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Super Dave (also known as The Super Dave Osborne Show) was a Canadian comedy variety TV series that aired between 1987-1991 on Showtime in the United States and in censored form on Global in Canada. A Spin-Off of the sketch show Bizarre, Super Dave was a rare example of a successful Variety Show in this era of North American television, running for 95 episodes over five seasons. Host/star Bob Einstein won a CableACE Award for Best Actor In A Comedy Series in 1992.


In this show, Super Dave Osborne (played by Bob Einstein) would play host to a variety program featuring musical performers, comedians, ventriloquists, and others. A recurring theme was how the show wasn't going as Super Dave hoped, often via a performer going too long, going off-script, or being replaced without notice, leading to his increasing annoyance.

Almost every episode ended with a pre-taped piece where Super Dave either attempted to do a stunt or showcased a new area of "The Super Dave Compound", often a tourist attraction, invention, or athletic training facility. In basically every case, something backfired and Super Dave was horribly injured. These sequences always featured host (and real UCLA play-by-play announcer) Mike Walden and stunt coordinator Fuji Hakayito (Art Irazawa), while compound manager Donald Glanz (Don Lake) also featured in many episodes. Like Bob Einstein himself, all were previously featured in similar roles on Bizarre.


Followed by the Fox animated cartoon Super Dave: Daredevil For Hire in 1992, and in live-action by three short-run cable series (1995's Super Dave's Vegas Spectacular, 1997's Super Dave's All Stars, and 2009's Super Dave's Spike-Tacular.) Einstein, Walden, Irazawa, and Lake would all reprise their Super Dave characters in the 2000 film The Extreme Misadventures of Super Dave.

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  • Amusing Injuries: The comedy of the failed stunt at the end of each episode.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: A year or so after the cartoon was canceled, it got one final special episode, Super Dave's Superbowl of Knowledge, which was one long rip on the show's cancellation by Fox Kids.
  • Waddling Head: Sometimes, Dave would be crushed down to only his head and feet.
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