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  • Bad Export for You: The global version of Unchained is often regarded as inferior to the Japanese version. Some of this is just because of the time it takes to translate and port new content, so Japan gets new events, medals, and story quests well before the rest of the world. However, the global version has also faced criticism for poor translation resulting in at least one Dub-Induced Plot Hole, nerfing medals that were useful in the Japanese version, making guilting medals more difficult by not porting the Mickey & Brooms medal, giving players fewer opportunities for free jewels, and forcing players to pay jewels for things that were free in the Japanese version. All of this together is viewed as the team behind the global version putting in less effort while trying to get more money out of players.
    • Mickey and Brooms was ported (at least to America) twice, the first as thanks, and the second for Union preregistrations. More opportunities and quests for free jewels have become available, and some nerfs have been reverted. But it's not much.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: When Nomura answered a question on whether Lauriam was Marluxia, he said Lauriam wa Lauriam desunote  meaning "Lauriam is Lauriam". Fans immediately appended their own interpretations of the phrase (such as "...and not Marluxia") into the quote itself and present it as if Nomura directly said such things.
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  • Big in Japan: The likely reason as to why Marie (as well as Toulouse and Berlioz), Angel, Clarice, Thumper, Miss Bunny, and Flower have content based on them despite having yet to debut in the main games.
  • Casting Gag: This wouldn't be the first time Lara Jill Miller was associated with cats.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • With the reveal of the fourth-introduced new Union leader's dubbed name being Brain in the global version of the game occurring on the same day that the Japanese version of the game paired him off with Lauriam on an assignment, fans took to calling the duo Pinky and the Brain.
    • Gatomon for Chirithy, mainly because Lara J. Miller originally voiced Kari (the human partner of Gatomon) while voicing Chirithy here.
    • Sugita for the Master of Masters, whose seiyu is named Tomokazu Sugita.
  • No Export for You:
    • The Unchained version is not available on mobile outside of the Americas, Europe, and Japan. Still, it's an improvement over the original browser game, which was never translated for release outside Japan at all. It's still unfair to the other Asian countries in the region though. This carries over to Union Cross. Don't be surprised if you hear people who live in Asia but outside Japan ranting about this — it happens quite often.
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    • A number of avatar board outfits and accessories are Japan-only, and it's unknown if they'll ever be released in other markets that has the game.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: A High Score Challenge event in August 2018 introduced a sweepstakes that allowed players to get their player names into Kingdom Hearts III. The names are used as Reaction Command attacks during a climatic battle sequence where Sora (with Ephemer's help) calls upon the power of the Keyblade Wielders who were sacrificed in the Keyblade War to defeat a storm of unrelenting Heartless.

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