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Tear Jerker / Kingdom Hearts χ

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WARNING: Per wiki policy, spoilers are unmarked on Tear Jerker pages.

  • One episode of the story in Daybreak Town opens with your Chirithy chatting with another Chirithy about their respective Keyblade wielders. At the end of the episode, the other Chirithy is lying on the ground at the meeting spot, only having enough time to tell your Chirithy that its player has fallen to darkness before disappearing. This is the fate that awaits all Chirithy should their Keyblade wielder fall. It gets worse when your Union's Foreteller shows up and explains to Chirithy that despite all the Lux being gathered, darkness is still spreading with even more power. And all while this song plays in the background.
    • From the same episode, you meet up with a group of other Keyblade wielders whose leader informs you that a new breed of heartless showed up and enlists your help to thin their numbers out, promising to meet back there when you're done. Throughout the missions, you can interact with them while eliminating heartless, up until the second-to-last mission where none of them are to be found. When you go back to where you promised to meet up, you see Chirithy instead (presumably the leader's and the one talking to your Chirithy earlier). He tells you that they're not coming and only came to give you a message: "I'm sorry I couldn't keep our promise." Even your player character is visibly shocked by this.
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  • One day, Ephemer promises to meet up with the player the next day so that they can continue investigating the Foretellers' tower. He doesn't show, and the player spends the whole day waiting for him.
  • The revelation that Heartless are fallen humans. Players already know this from the first game in the series, but it's a gut punch to the protagonists.
  • Chirithy's reaction to the appearance of the Nightmare Chirithy. He's heartbroken that one of his species has fallen to darkness.
  • Since this story happens before the Keyblade War, which pretty much wrecked the universe, the future of Daybreak Town and its inhabitants doesn't look good.
  • When Skuld first joined her Union, she started a party of her own...and no one joined. Until Ephemer joined one day, and the two of them worked together for a while, and the party slowly started to grow. But one day, just as suddenly as he'd joined the Party, he left. The party had gotten big, and he told Skuld that she didn't need him anymore.
  • The ending: You see the beginning and fight in the Keyblade War. You see how everything falls apart, especially when you see the hearts of the keyblade wielders are floating away throughout battle non-stop. It's heartbreaking. The final scene makes it worse.
    • The fact that Ava attacking Luxu starts the Keyblade War; once again, the Big Good causes a Downer Ending because she went too far in trying to save everyone.
    • Furthermore, the Protagonist is forced to fight four of five Foretellers in a row, never actually winning any of the fights while they're battered and very, very much detest the war itself. Aced even batters them after the fight and kicks them while they're down for extra measure. It's no wonder that after all's said and done, the Protagonist just collapses in the middle of the battlefield on the brink of exhaustion or even near-death.
    • The Protagonist is the only one on the battlefield wondering why no one else is questioning why they're fighting their own friends.
      • Though we don't see them and you probably didn't think much of them besides being Filler, some of the participants may have been the friends you made in the Daybreak Town quests. The group that helped you defeat the Raid Boss when you first became a Keyblade wielder, the boy who refused to have friends until you got to him, the group that you went hunting for Heartless with... not all of them are guaranteed to have become Dandelions.
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  • Back Cover gives us a new one for the Foretellers (including Luxu). Each and every one of them were friends with each other, but the revelation of a Traitor in their midst breaks them all in different ways. Gula isolates himself from other people, Aced is visibly upset by the very idea, and the others seem in disbelief that one of them would even betray the others, and Luxu seems to have a hint of being distraught at having to leave. As Back Cover goes on, we see how the tensions between the Foretellers fracture their relationships with each other further, to the point where Aced is ganged up on by Invi, Ava and Gula. Yet even as they fight each other, it's very visible that each one of them is lamenting the idea that one of them would betray the others, and how badly they each react to being accused of being the traitor and even some token signs of still trying to show they are friends (the scene between Ira and Aced after the latter fights off the three other Foretellers, Ava and Invi explaining their roles to each other, Gula's hesitation at actually killing Aced and bringing up his idea to Ava on summoning Kingdom Hearts come to mind) makes the very idea of the Keyblade War being set off by them all going against each other all the more heartbreaking. And Luxu can't do anything except watch. The factor that there's implications of the Master setting them all against each other in a Batman Gambit is even worse.
  • Poor Strelitzia. She's murdered and in her last moments, her Chirithy apologizes for not being able to protect her and she wishes she had spoken to the player character.
    • Seeing that lone heart float away into the air really helps deliver that Gut Punch, doesn't it?
    • As if that wasn't bad enough, no one knows she was murdered, with her body and her Chirithy fading into light. Not even her brother Lauriam is aware of her death as he's trying to find her. That is, if he wasn't the one who took her place...
    • It's gotten worse. Elrena and Lauriam are able to determine Strelitzia's fate by looking through the data of the old Daybreak Town, and to say that they weren't happy about it is an Understatement. And yet we still don't know who was responsible...
    • A Foregone Conclusion thanks to III: When Lauriam becomes Marluxia, he will forget everything about his past, including Strelitzia. His memory at least comes back when he dies as Marluxia... so maybe Lauriam will come back one day.


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