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R/B family

    Tropes Applying to Both Rosso and Blu 

A pair of Ultramen siblings who fell from the sky and crash landed on Earth. In truth, they are actually identities assumed by two out of three Sibling Team of Planet O-50 warriors, sent to Earth to stop Reugosite from destroying it but lost their lives when shielding their younger sister Saki/monster Grigio Bone, sending them crash landing on Earth and losing their lives as a result. In the present day, they bonded with Katsumi and Isami of the Minato siblings to protect them from Grigio Bone's assault on Ayaka City. Of course, it was not them, but their Transformation Trinket R/B Gyros choosing them as the new hosts.

  • Came from the Sky: Rosso and Blu were actually the true identity of the Ayaka Star, the comet that crashed onto Earth. The comet splits into two said Ultras and for the worse, they split further into R/B Crystals.
  • Colorful Theme Naming: Rosso and Blu are Italian for "red" and "blue" respectively.
  • Combination Attack: The brothers can combine their respective Finishing Moves to destroy monsters. It depends on any form they uses.
    • Cross Slugger: Both releases their R/B Sluggers respectively and slices the opponent, leaving an "X" slash mark.
    • Rosso Flame + Blu Aqua = Flame Aqua Hybrid Shoot: Both fires their signature beams that merge into a spiraling energy beam before it hits the target.
    • Rosso Aqua + Blu Flame: An unnamed finisher so far, Rosso traps the opponent in a giant ball of water before Blu shoots fire, creating a bubbling water bath on their target.
    • Rosso Wind + Blu Flame = Fire Tornado: Rosso creates a stream of cyclone before Blu fires Pyro Attack, creating a cyclone of fire that send their target flying.
    • Triple Origium Ray: By inserting the Orb Ring NEO to the Gyro, the brothers summon a giant projection of Ultraman Orb (Orb Origin) and performs Origium Ray.
  • Comic-Book Movies Don't Use Codenames: Turns out according to Ultraman R/B Super Complete Works, the previous users of Ultramen Rosso and Blu are indeed named Rosso and Blu. What a shocker!
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Both to Ultraman Geed (and of course, Ultraman Orb): both Ultras utilize the classic trope of bonding to average human host and uses one Ultraman power for each form instead of fusing two into one form. In a twist on the concept however, the original Ultras Rosso and Blu are actually long dead with their Transformation Trinkets choosing the new users of their powers instead.
  • Dead All Along: Rosso and Blu weren't actually alive to begin with. Their original users died in a failed attempt to destroy Reugosite, which only sent the destroyer orbiting for 1,300 years.
  • Elemental Powers: Their default forms of fire and water are complimented with Wind from Ultraman Tiga and Ground from Ultraman Victory later on.
  • Famous Last Words: The original Rosso and Blu to their little sister, Saki.
    You must, live on!
  • Fire/Water Juxtaposition: Though in a slight twist, Rosso and Blu are able to switch between elements as needed to use each other's powers.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The original Rosso and Blu sacrificed their lives to save their younger sister Saki, who at that time was Grigio Bone, from Reugosite's attack. The last time we see them, they dispersed into R/B Crystals.
  • Horned Humanoid: Rosso has two red ones, and Blu has a single blue one.
  • Identical Stranger: While not seen in the series proper, supplementary material makes it clear that they look exactly like the modern inheritors of their powers, Katsumi and Isami. invoked Fridge Horror kicks in when one realizes that this means Saki's animosity towards Katsumi and Isami is born of looking at them and seeing her dead brothers staring back at her.
  • It Can Think: Their R/B Gyros can act independently despite their original users being long dead.
  • Japanese Beetle Brothers: They carry minor motifs of this, with Rosso's two horns being reminiscent of the kuwagatamushi and Blu's singular one being like that of the kabutomushi.
  • Literally Shattered Lives: They dispersed into Ultraman R/B Crystals across the original location of Ayaka City. This is also how the original hosts of Rosso and Blu died.
  • Multiform Balance:
    • Jack-of-All-Stats: Flame for Rosso, Aqua for Blu. Each are the most balance of the forms.
    • Fragile Speedster: Aqua for Rosso, Wind for both, as it give them the greatest speed but also uses up their energy faster leaving them more vulnerable to attacks.
    • Mighty Glacier: Flame for Blu, Ground for both, as it give them the greatest strength but is also the slowest.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: In episode 10, they were briefly in possession of the Orb Ring NEO and this allows Rosso and Blu to perform Ultraman Orb's Sperion Ray and Zedcium Ray.
  • Phlebotinum Rebel: 15 years ago, Cereza got his hands on both Gyros and almost succeeded in harnessing the power of Ultramen before Mio stole them and delayed his plans for at least 15 years. Fortunately, her sons get the Gyros and put the powers of Rosso and Blu to good use.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Right down to their colors!
  • Sibling Team: While there have been Ultraman sibling teams before, like Ultraman Leo and Astra, Rosso and Blu are the first in which both receive the starring role.
  • Walking Spoiler: The original Ultraman Rosso and Blu's involvement to the story, as well as their connection to Saki is an important aspect to the show.

    Ultraman Rosso 

Ultraman Rosso

Portrayed by: Yuya Hirata (voice), Hideyoshi Iwata (suit actor)

One of the two title Ultra heroes of the series, Ultraman Rosso is the elder brother of the pair of Ultramen who had come to Earth centuries ago to defeat the monster Grigio Bone only to be defeated and scattered into the many R/B Crystals the Minato brothers must collect. He naturally wields the power of fire.
  • Animal Motifs: Orb Dark was quick to compare Rosso's twin horns towards that of cat ears.
  • Armor-Piercing Slap: Gives one to Grigio Bone in episode 7 as a payback for the same treatment in their previous fight.
  • Barrier Warrior: As Aqua, Rosso can conjure a reflective barrier.
  • Dual Wielding: His R/B Slugger Rosso.
  • Energy Ball: Rosso's signature moves; every elemental forms he uses results in firing elemental sphere projectiles. It also overlaps with his host's baseball skills.
  • Finishing Move:
    • Flame: His default one is the Flame Sphere Shoot, being a giant fireball he launches at monsters to engulf them in blazes.
    • Aqua: Splash Bomb, Rosso throws a ball of water to the opponent. He can adjust it to trap them or manipulating the size to perform a gigantic ball of water.
    • Wind: Hurricane Bullet, he creates a ball of air before throwing them in a manner of a forkball.
    • R/B Slugger:
      • Zero Twin Slicer: Using the Ultraman Zero crystal, Rosso launches a pair of powerful energy slashes toward his opponent.
  • Gravity Master: Rosso Ground creates a gravitational well on a target before he pins them on the ground.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In Ultraman Hit Song History: New Generation Arc, Rosso was quick to point out that Zero's Zero Sluggers resembles a pair of cat ears, whereas Rosso's twin horns looks exactly like that as well.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: Since Katsumi is a baseball player (and by extent, a pitcher), this translated well into Rosso's skills by throwing an elemental ball-based pitches for Aqua and Wind.
  • Mirrors Reflect Everything: His Aqua Mirror Wall can reflect attacks back to his opponent.
  • Mythology Gag: He implements a pitchfork-like baseball tactic, not unlike Ultraman Dyna.
  • Playing with Fire: His default form's powers, which are actually based in Ultraman Taro's R/B Crystal. He can also shoot small fireballs from his fingers.
  • Red Is Heroic: To the point that his name is Italian for red!
  • Reverse Grip: The left and shorter R/B Slugger Rosso is held like this.
  • The Strategist: Often came up with planning attacks during combat.
  • Weapon of Choice: Befitting his twin horns motif, Rosso can use a differently paired R/B Sluggers. The use of R/B Crystals made different attacks.

    Ultraman Blu 

Ultraman Blu

Portrayed by: Ryosuke Koike (voice), Akira Okabe (suit actor)

The second titular Ultra, making him the first case of two heroes in the Ultra Series sharing the title spot. Ultraman Blu is the younger brother of Rosso, and like him, had originally appeared in the battle against Grigio Bone and later mysteriously reappeared when their old foe was resurrected in the present. By default, he wields the power of water.
  • Blue Is Heroic: Right down to his name.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Ultraman Blu is... a blue Ultraman. Go figure.
  • Finishing Move:
    • Aqua: The Aqua Stream is his go-to one, being a classic L-shaped beam of watery energy.
    • Flame: Blu initiates Flame Equilix, firing a stream of fire.
    • Wind: In contrast to his element, the Storm Shooting fires a standard energy beam by stretching both arms forward.
    • Ground: Smashes the ground with Earth Bringer and summons series of shockwave explosion.
    • R/B Sluggger:
      • Wide Shot Slugger: Using the Ultraseven crystal, he sends a powerful energy slash in the form Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.
      • Spark Attacker: Using the Ultraman X crystal, the Slugger is enveloped by green-colored thunder energy and Blu slashes at his opponent, electrocuting them.
      • Bringer Slash: Using the Ultraman Tiga crystal, Blu creates a powerful purple energy slash.
      • Gravity Slasher, a V-shaped energy slash of Earth.
  • Healing Hands: His Aqua form can heal injuries of another Ultra.
  • High-Altitude Battle: Blu Wind is capable of aerial dogfight with Gue-Basser.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: In contrast to Rosso's energy ball attacks, Blu usually fires a stream of any elemental energy beam once his hands stretch outwards.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Had it not for Rosso's guidance, Blu would have been toast in the first battle against Grigio Bone.
  • Making a Splash: Based in the powers of Ultraman Ginga's R/B Crystal, which allows him to, among other things, fire a cutting stream of water from his hands.
  • Weapon of Choice: His R/B Slugger Blu is a single long blade.

    Ultraman Ruebe 

Ultraman Ruebe

Portrayed by: Yuya Hirata & Ryosuke Koike (voice)

A fusion of Ultraman Rosso and Blu, created when Katsumi and Isami uses the Kiwami Crystal (combined from the original Ultraman, Belial, Taro, Ginga, Tiga, and Victory) and scanned onto their R/B Gyros. It is the series' own equivalent to a final form.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Merges all of their elemental crystals to create the Kiwami Crystal.
  • Bling of War: His color is gold, to be precise. And then there's his transformation call by the brothers:
    Katsumi and Isami: Enshrined by extremity! The golden universe!
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: With Asahi revealed to be the Makoto Crystal, she docked herself into the Ruebe Kourin, allowing Ruebe to perform Shin (True) Vortex Buster and kills Reugosite.
  • Fusion Dance: Of Rosso and Blu
  • Golden Super Mode
  • Meaningful Name: Ruebe is how the Japanese pronounce "R/B", aka. the show's title. Of course, it also means Rosso/Blu, hinting at how this Ultra is their fusion.
  • Mythology Gag: He holds the Ruebe Kourin in the same fashion as the Orb Ring and Dark Ring.
  • No-Sell: Resists Grigio King's Bone Breather with a single shield as he march forward and grabs its mouth.
  • Rings of Death: The Ruebe Kourin is a weapon summoned from the gold ring on his chest, as opposed to his horns.
  • Screw Destiny: Rosso, Blu and the Minato brothers were destined to die at Reugosite's hands. During their final fight, Rosso and Blu managed to combine into Ruebe at the last moment, when they were engulfed by Reugosite’s attack, therefore averting the Bad Future.

    Ultrawoman Grigio 

Ultrawoman Grigio

Portrayed by: Arisa Sonohara (voice)

The younger sister of Rosso & Blu, as well as one of the few female Ultra Warriors. She appears in Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond, helping her older brothers confront the vile Ultraman Tregear and his kaiju Snake Darkness.
  • Adaptational Badass: Whereas Grigio is naturally a Squishy Wizard, the Ultra Heroes EXPO 2019 portrayed her differently, wherein she can fight on equal terms with Camila and finished the evil ultra with a Finishing Move of her own.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: The younger sister of Rosso and Blu, hence being the youngest sibling as a whole.
  • Barrier Warrior: Grigio can conjure her orange energy shield to defend her brothers. Hers is five times stronger than Rosso and Blu.
  • Dead Guy Junior: By the time Ultrawoman Grigio existed, her namesake had long passed away.
  • 11th-Hour Ranger: She debut on Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond, which take place after the events of the show's finale.
  • Healing Hands: It also appears that she can also use her healing ability to recover her injured brothers.
  • Mythology Gag: Grigio is the second female Ultra in canon to actually use the title "Ultrawoman" after Ultrawoman Beth from Ultraman: The Adventure Begins, and the first to debut in a Japanese-created and live-action series.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Ironically her name means Gray in Italy, but her main color is orange. This is because Grigio comes from her late friend Saki Mitsurugi, and wanted to honor her in memory.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Her height is 43m, making her the shortest female Ultra.
  • The Smurfette Principle: She is the very first female Ultra to be introduced in the "New Generation" portion of the franchise's history.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Despite sharing the same translated English name with the Grigio monsters, their Japanese names are spelled and pronounced differently: Ultrawoman Grigio (Gurījo) vs Grigio Bone (Gurujio Bōn)
  • Squishy Wizard: Is still a novice in combat (partly because of Asahi's pacifistic nature), thus making her function more of a medic in combat.

     Ultraman Gruebe 

Ultraman Gruebe

Portrayed by: Yuya Hirata, Ryosuke Koike & Arisa Sonohara (voice)

Ultraman Gruebe is another Fusion Ultra created by Rosso, Blu and Grigio appearing in Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond .

  • All Your Powers Combined: Like Ruebe, he merges all of three Ultras' powers to create the Makoto Crystal.
  • Fusion Dance: Of Rosso, Blue and Grigio.
  • Good Counterpart: Of Guar/Guar Spectre, in that this is the first heroic version of a three-sibling fusion.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: All publicly viewable footage of Groob in R/B The Movie so far portrays the character fully in CGI.
  • Rings of Death: Inherited the Ruebe Kourin from Ultraman Ruebe.
  • Shout-Out: The fusion of two older brothers and a single youngest sister harkens way back to a Showa Tokusatsu show made by Tsuburaya Productions, Triple Fighter.
  • Spell My Name with an "S":
    • Ultraman Gruebe pronounced Gurubu but on Tsubaraya's official website his name is given as Groob.
    • Its finisher is none the better due to conflicting Katakana: the Makoto Crystal toy said that the "+" style finisher is Gruebium Ray/グルービウム光線, but its soft vinyl action figure read it as Gruebing Ray/グルービング光線.


Other Ultras

    Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb 

Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb
Ultraman Orb's Spacium Zeperion form
Click here  to see Gai Kurenai

Portrayed by: Hideo Ishiguro (live), Hideyoshi Iwata (suit), Takahiro Sakurai (Orb Ring voice)

The title hero of the Ultra Series 50th anniversary celebration show, Ultraman Orb is a vagabond Ultraman who has wandered across the universe for thousands of years, often in the form of his human identity Gai Kurenai, locked in a seemingly endless struggle with his rival Jugglus Juggler. He transforms using the Orb Ring and the Ultra Cards.

Tropes that apply to him in general

  • Alien Among Us: Like several Ultras before him, Gai is Orb's human form. Unlike them, however, is Gai's human form was his original form before being chosen by the Orb Calibur resulted in his becoming an Ultra.
  • Brown Note: Gai's harmonica can cause discomfort to aliens, enough to stop what they're doing. Juggler in particular is affected by it.
  • Bullet Catch: Is able to do this. With lasers. Justified as he has Super Toughness.
  • The Chosen One: Is revealed to have originally been a Human Alien who was chosen by the Orb Calibur, which resulted in him becoming an Ultra.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In 1908, Natasha Romanova, a woman he befriended, was apparently killed amidst the crossfire of his battle against Maga-Zetton. This is the reason he keeps most of his new friends at SSP at arm's length lest they share the same fate as her, as well as the reason he lost both the Orb Calibur as well as the will to tap into his Origin form. The revelation that Natasha survived the event and lived to have descendants, including Naomi, led to Gai's mental breakthrough that let him recover his Origin form and the Orb Calibur.
  • Experienced Protagonist: Has been fighting monsters and protecting people for thousands of years. Even before becoming an Ultra, he was a soldier.
  • Iconic Item: Gai's Orbnica. He plays it Once an Episode.
  • Moment of Weakness: What caused him to lose access to his Origin Form: he became enraged at Maga-Zetton during their fight to the point of letting lose a blast that leveled the entire area and seemingly killing Natasha.
  • Must Make Amends: After realizing Naomi is Natasha's descendant, he decides to protect her in Natasha's memory for this reason. Doing so results in his true form being restored.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Still has this over the event that cost him his true form. He also gets this in response to his second use of Thunder Breaster nearly getting Naomi killed.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Has been on Earth as early as 1908. The Ultraman Orb Chapter 4 reveals that he and Juggler had been on Earth since 1800 BC.
  • Serious Business: Proper bathhouse etiquette. He's especially miffed over Maga-Jappa because of it's horrendous lack of it.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": For the first ten episodes of the Indonesian dub, Gai's name is spelled as "Kai". Ironically, his actor played the Big Bad of Kamen Rider Den-O who goes by the name Kai...
  • Stuffed in the Fridge: A literal variation, of his own volition. Gai's first appearance since the Cold Opening is him getting out of a cramped refrigerated truck after a 5 hour drive, which ended when the driver gets out when he hears Gai's harmonica playing.
  • Super Toughness: Likely due to being an Ultra in human form rather than a human host, he's shown the ability to shrug off a lot of damage and punishment with very little injury. Heck, his Establishing Character Moment is emerging from a freezer truck after a long ride and suffering no ill effects at all, much to the driver's shock.
    • What makes the freezer truck scene important to knowledgeable fans is that Ultras tend to have a very bad weakness to freezing temperatures (Ultraseven in particular showed this weakness off, where Dan hardly could move when he was up to his waist in snow), yet was able to get out of it okay.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Ramune.
  • Transformation Trinket: Gai uses the Orb Ring in conjunction with Fusion Cards for his Fusion forms, as well as a miniature version of the Orb Calibur for Origin. The Orb Calibur however was his original one, as being chosen by it turned him into an Ultra. Getting the Orb Ring offscreen allowed him to evolve from Origin the First to Origin. This makes Gai rather unique as he's got two unique Transformation Trinket items that can be used independently to access different forms even if one is inaccessible.
  • Training from Hell: Gai got put through a 10 year long training course by Seven and Zero in Ultra Fight Orb in order to obtain Emerium Slugger.
  • Upgrade Artifact: Subverted with the Orb Calibur: it seems to be what gives him his Super Mode Orb Origin, but in actuality it's the other way around. The Orb Calibur is his original transformation trinket and the Orb Ring is his actual Upgrade Artifact that turned Orb Origin the First into Orb Origin.
  • Was Once a Man: Unlike other Ultras, he's neither a host to Orb nor is Orb his original form. When he was chosen by the Orb Calibur, it turned him into an Ultra.

Tropes exclusive to him as Ultraman Orb

  • Badass Creed: Has one for every form Orb has. Even the game-exclusive ones from Fusion Fight have them.
    • In-series Quotes:
      • Spacium Zeperion: "I light the darkness, and strike at evil!"
      • Burnmite : "I'm burning crimson red!"
      • Hurricane Slash: "I cut down darkness faster than the speed of light!"
      • Thunder Breaster: "I embrace the darkness to become the light!" note 
      • Origin: "The light of the galaxy is calling me!"
      • Trinity: "The three lights have bonded. Now, stand up!"
    • Ultraman Fusion Fight! Quotes
      • Photon Victorium: "I smash the darkness and shine with the light!"
      • Sky Dash Max: "The shining light is like that of the wind!"
      • Full Moon Xanadium: "The power to connect is with the light of the heart!"
      • Lightning Attacker: "Thunder and lighting shall strike at the darkness!"
      • Leo Zero Knuckle: "My spacial martial art style makes a big bang!"
      • Zepellion Solgent: "Together with the shining light!"
      • Thunder Miracle: "I wield a dark power and the miraculous light!"
      • Slugger Ace: "I slice and tear apart the darkness together with the light!"
      • Knight Liquidator: "The blades of light shall clear the darkness!"
      • Spacium Storm: "The soul's bonds are passed down!"
      • Power Strong: "The Herculean light has no enemies!"
      • Emerium Slugger: "I become one with the light, with both wisdom and courage!"
      • Thunder Stream: "The storm of light wraps around the darkness!"
      • Mebium Especially: "The future will show the dazzling light!"
      • Breaster Knight: "The honorable light has now arrived!"
      • Storium Galaxy: "I am the light that fights against the evils of the universe!"
  • The Berserker/Superpowered Evil Side: Has shades of this in Thunder Breaster form, where his fighting style becomes a lot more brutal and he shows little regard for human lives.
  • BFS: The Orb Calibur is Origin form's Weapon of Choice.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: Gai first respectfully says the name of the respective Ultras when he scans their Ultra Fusion Cards, then says a phrase just before Fusing Up, which depends on the form that he uses.
    • Specium Zepellion: "Ultraman-san! Tiga-san! I'm borrowing the power of your lights!"
    • Burnmite: "Taro-san! Mebius-san! Help me bring the heat!"
    • Hurricane Slash: "Jack-san! Zero-san! Give me something with an edge!"
    • Thunder Breastar: "Zoffy-san! Belial-san! I'm borrowing the power of light and darkness!"
    • Orb Trinity: "Ginga-san! Victory-san! X-san! I'm borrowing the power of three lights! Orb Trinity!"
    • Lightning Attacker: "Ginga-san! X-san! Help me shock my foes!"note 
    • Emerium Slugger: "Seven-san! Zero-san! I'm borrowing the power of father and son!"
  • Elemental Powers: The Orb Calibur contains a ring which Orb Origin can spin to tap into the powers of Fire, Water, Earth or Wind.
    • Fire makes Orb activate the Orb Flame Calibur, where he first creates a ring of flames that traps a monster in place by rapidly rotates, leaving them open for a fiery slash.
    • Water makes Orb activate the Orb Water Calibur, where he first traps the target in a vortex of water, then slashes them.
    • Earth makes Orb activate the Orb Ground Calibur, where he stabs the Calibur into the ground, generating twin energy waves that travel in a orb pathway to crash into the opponent.
    • Wind makes Orb activate the Orb Wind Calibur, where he creates a cyclone that sends them up into the wild blue yonder. If anything else manages to get caught in the cyclone, they collide into each other.
  • Destructive Savior: Normally subverted, given he's an Ultra and thus actively tries to limit collateral damage. Played straight in his Thunder Brester form, as he becomes much more feral and has much less regard for human life.
  • Finishing Move:
    • In-series
      • Specium Zepellion - Sperion Beam: Orb's first Ultra Beam. He lifts his right arm into the air, then puts his left arm across his chest, throws it out quickly, then brings the left arm back to perform the signature Ultra Beam pose.
      • Burnmite
      • Stobium Dynamite: Orb enshrouds himself in fire, then grabs the monster and harmlessly detonates himself, taking out the monster instead of himself.
      • Strobium Burst: Orb enshrouds himself in fire, then fires it in a explosive fireball that consumes the monster.
      • Hurricane Slash
      • Orb Lancer Shoot: Pulls on the Gear Lever once on the Orb Slugger Lance and hits the button, discharging the energy as a singular beam.
      • Big Bang Thrust: With the kaiju still embedded in the business end of the Orb Slugger Lance, Orb pulls on the Gear Lever twice, hits the button, then discharges the energy into the kaiju, then lifts the kaiju into the air.
      • Trident Slash: If Orb pulls on the Gear Lever thrice and hits the button, he slashes at the kaiju like a Ultra possessed.
      • Thunder Breaster - Zedcium Ray: Orb's second Ultra Beam. He brings his hands close together, fusing the power of Zoffy's light and Belial's darkness, getting a ring of pure white and wicked red to form in front of him as he move his hands apart. He brings his hands behind his head, then performs the signature Ultra Beam pose.
      • Origin
      • Orb Supreme Calibur: Orb's third Ultra Beam and the only one that's from his weapon. He first scans the Orb Calibur into the Orb Ring, then spins the Calibur to cycle through the elements again, hits the trigger, then spin the Calibur once more. Once that's done, Orb makes a circle in the air, charges the blade with the energy from said circle, then shoots a elementally mixed beam from the Orb Calibur.
      • Orb Supreme Calibur (Super-powered variant): During the finale, the Orb Supreme Calibur was boosted by the power of the 8 Ultra Fusion Cards' respective Ultra Beams, and launches the blade at the poor sap that this attack's boring down on. Orb then quickly unleashes his own Ultra Beam, the Origium Ray.
      • Origium Ray: Orb's fourth Ultra Beam, and technically his first one. Orb fires a powerful blast by crossing his hands into a plus shape. It was first shown in the Freeze-Frame Bonus portion of the above attack, but it was shown in full in The Origins Saga.
      • Trinity
      • Trinitium Shoot: Gai slides his finger down on the Orb Slasher twice, then hits the trigger. Once done, he makes the motion for Victory's Victorium Shoot, allowing him to fire an Ultra Beam from the Orb Slasher.
      • Trinitium Break: Gai slides his finger down on the Orb Slasher thrice, then hits the trigger. Once done, he makes the motion for Ginga's Ginga Cross Shoot, then fires two light rings to cut into his opponents. Finally, he jumps up and gives them one final slash.
      • Trinitium Halo: Gai slides his finger down on the Orb Slasher thrice, then hits the button on the bottom on the Orb Slasher. He then makes the motion for X's Xanadium Beam, then creates a massive ring of light made up of the symbols of all four Ultras, and sends it roaring at the opponent.
      • Lightning Attacker:
      • Attacker Ginga X: Orb leaps into the air, and charges himself with electricity, then forms an "X" with his body to launch an energy stream.
      • Emerium Slugger
      • Wide Slugger Shot: Orb does some arm motions before resting his arms into a familiar arm motion both Seven and Zero use for their Wide Shot variants. In Ultra Fight Orb, the arm motions were removed.
      • ES Specium: A supercharged variant of Emerium Slugger. It was shown in the final episode of Ultra Fight Orb to 'kill' Reibatos, which used some arm motions from Zero's version.
      • Triple Emerium Ray: Orb fires a more powerful version of Seven's Emerium Ray from his forehead. However, instead of causing an explosion, this beam seems to pierce through its target.
      • Hyper Ultra Knock Tactic: In a similar manner to Seven's Ultra Knock Tactic, Orb unleashes all three of his crest weapons at his target, surrounding them while slashing them.
    • Fusion Fight Finishers
      • Photon Victorium - Photorium Knuckle: Orb flex his right arm out, then slams it onto the ground, sending a pillar of red light and flame skyward from the impact. He then drags it across the ground as he goes over to his opponent, then lifts it off the ground and throws a spinning haymaker.
      • Sky Dash Max - Macbalt Attack: Orb charges up the attack into his left hand. He then condenses it then dash around his opponents with high speed before appearing in front of them and fire a high impact bolt of light. In the preview trailer for Ultraman Fusion Fight!, it functioned similarly, though it ended like a Ultra Beam attack.
      • Full Moon Xanadium - Fulldium Ray: Orb raises his hands into the air, then moves his left foot in a arc along the ground in a bracing manner as he moves his arms, then fires the Ultra Beam from his extended left hand.
      • Leo Zero Knuckle - Zero Cross Beam: Orb slams a cross punch, followed by a uppercut and a side kick before firing a forehead beam.
      • Zepellion Solgent - Multi Flash Slash: Orb jumps up into the air, and spins as he charges up energy. When he stops, he throws his hands upwards before flinging them downwards, firing two simultaneous light slash attacks.
      • Thunder Miracle - Thunder Miracle Attack: Orb jumps up into the air and creates a barrier field around him. He then flies at the opponent fist first.
      • Slugger Ace - Slugger Ace Slicer: Orb does a chopping motion with the Vertical Slugger, then jumps into air and spins like a top before finishing with one last slash.
      • Knight Liquidator - Crusher Knight Liquidator: Orb charges up energy into the Light Crystal on his forehead akin to Agul's Photon Crusher, then fires a series of light waves from it.
      • Spacium Storm - Ultra Full Burst: Orb flies into the air, does a loop-de-loop, then charges energy. He then fires his Energy Core akin to Nexus' Impulse Core, which is swiftly followed by a volley of Slash Rays.
      • Power Strong - Garlacium Bomber: Orb punches his hands together, then pulls them apart as a ball of light forms. In a similar manner to Tiga's Deltacium Light Stream, he then gradually arcs his arms until he clasps the ball with his energized hands, further powering the ball, before sending it rocketing at the opponent with a great shove.
      • Thunder Stream - Thunder Stream Neptune: Orb holds aloft the Giga Trident skyward, getting water energy to gather into the trident head. He then poises to strike and thrusts forwards, firing a snaking stream of water that bores into its opponent.
      • Mebium Especially - Mebiuspecially Blade: Orb first summons the swords, making them fire five streams of energy. Then Orb grabs the middle sword, and the four others surround the grabbed blade while they all emit a beam of energy and begin spinning, creating a giant blade of light that Orb then brings crashing down in a chopping motion.
      • Breaster Knight - Knight 87 Shoot: Orb slashes his foe twice with a energy blade before jumping backwards into the air firing after making arm motions similar to both the M87 Beam and Knight Shoot.
      • Storium Galaxy - Stoxium Cannon: Orb first gathers light from his Color Timer, then, by mirroring the arm motions for the Maxium Cannon almost perfectly, Orb fires a powerful beam after glowing much like Taro does.
  • Fusion Dance: To transform into Orb, Gai scans two Ultra Fusion Cards into the Orb Ring, changing his form with motifs with both of those Ultra, as well as their powers. Orb's forms' names are portmanteaus of either a certain finisher used by those two Ultramen or something else that is pertaining to that Ultra. When Orb's Color Timer rings, Orb's fusion is in danger of breaking up.
  • Leitmotif: When transforming into any into Orb's forms, the Orb Ring plays a chord of music after announcing "FUSION UP!", and as fight music as well. Averted for any of the Ultraman Fusion Fight! forms. Except maybe Emerium Slugger and Lightning Attacker, which are appearing in Ultra Fight Orb.
    • Spacium Zeperion uses awe-striking space orchestral music.
    • Burnmite uses an energetic electric guitar chord.
    • Hurricane Slash uses fast-paced dramatic music.
    • Thunder Breaster uses ominous, villain-type music (Justified, as one half of the combination is the evil Ultraman Belial).
    • Origin uses the melody Gai frequently plays on his Orbnica (with accompanying acoustics).
  • Multiform Balance:
  • Godzilla Threshold: Thunder Breaster is this. While extremely powerful, Belial's malevolent nature turns him into an amoral berserker and the best Gai can do is choose who all that power and destruction is directed at. So naturally, Gai really doesn't like using it unless he has to.
  • Mythology Gag: Orb's rising scenes features elements from both of the used Ultramen's own rising scenes. In Thunder Breaster's transformation, since Belial has no rising scene, it instead shows a brief shot of the prison Belial was sealed in.
  • Super Prototype: Origin, as its name implies, is Orb's true form, and is also fairly powerful in conjunction with the Orb Calibur.
  • Too Awesome to Use: Origin form was so powerful it destroyed the entire area he and Maga-Zetton were fighting in as well as the Orb Calibur he needed to transform with, in the process apparently getting Natasha fatally caught in the crossfire. Luckily, Natasha gets better, but Gai doesn't know that until he realizes that Naomi is her descendant.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: While we see an entire sequence, in the series, Orb's likely transforming in a matter of seconds.
  • Weapon of Choice:
    • While using Hurricane Slash, Orb can transform the Orb Sluggers into the Orb Slugger Lance.
    • While using Orb Origin, Orb can use the Orb Calibur.
    • While using Orb Trinity, Orb Can use the Orb Slasher.
    • While using Photon Victorium, Orb can use currently unnamed Power Fist gauntlets on both arms.
    • While using Sky Dash Max, Orb can use currently unnamed armguards with spikes attached to them.
    • While using Slugger Ace, Orb can use the Vertical Slugger.
    • While using Knight Liquidator, Orb can use the Knight Agul Blades.
    • While using Thunder Stream, Orb can use the Giga Trident.
    • While using Mebium Especially, Orb can use currently unnamed five rainbow-hued crystal-like swords.

    Ultraman Fuma 

Ultraman Fuma

Portrayed by: Shota Hayama (voice)

He is the third Ultra Warrior that dwells inside Hiroyuki. Ultraman Fuma is from Planet O-50, the planet where both Ultraman Orb and Ultra brothers Rosso and Blu acquired the power to become Warriors of Light. He has quick reflexes and various techniques that make him strong in battles that require speed. He has a rough personality, but also a strong sense of duty.

  • Blue Is Heroic: His main color is blue.
  • Finishing Move:
    • Polar Star Light Wave Shuriken, he charges a giant energy shuriken and flings it to the opponent.
      • Seven Stars Light Wave Shuriken: By scanning the Ginga-let, Fuma can unleash to projectiles of Polar Star Light Wave Shuriken, both are multi-colored based on the seven colors of rainbow.
      • Sharp Star Light Wave Shuriken: By scanning the Victory-let, Fuma's Polar Star Light Wave Shuriken becomes the construct of a V-shaped energy bow ready to be launched at the target.
  • Flash Step: Fitting to his motif as a ninja, he can accelerate so that his movements appear to be blurs and also capable of creating afterimages of his own.
  • Fragile Speedster: Fuma is described to be adept in close combat and speed-based techniques.
  • Fuuma Shuriken: His "Light Wave Shuriken" attacks and its variations.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Fuma may be snarky, but his kindness isn't one that goes unnoticed.
  • Loser Son of Loser Dad: Previously, Fuma lives under the notoriety of his father's failed legacy to climb to the top of O-50's mountain peak. By the time he becomes an Ultraman, he resort to embrace the title of "Champion of the Wind".
  • The Nicknamer: Fuma sometimes referring his friends as "big bro".
  • Ninja: Has this as his theme. Made more obvious when you see that some of his attacks revolve around using shuriken.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Fuma isn't a dark blue like Agul and Hikari or normal blue like Cosmos and Zero. He's what can be considered as light blue/cyan, which is a contrast to past Ultras with aforementioned color. Additionally whereas O-50 Ultramen have dominant black and silver colors, Fuma's light blue is the most dominant part with black linings being the minority.
  • Red Baron: His title is "Champion of the Wind".
  • Shout-Out: His status as a ninja and his name seems to be one for Fuuma Kotaro, a famous ninja in the Sengoku Period of Japan.
  • Street Urchin: Before becoming an Ultraman, Fuma was a young humanoid boy whose father is a climber that gave up halfway to the peak of O-50. Fuma had been living on the streets since he was a child, scamming others of their money and is implied to have been disowned by his father.
  • Was Once a Man: Like all of O-50's chosen Ultramen, he was a human before being given his powers. His flashback reveals that unlike Orb, Rosso and Blu, Fuma was implied to have been an Ultraman at a teen age.
  • Whip It Good: Utilizes an energy variation in episode 11.


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