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Sora is no longer the silliest-looking canonical character in the series.

WARNING: Per wiki policy, spoilers are unmarked on Funny Moments pages.

  • In Quest 47 after the Player managed to get all of the Gummi Blocks, Donald and Goofy tried to piece them together to rebuild their ship. Instead, it turned into a Gummi car. The Player's reaction says it all.
    • When the Player comes back with Chip and Dale, Donald and Goofy ended up building a boat. Not just any boat, but a boat that would seem nostalgic to Mickey.
  • During one mission in Wonderland, Chirithy appears just to say:
  • When Ava instructs the Dandelions not to speak of the plan, the very next main story update shows just how long that lasted.
  • While it's a sad bit of history for her character, the fact that Skuld started her own party in her Union and nobody joined can be hilarious for players who have had the same thing happen to them.
  • The delivery completely sells this interaction between Ava and Ephemer in Back Cover:
    Ephemer: Hey, maybe talking about the Book would cheer you up?
    Ava: Not a chance!
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  • The Master of Masters turns out to be a fantastic snarker in Back Cover; when Ira asks if they shouldn't try to stop the impending Keyblade War, he shrugs and gives a flippant "Nah, not possible."
  • Philoctetes dismissed the the Player as a kid and a wannabe and a pipsqueak at the start of the Olympus tournament. Of course, once the Player passes the preliminary round, Phil becomes completely convinced...
    Phil: "Good job, kid! I knew you had it in ya from the moment I lad eyes on ya."
    Player: (shocked look)
    Phil: (just as shocked) "What? That's not how you remembered it? Maybe you took one too many blows to the head?"
  • The moment that shocked and horrified players everywhere:
  • In Back Cover, the "Case of Gula" scene with the Master throwing a sarcastic tantrum on Gula stealing his thunder. Or his sarcasm with Ira's Wide-Eyed Idealist tendencies or his gleeful pointing out of Aced's not-so-well-hidden desire for power. Or just the Master in general.
  • When the Master is showing off Chirity and explaining what happens if one becomes an evil spirit, Aced concludes that they'd need to destroy it on the spot. However Ava strongly disagrees, while Gula points out it's no wonder Aced is the bear because he's "scary." Ava then suggests Aced could just growl at them instead, which he actually ponders on for a minute before realizing she's teasing him. Even Ira is chuckling in the background, and the Master is flat out Corpsing as he tries to tell Aced "they won't know unless he tries." which Aced responds in genuine confusion, "Please tell me you're joking."
    • Even better? The moment Gula points that out, when we cut to Aced's side of the room, Ira's already bowed his head, and Invi's turned to the side, holding her arm...they're already clearly holding back their giggles!
  • One of the ways Adventurers can attack is by - and this isn't a joke - taking out a gem, attaching it to a stick, dangling it in front of its steed and letting it mow you down as it tries to catch the treasure! Complete with a sound effect that sounds like something right out of an early cartoon.
  • The conclusion of the Moogle O' Glory quest line. The Moogle shopkeeper who gave you the weapon demands it back, and you comply...only for the Keyblade to warp back into your hand. How does the Moogle react to this? By snatching the Keyblade away from you and pointing it at you, while striking your own battle pose. Would be a Moment of Awesome if not for the Keyblade just warping into your hand again. This scene almost makes the quest line worthwhile.
  • Pretty much any time Hades appears — which is par for the course for him.
  • The Ferocious Fin questline in Daybreak Town has a few gems:
    • The team of Keyblade wielders that shows up to fight the Ferocious Fin when it first appears rejoices in the appearance of a new dangerous-looking species of Heartless. Not only that, but they pay no attention to the Moogle shopkeeper's pleas for help, or the destruction it's caused in his shop.
    • Even the player character seems pretty indifferent to the shopkeeper's plight, doing a lot of shrugging and dithering as he asks for help. Maybe they remember the last time the shopkeeper wanted their help?
    • The concluding mission is titled "Duuun Dun Duuun Dun".
    • After defeating the Ferocious Fin, you return to the Moogle's shop, where he's done some remodeling in addition to repairs. He thanks you for your help, then immediately tries to pressure you into buying something. You continue to back up at his continuing badgering before flat-out making a break for it. The other Keyblade wielders are waiting at the fountain plaza outside, and are startled by your panicked appearance. They immediately sympathize when you explain.
    Pirate-outfit Keyblade wielder: That's the moogle we know and love!
    Clown-outfit Keyblade wielder: It's his sworn duty to collect munny, like it's our duty to collect Lux.
    Moogle-outfit Keyblade wielder: Munny makes the worlds go 'round, kupo.
  • After Snow White falls into a deep sleep because of the poison apple, Chirithy shows up and turns to the player character.
    Chirithy: Perhaps...
  • Hades sics Cerberus on your player character because he's "done playing nice." After you send Cerberus packing...
    Hades: That's right, run! Next time, I'm getting a real guard dog. One with four heads, who breathes fire! Why is everyone against me today!?
  • At one point, Chirithy lampshades the fact that your player character doesn't talk much.
  • In Castle of Dreams, you save the Grand Duke from Heartless while he's on his way to Cinderella's house. After thanking you, he goes on his way...unless you're playing as a girl, in which case he'll ask you to try the glass slipper on - the orders were to find every maiden in the land after all. However, he asks you to remove what you're already wearing first, and as you don't comply, he hurries onward to Cinderella's house, leaving you visibly disappointed. Then Chirithy shows up to remind you that you already know who the slipper fits, so there's no point in trying.
  • The Time Attack mission introduced on January 26, 2018 actually includes story content. When you start out, your wielder and the wielder with the white afro and goofy glasses encounter a female wielder wearing a pink frog hat who has already completed the quest. You meet her again at the end only to find her no longer wearing the Iago accessory that's the reward for the challenge because, according to her, "That's so yesterday!" The scene then cuts to a Moogle-headed wielder who has the accessory and, observing her without it, thinking that he beat her for once and she's going to be jealous.
  • When Aladdin summons Genie for the first time in Agrabah, he asks for Aladdin's name. Both Aladdin and your player character answer him, causing him to give you the brush-off, saying that it's "a lamp-genie priority thing."

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