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Funny moments in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.
Considering that you two just saved everyone's lives, it doesn't matter if it was on purpose or not. note 

  • Young Xehanort kicks Mr. Mew away... and it hits Riku, bouncing off his chest.
  • Some of the Dream Eaters are made of this, particularly their names.
  • The first time Riku and Shiki meet:
    Shiki: Thank you for saving me. I'm Shiki, how 'bout you?
    Riku: Riku.
    Shiki: Thanks Riku.
    Riku: Sure. *walks away*
    Shiki: (exasperated) Hey! That's it?! You chat up a girl and then just say "Sure," and walk off?
    • The fact that Riku was almost acting like Neku in the Old Time. (This got lampshaded by Shiki).
    • Right after:
      Shiki: Aren't you my knight in shining armor? Well?
      Riku: K-knight? You've got the wrong idea.
      Shiki: (exasperated) Ohmigosh, I was so just kidding. You get out much?
    • This whole scene has meta-funny written all over it. Turns out all those fanfics of Riku being a ladies man were very wrong.
  • Upon running into Ansem, Seeker Of Darkness, Riku is shocked. However, once he mentions darkness to his old host, Riku swiftly replies that he could write a book on the subject, lampshading his overuse of that word. Even better, Ansem actually did write a book (or at least a report) on the subject.
  • Small bit of Mood Whiplash, but hilarious nonetheless: after Riku restores Sora's shattered heart, he wakes up... and Sora, Donald, and Goofy are having a tea-party, but you don't see Sora's face until he turns around. The punch: Sora is wearing Groucho-Glasses and a Party hat.
    • From that same scene:
      • Just the sheer fact that, after all of the shit has gone down and been fucked up, instead of finding out what was going on, Sora decided to eat cake and drink tea with his friends.
  • Continuing from the above scene, the first thing Sora does when seeing Riku is awake is glomp him yelling that he's okay. Riku points out that things are backwards (Sora is cheering over Riku being okay, when Riku just finished a Roaring Rampage of Rescue to save Sora) and wants to know why Sora is having a party. Sora's response: glomp Riku again. Riku just gives up, muttering in a resigned tone.
  • In the ending, Lea mentions how he wanted to make his Big Damn Heroes moment Keyblade in hand, to make it even cooler, but he just couldn't get it to materialize. Just as he wonders if it's in the flick of the wrist or something, there it pops up, right in his hand. Cue "Oh." from Lea and a Big "WHAT?!" (Or rather, "Big EEEEH?!") from everyone else in the room (aside from Yen Sid, who still looks shocked).
    • Slightly earlier, Sora and Riku give a Big "WHAT?!" ("YOU!?" in the English Dub) in response to Lea saying he came to Yen Sid's tower to wield a keyblade. It's the way their eyes bug out and the camera focus that really gets you.
      • Even funnier if you took Lea's dull surprise "Oh" as more a begrudged "Oh, NOW you work."
    • Even the in game story summary is confused by this development. "Lea, however, was still trying to get the knack of summoning his own Keyblade. [A paragraph break that feels very much like a Beat] His....what?"
  • When there's serious shit going on in the Organization XIII throne room with about 13 different Xehanorts, Riku and Mickey held captive by Xehanort's Guardian, and a comatose Sora, Donald and Goofy just randomly warp in, pulling off a Big Damn Heroes moment. What they say, along with their expressions makes it hilarious:
    Donald: Were we supposed to do that?
    • They fell on the Guardian's head! How much more hilarious does it need to be?
    • Also a callback to the first game. This time, Donald whacking a heartless on the head actually works...
  • During the second visit to Traverse Town, Riku finds Rhyme and Beat fighting the Spellican. They start talking to each other to the point where they start ignoring the creature. Cue angry trembling, and finally an epic freak out on the Spellican's part, shrieking angrily, striking the ground with lightning and summoning enemies.
  • The Holey Moley messing with Riku in the Country of the Musketeers.
  • Crosses over with Funny Background Event, but when Axel/Lea has woken up and is realizing that he's a somebody again, in the background you can see Lexaeus/Aeleus (of all people!) staggering and stumbling about!
  • Lea offhandedly wonders could Braig and Isa have ended up in another world and Ienzo breaks off into a borderline-Infodump explanation of why it's unlikely. Learning from his mistake, Lea shuts him up before he can start again the next time this is about to happen.
    Ienzo: Well, you see...
    Ienzo: (confusedly tilts his head)
  • It's Lea now, guys...
    Riku: Why are you here, Axel?
    Lea: No, I told you my name's— Agh, whatever, Axel, fine.
  • Sora having issues not addressing the King by his title in The Country of the Musketeers and Symphony of Sorcery.
    Sora: King Mic-I gotta stop that. Mickey-what can I do to save you?
  • Randomly making two phrases clash with each other in the fight against Ansem SOD.
    Ansem SOD: Can't protect anyone!
    Riku: (Uses Curaga) Yeah.
    • And another:
      Ansem SOD: "That all you got?"
      Riku: (use Shadowbreaker) "Yeah!"
  • Take your pick of Dream Eater Link Actions for Sora — Him bouncing up and down on Meow Wow to blast enemies with the shockwaves of its landing, Kooma Panda spinning him around by the leg as he just holds out the Keyblade, riding Yoggy Ram and spinning through the air to attack. Perhaps the best case, certain Dual Links with Meow Wow have it inhaling around it to suck up the other Spirit and grow to giant which point the attack is just like their normal Link, the giant Meow Wow bouncing up and down on the ground to squash enemies as Sora hangs on for the ride.
  • In Traverse Town, when Sora asks Neku's name, Dream Eaters pop up.
    Neku: Dream Eaters!
    Sora: That's a weird name.
    Neku: Not me, them.
  • Later, Neku tells Sora that it's "Neku Sakuraba" and Sora replies that that's a mouthful, to which Neku replies that it's really not. Keep in mind what Sora is used to - his own name, So-ra, his best friend is Ri-ku, and then you've got the girl they like, Kai-ri. Then there's his erstwhile companions, Don-ald (Duck), Goo-fy, and Mick-ey (Mouse). Five syllables is a bit much for him. True, Ne-ku does fit the pattern, but when you add "Sakuraba"...
  • This precious moment in The Grid:
    Kevin Flynn: Where are you going?
    Sora: I'm going after CLU.
    Kevin Flynn: Do you even know where he is?
    Sora: Nope, no idea.note 
    • Also in The Grid, a tense conversation with Xemnas occurs. He then says possibly the goofiest thing that character has ever said - "Make sure the label matches the box." Said in that ever serious tone of his, as if it's the most important thing he's ever said.
  • After beating the boss in Prankster's Paradise, Sora lands in the water with Monstro right in front of him! The whale begins to sneeze as the teenager franticly tries to swim away with a laughably terrified face. One sneeze later, Sora is sent flying while screaming like a girl (in a rare moment when we actually hear the otherwise fearless boy scream).
  • Joshua is back and is still as delightfully snarky as ever:
    • His conversation with Sora at the end of the first Traverse Town visit:
    Sora: You know Riku!?
    Joshua: Yeah, I'm kind of omniscient.
    • When he meets Riku in the second visit to Traverse Town, Riku keeps figuring out plot points before Josh has a chance to explain them, earning a "Bravo" each time.
    Riku: So, you need me in the plaza?
    Joshua: Wow. I'm running out of "Bravos".
    • The first of those "Bravos" at beginning of that conversation:
    Joshua: I was hoping one of you could take care of it.
    Riku: When did Sora get here?
    Joshua: Bravo, Riku. Why can't he be this quick on the uptake?
    Riku: Yeah, well, Sora's a little... um...
    *both laugh*
  • After Phoebus is incapacitated by Dream Eaters, Riku offers to go stop Frollo in his stead.
    Phoebus: I gotta tell you, this is embarrassing—having to rely on a kid.
    • Speaking of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the mere fact that Frollo discovers a giant, terrifying abomination that swears its Undying Loyalty to him...and immediately assumes that God granted him that power to kill all the Romani people. It's not only darkly hilarious, it's also completely in-character for him!
    • Similarly, Frollo declaring himself a "virtuous man" whilst literally radiating an evil aura.
    • During Sora's side, the gargoyles start talking. Sora reacts as if stone creatures are the weirdest thing he's ever seen. Bear in mind, Sora has seen worlds where skeletons can walk around on their own, he's seen giant wormholes of pure magic in the sky, he's seen his entire world been eaten by darkness and then returned, just last year he fought a giant mecha-dragon that used to be a castle alongside his best buddy Riku while they rode on a magic motorbike through a world of pure nothing, but no. Talking statues are strange.
  • When Phoebus calls Sora a "kid", he can be seen crossing his arms and pouting.
  • Goofy saying that Pete is Honest in a Dishonest way.

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