from there as the Alpha Strike happens, Iji wakes up and starts killing, and the boundaries of the universe weaken even more.

Link to the adventures (It's not mirrored because the Four Lines, All Waiting story format doesn't interact well with the mirror's format)

The forum adventure eventually stalled two thirds within Sector X, its pictures slowly vanishing from ImageShack with no backup. It was pronounced dead on September 21, 2014, having collapsed under the weight of its multiple storylines, and rebooted later on as Alphastruck.



Tropes from the reboot, Alphastruck

  • Adaptational Villainy: Ron obviously was not a bad guy in the original game and even in the previous comic, his mad scientist persona was played for laughs. Here, he's actively working with Komato to take over what's left of the Earth.
  • Art Evolution: With a heavier emphasis on drawn panels, the art improves considerably over the course of the comic. The character's physical proportions and the coloring in particular are significantly better.
  • The Cameo: Chuck the plant and the Crazy Homeless Guy from the original run both appear in the prologue.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Asha finds himself disturbed by how willing Ron is to use his own son as bait to capture Iji.
  • Goth: Mia apparently was going through this phase just before the alien attack.
  • Loser Protagonist: Iji, by her own admission, is a twenty-year-old whose best accomplishments are having only held one part-time job and getting out of bed before 9 am. The fact that Ron is homeschooling her is all that keeps from being a NEET.
  • Truer to the Text: This version ditches all the crossover, afterlife and other added aspects to create an experience far closer to the original game.
  • Wham Shot: At the end of Sector 6, we see the Komato have an ally they didn't in the original game...Ron Katakaiser, Iji's dad.


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