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Character sheet for Gloria Union. WIP. Contains unmarked spoilers.

The Gloria Pirates


The hero of the story, an aspiring pirate who adventures with his childhood friend Pinger. When he meets Ruru and Elisha, he decides to join Gloria and seek out the treasures of Euforia, and becomes a pawn in various world powers' gambits to get their hands on Euforia's power. He is the reincarnation of the king of Euforia, and was originally a citizen of Lukia, though he was smuggled out of their castle at a young age and lived as an ordinary boy. He has immense Will, and his sword is capable of releasing Euforia's super-powerful cards and controlling Euforia itself.

While brash, silly, a little slow on the uptake, and ignorant as to the meaning of "volume control", Ishut is nonetheless a good kid who cares about his friends.

Voiced by Hiro Shimono.

  • Malaproper: Never quite learns that Unions are not called onions.


Ishut's childhood friend and only flunky, who has been with him ever since he saved her from Velgas' bullying when they were little. She is much more intelligent and calmer than Ishut, and continually snarks at him and teases him affectionately although her loyalty to him is absolute.

She is actually a chimera, an alchemically created artificial beastman, who was kidnapped and experimented on by Tracey in order to make her a marketable rarity. When Tracey discovered that natural beastmen existed, she abandoned Pinger, who then found her way to Ishut. While Pinger seems to be comfortable with her identity and continually makes cat puns, she still holds a deep grudge against Tracey.


Voiced by Emiri Katou.

  • The Fair Folk: She is a chimera, an alchemically created artificial beastman. She has technically been turned into a cait sith, and has the white spot to prove it.


Second-in-command of the Gloria pirates and Zazarland's daughter, who has become hyper-competent in order to compensate for her father's laziness and drunken habits. She comes to rescue Ishut and company and invites them to join Gloria on her father's orders, and behaves as someone to look up to for the rest of the crew. Elisha is a renowned sharpshooter who uses two pistols, and has a reputation of being a terrifying hardass who holds the reins on the Gloria. She also takes care of the team's finances.

Voiced by Shizuka Ito.

  • Changeling Fantasy: She was raised by Zazarland without knowing who her mother was. It's also implied that Gariored may be her real father, which is eventually confirmed in the dramas.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Wears her boots with the cuff of one flipped up.
  • Informed Attribute: All promotional materials for the game, and even the battlefield she first appears in, claim that she's tsundere. Aside from occasionally being irritable, she doesn't act like it in the least.



Elisha's father, and the captain of the Gloria. He has a reputation for being immensely powerful (when he isn't plastered) and A Father to His Men, even insisting that every member of his crew call him "Oyaji", or "old man". He knows a lot more than he's telling about Ishut and Ruru, but continually puts off explaining anything to anyone, even refusing to tell Elisha who her mother was.

Seventeen years ago, he was a general in Lukia's army, and was good friends with Gariored and Enryetta. He split ways with them due to their differing views and raised Elisha to be a strong woman and a believer in freedom, and thinks that the freewheeling philosophy of pirates is much more conducive to peace than controlling the world through absolute power or making huge sacrifices. He intends to keep Gariored and Enryetta from getting their hands on Euforia's power.

Voiced by Keiji Fujiwara.

  • Badass Boast: His battle quote is "Sorry to pop your bubble, but I'm not going to hold back starting from now!"
  • Badass in Distress: He's tossed into a dungeon by Blackmore at the start of the game. His daughter and her new friends quickly free him.
  • Shipper on Deck: According to the bonus dramas, he expects Ishut and Elisha to wind up together.

Minnesota Grey

An archaeologist (and certified professor!) whom the party meets in Black Fang's hideout. After a misunderstanding brought on by Ruru's eating relics, he joins them, and provides input on history and geography throughout the story. He is also obsessed with mannerliness, and tends to judge people based on how polite they are or aren't. 26 years old.

Voiced by Shinji Kawada.

  • Signature Move: "Sacrifice". It kills the head of the unit (i.e. him), and bring back the fallen soldiers to battle.


A little girl who traveled to this world because she wanted to see Symphonia just once. Despite being very childish and naive, she's also incredibly powerful because she comes from Yumira, "the world of magic". Her magic is candy-based, and she is capable of using strong spells just by licking her lollipop staff. Locomoco joins the party after being rescued from Tracey. She gets along well with Raspberry.

Voiced by Ai Nonaka.


A sixteen-year-old vampire who came to this world in order to apprehend Rogan and bring him back to the Underworld. It's her job to take care of cases like his and look after the dead as they work to repent for their sins; however, she's very stressed-out and terrified of her boss. She joins up with the party in order to capture Rogan, and is good friends with Locomoco due to their status as outsiders.

Voiced by Minori Chihara.


A young knight of Chantier, who left her homeland to try to find reinforcements so that her country's war with Lukia might end. She is short-tempered, stern, and honorable, and extremely loyal to Giselle. She's fairly young and has never actually seen Chantier before it was polluted with war debris.

Voiced by Ayaka Shimizu.


A gatling gun-wielding, trigger-happy bounty hunter who's awfully similar to that other Yggdra. She is exclusive to the A route's version of chapter 4, and joins the party after attacking Gloria because she finds the bounty on Ishut to be too suspicious. She hates Lukia almost as much as Fiebee, and works as a bounty hunter in order to compensate for the cost of caring for her gun, the Centurio Buster, which she inherited from her father Ordene. She gets along well with Elisha.

Voiced by Mai Nakahara.

  • Flanderization: Her behavior is far more in line with Japanese fans' memetic perception of original!Yggdra as a self-righteous mass murderer and conqueror than what the original Yggdra actually acted like.


An inexperienced Lukian knight who seeks refuge with the party after accidentally disgracing himself and being slated for execution by Melanie. He is very earnest and enthusiastic, but at the same time unused to the battlefield and somewhat meek, so he forces himself to behave like a Screaming Warrior to keep from losing his nerve. He respects everyone in Gloria a great deal, and has a crush on Elisha, who he refers to as "Shishou"note .

Voiced by Ryouta Asari.



Ishut's older twin brother. He is the emperor of Lukia, but is effectively a figurehead, as Gariored is really the one in charge of the country. Despite this, he is adored by the populace, who see him as a tragic figure and are very protective of him. The same as Ishut, he is the reincarnation of the king of Euforia, and has the same powers and sword.

He spent his entire life being horribly abused by Gariored, and due to that and his training to use his powers, he is emotionally stunted and resentful towards Ishut, who was spared the hell he went through. Noting that Euforia's name comes from the word "euphoria", he believes that if he receives Euforia's power he will be able to become happy.

Voiced by Hiro Shimono.


Prime Minister of Lukia, formerly one of its generals. He believes that the world can only be saved through absolute power being used to scare people straight, and fights in order to obtain the power of Euforia for himself. He raised Ashley, treating him as an empty doll that had no use other than to unlock Euforia and the cards for him; this generally comes back to bite him in the ass.

He is the childhood friend of Zazarland and Enryetta, and is implied to have been in a romantic relationship with Enryetta at least in the past.

Voiced by Kosuke Takaguchi.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: To add insult to injury, he actually explodes in the one ending where Ashley roasting him wasn't fatal.


President of the Elmare alliance, childhood friend of Zazarland and Gariored, and Elisha's mother. She was raised from childhood to have an absolute will, and she has come to believe that sacrifice is what is necessary to bring peace. The seventeen years she's spent alone working towards her goal have twisted her intentions, and she has decided that she will be the judge and decide who will be sacrificed, becoming very self-righteous.

She's implied to have been in romantic relationships with both Gariored and Zazarland before, and claims that part of what she wants to do is stop Gariored because she cares about him.

Voiced by Mai Nakahara.

  • Determinator: Is the only character aside from Ishut and Ashley who can use cheater cards without it taking a huge toll on her body.

Tracey Cormack

Leader of the Leverage merchants. She is an acclaimed alchemist and loves everything rare and marketable, and was the one to resurrect Rogan and Velgas, as well as the one who turned Pinger into a chimera and tried to kidnap Locomoco. Apparently she originally got into alchemy as a way to create a cure-all, but after a number of failures just got drunk on power and started fooling around with living things against their will for money and for the lulz. Like Ajo, she is implied to be in the employ of Elmare. She is ultimately killed by Pinger.

Voiced by Eri Gouda.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: Dresses Anne down for sleeping around, saying that it's fine to sell objects, but that prostitution is objectifying yourself, which isn't okay.

  • Transgender: Possibly female-assigned rather than intersex, from what we can tell of the official image of hir in hir underwear. Since the Union matrix is always based on gender identity rather than physical sex, it still doesn't matter a whit.


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