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Q: Isn't your comic, in fact, historically inaccurate?
A: Look, 1400 BC was a really long time ago. Our historical and archaeological records of that time are dodgy at best and laughable at worst. You'll just have to take my word that this comic is the 100% true portrayal of what really happened.
Anyway, this comic is no less historically accurate than other serious illustrated documentaries like Asterix or Groo.

GastroPhobia is a webcomic by Daisy McGuire, about the Amazonian exile and single mom Phobia; her precocious scamp of a son, Gastro; and her recently-acquired, listless slave Klepto. They have adventures in Ancient Greece.

The comic is a series of short stories; while there is continuity, there's little in the way of overarching plot.

GastroPhobia provides examples of:

The about page now adresses this. It says it's pronounced as Ker-fixy-whelps. The z is silent.


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