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Ira truly does represent wrath.

Given his nature, this seems counter intuitive. However, wrath is the sin that is the most likely to be caused by good intentions. Back Cover shows that the whole downward spiral leading to the Keyblade War starts because Ira briefly lost his cool and jumped to conclusions after he freaked out over the existance of a Nightmare Chirithy. What does that brief irrational act albeit good intended act spell? Wrath.

The Seven Deadly Sins naming is meant to be played for Irony.

The Foreteller Traitor WON'T be Anguis's Leader.
Its a pretty obvious set up, with the snake among all of the other mammalian-themed groups, but it will actually be one of the ones nobody suspected from the start.
  • My money is going on Ursus' Foreteller, whom Anguis' leader was fighting.

The Nightmare Chirithy's Keywielder is Ephemer or Skuld.
Ephemer is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who has come to think through his investigations that the Foretellers and their actions are hurting the world(s). He isn't trapped wherever he is, and is just biding his time. Skuld secretly aligned with the Unknown and is responsible in part for Ephemer's disappearance. She lied about getting dreams from Ephemer to gain the protagonist's trust, and feigned surprise at the revelation that Heartless were once humans.
  • Seems unlikely now; Ava personally vetted him to lead the Dandelions in her stead. Skuld also joined the Dandelions just before the Keyblade War.
    • Jossed, Nightmare Chirithy is the MC's second Chirithy, born from darkness.

There isn't a traitor among the Foretellers—the one they're looking for is the Master of Masters's sixth apprentice.
You know, the one he totally jilted by leaving him out of the rad gifts, i.e. magic future-telling books?
  • Back Cover and dialogue between Luxu and Ava imply otherwise. Luxu's role was to leave with the Keyblade that would become Xehanort's, so he's following his orders exactly. That said, this doesn't confirm or deny anything.
  • Jossed. Luxu isn't the traitor and the prophecy seems to have been referring to the new Union leaders.
    • Confirmed, actually, by the Union X finale. The Master of Masters invented the line about a traitor among the Foretellers to sow seeds of paranoia, anger, and other emotions that would allow them to fall prey to Darkness. When Luxu silently leaves after the Master reveals this to him, the Master calls Luxu the traitor.

The sixth apprentice of the Master of Masters is the original wielder (or a wielder) of Master Xehanort's Keyblade.
The secret ending of Re:coded HD reveals that Xehanort's Keyblade is one of the most ancient, and has been passed down. It shares similar motifs with the Keyblades of the five Foretellers—notably, the blue eye of darkness and an animal theme.
  • Given the appearance of said Keyblade hanging in the Land of Departure when Xehanort and Eraqus were being trained there in the KH3 trailer, it's possible the sixth apprentice survived the Keyblade War and the destruction of the worlds, and began training apprentices to continue the tradition afterwards.
  • Confirmed.

The sixth apprentice of the Master of Masters is Master Xehanort.
Maybe Terra isn't the first person he's stolen a new body from.
  • Jossed.

The one who stole the page from the Book of Prophecies in Back Cover is Ava, who is not the traitor.
She stole the page so that the real traitor couldn't get their hands on the information on it. She'll wind up entrusting the page to the player character of chi.
  • Jossed. Back Cover reveals that Gula is the one in possession of the lost page—not because he stole it, but because it was given to him by the Master of Masters before the events of the story.

Related to the above, Ava is the traitor, but for her actions apart from the other Foretellers.
The Foretellers seem like they were a tight bunch. How would they react to discovering that Ava's been acting behind their backs, regardless of how good her intentions were?
  • Ava is the traitor because Luxu influenced her. Why else would he draw his weapon against her? Mission 425 will involve a boss fight with Foreteller Ava and it will come with Sad Battle Music.
    • Jossed. Ava made the Dandelions because the Master told her to and the both times you fight her she's just testing the PC.

The war between Aced and Invi will incite a war between their Unions, Ursus and Anguis.
  • Close. It incites the Keyblade War between all of the Unions.

Neither Aced nor Invi is the traitor.
They're wasting their time fighting each other while the real traitor continues to go free.
  • Possibly confirmed, as it seems the prophecy was referring to a traitor among the new Union leaders.

The Master of Master's name is Superbia, and the sixth apprentice's name is Luxuria, continuing the Seven Deadly Sins theme naming.
  • Slightly confirmed for the sixth apprentice's name. It's Luxu.

The Keyblade wielders that make up Ava's Dandelions will return to their world just in time for the final battle of Kingdom Hearts III.
  • Close. They help in one of the boss battles in the Keyblade Graveyard as their Keyblades.

Ava's Dandelions have already returned to their world—they're the children who rebuilt the world after the Keyblade War.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were suffering from the Swiss Cheese Memory effect.
They hit a wormhole which wrecked their Gummi Ship and got sent back to their version of antediluvian time. The significance of this was cut from their memories by the universe itself to prevent paradox. After they left and reentered the wormhole, it collapsed to prevent further incursions.

Ava really is the traitor, and all of her apparently benevolent acts have had hidden ulterior motives.
  • Jossed: She doesn't appear to exhibit any malevolent ulterior motives in Back Cover.

Daybreak Town citizens really are shapeshifters and gender benders.
In the menu screen one can change appearance and even gender, which allows for "boy" and "girl" outfits. This is an actual thing that they can do. They themselves are never fooled by appearance, and treat it as cosmetics.

The 6th Master is the GOOD GUY.
It's the Master of Masters who is evil. They gave future books to his Apprentices that drain the Lux out of Daybreak Town, thus destroying it. It was the 6th Master who realized this, refusing a book and turned against them.
  • As of III, Luxu is loyal to the Master and it's looking that the Master and the Foretellers including Luxu (who is Braig/Xigbar) are the bad guys.

Why Luxu didn't get a Book of Prophecy.
Related to the above theory that Luxu is a good guy, it's possible that the reason Luxu is the odd one out among the other Foretellers is because the Master of Masters knows he's going to die in the coming war, and is grooming him to take his master's place.
  • The Master of Master answers this in Back Cover—Luxu was assigned to carry around the Master's Keyblade (which would one day become Xehanort's), which had the Master's eye embedded in it, so that he could see and record the future in the Books of Prophecies. Giving Luxu the Keyblade and a Book would be inviting temporal paradoxes.

The kids are all in People Jars, this Daybreak Town is a fake copy.
We've seen this before, in Kingdom Hearts II. In fact, Sora notes that there were way more than just one Person Jar in the basement of the Mansion.

Each Child is being used as a Living Battery, with their consciousness hooked up to a Layered World created by a Foretellers book. We know you can enter books because Maleficent and Pete did it in Coded. Originally, there are no Heartless per se, they're just images of the future made real. But to make it "real", the simulated Daybreak town and each of the future worlds are tied to the true world of Daybreak Town. When one of the children kill a Heartless, this tells the universe that -1 has become 0. However, there is no -1, but the universe adds 1 anyways. Lux. But you CANNOT break the law of Conversion of Matter and Energy. The universe resorts to Equivalent Exchange, and in the "real" Daybreak Town, something that is 1 becomes 0. A tree, a lake, a dog, a person...

  • Incidentally, this is why DiZ was so adamant about the Munny Pouch that Riku stole be "destroyed" (really, sent back to the Fake Twilight Town.)

The Foretellers are channeling the Children's Lux in order to fight the The X-Blade in order to get at Kingdom Hearts. This is why there are no adults in Daybreak Town, they're all in the "real" War. But they're fighting each other too. (Yes, a Child gets Lux too, but this is really just the tailings.) If she really is a good person, Ava has moved her Dandelions to hibernation pods.

Incidentally, the Darklings that attack the character and Skuld are the start of the first true Heartless. The fake Heartless are so authentic that they still eat hearts and convert people.

Darklings aren't Heartless....yet.
Heartless don't exist in Sleeping Worlds where Dream Eaters exist. A human, completely drained of Light but still moving. They are the ancestor of Heartless, Unversed, and evil Dream Eaters. "Heartless" didn't break into the physical multiverse until later.

The Dandelions were indeed sent to a world apart from the War, a "book" like the Journal, or the Foretellers's books, but one that that never had Lux removed, where the Keyblade War never happened.
It was the children who stayed to fight who recreated the other worlds, the Dandelions gave up their Keyblades. But they still had their "Daybreak Town" powers of transformation. In eternal Arcadia, their powers of shapeshifting grew while combat dropped. They became honeybears, tig(g)ers, kangaroos, owls, rabbits, piglets. Their world was the only one never corrupted by Heartless, although the Heartless may tear at its pages. Though centuries pass, they will always welcome children, especially Keyblade wielders.

There was an era between the Keyblade War and the birth of the Worlds. It was the age of Fire and Dark.
The surviving adults tried using Fire from eldritch entities to survive the Dark. It was a living hell, and Lux was no longer plentiful; but came out of souls in sputtering embers. But when the Children woke, they created worlds of Light.

The sixth apprentice of the Master of Masters is Eraqus and Xehanort's Master.
Luxu, the sixth apprentice, has Xehanort's Keyblade, which we see in Kingdom Hearts III hanging up on the wall where Xehanort and Eraqus were playing chess.
  • As of the III release, we now know that Luxu has lived multiple reincarnations before becoming Braig/Xigbar, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

The sixth apprentice is Luxord.
His name relates to "luxuria": one of the Seven Deadly Sins not yet mentioned (now Lust, but originally Extravagance, and the man is a gambler). Kingdom Hearts II sees him manipulate both cards (his personal weapon) and medals (in Port Royal). 358/2 mentions that his chosen element is time. Add it all up, and Xemnas may not have been the only Organization member hiding a Keyblade.
  • The sixth apprentice's name is Luxu, a completely new character.
    • Close. Luxu is Braig/Xigbar. Luxord doesn't know anything.

The black-cloaked Unknown is the sixth apprentice.
The trailer for Back Cover shows that he's comfortable around the Foretellers and even knows some of what is written in the Book of Prophecies.
  • "Nah, not possible". According to Tetsuya Nomura the Master of Masters appeared in a "black coat" so unless the sixth apprentice also wears a black coat it is more likely the figure who appeared in the trailer for Back Cover is The Master of Masters.
  • The guy in the black coat, when talking about the Keyblade War and holding the white clover in the beginning of the trailer, does sound a bit different than later on when talking to Ira; especially in the Japanese version of the trailer, where they sound nothing alike.
  • The sixth apprentice does wear a black coat, but the figure seen in the trailer is confirmed to be the Master of Masters.

There is no traitor.
It is just a rumor created by someone or something to make the Foretellers distrust and ultimately destroy each other.
  • Ira started the rumor. Aced calls Ira a fool for revealing the existence of a traitor to the entire group. But how does Ira know about it? Ira just made it up to mess with everyone.
  • Whether or not there's a traitor is still up in the air, but Ira definitely didn't make it up. The missing page of the Book of Prophecies centers around the idea of a traitor, something Ira had no access to before coming to his conclusion. If the traitor is fictional, then the person turning the Foretellers against one another is the Master of Masters.
  • It's probably confirmed that there was no traitor among the Foretellers and that it was actually referring to one among the new Union leaders.
  • Confirmed. Specifically, the plan was to allow Darkness to foment in their powerful hearts.

Ira is the traitor
Ira was the one who revealed the existence of a traitor to the entire group. A classic technique for throwing suspicion off of one's self is to accuse someone else of it. Then his official Number Two starts looking for one.

The Master of Masters's real name
It's Super (superbia/pride) which continues the Seven Deadly Sins theme naming. It completes the Seven Deadly Sins where his apprentices names are Invi of Anguis (invidia/envy), Gula of Leopardos (gulam/gluttony), Ira of Unicornis (wrath), Aced of Ursus (acedia/sloth), and Ava of Vulpes (avarice/greed) and Luxu (luxuria/lust).
  • Just being called "The Master of Masters" would seem to have prideful implications.
    • Hybris would also work since the Pride that is deadly is referred to as Hubris which is related to Futility. The Master despite knowing the death and destruction coming does nothing to stop it, dismisses his apprentices' desire to stop it and may be actively trying to get them to fight each other with the traitor nonsense.

Luxu is the traitor
He stole the "lost page" from the Book of Prophecies and he believes that "The Master's intentions are not concerned with the longevity of the world." So he plans on starting a Keyblade War to ensure the future will happen. He also informed Ira that there is a traitor among them but not revealing the traitor's identity which is himself in order to create discord and strife among the Foretellers to ensure the conflict will led to the Keyblade War.
  • Possibly jossed. He was ordered by the Master to simply watch events happen for his Magical Eye to see the future.

By preparing the Dandelions for the inevitable Keyblade War, Ava is accidentally causing (or at least accelerating) it.
As she explains in this video [1], she chooses Keyblade wielders who "cannot be swallowed by a little darkness to be dandelions". This all sounds well and good until one realizes the implications: she is taking all the powerful Keyblade wielders who can resist the temptation of the darkness and leaving only those Keyblade wielders who can't. So when those first few Keyblade wielders start going bad naturally, they'll corrupt all the other Keyblade wielders around them, with very few able to resist. Soon enough, the darkness will spread like the plague, and then it will only be a matter of time before they destroy each other.
  • This would explain why she's "Avaritia", Greed.
  • As it turns out, it's certainly not helped—word of the Dandelions has spread to the point that the other Foretellers have even found out. It only causes rising tension amongst the Unions and their Keyblade wielders.

The setting of the first Keyblade War will be the setting of the last one.
In the MC's vision, they see 13 figures against 9 standing at the Keyblade Graveyard. This will be Xehanort's 13 Darknesses vs the 7 Lights. (And Donald and Goofy.)
  • Confirmed, as seen in III.

The "world outside" that Ava speaks of in the 2.8 trailer is Traverse Town.
If the Keyblade War is going to swallow the world with darkness and destroy everything in the realm of light, then it only seems to make sense that, for her Dandelions to be kept safe, Ava would have to be sending them to a place that is outside of the realm of light. There are only so many places we know of that could fit that description. Traverse Town exists in the Realm Between, and is known for being the place where people end up when their world has been swallowed by darkness. It would make sense if it were created or given these properties by Ava with the express purpose of using it as a shelter for her Dandelions.

Luxu is not the traitor.
Having the guy with the obviously evil Keyblade and the obviously evil cloak turn out to be the traitor just seems too obvious to me, even with Master Xehanort's status as Obviously Evil. Except we, on a meta level, all knew he was the big bad of that game from the start, so there was no point in hiding it. In this case, they are clearly trying to convince us that he is, in fact, the traitor, which leads me to believe that he is merely a red herring. I confess I have little evidence to support this theory, other than my own genre-savvy-ness; plus all evidence to the contrary can be considered suspect as well.
  • Luxu's Keyblade was displayed pretty prominently in the Land of Departure before Xehanort stole it, which would be a strange thing to do if Luxu were the traitor, considering it must have been put there by whatever survivor of the war started training new Keyblade Wielders to navigate and protect the worlds.
    • "I swore I would survive... and be there to see what awaited beyond the Keyblade War!" If Luxu is the traitor and was trying to start the Keyblade War like Master Xehanort is (differences in motivations and methods being functionally irrelevant), then he may have some method planned to survive it just as Master Xehanort apparently does.
  • Looking confirmed. He's been following the Master's orders this whole time and his Secret Reports in III show that he had no interest in betraying the Foretellers. Plus, it would seem that this was referring to the new Union leaders.

Gula is the traitor.
How does he know what's written on the missing page from the Book of Prophecies?
  • The person who tells you what is written is whoever your Union Foreteller leader is. In that sense, they all are.
    • Nope, the browser game's finale and Back Cover both show Gula in possession of the lost page. To answer the original WMG, it's because the page was given to him by the Master of Masters.

The last batch of Dandelions were misplaced; along with several Foreteller books.
Young Xehanort: So, you know of the Lost Masters?
Eraqus: What's that?
Young Xehanort: They're the ones who started the Keyblade War.
Eraqus: Never heard of them.
Young Xehanort: No, more like, it was for their sake… I think.
Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

The Keyblade War the MC fights in in was still a simulation of the future. The real plan was to create a generation of Children who by seeing the Keyblade war would either reject the Darkness, or be resistant to it. They would be transferred into Foreteller Books and activated to recreate the worlds. But some of the books were lost. One couldn't be used at all, it was too computer-like for the methods used by the Foretellers. (It would become Jiminy's Diary.) One couldn't support more than one human at a time, it was too pure, too untouched by Darkness. It would become the book of Winnie the Pooh. And one was lost, nobody knows what happened. This is the one the MC was transferred into. Epherema and Skuld didn't realize it was lost when they came for the MC (at the time, the books were all connected to the "Daybreak Town hub") Everyone in it slept...for a long, long time. But Maleficent found it.

The red eyed Dark Hide that Aqua fights in the Realm of Darkness is MC's Nightmare Chirithy.
They have the same battle music, Hunter in the Dark. Maleficent is currently allowing a core of light for the MC, because the Darkness needs the Light to exist, she's looking for a loophole; but for the moment she keeps the Light and the Dark separated.
  • The Nightmare Chirithy's battle music is actually "The Dread of Night" from Dream Drop Distance, so...

Possible future events:
themed Medals and Avatar Attires in addition to the Music being used. Not only with those, but a boss battle being a musical composite reference of WWE's Royal Rumble and the Altantica world being Rhythm Mini-game based,except Halloween themed like Disney and Square-Enix did with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ephemer will be revealed to canonically be in the Leopardos Union in Back Cover.
The end credits for X show Ephemer and Skuld in the place of the player in various scenes. One such scene shows Skuld fighting a Darkside in a moment from the beginning of the game, the Keyblade wielders being directed by Foreteller Gula. And, of course, we know that Skuld and Ephemer are in the same Union.
  • Ephemer's only scene in Back Cover is his scene with Ava at the fountain plaza, lifted almost straight from X/Unchained. No mention of his Union allegiance is made.

Future worlds that will appear in the game:
Existing worlds:New worlds:with Milo Murphy's Law
  • Moana
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Owl House
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  • Wreck-It Ralph
    • Nomura has said that one of the worlds in III would be in X.
    • Confirmed. What Nomura actually said was that a summon from III would come from a new Disney world in X. And that proved to be the case when Game Central Station and Niceville showed up in the story in April 2019 (in the Japanese version) after Ralph was a summon in III.

There is no traitor, and the Master was simply pulling their strings or is tainted by darkness.
Let's put it like this, you know those riddles where "one person tells the truth, the other person is lying, figure out which one is the liar"? The entire schpiel of the Traitor being amongst them sounds somewhat like this riddle, but with one catch. Normally, the riddle itself (or as played with in Yugioh and the Paradox Brothers, there's a road sign) explains that "one person is telling the truth, one person is lying". However, there is one complicating matter here. Namely that a variation of the riddle that, instead of a road sign, there's a human who tells the riddle instead. The complicating factor is that, unlike something inanimate that states the rules, a human is capable of lying and twisting the question to their own ends.

How does this apply to the situation in Kingdom Hearts X? Here, the first time the "Riddle of the Traitor" was told (namely from the Back Cover) is from the Master himself, telling Gula that there's a traitor amongst them and to figure it out. Now, if they learned it on their own or without one of them being told, there would be no problem and the idea of a traitor seems to follow the "riddle" as if it were using the road sign to explain the rules. However, the Master EXPLICITLY told Gula that a traitor existed, making it the latter case where 'someone capable of lying is telling the riddle'. Therefore, it's possible that the Master is lying about there being a Traitor in the first place. This would make the "riddle" of a traitor being amongst them being a moot point because the Master wanted to make it seem that way.

For more support, all of the Foretellers serve their appropriate roles and do not deviate from them. Even Aced, who while wanting to break the rules the Master set up, is still following his role of "Forcing Ira to act", and even Luxu who was simply ordered to survive. Therefore, it seems heavily unlikely that any of them are a traitor.

The only question is why would the Master want to pull at their strings like that? As it seems, his own machinations had lead to tensions happening and causing the Keyblade War to happen in the first place. The only reason it feels like he would do such a thing is if he were tainted by darkness.

Also, a bit of Fridge Logic and Paranoia Fuel. His Magical Eye is the Eye of Darkness, seen on several keyblades including Terra's Chaos Ripper and Darkgnaw, Riku's Soul Eater and Way to the Dawn, Sora and Riku's End of Pain, and on Xehanort's Keyblade. Along with the name "Eye of Darkness" and almost all of the weapons listed having ties to characters who use Darkness, it doesn't feel like much of a stretch if it's dark connotations aren't simply for show. Paranoia Fuel factors in that he can see the future through the eye, so what if he can see through anything bearing that sigil? Another thing that's interesting is that the betrayal is caused by "The one who bears the sigil". Given that the Eye of Darkness being the Master's Eye, it's his Sigil and thus by all accounts he could be the very traitor described. Not to mention his scene with Luxu and the box have sinister undertones (especially with the Master not giving him a book of Prophecies, so Luxu can't cause any "paradoxes"), and he can come off a bit as a Troll with the other Foretellers.

And a bit of Fridge Horror along with "Seeing the future through the sigil". We know that Xehanort is a Manipulative Bastard who is capable of using Time Travel and turning things to his advantage. What if he learned of the Eye of Darkness's significance? And found a way to reach BACK? What if he was the one who tainted the Master with Darkness, rather than the Master being dark in the first place?

  • Further, it appears that the Master chose people for each position that would only have been the best candidates if the goal was to instigate the Keyblade War, deliberately throwing them the Idiot Ball and poisoning them against each other. Think about it:
    • Ira is the most perceptive and well-meaning, but has the worst communication skills. He begins throwing accusations around with very little explanation or evidence, on little more than a hunch, making himself appear paranoid. Putting him in The Leadership role put him in a position to spread his own seeds of doubt to the other Foretellers, and almost immediately caused the groups to treat him as the enemy.
    • Aced appears to be the most hot-blooded and volatile of the apprentices, and the Master accuses him of being jealous of Ira. Despite this supposed jealousy, he's told to be The Lancer of the group, and playfully encouraged to be The Starscream if he doubts Ira's ability to lead. The Master explicitly said he was given "the most important position" of "spurring the others into action" — which he does by causing the initial conflicts through his hostility and zeal.
    • Invi is given the role of mediating between the Foretellers, but she elevates the task of watching over the group to the point of spying on them and betraying each of their secrets to Ira. Because she tried to address conflicts covertly, her mediation took the appearance of sabotage, leading to the first bout of open combat between Foretellers.
    • Gula shows himself to be one of the more logical and level-headed Foretellers, and the Master playfully accuses him of being a showoff. He's the one the Master explicitly tells that there is a traitor in a blatant appeal to his ego, thus tainting his thought processes to run on the premise that there is a traitor among them, and preventing him from questioning the validity of the statement until it was too late to stop the conflict. Gula's attempts to find the traitor run on Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, essentially encouraging Aced's suspicious actions.
    • Ava was the most personable of the Foretellers, and as pointed out by Invi, her task involved sending away each Union's strongest fighters and best Lux gatherers. She's arguably the most trusting and trustworthy member of the group, but she received the most secretive and suspicious mission, and was given the task that most explicitly works against the others.
      • We still don't know the full purpose of the Dandelions (especially as they were put to sleep before the War and apparently only awakened at some point after Kingdom Hearts II at the earliest, so it's evident that they weren't the ones to reassemble the world after the War), but it's possible her faith in the Master was completely abused to set up the 7 Lights vs 13 Darknesses scheme.
    • Luxu appears to be the most easily cowed by the Master and to bear the least willpower, which made him the perfect tripod for the Gazing Eye for the rest of his life. Due to his fatal lack of suspicion, he'd be virtually useless to fan the flames of conflict, which is why he was chosen to keep away from the others.
      • Keep in mind that none of the other apprentices thought for a second that he might be the traitor, only that it must have been one of them. He was a complete wallflower, which made him the perfect spy for the Master.
    • The Master was the one who forbid everyone from forming Alliances, despite the fact that each of them was otherwise willing to if not for this teaching, because it was the smart thing to do. He encouraged them to create the Unions and to compete against one another to gather the Light, which could only escalate into turning against one another rather than fighting the Darkness.
  • A simultaneous alternative and expansion to the above: Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] established that one of the rules for traveling through time is that you must cast away your body and have a vessel waiting for you at the other end. Two important things are noted about the Master of Masters in Back Cover: First, that he can only see into the future through his Keyblade, which he goes so far as to say contains his own eye. Second, that he completely faded away without a trace prior to the events of X. It's entirely possible that he is using/has already used his Keyblade as a means to time travel into the future to the point where "light expires" (having infused it with a physical part of himself in order to turn it into a viable vessel), or worse, that the Keyblade itself is capable of corrupting its wielders into becoming his vessels (including Luxu and Xehanort). He frequently stated that he didn't know if he would disappear at all, but this may be because he hadn't yet foreseen his opening to travel forward.
  • Alternate explanation: He says at the very beginning of Back Cover that you can't stop everything they have from falling into darkness. If that's the case, he could be purposely manipulating events so that even if you can't prevent it, it'll happen on his terms.

The Master of Masters is Braig/Xigbar.
Who else is laid back and loves to Troll people?
  • And only has one eye, for that matter, since he said the eye in the keyblade was his?
    • Didn't Terra blast it out in BBS when he blasted Braig in the face with darkness? Wouldn't the eye blasted from Braig's head be basically non-functional?
      • Braig's missing eye is indeed the result of Terra's actions in BBS.
  • Close. Luxu is Braig/Xigbar.

The Book of Prophecies doesn't actually foretell the future and fate/destiny doesn't exist in Kingdom Hearts.
Please note that this WMG follows the WMG above that the Master is pulling people's strings. Now, as was theorized above, the Master was lying about the presence of a traitor. What else could he possibly be lying about? Well, what about his Magical Eye? He's said to be able to see the future, and yet he doesn't actually "see" it until it's confirmed that Luxu takes the Keyblade and passes it through the ages. Therefore, wouldn't that mean his ability to see the future is dependent on what his eye sees?

It was also said that he made the Book of Prophecies based on what he saw of the future, and he didn't give one to Luxu because he said it would cause "Temporal paradoxes". What if he were lying about that as well, and that disrupting one of his "prophecies" wouldn't cause any ultimate harm? Let's bring in a hypothetical scenario. If Luxu had a copy of the Book and disrupted one of the prophecies within, he would be changing what the Master saw, and therefore change the future, which would render the Book of Prophecies as meaningless chicken scratch. So long as nobody knows of the Prophecies or what they exactly entail, the prophecies would still act out accordingly because the Master knew it would happen, not because it was fated to! In a way, it sort of makes the Foreteller's strict adherence to not disrupting the prophecies an almost fitting form of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy because they'd make the Keyblade war happen anyhow by not resisting it!

Going by all of this, what if the themes of destiny in Kingdom Hearts were basically coincidental circumstances that just happened to work for the benefit of the characters? The troper isn't doubting the factor that there is power behind the bonds of friendship in the series, he's simply bringing up the idea that there is no ultimate fate that ties them all together and that it was made up from the get go.

This idea also gives some hope for Kingdom Hearts 3. After all, "Darkness will prevail and Light will expire" is the last prophecy in the book. The factor of it not being real whatsoever (just what would most likely happen from what the Master said) would give loads of hope to the series in general.

  • The mere fact that the Master of Masters mentions temporal paradoxes as the reasoning why Luxu didn't receive a copy of the book means the future written in it can't be set in stone. It certainly begs the question of what his intentions are, given that his preventative measure (keeping Luxu from changing the future) is seemingly at odds with his statement that the Keyblade War was inevitable...

The Keyblade War happened because of a misinterpreted prophecy
The traitor is the one who bears the sigil. However, this theory states that the traitor was NO ONE among the 6 students. The Foretellers (thanks to Ira freaking out over the existence of Nightmare Chirithy), interpreted the traitor prophecy as going active in their time, triggering a chain reaction of paranoia leading to tragedy similar to Higurashi: When They Cry. The identity of the traitor is therefore someone who wields "No Name" in the future. Most likely suspect.... Xehanort. The expiration of light however does refer to the 1st Keyblade War, with Ava being the contingency plan.
  • In the Japanese version of Back Cover, Gula explicitly says "Recusant's Sigil (異端の印)" rather than "sigil", lending heavy credence to this theory.

The traitor is the Master of Masters himself. From a Certain Point of View
It is clear throughout Back Cover that the Foretellers trust the Master of Masters implicitly; he is their beloved mentor, above all suspicion, and they all try to carry out his orders and fulfill their roles to the best of their abilities, always believing that he had their best interests, and those of the world, at heart. Yet, by the end it is clear that it is the very roles and rules the Master established that cause all the mistrust and conflict seen throughout the story, and directly lead to the Keyblade War. He had no intention of trying to avert the War, quit the opposite, and all of his orders and rules were deliberately designed to play the Foretellers against each other like puppets. He is not a traitor in the traditional sense, as he would probably claim to be acting for the good of the world, to prevent a Time Paradox, but his actions betray the trust his apprentices place in him, thus he is the "traitor" of the prophecy. And he wears a symbol as a zipper that may be the sigil.
  • It's worth noting that at several points the Master of Masters makes it clear that he considers himself a part of the group, and not above and apart from it. "You six plus me is seven. Wait, don't tell me I don't count!" If the prophecy on the Lost Page says anything along the lines of "One of them will betray the others" the ambiguity in the wording would certainly (deliberately) leave the Master as an option.
  • I think the key is the confrontation between Ava and Luxu. When she demanded him if he's the traitor, he summons his keyblade before the scene Fade to Black. In the next scene, Luxu already told Ava about the traitor (but not to the player) and Ava seems shocked and her reaction is basically "This Cannot Be!". She wouldn't react that way if the traitor is either her or Luxu — she would've been angry otherwise, either because she thinks she's being falsely accused or that Luxu had been playing them while being the traitor. If the traitor is among one of the other four Foretellers, Ava wouldn't continue attacking Luxu. So the answer? The traitor is the Master of the Masters. Ava is, of course, shocked that the man she trusted the most are betraying them. Luxu already knew and let it be Because Destiny Says So or to create a Stable Time Loop of sorts so everything is still according to what is written in the Book of Prophecies.

The Master's name is literally "Master".

Gula will be the one to kick off the Keyblade War
Gula was last seen expressing a desire to summon Kingdom Hearts, believing it will bring back the Master. The only way to summon Kingdom Hearts is to acquire the x-blade, meaning Gula would need to use his Union to find or forge the x-blade. However, at this point all the Foretellers are basically in a Lensman Arms Race, with each Union stockpiling light. When they learn that Gula is trying to take control of the source of all light they'll either try to stop him or try to take the x-blade for themselves, which will lead to open conflict between the Unions and the start of the Keyblade War.

The Master of Masters is Nomura's self insert
He did base Eraqus off of Sakaguchi, after all. And besides, he's the highest authority we've seen in-universe (at least in terms of Keyblades and the dichotomy of light and darkness), he wrote the Book of Prophecy - so he knows pretty much everything that's happened and is going to happen, he has a carefree/trollish personality. While giving his followers critical information about the future, he also deliberately leaves out the most critical parts, causing them to take sides and turn on each other over what could/should happen next. And finally, he thinks the Keyblade War and the associated tragedy and loss is a) unavoidable, b) desirable, or c) both and also kind of funny.

Keyblades require memories and skills to have power, and medals are manifestations of memories and skills.
In Kingdom Hearts UX, you need Medals to empower your keyblade, and without them your keyblade's damage is abysmally weak no matter how highly leveled the Keyblade is. What if this mechanic isn't just for this game? What if medals are the fragments of memories and they're what empowers Keyblades? This WMG is gonna be a little bit complicated but please bear with me.

This theory is somewhat based on the idea of the phrase "Chain of Memories", which involves puns on it, different meanings and the like on it. Here, Medals = Memories from the various Kingdom Hearts games and what they represent. Why are Medals memories? Well, for the most part the way the Union Keybladers are getting their Lux is from projections/memories of a world, not from the actual world themselves. Who's to say that the Medals aren't simply representations of the World's Memories given form? And these medals give power to you and your keyblade.

This isn't the first time where memory has played a part in how much power and skill one owns. In most games, the characters are freshly starting out. They have no experience or the like about the world(s) and they lack wider connections on said worlds. But as they explore more and make more memories, their keyblades get stronger and they learn new skills and magic and whatnot. There is a few special cases where some characters (namely Sora and Riku) had their "slates" wiped clean (Sora had lost his memories in Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2, and they both had to start back from the beginning in their Keyblade Mastery test). This could also explain how Roxas had less power than most nobodies, he has no memories to draw strength from.

Now let's look at how memories manifest as Medals in game. As we know from Chain of Memories, it uses a system akin to the Medals: Cards. Cards can be used for, like medals, magical attacks and invoking skills. When you start out in game, when Sora had lost all skills and such, he's stuck with the Kingdom Key cards. Yet as he goes through the floors and deals with people within his memories, he gains more cards for both magic and keyblades even upon major events. As such, cards and medals could be equated to skills and special attacks.

Hence, the more memories a Keyblade wielder has, the more skills and abilities they're able to pull out, grow into and develop. The less memories they have made for or with other people or places, the more weak their Keyblade is bound to be.

The Foretellers DO represent the Seven Deadly Sins, just not in the obvious way.
Despite noting how each of the Foretellers don't represent the Sin they're connected to, there is some interpretations where they play it perfectly well. To wit.

  • Ira for Wrath. As a WMG says above, Wrath is the most easily acted upon by those with good intentions. He revealed the existence of the "Traitor" (if one did exist) in a moment of impulse. However, Wrath isn't just impulsiveness. It's hatred and anger as well. In Kingdom Hearts UX, it's very visible that he and Aced butt heads against each other, to which he seems to always appear just to put down Aced or the like. This befits Hatred, which includes spitefulness and the like. As for Anger, this is best seen after Aced tells him about Gula having the missing pace, to which he seems to be absolutely seething with Tranquil Fury even as he meets Ava and unwilling to hear explanations. Such actions are befitting someone guilty of wrath.
  • Invi for Envy. As we know of her, she fervently follows the Master and works as a watcher/mediator in the group. However, Envy is the sin of spitefulness at another's advantage or joy, and the very idea of bringing others down to your level as a curse. She's the one who broke up the alliance between Gula and Aced while the other Foretellers were singular in their missions. Plus her job is one that matches up well with the stereotype of how the Green-Eyed Monster acts: watching in the background and waiting for a perfect time to act.
  • Gula for Gluttony. He was entrusted with the Lost Page and finding out the Traitor. However, Gluttony is the sin of overindulgence/overconsumption to the point of wastefulness. It doesn't apply to just food. Since Gula was told there was a Traitor, he could've tried finding someone he can trust and work with them. However, he decided that there was NOBODY he could trust and keeping to himself at almost all times. As a result, he started to overindulge in acting alone and he became a problem (aka a waste) in the other's eyes since Ira gave the idea that the one with the Lost Page would be the traitor. He's also the one who starts to attempt gaining loads of Lux to summon Kingdom Hearts, becoming gluttonous in his desire for Lux.
  • Aced for Sloth. He was entrusted with being the number two to Ira, making him go into action. And as is noted, he seems to fit the title for Wrath better than Ira. However, Sloth is the sin of laziness of all physical, mental and spiritual things. He uses force to make his own path, never even considering taking other ways to deal with people or fix things. He's also the one to suggest going against the Master's teachings, which fits in with the old version of Sloth's meaning as a sin ("not taking joy in god's creation", which here would translate to "not following the master"). His lack of creativity and unwillingness to follow the master is fitting for Sloth, because he's not wasting the effort to even think or do differently.
  • Ava for Greed. She's the reason the Dandelions exist, to keep the light safe and alive for when the Keyblade war strikes. Befittingly, this sin is akin to Gluttony (aka Gula), in that Greed is a sin of Desire. However, it's the sin of craving temporal things and the sin of hoarding. Even though the Dandelions were made for a greater good, she's still hoarding all of the keyblade wielders who have the best resistance to the Darkness, which leaves behind the Keyblade wielders who are susceptible to Darkness in the other Unions and thus weakening them. There's also the factor that she doesn't consider simply letting everyone in, and she only takes in those who fits her quota best. In this way, even she still exemplifies Greed.
  • Luxu for Lust. We see of his character that his desire is to follow out the Master's orders and see the very end of the Keyblade War and the history that lies beyond. As a result, he somewhat fits Lust well enough as the Sin of Desire, which for him would be to follow the Master of course. Another fitting point in the words of Henry Edward is that lust makes one "a slave of the devil". And his keyblade? It has the picture of a goat on it, which are stereotypically associated with the Devil which leads us to...
  • The Master for Pride. As we know of him, he likes having people pay attention to him, complains when one of his students doesn't react appropriately to him. He's also theorized to be leading the Foretellers on a wild goose chase in concerns to the Keyblade War. All of these actions are befitting of the stereotypical "Devil", which is fitting with the sin of pride. Not to mention he makes heavy use of a well used trope with Pride which is "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy", except unlike those stories, he's the one playing the "god" who creates the prophecies. Taking the matter of punishing hubris into his own hands sounds very prideful. Finally, there's the factor that if he is evil and truly manipulating his own students, his callous disregard for others fits an It's All About Me mindset.
    • As of III, the one about Luxu is close. It would seem that it's about his lost lust for life, since he's tired of living so long and carrying out the Master's plan that he just wants to see his friends again.

The contents of the box Luxu carries is...
  • The Master of Masters himself. The events he wrote into the Book were meant to come about once he disappeared. He knew he was going to disappear, even. So how did he disappear? He put himself in a box and cast a stasis spell on it, to be awoken when the time was right (as seen by his Gazing Eye). Luxu was baffled as to why the Master would shut himself in a cramped little box like that.
    • As for how he would fit in that cramped little box, it's because the box was intended to keep only his heart instead of his whole body. That's right, the Masters of Masters had separated his own heart to become his own Nobody long before Xemnas did, and that box was intended to hold his heart in a Stopza spell that lasts for as long as it was kept shut. This also explain why Maleficent is after the box. After all, Pete had attempted to turn Yen Sid into a Heartless, and Maleficent nearly managed to turn Santa Claus into one. Having a Heartless born from the heart of a Keyblade Master (and the most powerful one at that) is more than tempting enough for Maleficent's goals.
    • An alternate reason for the box carrying the Master of Masters' body is for the sake of Time Travel. As Dream Drop Distance explains, one of the laws of time travel in Kingdom Hearts is that you can only travel to points in time you've been in physically. By Having Luxu carry his body and his Gazing Eye to all the pivotal points in the history of the World, the Master of Masters could then travel through time to those specific points for any number of reasons he desires.

The Dandelions' new Unions will be the same Unions that the Foretellers led.
That is, the animal-themed Vulpes, Unicornis, Anguis, Ursus, and Leopardos. It would keep things nice and tidy so gameplay could continue without any extra divisions.

The last two of the Dandelions' leaders are...
  • Lea
  • New original characters
    • Confirmed for both of them; one is a boy named Blaine and the other is a girl named Strelitzia.
      • Subverted: Strelitzia was assassinated two weeks after being revealed and replaced by a boy named Lauriam - the Somebody of Marluxia.

The entirety of Union Cross (and beyond) is what Ventus is dreaming about leading up to Kingdom Hearts III.
Ava stated that Ephemer had been "unchained", and from that point on he appeared in the protagonist's dreams. All of the Dandelions were put into a new world until the Keyblade War ended, with no memory of the old one save for dreams; given the presence of the Dream Eater Chirithy, they are most likely in the Realm of Sleep. However, none of the Dandelions are "conscious" within the Realm of Sleep until some time much later; Maleficent is not referencing Sora as an anachronic event, but rather because this takes place during the series' present time rather than the "Age of Fairy Tales". Dream Drop Distance showed that your consciousness can essentially hijack your own avatar within a memory being played by a world that had been taken by darkness, which is what Maleficent is doing. This theory posits that the Dandelions were trapped in a stasis within the Realm of Sleep until Sora and Riku began unlocking Sleeping Keyholes in Dream Drop Distance, but they remain on worlds that Sora and Riku didn't visit. This would explain why Ventus is available to become a Union leader: because his heart is, coincidentally, also sleeping (and the Book of Prophecies predicted he would be with them when the stasis ended).

When you dream, you can accept without question that you live in a completely different time and place than your waking reality. The Chirithys have already proven they can alter the Dandelions' memories in order to (mostly) erase the War, so rewriting Ventus' memory within the dream to believe he was part of the Dandelions before the War is entirely plausible.

Once Sora awakens Ven in the present timeline, Ven will be instrumental in freeing the rest of the Dandelions (including Ephemer and Skuld) from their slumber as well, bringing a population of powerful Keyblade wielders back to defend the Realm of Light from the darkness once again.

  • Possibly confirmed? In a scene near the end of III, Ventus tells Aqua that he also dreamt about “people and creatures that he doesn’t know” during his sleeping time.

The new leader isn't the traitor.
Given how the new Dandelion leaders have come out and Strelitzia's death means at least one of them is a traitor, there's one person who everyone seems to point to first. That being the new one shown, Lauriam. Given how his nobody turned out and his actions against the Organization as a traitor, one can easily assume that he's the traitor here too.

But let's think about it first. For one, we aren't shown who was responsible for killing Strelitzia and taking her book. For another, we know from 358/2 Days that Marluxia had his own reasons for betraying the Organization 13, mainly that he knows it doesn't have their best interests at heart and for the most part, he's right! Thirdly, the factor of him being the traitor feels simply too obvious. Finally, we have the idea that it could be any one of the other new leaders.

  • Well we know it's not Ephemer or Skuld since since we saw him be given his book by Ava and Skuld be picked for the Dandelions and she wouldn't do something like kill Strelitzia. We didn't actually see Ava pick Ven, Blaine or Lauriam or be given books so it's easy to conclude that one of them killed Strelitzia and took her book and replaced her. Or it's none of them and the Master did it to set up the leaders to turn on each other.

Ventus is the traitor and why Blaine isn't (and adding to why it isn't Lauriam.
As explained in the above WMG, neither Ephemer or Skuld could be the traitor, as we've seen them get assigned by Ava. However, wouldn't Lauriam being the traitor be too obvious? It would be ironic if Lauriam isn't the traitor. But as for Blaine may not be the traitor,this piece of official art may mean something. While admittedly the evidence behind it is flimsy at best, Blaine stands at Ephemer's side, like Skuld. Skuld stands at Ephemer's side because she's his closest friend. To apply a similar thought of alliance to Blaine is to suggest he is Ephemer's/the group's protector. (Ventus is also the only one sitting, but I'm not sure what it could mean. He's not actually committed to the Dandelions, perhaps? As sitting implies a resting state rather than jumping to action, which would be easier to do if you were standing. Plus, his presence in the image looks forced, like the artist forgot to draw him in a place of equal power to the others.)

Since Ventus has amnesia in the present era, maybe he has it for a reason. It would be the opposite of expectations—Lauriam being a Fallen Hero while Ventus is some sort of Classical Anti-Hero.

  • One cutscene DOES have Ventus say that he's barely ever spoken with Ava...
  • part. Ventus is the Union leader replacing Strelitzia, but Brain doesn't believe that Ventus knew he was replacing someone, which would mean that there's another manipulator at play. This was later shown to be Darkness.

Marluxia's missing Keyblade
The revelation of Lauriam as a Keyblade wielder throws the purpose of his Nobody's plan, to manipulate Sora into becoming a puppet to control the Keyblade into a loop, since being the Nobodies of Keyblade wielders inherit the ability to use one - Roxas gaining Sora's and Ventus', and Xemnas is implied to have one but deliberately hides it - therefore, Marluxia should have one of his own. However, the last time someone lost their ability to use a Keyblade was Terra-Xehanort, after stabbing himself with it to subdue Terra inside, losing his memories and ability to use his Keyblade in the process until the day he forced his fellow apprentices into becoming Nobodies. Therefore, something similar must have happened to Lauriam before he became a Nobody, and unlike Terranort, never regained the use of his Keyblade, thus needing to turn the only Keyblade wielder he knew of at the time, Sora, into his puppet.

There was no Foreteller traitor
It's pretty obvious from the events of Back Cover that the events that made there seem to be a traitor was just the Master of Masters manipulating his students into turning against each other. However, it is true that the book originally foretold of a traitor, it was just that the traitor was one of the five Dandelions who would form the new unions, and the original conflict was over nothing.
  • Seems to be confirmed as of III. Luxu complains about a traitor among the new Union leaders being an obstacle in the plan.

Lauriam is the Master of Masters and possibly the traitor.
This requires some explaining and it somewhat follows the WMG posted above this one about Marluxia's missing Keyblade. Let's start out with the Master of Masters and how he could've taken the place of a Dandelion foreteller. We know that the Master of Masters had disappeared after he gave the Fortellers and Luxu their instructions, and given his own Keyblade to Luxu. Of particular note is how the Master had made a list of people to make into the Dandelion Leaders to Ava, and had one singled out to have a foreteller book. That person being Strelizia, who we know was killed by some unknown figure.

Given the evidence we have here, it's simple to see that the only ones who could've known of Strelitzia's status was Ava and the Master of Masters. Therefore, the Master of Masters could've killed Strelitzia and taken her place, reappearing (perhaps changing his appearance to boot) to do so. But how does this tie in with Lauriam and his nobody's lack of a keyblade (and fascination of it?

To answer why Marluxia wasn't able to wield a keyblade, let's look at two scenarios where a person wasn't able to wield their own Keyblade. As we have seen with Aqua giving her Keyblade to Terranort, keyblades that were given away cannot be regained normally and had to use Eraqus's Keyblade instead. We also know that Sora's keyblade was meant for Riku, but then the Keyblade chose Sora over Riku due to the strength of Sora's heart, meaning Riku had to forge/gain his own Keyblade. If Lauriam is the Master of Masters, then this explains why he doesn't wield a keyblade, he gave it away to Luxu!

This also gives a more factual motive for Marluxia wanting to take over the Organization other than his 358/2 Day's journal justification: he wanted to defeat Xemnas, who could use the Master's Keyblade but hid that fact, to regain his keyblade!

As a final bit of evidence, we know that the Master's Keyblade had his eye in it. The Eye of Darkness symbol has a single blue eye. Marluxia/Lauriam's eyes are also Blue. This could serve as a tiny bit of visual evidence.

As an addendum for the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer where Marluxia appears again as a member of the new organization, this theory still holds if he's the Master trying to get his keyblade back. This time he could do it more directly and hopefully not become Marluxianort.

  • Small wrinkle in this theory: every time we've met a Somebody, they've had the same voice actor as their Nobody (except for Namine and maybe Roxas), even accounting for age differences. Marluxia's voice actor is Keith Ferguson, not Ray Chase as would be necessary for this theory to work.
    • The Master is visibly an adult and Lauriam is visibly a teenager. It's plausible that the Master could've changed his voice as well as his appearance, or the appearance he had when dealing with the foretellers wasn't his true one. Either way, given the guy created Keyblades, it's not much of a stretch to say he could change his voice and/or his appearance to match Lauriam/Marluxia's.
  • Looks to be Jossed. In a cutscene, we see Lauriam's thoughts as he tries to puzzle out what happened to his sister—since he has to wonder, he can't have done it, unless we open a whole other can of worms about memories or possession.

Brain is the traitor.
When arriving in the Keyblade Graveyard, he questions not only the rules the Dandelions are expected to follow, but also Ava's trustworthiness. He also says he expected to be the last to arrive, which would make sense if he were to have taken the time to kill Strelitzia, take the book, figure out where the Dandelion leaders were meeting...
  • The Secret Reports in Kingdom Hearts III seem to heavily imply this, referring to the traitor as a virus, a description that Brain used for himself.
  • Jossed. Brain was chosen by Ava to be a Dandelion leader. However he wasn't meant to receive the Book of Prophecies.

Ephemer will get the copy of the Book of Prophecies.
In one of the cutscenes, the Master tells Ava that one of the new Union leaders will get a copy of the Book of Prophecies. Since Ephemer asked Ava earlier if she could divulge him in some details about the Book, it could be Foreshadowing.
  • Brain is the Dandelion leader that has the Book of Prophecies, however the person that Ava was ordered to give the book to is someone else.
    • However, in part 1 of the finale, Brain bequeaths the Book to Ephemer. So, ultimately, confirmed!

Skuld is Kairi's grandmother.

X will reuse the worlds that were going to be introduced in Fragmented Keys.
Somehow. This means that Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Frozen can debut as lead-ups into Kingdom Hearts III or future games. (Or in the case of Lilo & Stitch, go to Hawaii in Deep Space.)
  • Confirmed for Wreck-It Ralph.

Terra/Tina, Lightning, Reynn, Lann, and Tama being medals in the World of Final Fantasy set is Foreshadowing that they'll be in a future game as themselves.

The Player will eventually become Xehanort.
The new world is the place where all the Dandelions are to be sent, to build a new reality. But you are also sent there, even though the game makes much of the fact that you don't belong to the Dandelions. You may have been sent there with the best of intentions, but you are not one of the group that belongs there: you are Another. And figuring this out will break you.
  • Probably jossed, unless reincarnation is in play here.
  • Maybe not Jossed, as the both the trailer for Dark Road as well as the first episode implicitly raise the possibility that Xehanort is indeed a reincarnation of the unnamed χ protagonist, although nothing has been confirmed yet.
  • Confirmed. In the finale, the Player chooses to merge with a newborn heart rather than go to sleep with the rest of the Dandelions, and becomes joined with a newborn Xehanort.

After/during the events of the Keyblade War Master Ava is either killed or incapacitated, leading to Master Gula crossing the Despair Event Horizon. He takes on the alias of Ventus, assassinates Strelitzia and steals her book of laws seeking to infiltrate the Dandelions in order to reach Kingdom Hearts and save/heal/revive Ava. To further hide his real identity, Gula stops using his regular Keyblade and instead improvises a new Reverse Grip style that has the added bonus of limiting his combat prowess without actually needing to constantly think about holding back enough, but still making him strong enough to plausibly pass as a genuine pick for the Dandelion leaders. After whatever is bound to happen to the Dandelions, Gula/Ven fails and gets struck with partial Identity Amnesia (and potentially physically regressing a few years) which ironically results in him embracing his false identity as Ventus. Eventually, either by Time Abyss or something else he ends up in the present era and is found by Master Xehanort. And then, well, Birth By Sleep happens...
  • Jossed by Kingdom Hearts III when Gula is brought to the present day in the epilogue alongside Ira, Invi, and Aced.

Strelitzia and Lauriam are siblings.
Both have flower-themed names for a very simple reason: Family Theme Naming. Would give an... uncomfortable twist to Marluxia's already disturbing interaction with Namine though...
  • The latest set of missions in the JP release seem to give weight to this theory. Some people are unsure if it's said that Strelitzia is the sister of Lauriam or of Larxene's Somebody, who is also introduced.
  • Confirmed.

There is an eight Keyblade user who is named after melancholy/despair, the eight deadly sin.
Just like how Xion's introduction brought the number fourteen to the lore of the series, adding the number eight to the equation may not be too farfetched. Either as a Cynicism Catalyst for the Master of Masters, or perhaps a Hidden Villain.

  • Jossed. Ventus, under the influence of Darkness, did it.

Lauriam will attack the player character, accusing them having something to do with Strelitzia's disappearance.
And FINALLY, we'll get to see Lauriam summoning and wielding his keyblade.
  • Jossed. He's polite and friendly to the PC when they met.
  • Lauriam summons his Divine Rose Keyblade when he meets Maleficent.

The hooded girl from the Union X [cross] title screen is Strelitzia's Nobody.
The girl is holding a Bleeding Heart, which symbolizes a young woman tragically killed.

The Big Bad is a shapeshifter and is using a Memory Gambit.
Combination of several above mentioned WMGs: As a Take That! towards the Featureless Protagonist trope, it will be revealed that the Big Bad is in fact capable of altering their appearance. The catch? That is you! This is how it would work:
  • Why? Knowing that the Master of Masters is watching, you - the player - deliberately created Nightmare Chirithy to act as your proxies while you yourself are blended with the other Keyblade Wielders with your memories supressed. In other words, while the Foretellers and the MoM are busy trying to pinpoint you among themsleves, Nightmare Chirithy can operate with little difficulty. Once the form is no longer needed, Nightmare Chirithy is likely to appear and use some sort of catalyst (like a code word) to reawaken your real identity.
    • Meaning that the boss battle against the Darklings was a False Flag Operation to buy Skuld's trust...
    • Strelitzia following you around could have thrown a wrench in the plan, as you were supposed to keep a low profile for most of the time. Hence why she had to be removed from the equation, either by Nightmare Chirithy or personally by your real self.
  • It would explain why the Lost Page is so ambiguous: As you are theoretically able to Kill and Replace any Foreteller at any time, there is no merit to specifically namedropping any of them. The sigil probably refers to some inherent flaw of the shapeshifting ability. Had the Master told them about the real nature of the traitor, they'd most likely be even more paranoid and attack each other upon spotting even the slightest change in personality.

Ventus will meet Luxu and have confrontation with him.
They may or may not fight, but the point is that Ven will give Luxu a Death Glare that Luxu will never forget throughout the years of his lifetimes.

Demyx’s and Luxord’s Others are in the same party as Strelitzia and Elrena.
III reveals that Demyx and Luxord were also from Age of Fairy Tales. And since it seems that everyone related to Strelitzia are flung into the future like “The Five”, the two knowing her might justify their presence in the present time.

Luxord’s Other can be the party’s leader since he’s older than the rest. And with two guys and two girls in the party, they can also serve as an Expy of Daybreak Town Party.

Player will get possessed by Luxu and then he will use them to observe the Union Leaders
Otherwise, how could he give his Keyblade to one of them? By possessing Player, Luxu could judge Union Leaders without making them suspicious of his presence.

”Darkness” is Vanitas
All but confirmed, although it's a bit more complex than that. "Darkness" actually consists of six beings of pure darkness, with one of them inhabiting Ventus. Considering how Ventus stated that he would give the darkness inside him a shape that could be slayed in the future, he's very likely referring to Vanitas.

The reason why Strelitzia is killed
The latest updates heavily implies that Brain isn't really one of the chosen five so he might be the one who killed Strelitzia. But this action of his is apparently conflicted with Luxu's plan and Luxu is Ambiguously Evil at worst, along with, perhaps, the other Foretellers except maybe for Ava. So, this should've meant that Brain can't be the evil one, right? But why did he kill Strelitzia?

The reason is maybe because Strelitzia is some sort of Apocalypse Maiden in sleep mode, or that she has hidden evil/darkness in her heart that even she didn't know about and is potentially dangerous to the world. More or less like Ventus, who seems very nice yet his heart's darkness creates Vanitas who was indeed very dangerous to the worlds. So in Strelitzia's case, she might have her own version of Vanitas-like entity but much stronger and more dangerous, so Brain is forced to kill her. Basically, the murder is a Shoot the Dog.

Now remember, who once attempted to kill Ventus to prevent him reuniting with Vanitas? Yup, Eraqus. In one of Xehanort's Secret Reports, it's mentioned that Eraqus is descended from one of the chosen five. I assume Eraqus's ancestor is Brain because when Brain lifts his head to reveal his eyes, he appears to look like Young Eraqus. In fact, he does look like Young Eraqus without Samurai-esque clothing.

So, it makes for a Generation Xerox, as Eraqus attempted to kill Ventus just like his ancestor once killed Strelitzia.

  • Jossed, Brain is one of the chosen five. Ventus isn't one of the chosen five, but he didn't know this.

Keyblade War is really The Purge
Let's face it, having The Chosen Many is very troublesome as it's very difficult to watch over them all. Just like the Jedi being purged, this had to happen to keyblade wielders, too, to greatly reduce their numbers.

Master of the Masters orchestrated Keyblade War to purge those who aren't really worthy to continue wielding the keyblade or whose heart is tainted with enough darkness. On the other hand, he also sent Ava to recruit the best of the best wielders to ensure they are survivors after the war whose hearts are strong with light and enough to resist darkness.

In addition, he may also have secret plan that would go easier if he eliminated the "competitions" like potentially troublesome keyblade wielders by purging them.

What Luxu actually told Ava is...
...something along these lines: "Whatever you're doing now will make you the traitor. You are not the traitor now, but you will be."

In the end of III, Ava doesn't appear to reunite with Luxu and the other Foretellers. So, maybe she's considered "traitor" because she left them after the Keyblade War.

The Foretellers are Shadow Archetypes for the main series cast.
The reincarnation theory was Jossed but there are a few similarities between the group of Keyblade wielders that it seems a little too intentional to be just a coincidence. Assuming the Master of Masters becomes the Big Bad of the next arc, it might make his apprentices a Big Bad Ensemble. Assuming all this is true, it might mean Sora, Mickey, Riku, Kairi Ven, Terra, and Aqua may end up fighting their darker reflections.

Riku/Ira - Riku was supposed to gain Sora's Keyblade. So he could have been The Leader for most of the series had things not turned out the way they did. But ultimately, Riku does act as The Leader in III and pulls it off. Compared to Ira, who was meant to be The Leader but lacked any charisma for it.

Terra/Aced - Both are hard hitters, The Big Guy, with Hair Trigger Tempers. Gula was meant to support Ira's leadership but failed to do that. Terra was the one who gave Riku the ability to use the Keyblade. And Terra eventually realized the damage his temper could do, while Gula, as evident by III never learned this and gets irritated pretty quickly with Luxu while he was playing coy.

Ven/Gula - As someone from the Age of Fairytales, Ven, theoretically, ought to know the most about what's going on, much like Gula who read the missing page in the Book of Prophecies. However, if the theory that Ven was the one who killed Strelitzia is true, then this example might not be as straightforward.

Aqua/Invi - Blue is their signature color. In Birth by Sleep, Aqua was charged with keeping an eye on Terra and bringing Ven back to the Land of Departure. She is accused of spying on Terra for Eraqus but spent the last bit of Birth by Sleep trying to patch things up between her, Terra, and Ven. Meanwhile, Invi drove a wedge further between the Foretellers by actually spying on them and being shown reporting to Ira and the group as a whole never recovers.

Kairi/Ava - Both are pink-clad Nice Girls. Kairi has a heart of pure light, while Ava was instructed to Fling a Light into the Future. However, both are removed for play in III. Kairi was subjected to Literally Shattered Lives while Ava is just simply nowhere to be found. Kairi is one of Sora's biggest supporters through and through, while it's implied Ava is the traitor. (Though what this means exactly is currently unknown)

Mickey/Luxu - Admittedly this one is mostly just a process of elimination and the virtue of Mickey has to be included lest we forget this is a Disney game too. It could be a little meta given Mickey's timelessness and how Luxu's lived countless lives over.

Sora/Master of Master - A simple case of Big Good vs. Big Bad

Skuld is the traitor.

In Japan's December 2019 story update, we discover that Ava gave the Book of Prophecies to Brain, which contained the list of intended Union leaders. After revealing this to Ephemer, Ven and Skuld are called to meet with the others. We know we can trust Ephemer since Ava told us about him, we know we can trust Lauriam since his thoughts show he didn't know about his sister's death, and we now know we can trust Brain. That just leaves Ventus and Skuld. While we know that Skuld was offered a place in the Dandelions—we as the player character saw this—we never saw her offered a position as a Union leader.

  • Jossed, it turns out that the person who's not on the list of Union Leaders is Ventus, and even then, the others believe he didn't do anything to Strelitzia or even know about the change.

Ventus murdering Strelitzia is part of the reason why he didn't want to use the darkness in him during his time as Xehanort's apprentice.

A subconscious desire to be The Atoner.

  • It's quite possible, but it should be pointed out that Ven isn't the one who killed Strelitzia in the warehouse. He just stood there in a hypnotic daze while Darkness personally attacked and murdered her.

Strelitzia was the Union leader meant to receive the Book of Prophecies.
After killing Strelitzia, the killer picks up a book, which could be the Book of Prophecies, after the killer gives the book back to Master Ava.

The Wars between Light and Darkness during the Master of Master's Youth was actually the various wars between the Jedi order and the Sith.
Just a wild idea, but Nomura has said in the past that he's wanted to bring Star Wars into the Kingdom Hearts franchise for some time now ever since Disney aquired the property. Maybe this could be the subtle hint towards that? The Darkness was stated to have taken Human forms, and the Sith, using the Dark Side, use a lot of powers that are similar to the ones Heartless tend to use.

The game will end with The Player launching their heart to an unknown world.
Whether due to a heroic sacrifice, the only way to leave a collapsing Daybreak Town, etc. In the end the only way out will be for The Player to use The Ark to launch their heart to some unknown world. But with no way to prepare a body or memories, they'll end up just having to be reborn on that world and live a normal life from scratch. Perhaps with Chirithy promising to find some way to see them again. That's right; when Chirithy and the novel referred to this as your story, they literally meant your story.
  • Confirmed, sort of! Their heart merges with a newborn heart in the real world—Xehanort's.

"Darkness" is the heartless of the Master of Masters, and the first heartless ever created, possibly the "source" of all future heartless
In the most recent story updates to the game, "Darkness" while confronting the union leaders, tells them that it is an "old friend" of the Master of Masters and that it read the book of prophecies *while* it was being written. The Master himself also tells something similar to Luxu, and there seems to be an obvious connection between the way the two behave and talk; Luxu also at one point comments on their similar behaviors. It would all make sense if it turned out that "Darkness" is actually the Master's own Heartless, perhaps created by some past yet unrevealed incident. And the way the Master speaks of "darkness", as if it were the cause or personification of all darkness in general, could mean that the being "darkness" is the very first heartless, from which all other darkness and future heartless will be born. This could also ultimately explain the Master's actions up to this point, with all his manipulations and seemingly callous treatment of his disciples as pawns; if the Master spawned a heartless then that means he's currently likely a Nobody, without the emotions he would normally possess, and is thus acting entirely for the good of his goals without consideration to who gets used or hurt by them. And perhaps everything we have seen him do in the course of the story has been for the purpose of a massive generations long Xanatos Gambit to one day defeat his Heartless, "Darkness" and put everything right.

Lauriam and Elrena became Marluxia and Larxene when Dwarf Woodlands and Enchanted Dominion were destroyed by Maleficent and the Heartless.
This is a theory I've had since the final episode of Union X was released. I do believe the timelines match up well enough, assuming they were discovered by Xigbar at some point before KH 1, when the worlds they landed in were swallowed by darkness.

    Dark Road 

Skuld is Baldr's sister.
  • Jossed

Skuld is connected somehow to Urd.
Not only does Skuld have the Norse theme naming that the Dark Road original characters all share, but she and Urd specifically are both named after two of the three Norns. (Naturally, any character named Verdandi that shows up would also be connected to them, as the third Norn.)

The four graves at the end of Chapter 1 do not belong to Bragi, Urd, Vor, and Hermod.
We don't see the names on the graves, after all; Nomura is just trying to fake us out.
  • Jossed

There will be an event later on that is tied to a future Kingdom Hearts game.
Clearing it will result in the Keyblade that Xehanort and his peers wield as an equippable Keychain in that game, and the Keyblade will finally be named.

Baldr is the younger version of someone we, the audience, have already met in the series.
The reason why Baldr is only named and not shown with the rest of the characters is because at a later point in the game, he will make an appearance and it will be a Wham Shot for the player. As for why he has a different name (since nobody in the series so far has been named Baldr): maybe the events of Dark Road will cause him to abandon the life he led as Baldr and start again under a new name.
  • Jossed

Related to the above WMG: Baldr is a younger Yen Sid.
Yen Sid makes comments in Birth by Sleep that imply that he used to know and study alongside Eraqus and Xehanort at some point. If the four graves at the end of Chapter 1 do indeed belong to Hermod, Urd, Bragi, and Vor, then maybe it's their deaths that cause Baldr to part ways with the other two and take up a new name.
  • Jossed

One of Xehanort's classmates is another iteration of Luxu
Luxu has been taking on new bodies for ages, why not have him pop up here in the form of someone else?
  • Confirmed, it’s Bragi.

Dark Road is going to build up to a confrontation between Xehanort and Player in his heart.
With the release of the last episode of Union X, we see that our player has connected his heart with Xehanort's. Many people are calling this a reincarnation, but I don't buy that. It seems a bit nonsensical to effectively lay many of the horrors of the Kingdom Hearts universe at the players feet with little more than a single scene. Furthermore, in the end of KH III, only the form of young Xehanort appears with Eraqus as he fades into light. Nothing that indicates the player(not to mention out of universe it creates a continuity snarl with any contest winners who appeared to aid Sora against the Demon Tide.)

I suspect that at some point, the player's heart was separated from Xehanort. Probably in some kind of battle in Xehanort's heart as he goes further and further down the path of megalomania. If this scene is playable, it would be easy to get the Player's appearance. Just copy over the Union X Data in the same app. What happens to player's heart afterword would probably serve as some kind of sequel.

  • Jossed