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  • The starter Keyblade, Starlight, is just a recolored Kingdom Key with a different head. SE being lazy? Maybe. But it's an imitation of the χ-Blade, so of course it's going to look a bit like Kingdom Key.
  • A bit of Fridge Horror: KHX is a cutesy MMORPG where you engage in friendly competition with people though different factions with the objective of gathering the most "Lux", light. This is all fine and dandy until you realize that this is the same Keyblade War which shattered the X-Blade and ended with all of the fallen warriors' Keyblades stuck dead in the Keyblade Graveyard. You, all of the friends you make, and all of the people you meet in KHX are all doomed to eventually kill each other over this "friendly competition".
    • The story that Kairi's grandma tells while the game downloads initial data spells it out for you - the Keyblade War happened because Keyblade wielders became greedy and fought over the light to keep it for themselves, and thus darkness was born in their hearts. Then when you actually play the game, you're fighting to gather Lux, and most likely competing against every other wielder to have more Lux than them to get good rankings. Then you unlock the power of Guilt, which comes from darkness, in order to get even stronger and collect more Lux. You and your fellow wielders aren't just part of the Keyblade War - you're the cause of it.
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  • A bit of Fridge Brilliance that crosses over with BBS, but this game explains something most chalked up to Rule of Cool: the animalistic "ears" seen on the BBS trio's armor. The helmets from the armor resembling animal heads isn't coincidence - it's something carried down from Daybreak Town and its leaders, even if that world no longer exists. All of the survivors of the Keyblade War were members of the Foretellers' unions, so there's no wonder that the idea of animal masks and powerful warriors remained connected in the minds of the remaining children. Bonus points in that both Terra and Ven's helmet "ears" strongly resemble those seen on Ava's mask - the one who trained the children who would rebuild the world(s).
  • "Cavern of Remembrance" as the opening movie theme for the Union χ update seems unusual at first but works on several levels. The original location from Kingdom Hearts II was associated with data, especially the Data Organization XIII fights; beginning with Union χ, data plays a heavy role in the story, and Data Organization XIII reappear as bosses in limited-time events. The other place where "Cavern of Remembrance" plays in the series is in the multiplayer Mission Mode menu in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, fitting for the introduction of the multiplayer Union Cross mode.
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  • Some bit of Fridge Logic: supposedly getting your name into KHIII was a reward, but since the "Union X" event in KHIII includes the power of those who fell in the Keyblade War, that should mean your character actually did not make it, so your character is not the one who survived, which means your scenes with Ephemer and Skuld should not have happened in the first place.

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