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One of the specials will have Darkwing Duck as a major player
Set it up ahead of time with notes about A mysterious Avenger in St. Canard when Scrooge reads the newspaper. Then, for a special, HDL somehow fall into the middle of a FOWL/Negaduck/Megavolt plot. Darkwing Duck swoops in to save the day, and those three have to tag along as for some reason they can't go back to Scrooge yet. Gosalyn might be a bit of a question mark, but Launchpad can fly them around too. And maybe Darkwing fights with GizmoDuck.
  • Bonus points for Darkwing still being a bit of drama queen and finding an excuse to play his theme song.
  • Could even act as a poorly disguised pilot for the network execs to see if a Dark Wing Duck reboot would be feasible.
    • Alternatively, since Darkwing was an Expy for Donald and Paperinik and other adventures, maybe they'll make Donald Darkwing.
  • A DWD centered special might have a nod to his old show where he scouts Scrooge's sidekicks as possible sidekicks for himself up until he looks at Launchpad as a candidate, where he rejects the pilot for his buffoonish self. The special could have Launchpad redeem himself in DW's eyes, possibly setting the stage for the aforementioned reboot.
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  • If they could find a way to gloss over the non-duck parts (which wouldn't be too hard) maybe an adaptation of The Legend of the Chaos God would be the Poorly Disguised Pilot for Darkwing.
  • D23 and Oh My Disney said they were remaking "Double O Duck". which was initially a backdoor pilot for a DuckTales Spy show spin off with Launchpad as the lead. FOWL and SHUSH were introduced there in prototype forms. The initial pitch was heavily modified into Darkwing Duck and the rest is history. With DuckTales remaking Double O Duck, now would be the time to add in some... later additions. Such as Steelbeak and his rival Darkwing maybe?
  • Partially confirmed in one specific way: Darkwing Duck is IN THE SERIES!
  • In "Beware the BUDDY System!", Darkwing finally makes an appearance as a character from a Show Within a Show, along with three members of his Rogues Gallery, Quackerjack, Megavolt and the Liquidator. Despite being fictional in-universe, he is still important to the plot as Launchpad's role model.
    • So we're told. Given Frank Angones says this is 'just the beginning' and with the reveal that S.H.U.S.H. itself is canon, one of two things is possible: Jim Starling (Darkwing's actor) will end up Becoming the Mask and ends up a spy/superhero, or the 'tv show' was a cover story the entire time and he's already a spy/superhero.
      • Alternatively, the old tv show will inspire fan Drake Mallard to become his favorite superhero for the recognition and to become someone better than he is. Think about it, if the old actor become Darkwing, everyone who knew about the show would immediately suspect him. Also, this honestly would tie into Drake Mallard's character nicely, especially during the pilot. He's always considered himself to be Darkwing Duck, ditching being Drake Mallard until needed to in order to adopt Goselyn. A fan with self-loathing problems deciding to embody his favorite hero would be a reboot that's still aligned with the essence of who he is. Besides, it also circumvents having another elderly duck that's surprisingly spry for their age.
      • Confirmed in that Drake Mallard was inspired by his favorite superhero, but much of the specifics are jossed. Instead, he was hired as the In-Universe Other Darrin for an ultimately failed reboot project, but he is inspired by Launchpad into Becoming the Mask after Jim Starling seemingly sacrifices himself to save them both from an exploding set.

Madame Mim will appear
She was Magica's friend in the comics, so while unlikely it would still be awesome.
  • The showrunners established a strict "no humans" rule (that's why the Ghost of Christmas Present is a pig instead of Willie the Giant), which, sadly, makes Mim's appearance almost impossible. An animal Expy of her can still appear though.
  • The expy will probably be another pig.

Daisy will appear in episodes that give the focus to Donald.
She's not off limits, so if there are episodes that give more focus onto Donald, there's no reason for Daisy to not at least appear in a small role.
  • She won't appear "in 2017", but it sounds like she might appear in the future.
  • Maybe she and Donald were a thing, but when Donald had to start raising the triplets they grew apart and broke up. A potential 2nd season episode could have her show up and the boys try to get them together again to have something go right for their uncle for once.
  • Don Rosa once mentioned that Daisy's brother is the father of Huey, Dewey and Louie. Given the show's direction of using cues from the old comics and original writers mythology, she may become an "Aunt Daisy".
  • Daisy is now confirmed to appear in season 3.
  • Going off on the above theory, Daisy could've been Donald's girlfriend/fiancee back when before the triplets were born, and they were planning on getting married until Della disappeared with the Spear of Selene, causing Donald to cut ties with Scrooge and take in the triplets as his own while also forcing them to break off the engagement.

Mickey Mouse and Goofy will appear in this show as either guest stars or cameos
Because they're Donald's buds, and this revival is going to star him just as much as the other ducks.
  • Frank Angones, one of the co-producers, has gone on record saying that Mickey is off limits, and indeed the only thing really off limits, and that's unlikely to change. But there's nothing that's keeping a Goofy cameo from happening.
  • Alternatively, they'll be mentioned as fictional characters, like in the Don Rosa comics.
  • How about this? We see a silhouette of a person with a circular head with two smaller circles on top. The figure then removes his ear-net, turning the circles into long bunny ears. That's right, instead of Mickey Mouse, I suggest they use Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Goofy will be based on his Goof Troop version and Pete will be greedily interested on the fact Goofy is close friends with Scrooge's nephew.
    • Goofy was VERY important to Donald as he was raising the nephews; as he understands what it's like to raise a child as a single parent.
      • Or vice versa, as Goofy may have turned to Donald for support after losing his wife. In A Goofy Movie Max thinks Donald Duck is Goofy's best friend.
  • Spoonerville, the setting of Goof Troop is mentioned in the pilot.
    • Goofy will appear in season 3, with his Goof Troop design.

Roxanne will appear.
One of the characters in a preview looked like her, so its plausible she will make her first appearance since 2002. At the very least as a background character.
  • This goes well with an earlier WMG suggesting Goofy (specifically his Goof Troop incarnation) might appear. Roxanne (if that is her) might even be important in a future Goofy (or perhaps Max) centered episode.
  • A girl interviewing for the same job as Donald looked like her, as did one of the reporters at the end.
  • And she reappears in the second episode as a passenger on a bus.
  • She is also in the audience watching Mark Beaks presenting BUDDY.

The characters will age each season
Given how the kids are supposedly 11-12, maybe in later seasons they'll be 13 and recieve slight redesgins in clothing. Sound familiar?

DuckTales 2017 will place past The Disney Afternoon shows (or at least new versions of them for the reboot) into one world
Older WMGs have suggested Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop versions of characters will appear in the reboot. Combining the guesses, this WMG proposes the reboot will subtly Canon Weld past Disney Afternoon shows together. This ranges from including the Goof Troop versions of Pete, Goofy, and Max (with Canon Foreigners like Peg and Pistol, maybe) to featuring Darkwing Duck (possibly even by modeling the DWD episode after the comic crossover between it and DuckTales, complete with Scrooge and Drake coming into conflict) to even taking more from Quack Pack (like say, having Daisy Duck as a reporter).
  • Well, They have confirmed Darkwing Duck for the first season, and material for TaleSpin has been glimpsed, so it's more than plausible.
  • Saint Canard, Spoonerville and Cape Suzette have been explicitly mentioned in the pilot. At the moment they did not go beyond a simple Shout-Out, but they might hint towards a future Canon Welding.
  • While the Gummi Bears have not appeared in person, Gummi Berries, Gummi Berry juice, and the Great Book have shown up collectively as one episode's MacGuffin.
  • Don Karnage has now appeared on-screen. He's still flying the Iron Vulture but his modus operandi is completely different (and given that TaleSpin seemed to be taking place during the early Cold War, he may be a Legacy Character).
    • Older versions of Kit and Molly from Tale Spin are confirmed to appear in season 3.
    • Rescue Rangers are on their way.

When Darkwing Duck appears...
Not only will he be voiced by Jim Cummings, he'll also give one of his famous "I am the terror that flaps in the night" speeches. He will also be depicted as confused by modern technology, as a reference to how long his own series has been off the air.
  • Alternatively, due to them getting pretty big names for the voice cast, and Darkwing being a Batman parody, they'll steer into the skid and cast Christian Bale as Darkwing. And he'll do an "I am the terror that flaps in the night" speech in all his Batman voice glory!
  • Another alternative is they'll get Kevin Conroy to voice Darkwing, in keeping with the Batman parody.
  • The DuckTales Theme Song Supercut features a brief moment that strongly suggests, if not confirms, that Jim will be "the terror that flaps in the night" once again.
  • Confirmed, in a way. Darkwing gives an "I am the terror that flaps in the night" speech in the TV show Launchpad and Dewey watch. And he is voiced by Jim Cummings (although in-universe he's played by the live actor Jim Starling).

  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers:
    • The team will be living in a tree on Scrooge's estate and be glimpsed briefly throughout episodes.
    • Donald, Scrooge, and Beakly get captured, so the kids use a contact that Donald gave them in case of emergencies. Said contact brings to the Rescue Rangers and in an inversion of their usual relationship the chipmunks are actually good friends of Donald's.
    • The Rescue Rangers show up in Duckburg for a mission and Donald won't be happy to see them because of his past problems with Chip and Dale.
    • Fat Cat will be an associate of Glomgold or Ma Beagle.
      • Alternatively, Glomgold or Ma Beagle will be Fat Cat's owner, making one of them a Composite Character with Aldrin Klordane.
    • An animal version of Dr. Norton Nimul will be a recurring villain.
    • The Rescue Rangers will be "created" in a lab. Sometime in the future Professor Nimnul will experiment on two chipmunks, lab mice, and a fly. These experiments will give them the ability to talk and walk. They will eventually escape his lab and become crime fighters.
    • If/when the Rangers appear, and in the event they are not reprised by their original voice actors (like we've seen with Don Karnage and Drake Mallard), they could be voiced by Reid Scott as Chip, Nate Torrence as Dale, Lacey Chabert as Gadget Hackwrench, Fred Tatasciore as Monterey Jack, and either Frank Welker or Dee Bradley Baker as Zipper.
      • If this is the case, it will allow for a Reunion Show between Scott, Torrence, and Kate Micucci who voiced three of the main characters in Motorcity
      • It's confirmed that the entire Rescue Rangers team will appear in season 3.
    • Each of the Rescue Rangers (sans Zipper) form friendships with each of the kids due to character traits that they have in common:
      • Huey and Chip - They're both Control Freaks and The Leader to their respective groups.
      • Dale and Louie - Both are known for being habitually lazy.
      • Dewey and Monty - For being habitually adventurous and hot-blooded.
      • Gadget and Webby - For their being the main female out of their groups.
  • TaleSpin:
    • Cape Suzette will be the nu-Ducktales-verse version of Gotham City. Instead of TaleSpin taking place in the 1930's as per the original, it'll instead evoke the thirties.
    • Baloo will appear as a pilot friend of Launchpad's.
      • Maybe, that is who Launchpad learn to be a pilot from?
    • A pilot race that takes place at Cape Suzette.
    • Something will happen to Launchpad so Scrooge needs to find a new pilot, leading him to look up Higher for Hire.
    • Don Karnage will be an enemy that Scrooge and Donald dealt with in the past.
      • Adding on to this, he'll be voiced by Jim Cummings and be as hammy as ever.
      • This one's Jossed. Scrooge runs into Karnage for the first time in "Sky Pirates in the Sky." And he's voiced by Jaime Camil rather than Jim Cummings.
    • Shere Kahn will appear as a businessman that Scrooge has dealings with.
    • The Sky Pirates will attempt to hijack Scrooge and Launchpad when they're in the middle of flying towards a destination on another treasure hunt.
      • Confirmed in "Sky Pirates in the... Sky!", except Scrooge & Co. are flying home from a treasure hunt when they are hijacked by the pirates.
    • Early in "Woo-Oo!", Dewey refers to Cape Suzette, which is where TaleSpin is set. We also see a newspaper clipping about sky pirates on Webby's board too. The newspapers work as Foreshadowing in some scenes, so Scrooge may encounter the Air Pirates?
      • Confirmed.
    • Gabby McStabberson and Hack & Slash Smashnikov will reappear working for Don Karnage.
      • Or Hack & Slash already worked for Don Karnage before. They look like wolves or dogs, just like the majority of the Air Pirates, after all.
    • Baloo will be voiced by John Goodman since Ed Gilbert passed away in 1999. Goodman voiced Baloo in the Jungle Book 2.
    • An alternate theory, tying into the above theory that this show's Don Karnage is a Legacy Character—the Baloo we meet will also be a Legacy Character, named in honor of the original and descended from either him or Kit. The original Baloo's adventures still took place in the same time period as the original Talespin; Baloo in the reboot will just a later generation.
      • Kit and Molly are confirmed to appear as adults in season 3.
    • In the poster that shows an older Kit and Molly, Molly is dressed in an outfit that resembles stuntmen such as Evel Knievel and Super Dave Osborne. It may be that Molly is a stuntwoman by trade and, if so, there is only one name she can go by. In the DuckTales (2017) continuity, Molly Cunningham is none other than Danger Woman. In this case, it's simply a name she uses for performances, since the "fictional superhero made real" angle has already been used with Darkwing Duck.
  • Goof Troop:
    • Goofy will appear as an old friend of Donald's. A Running Gag will be Goofy trying to bring up Mickey but Donald keeps interrupting him because of apparently bad memories.
      Goofy: A-hyuk. Just like old times Donald, when it was you, me, and Mi-
      Donald: Don't remind me. That's exactly what I wanted to avoid when I retired.
    • Max will appear as a teenager and be a Big Brother Mentor to the triplets.
      • Alternatively to the above, although Max will appear as a College aged Teenager akin to An Extremely Goofy Movie, his Characterization will also be inspired by Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang, Marvel's Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider/Temporary Captain America, Tekken's Jin Kazama and Street Fighter's Ryu, where he is an Adaptational Badass who is a Karate Master, a Crazy-Prepared but Rule of Cool Teen and a Brotherly Figure at the same time.
      • And don't forget some bits of Spider-Man and Batman Beyond.
      • Don't forget Debbie into the Mix too. They would be Bash Siblings.
    • Pete will appear as an Unwitting Pawn to an enemy and help out when he realizes he's been duped.
    • Pistol and PJ will be referenced as friends of Webby or the boys, with the latter Grown up. Or perhaps they will even appear themselves.
    • Since Goofy will appear in Season 3, maybe it was he who taught Dewey the Perfect Cast.
  • Darkwing Duck:
    • In a reversal it will be revealed that Launchpad worked with Darkwing before he worked for Scrooge.
      • Jossed. Launchpad refers to Darkwing Duck solely as being a fictional character. It's not until mid season 2 that he becomes real.
    • In order to get help against Magica De Spell Launchpad will bring up Morgana Macawber as an ally.
    • There will be a Justice Ducks episode.
    • Gizmoduck will have mentioned teaming up with Darkwing in the past.
      • Jossed. Gizmoduck is just beginning his career. A season before the real Darkwing Duck did.
    • Similar to the Shere Khan idea, Bud Flud aka Liquidator will appear as another businessman Scrooge knows about.
    • The Fearsome Five will eventually appear and like the DuckTales cast will be recast due to the death of Bushroot's voice actor Tino Insana, possibly with the exception of Jim Cummings as Negaduck.
    • Gosalyn would instantly hit it off with the triplets and Webby.
    • The Grand Finale will be an adaptation of Dangerous Currency.
    • At least one or two members of DW's Rogues Gallery will appear, most likely Megavolt and Bushroot.
  • Adventures of the Gummi Bears:
    • The events of the original show did happen, but due to the show's "no humans" rule, the human characters will be represented in animal form.
    • New versions of the Gummis will appear as descendants of the original six.
    • The descendants of Cavin and Calla will also appear, becoming friends with the kids when they cross paths.

If Baloo, Louie and Shere Kahn appear in the series...
They will be voiced by Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, and Idris Elba respectively as a shout out to The Jungle Book (2016).
  • No, more likely they'll be voiced by Joel McCrary, Jim Cummings, and Corey Burton, respectively. That is, unless, they're willing to splash out to get John Goodman to voice Baloo like he did in The Jungle Book 2.
  • Louie will likely be a hard pass, thanks to the ongoing legal drama with Louis Prima's family concerning the character's depiction in animated media. Of course, that's not to say the writers won't find a way to sneak in a King Louie reference. Especially since there's already a Louie in Ducktales...
  • It's very unlikely we'll see Baloo or Louie, given that Talespin is being established as decades in the past. Kit Cloudkicker and Molly have been confirmed, as adults.

Cape Suzette is now in southern Calisota instead of the Gulf of Mexico
Dewey did seem to think they could sail there and back in two hours.

By the same token, Spoonerville, Duckburg, and Mouseton are all suburbs of St. Canard, which is somewhere along the norther Cali coastline

The Series Finale will be a big Crisis Crossover with other Disney shows
The plot of the finale will be similar to the finale of the original cartoon, namely Scrooge and the gang go on a whirlwind, multipart adventure after the entire MONEY BIN gets jacked. However, the concept will be cranked Up to Eleven.

It will start out with a powerful cosmic villain wishing for domination of the omniverse and wishes to use already powerful cosmic artifacts in order to do so. He is unable to go for his initial target, however, due to varying reasons, but he instead finds an alternative: Namely, an object can be given incredible, reality altering power if said object is split into six parts in a special ritual and back together into a single whole, and only if said object has such a presence through all of reality it is essentially an inactive Cosmic Keystone. The villain then decided to use what he sees as the easiest target: Scrooge's Moneybin.

Thus, reality warping shenanigans happen, Scrooge's Moneybin goes missing, and the McDuck crew has to travel to various alternate dimensions to collect the various "essences" of the Moneybin to complete it, unknowingly completely the villain's plan in the first place. Along the way, Scrooge and family meet and team up with various heroes from other Disney shows in their quest:

After all the essences are collected, the Moneybin is reformed... and the Big Bad finally enacts his plot, leading to a massive, climatic battle with all the allies Scrooge and family made teaming up to take on the villain. The villain himself will then be revealed as either Bill Cipher, seeking to transcend the need of a physical body to wreck all reality, or Mephisto, who seeks the power needed to finally kill the One Above All and reign supreme over reality.

  • Perhaps as an alternate or additional twist, one of the universes they encroach on is- what you might call- the "Golden Age" Duck Tales universe.

Scrooge fought against Don Karnage and the Air Pirates when he was a young duck.
Instead of updating it to modern times, the events of TaleSpin took place in the 1930s in this continuity too. Scrooge is old enough to be already alive and adventuring in the 1930s, so maybe during these adventures he went to Cape Suzette and teamed up with Baloo and his friends against the Air Pirates. Maybe, in the modern days, Don Karnage will show up as roughly the same age as Scrooge, seeking revenge against the duck who defeated him a long time ago.
  • Unlikely - when Don Karnage robs Scrooge in "Sky Pirates in the... Sky!", there is no mention of a previous encounter.

Should Darkwing Duck get a series...
The characters' mythos will take elements from Paperinik, culminating in an Evronian Invasion.

Drake Mallard and Mrs. Beakley are related
She's wearing Darkwing colors, the creators said there may be a connection (Though they could be trolling) and it's an easy way to get Darkwing in if they don't want to go the "FOWL steals from Scrooge" route. Have Mrs. Beakley call Drake to get him "Out of retirement" for whatever reason. (People are captured?)
  • Darkwing Duck, so far, only appears as a Show Within a Show, making such connection unlikely.
  • Drake Mallard has now appeared — that was not Darkwing Duck's secret identity in the Show Within a Show — and become a real-life version of the comic character. He's Launchpad's age and only just starting his crimefighting career. (Mrs. Beakley does dress up as Darkwing, but it's to make a Fan Film with Launchpad.)

The Mad Doctor will appear.
He may be more of a Mickey Mouse villain, but he'd be a fitting antagonist for a Halloween Episode.
  • Unlikely, unless he's redesigned as a Dogface - the original character is a human, which don't seem to exist in this show.

Darkwing Duck will be real, but shrouded in mystery to the point where it's debated if he exists or not
Similar to some versions of "The Batman," the triplets and Webby will have a Cold Open where they are having an argument over whether "The Darkwing" actually exists. Webby and Dewey will strongly argue that of course he exists, while Huey and Louie argue that he's a myth. Launchpad will keep trying to chime in with evidence (either that he's worked for him, or that he's just seen him), but none of the kids are paying attention to him. Right before he actually gets to say, Scrooge will cut him off with the hook for today's episode.
  • Jossed. Darkwing Duck is a fictional superhero from a TV series that Launchpad is a fan of. Unless he's revealed to be Real After All in a future episode.
  • Darkwing Duck wasn't Real After All — but an actor who was going to play him in a movie version decides to take on the role for real. So Darkwing Duck wasn't real before, but is now.

The House of Mouse will appear as a nightclub that Donald has been before
Mickey himself won't appear and no shorts would be played, but his classic three circles head shape will appear and it will be suggested that he's the unseen owner of the establishment. The Big Bad Wolf will also appear and, like in his first appearance in the series, be portrayed as a popular jazz musician called Big Bad Wolf Daddy, with his band consisting of the pigs and three Phineas and Ferb-style Fanservice Extra backup singers taking the place of the Bimbettes.

Darkwing Duck is a Show Within a Show, but Morgana MacCawber really exists.
She's a Stalker with a Crush who Cannot Tell Fiction from Reality, and eventually puts a spell on Jim Starling to "return him to his prime."
  • Jossed. Someone else, who happens to be the real Drake Mallard, takes up the mantle, while Jim Starling turns into Negaduck.
  • Morgana, like J. Edgar Hooter, Sara Bellum, Agent Gryzlikof, and Professor Waddlemeyer, have never been shown in the Show Within a Show. Any or all of them could turn out to be real. S.H.U.S.H., F.O.W.L., and Gosalyn have all either shown up in the "real world" or been confirmed by Word of God.

There will be a reference to Robin Hood.
Maybe the Ducks will visit Sherwood Forest in a treasure-hunting episode, and there will be a flashback where Robin Hood will appear as a fox with a design similar to the 1973 movie. Considering the diversity of Funny Animals in this show, it wouldn't be out of place.

Darkwing Duck will turn out to be Real After All and Launchpad knows it
I mean, c'mon, who was DW's sidekick and right hand man in the original show? Launchpad himself!
  • Jossed. Instead, Drake Mallard is a young actor inspired by the Darkwing Duck character, as well as Launchpad's encouragement, to become a real life Darkwing Duck.

90's Morgana will appear to help Ducks stop Magica.
While the original Darkwing had several time and dimension hopping episodes ("Life, the Negaverse, and Everything" and "Darkwarrior Duck" for example) the sequel comic book had in their adventures Morgana sacrifice herself to seal Duckthulu away and they were both lost in alternate dimensions. While Darkwing tried to get her back, the series ended before he could.

As it stands, no one in DuckTales has the Magic to take on Magica. But if they find Morgana from the 90's - who likes kids and has enough magic to at least STALL Magica while the Ducks come up with a better plan - it would fit well with both the original and the comics.

Plus she can teach Webby and Lena magic as they try to find out how to send her home.

Gosalyn is grown up and runs under the name Quiverwing Quack
Mostly just aging her up is a respectful way to change VA's after Christine Cavanaugh's death.
  • Likely jossed. It's heavily implied Jim Starling, the original Darkwing, never had a Gosalyn in his life, which was a contributing factor to his eventual fall from grace as Negaduck.
  • Jossed by the Season 3 concept art and promotional poster, which both show Gosalyn as a pre-teen, similar in age to the triplets.

Baloo will be an expy of Han Solo.
And the Sea Duck will be an expy of the Millennium Falcon, sporting an incredibly beat-up look while still somehow being able to fly.

The episode featuring Panchito and José will serve as a Poorly Disguised Pilot to Legend of the Three Caballeros.
Legend of the Three Caballeros has not premiered in America yet, and it is likely that it will premiere only after Season 2 of DuckTales. Although the two shows appear to be in a different continuity (notably, Donald in Legend doesn't take care of his nephews and isn't in touch with Scrooge), the DuckTales episode will introduce the Caballeros to a new audience who may move on to watch Legend.

In the crossover with Goof Troop, Max will end up dating NotRoxanne.
Spoonerville is name-dropped in the pilot, so it's only a matter of time when Goofy and Max would make an appearance. NotRoxanne is the dogface Recurring Extra who bears a lot of resemblance to Roxanne, Max's Love Interest from A Goofy Movie, so her and Max going on a date would be a nice Mythology Gag.

In 2022, this show will have a crossover with DuckTales (1987).
The story of this crossover will involve multiversal travel, likely due to one of Gyro's inventions. Somehow, the ducks, and a few others, will be pulled through a portal that lands them in the 1987 version of Duckburg, where they meet their alternate selves. Some of the villains from the 2017 universe will also follow, and the meetings between the cast and their 1987 counterparts will affect the latter group in many ways. Examples include:
  • The 1987 triplets meeting Della Duck, who never appeared in the '87 show, and bonding with her while befriending their 2017 counterparts.
  • Original Webby learning from 2017 Webby how to stand up for herself and grow out of being the Tagalong Kid.

And since much of the original cast has now passed away, much of the cast from the remastered SNES game will return to reprise their roles as the 1987 characters they played in the game. Classic Scrooge will also get a new voice actor to fill in for Alan Young.

Boarway is a former Thembrian state.
The Von Drake Doomsday Vault is apparently located in Boarway, this country's counterpart to Norway. The country's name suggests that the boarwegian citizens are anthropomorphic boars. TaleSpin established another country in the North, inhabited by boars: Thembria, the Soviet Union's counterpart. In this Alternate History, Thembria fell apart when the Cold War ended, and Boarway became a free state, and that is when Von Drake established the Doomsday Vault.

The Mighty Ducks will appear
Though they're not officially part of the Ducks canon, they're all still anthropomorphic ducks and can easily fit into the setting. They could either make them more mundane (a normal duck hockey team) or lean into the ridiculousness of their original cartoon. The only thing standing in the way is, potentially, rights issues with the actual hockey team.
  • Frank Angones addressed this on his tumblr - rights issues were in the way, so they had to resort to a lawyer-friendly reference (one of the Beagle Boys wearing a Mighty Ducks hockey mask during a heist). The only thing that could change this is that if the real-life hockey team decides it'd be a good marketing idea for them to feature the characters in the show, and make a decent deal with Disney.

The Wuzzles will be the creations of a Mad Scientist.
The SDCC 2019 panel showed character designs for Rhinokey and Butterbear as non-anthropomorphic, non-cartoony animals. They are the results of either genetic experiments or an instant hybridizing device, created from normal, non-sapient animals. The person behind their creation may be Gyro Gearloose, Ludwig von Drake, or a villainous mad scientist who has not yet appeared in the show. Bonus points if Eleroo, Hoppopotamus, Moosel and Bumblelion also appear in similar non-anthropomorphic designs or at least are referenced in some way.

The Rescue Rangers will be Uplifted Animals
So far, all Funny Animal characters in the show (apart from the Gyropuddlians) have been human-sized and used as a stand-in for humans. Regular-sized animals, such as Nanook the bear and the various background critters, have shown no sign of sapience. The Rescue Rangers, in their original incarnation, are regular, rodent-sized Funny Animal characters, and it's unlikely that they'd be scaled up to human-sized in this series. Instead, they'll start out as regular animals, but either magic or science will give them human-like intelligence.
  • Perhaps The Wuzzles will later also be uplifted to resemble the original counterparts later on?

Peg and Pistol will return
With the appearance of Goof Troop!Goofy, we will get an in-universe explanation for what happened to Pete's wife and daughter.

The title characters of Gargoyles will make a cameo appearance
I know that show took place in a more realistic setting populated by humans and not anthropomorphic animals, but the titular Gargoyles could at least appear in stone form as statues.
  • Alternately, they will show up at some point on the show, but keeping in line with the "no humans" rule the show has similar to with the Bombie, their appearances will be modified so that their human characteristics are gone and look more like the Dog Faces on the show.

The crows from Dumbo will exist here as a jazz band
The show's universe is populated predominantly by anthropomorphic birds, so the crow brothers may appear as a jazz band that some of the characters like

Similarly to the above suggestion about the crow jazz band. Bonus points if they perform in Cape Suzette, because the town already has three characters borrowed from the same movie.
  • Bonus point if they are related to Scrooge's Board of Directors, who don't think highly of their "dumb hippie cousins".

The Pete family will appear with ties to FOWL
Assuming that FOWL will maintain a major presence in next season's episodes, including those that have the Ducks travel outside of the Duckburg, then one would figure that they will continue to encounter FOWL's agents across their adventures. Spoonerville is an obvious stop for them, namely for Goofy. If the showrunners include Pete and Pete's family, wish to allude to Pete's appearences as a villain, and have FOWL be relevant to the Spoonerville visit, then they could have either Pete or his wife Peg work for FOWL.

Possible scenarios for this:

  • PJ is the family's Token Good Teammate (it helps that he already was the White Sheep in the original show).
  • Peg is an agent who uses her cover as a trustworthy real-estate saleswoman to do her tasks for FOWL (selling homes to unknowning victims who she or local eggmen can do larceny against knowing their addresses and/or weakpoints in security, bug houses of wealthier or politically important clients). Her charm and good looks would make her a hit and also guarentee she wouldn't be suspected. Which leads into...
  • Pete is not a FOWL member whatsoever. He is however a suitable frontman and/or decoy for Peg since he's a loud-mouthed Jerkass used car salesman with the reputation to match. When the kids are investigating FOWL, they'll quickly blame him first since someone that nasty HAS to be a master criminal, right?

Characters from The Jungle Book who didn't appear in TaleSpin will make appearances if the family goes to Cape Suzette
  • Bagheera will be the firm but understanding mayor of Cape Suzette and an acquaintance of Baloo and Rebecca
    • Alternatively, Bagheera can appear as an Ace Pilot and Baloo's former friend who worked for Khan Enterprises (considering the black panthers that worked for Khan in the original show).
  • Colonel Hathi would be the leader of a military squadron that oversees the protection of the city from the likes of Don Karnage.
  • Kaa would be a hypnotist-for-hire willing to use his powers for profit.
    • Or a Con Artist who would use his hypnotic powers to scam people out of their money.
  • Also, as mentioned above, the vultures may appear as a barbershop quartet.
  • Akela is also a good option for the mayor, although Bagheera is more iconic.

A quintet of weasels resembling the Toon Patrol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit will appear as either agents of F.O.W.L. or henchmen of Taurus Bulba
Only they will be renames/re-characterized to seem more appropriate for the show's audience (i.e. Greasy being re-characterized into a Dashing Hispanic, Wheezy using chewing gum or lollipops in place of cigarettes, etc).

Stegmutt will be in the reboot
Either he will have the same origins as in Darkwing Duck as a duck turned into a Stegosaurus. Or he will be a normal Stegosaurus (likely revived Jurassic Park style) that would become mutated into a humanoid dinosaur, similar to how Neptunia was a normal fish before she was mutated into a fish-person.

The raptor from Donald's Dino Bash will appear
Especially considering the attraction had references to the show. As a bonus, it will be the opportunity to feature a feathered dinosaur (even if it's not enough feathers).

Characters from Timon & Pumbaa will appear.
Of course here they would be full time anthropomorphic animals instead of the occasional Anthropomorphic Shift.
  • This may also include a dogface version of Quint.

Characters from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad will appear.
Ratty and Mole already appeared in Disney Ducks media as the charity collectors in Mickey's Christmas Carol, a cartoon that was already referenced in the "Last Christmas". McBadger can easily fit in as someone Scrooge knew from his time in Scotland, whereas Toad can be yet another Eccentric Millionaire with a Manchild personality who would fit in well with the likes of Flintheart Glomgold, Mark Beaks or Doofus Drake, only he'll have a stronger moral compass than those three that lets him realize when his antics hurt someone. And of course the weasels (who are already mentioned above as the Toon Patrol) can be among the crooks working for F.O.W.L.

Neptunia will have an Adaptation Origin Connection with someone on the show
The original Darkwing Duck had her come into being when barrels of radioactive waste that were dumped into the ocean caused her to be mutated into her current form. This time around, her existence could be indirectly caused by Flintheart Glomgold recklessly polluting into the ocean, causing her to mutate and swear revenge on him for polluting her ocean.

Characters from Bonkers will appear.
Bonkers himself will likely be a former tv star; possibly giving him some sort of connection to Darkwing Duck, who at risk to his own life saves Donald leading to him either getting a job in security in one of Scrooge's business or a job in the police force, often working with Cabrera.

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