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Characters of the Lord Of Azure Flame RP.

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     The Crimson wielders 


Wielder of the Crimson Blade, also known as the Sword of Bloody Wrath.
  • Better as Friends: Hopefully, with Damian.
  • Broken Bird: As a child, Esphyr was a magically gifted girl and was taken to TISME to potentially become a Mage Knight. When she turned eight, she got her sword. The immediate result? Accidentally stabbing one of her classmates during practice followed by killing her roommate over a doll (also by accident).
  • Not in This for Your Revolution: Is only with the group because she's been hired by Damian, and because it might allow her to get rid of her sword.
  • Refusal of the Call: Attempted, but failed due to the clinginess of the Crimson Weapons.


Wielder of the Crimson Lance, Gae-Borg.


Wielder of the Crimson Dark tome, Midnight.


Wielder of the Crimson Daggers, Calamity.


Wielder of the Crimson Wind tome, Hellsety.


Wielder of the Crimson Fire tome, Proxima.


Wielder of the Crimson Bow, Zephyrtwine.


Wielder of the Crimson Thunder tome, Daranau.


Wielder of the Crimson Axe, Earthshaker.

     The rest of the party 


A troubadour the group encounters on their way to Elyisima.


A wyvern-riding mercenary that joined the group in order to find her brother, Isotov.


Damian's lieutenant; a wyvern rider.


A wandering myrmidon from the ruined nation of Jerdon that managed to accidentally gain fugitive status along with the group.


A nomad who encounters the group while searching for her brother, Arrin. Stays on in order to protect him.
  • Angrish: A more serious version; when extremely angry or upset, Kelas loses her grip on Common (English) and slips back into the nomad tongue.
  • Bifauxnen: Gets confused for a guy a lot. Whether or not the impression is intentional depends on the situation.
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: Still learning the sword part though.
  • Broken Bird: She's starting to get better, at least.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome
  • Flashback Nightmare: Usually to the bandit attack that killed most of her family when she was young, though other incidents sometimes pop up.
  • Horse Archer
  • My Greatest Second Chance: Ten years ago, Arrin was kidnapped before her eyes. She feels massively guilty, and when she finds him alive and well, she puts protecting him above all else.
  • Not in This for Your Revolution: She's only here to protect Arrin, and often wishes that Arrin would stop involving himself.
  • Promotion to Parent: To an extent: she's not very good at it, though she's certainly trying. Arrin's also old enough to mostly take care of himself.
  • Sister Bear: Don't threaten her little brother if you want to live.
  • Survivor Guilt: Despite Arrin turning out to be alive, she's still struggling with this, and her worst fear is losing her brother and friends and being powerless to stop it.


A mute mage who joins the group because they might know what happened to her late apprentices.
  • Abusive Parents
  • Cute Mute
  • Stepford Smiler: Her silliness is proving to have largely been a (dysfunctional) defense mechanism against the troubles of her past.
  • Put on a Bus: After being kidnapped by demons, the player group was left with no clear idea of where she was or whether she was even alive. She was rescued and brought back to TISME to recover, and it's unlikely that she'll play a large part anywhere else in the story.


A thief and mercenary sent to spy on the group by some unknown faction.


A pegasus knight in service to Conrad.


A cleric the group accidentally pulled into their shenanigans. Actually the princess of Jerdon.


A thunder mage, and Eric's childhood friend.


An ex-cavalier gone mercenary. Danielle's brother.


An ex-bandit guide that joins the group along with Reika. Turns out staying with the group was bad for his mind and repeated demon attacks are eroding his sanity.


A wandering knight who joins the group in search of adventure and knowledge of the world.


A knight who came to the aid of the party when they were attacked by demons.


A wyvern rider who encounters the group while looking to sell eggs from his family's hatchery.


A young noble out to learn about the world, who encounters the group when they are recovering from a recent battle and gets pulled in to healing.


Prince of Septimus who joins the group after the capital is attacked. Rides a pegasus.


A Septimian General. Jace's daughter.

     Other recurring NP Cs 


The recently resigned ex-headmaster of TISME, the magic academy.


One of the six heroes who previously sealed the Lord of Azure Flame. While he sort of let himself go, that doesn't stop him from being a force to be reckoned with.


Another of the six heroes, and Katie's father. A swordmaster who's far too unbalanced for comfort.
  • Abusive Parents: Definitely qualifies as one.
  • Ax-Crazy
  • Handsome Lech: It's suggested that he was once this in his youth. The only woman to seemingly refuse him that he tried for is Kaileen, the priestess, though even to say his respect for consent is dubious would be giving him too much credit. The lechery has not stopped; nobody's sure about the handsomeness.
  • Parental Incest: Implied.
  • Rape as Backstory: He is the rapist.


Leader of a renowned group of mercenaries; Isotov and Irina's uncle.


Priestess in service to Ivanko.


Dark Druid in service to Ivanko.


One of Ivanko's mercenaries, and Ivanko's second in command.


One of Ivanko's mercenaries.
  • Cowardly Lion: Is unusually timid for a wyvern knight of his skill and is deathly afraid of his fiancee Stephanie.
  • The Mole: For Zaftra. Probably not going to end well for him.


An earth dragon accidentally awakened by the group, now out to stop her upstart younger sister, Helenos.


A sage from Iso's past. Killed by Shanice due to a magic seal. Before she died, she had planted the seal on Proxima for Iso.


One of the Six Heroes, a priestess. Lunaist who travels with her young son.


One of Luc's men who travels with the group.


A spy from Directus who follows the group.


A nomad holy woman without a tribe. She happens across and rescues Katie, nursing her back to health, and wanders around helping people in search of some sort of purpose. Recently sighted in Septimus, and apparently has some connection to Kelas and Arrin.


A servant from the royal palace of Septimus who tagged along with the group when the capital fell in the hope that the group knew his father.
  • Expy: Of the character by the same name from Protector of the Small.
  • Disappeared Dad: All he knows of his father is a last name, Kleine. Turns out it isn't Damian, either.
  • Missing Mom: His mother died shortly after bringing him to the palace servants.
  • Not Good with People: Palace servants and nobles tended to ill-treat him, so he's much more comfortable with horses.

General Borodin




A shapeshifting ice demon in service to the Lord of Azure Flame.


A demon dragon intent on taking the Crimson Weapons for her own.
  • The Plan: Helenos isn't worried about the party. She believes she will catch them in time. She has the power to stop them, it's only a matter of taking their weapons from them first. However, she can't actually kill them because she risks losing the weapons if she does. Hence, she has use plans to wrest them from the party first.
  • Walking Wasteland


A stab-happy demon employed by Shanice.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Unlike most other examples of the trope, she just tends to wander around in stocking feet, rather than barefoot.
  • Expy: Appearance-wise, she's based on Lust. Personality-wise...not so much. Her death was even similar, but her reaction differed greatly.


Another of Shanice's cohorts.


A fire demon out to get the Crimson Weapons.


A member of a church group charged with locating the Crimson Weapons so that they can be destroyed. Gets pulled into the group when they burn the inn she's staying in down. One mindwipe later she's become a child in a seventeen-year-old's body, and the group eventually loses her. Now she's back, along with her memory, to harry the party some more.

Grand Cleric

Heads the Septimian Reform. Believes the Crimson Weapons must be destroyed for the world to prosper.


Leader of the Templars of the Septimian Reform. Calm and very devoted to the Goddess.


A rude and sometimes hotheaded young templar. Uses wind magic.


A mysterious man claiming to serve the Goddess.


One of the Six Heroes. A power hungry lawyer.


A Colonel in the Septimian Army.


One of the six heroes, and a master thief.


Daneka's personal bodyguard, and highly adept sword master.


A sea wyvern riding deserter from Ivanko's mercenaries. Has been re-recruited.


Captain Travis, he's a hero, going to take this RP down to zero! Leader of a group of mercenaries that pursues the group. Chases after Charlotte.


A senior member of the group that hired Reika to spy on the party. He was a homicidal dark druid with a Monster Clown theme. He believed himself to be working for the goddess, in some twisted way or other. Now dead.


A bandit woman wandering from town to town killing people. She is the daughter of a bandit and was previously the leader of his group of bandits after she killed him but the group disbanded. Since then, she's been a mercenary, currently agreeing to work with Jace.



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