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WARNING: Per wiki policy, spoilers are unmarked on Awesome Moments pages.

  • You, the player, manage to hold your own against Master Ava, a Foreteller, and while you may not exactly win, you at least avoid defeat, though it takes all your strength to do so. Granted, it turns out she was holding back and testing you, but you still passed the test.
  • Confronted with your Union's Foreteller telling you that Ephemer was a traitor and a spy, and that they "made him disappear," what do you do? Summon your Keyblade and challenge them to a fight, that's what.
  • One would be remiss in not giving due credit to Ava, having the foresight to anticipate the coming Keyblade War and work behind the backs of her fellow Foretellers to assemble Keyblade wielders from all Unions and send them somewhere they'll survive the Keyblade War, thereby preserving at least some light.
    • Although as of Back Cover it is revealed that Ava was given this secret task by the Master of Masters.
  • You survive the Keyblade War. And this is while being challenged by 4 of the 5 Foretellers. (Your own doesn't.) Some of them are testing you, some are distracted by fighting other Foretellers, but they are all impressed.
  • In Back Cover, Aced and Invi are having an epic fight, during which Ava and Gula stand by and eventually join in on against Aced! Three on One! What's some of the next few scenes? Gula finds the wounded Aced who managed to get away from the battle and tries to finish him...but then Aced knocks him out in one hit! Finally we get a few scenes showing the damages around town from the fight: buildings damaged, bridges destroyed, pavement needing loads of repairs and Aced limping through the streets. Say what you will on Aced being a Jerkass, but he deserves SOME mention for being able to take on three of his fellow Foretellers and survive them!
  • Being able to finally battle Jafar's giant cobra form, something that people wanted ever since the very first game.
    • There's also the fact that you finally get to deal with Gaston, who's been Adapted Out since day 1!
  • For the Final Fantasy Record Keeper crossover event, the game has quests where you fight Heartless versions of Gilgamesh and God of Magic Kefka, the closest thing we have so far to having the two as BonusBosses in the franchise! They even come with their corresponding themes, and their designs are very accurate to their designs. The Kefka-themed Heartless, Mysterious Sir, even comes with Gummi Copter-like Heartless clearly meant to be the Warring Triad (a spiky red one representing Demon, a gray horned one representing Fiend, and a blue one with a halo and tentacles representing Goddess)


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