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If there's anything Monster Hunter is particularly known for apart from the basic premise of tiny resourceful human fighting titanic ferocious creatures, it's in not taking itself too seriously, as evidenced in part by the subtle references to various other media peppered throughout the games.

1st Generation

  • Lao Shan Lung looks suspiciously like Godzilla when he stands up.
  • Khezu's anatomy seems to take many cues from the mass-produced Eva unit in End of Evangelion.

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

  • Godzilla shrunk down: Deviljho. A big green dinosaur with a destructive breath attack who attacks and kills other monsters.
  • From Monster Hunter 3 (Tri):
    Argosy Captain: Now that other lands want to trade with you, we must formulate keikaku. "Keikaku" means plan!
  • The endgame Deviljho hammer from Tri onwards is called Devil's Crush.
  • "Hunter is GO!"
  • In Portable 3rd, one of the available weapons is based on Asuna's BFS.
  • A Shout Out in translation: The Male and Female Blademaster and Gunner sets for Jhen Mohran are all supposed to be named after Japanese Battleships or Aircraft Carriers. One doesn't have to wonder what the translator was thinking of when the Female Blademaster armor, supposed to be named after the Battleship Hyuga, got called Hinata instead.
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  • The Jhen Mohran looks strikingly similar to P'ung Ryong from Breath of Fire IV.
  • If you feed Kayamba a Well-Done Steak while he's wearing the False Felyne mask, he says, "Om nom nom nom. Kayamba can haz more?"
  • After defeating the Ivory Lagiacrus, the Argosy Captain says A Winner Is You.
  • In 3 Ultimate, one of the available character poses for your Guild Card is downright bizarre. Also, an armor set for the Palico in 4 Ultimate is Jotaro's clothes.
  • Although nowhere near as blatant as the Rajang; the Zinogre's ability to induce its rage mode by powering up whilst sitting still, with said rage mode spiking all of its fur upwards and covering it in bright energy whilst wreathed in arcs of electricity, was also just too similar to Super Saiyans that it did not go unnocticed by fans. Most comments on it tend to affectionately call it some variation of Super Saiyan Wolf Dragon.
  • The male Royal Ludroth Gunner armor is a bright orange jumpsuit with a spiky orange hairdo.

4th Generation

4 Ultimate


  • Every time the Master of Style teaches you a new Hunter Art, he asks you if your "body is ready."
    • When you first speak to him, he says that he can see you "Want to be the very best," "Like no hunter ever was before!" Sound familiar?
  • One of the Special Palicoes players can download is named Link, whose comment is "Excu-u-use me!"
  • The "Shoryugeki" Hunter Art, in its' style and execution, is a reference to Ryu from Capcom's Street Fighter franchise and his signature "Shoryuken" uppercut attack.
  • The Redhelm Arzuros is one big reference to the villain of Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, Akakabuto.
  • Male Valstrax armor looks almost like it's ready to pierce the heavens.

5th Generation

  • In World, the achievement for completing the first Arena quest is "Step into the Arena".
  • An armor set for female hunters makes them resemble Aloy. The PS4 version of World also has crossover material with Horizon: Zero Dawn, including a special full-armor set for Palicos based on the Watcher from that game.
  • The achievement for beating Nergigante is "One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall".
  • The title of the high-rank Anjanath Optional Quest is called "It Can't See You If You Don't Move".
  • The high-rank quest for Kulu-Ya-Ku is called "Keep Your Hands To Yourself".
  • The flavor text in the description for one of the arena quests for Diablos gives it the nickname of "Biggus Diggus"
  • Vaal Hazak comes off as a big, fat love letter to Dark Souls. It can reduce your maximum health in a way similar to how Curse works in DS2 and 3, has a design that wouldn't look out of place in the Namco series, and its armor takes cues from a few sets, including Ruin Sentinel and Dark Wraith.
  • Vaal Hazak also bears a noticeable visual resemblance to Jabberwocky.
  • Several delivery requests in Iceborne unlock paintings for your room in Seliana. One is called "Happy Little Trees".
  • The Fulgur Anjanath subspecies introduced in Iceborne has the epithet of "Thunderjaw Wyvern". Fitting, since normal Anjanath are used as Thunderjaw stand-ins in the base game's Horizon event quests.
  • A number of optional quests have names referencing popular songs. These include quests named "Sleep Now, In the Fire" and "Lightning Crashes."
  • When Safi'jiiva wakes up in the cutscene that plays before you and your team take it on the shot of its eye opening is a clear reference to Smaug's eye opening at the end of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, as the eye's design is identical.
  • During the council preceding the start of the Safi'jiiva recon, the Admiral mentions that for all they know, they could be going up against a three-headed monster that shoots lightnings bolts.
  • A quest in Iceborne to capture a Brachydios is titled "Secret of the Ooze".
  • A Tempered Lunastra quest in Seliana Cache is titled "The Cold Never Bothered Me".
  • In Iceborne, Fatalis's 'nova' breath starts as a reasonable stream that slightly grows larger as it moves outward, yet upon traveling to the ground, its expanded outward to a ridiculous degree and lights nearly the entire battlefield on fire. It's not dissimilar to Comet-enhanced Firelord Ozai raining fire upon the Earth Kingdom's lands from above in S3's finale.
  • In Rise, the description for the Arena quest "The Frost Islands Arena" quotes Randy Savage's lines as Bone Saw McGraw nearly word for word. The client is even called an up-and-coming wrestler, further cementing the reference.
    Summary: Oh~yeah! You're going nowhere. I've got you for fifty minutes...Fifty minutes of huntin' time!
  • Rise introduces Crimsow Glow Valstrax, who among familiar moves, has the ability to fire a Wave-Motion Gun at Hunters. With the introductory poem mentioning "Rends heaven in twain with a final flash", this is a clear reference to a similar move with the same name.
    • Sunbreak adds another to the same franchise: Rajang, long compared to Saiyans (see 2nd Generation above), has its always-gold Furious variant referred to in its intro as "Super Simian."



  • In Wings of Ruin, Rajang's Kinship attack is called "Gigantic Meteor"... the same name for an attack move Broly has in the Dragon Ball video games. Which, considering that Rajang has clear Saiyan influences, is very fitting for him.


  • Many, many quests allude to some form of pop culture. Examples include:
  • Several armor sets are homages to mecha anime, Tokusatsu and Super Sentai:
    • The Shrouded Nerscylla Blademaster armor set resembles the RTX-008 Huckebein while the vanilla Nerscylla version looks like the Machine Messiah Auge.
    • The normal Nerscylla armors make you look like a Tekkaman
    • The Hornetaur Blademaster armor (upper two sets in the image) for both males and females resembles certain Mortar Headd designs from The Five Star Stories, except for the legs.
    • The Seltas Equipment is a nod to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, especially the Blademaster set. The Dual-Blades for it are dual drills, and one of its Hammer upgrades is called the Logicbreaker, referencing the "Kick reason to the curb" line.
    • The classic Obituary male armor set, which is comprised of giant insect parts, just makes one want to shout "Henshin!"
    • Combining the blue, silver and red variants of the Ceanataur armor sets can make the player look like Ultraman, especially if they use the crested helmet design.
    • The male Brachydios armor has the same coloration and general design as Eva Unit 01, lampshaded by this piece of fanart.
    • While the Palico Seltas armor set looks more like a Felyne Zeerust robot with a distictive green and silver pattern. The Helm description has another:
      The perfect topper for a Palico who likes to shout, "And I'll form the head!"
    • With its color scheme, shape, and insect motif, the male Astalos Gunner armor bears a resemblance to Uva
  • Some of the hairstyles in later games look fairly familiar. One has long, straight hair with bangs over one eye, another has long bangs with lots of spikes at the back, and two styles are just plain dandy.
  • The Skyscraper lance, which resembles a giant drill, is described as being able to "pierce the heavens".
  • One of the dairy products available in the meal menu is "Royale Cheese".
  • There are quite a few references to Capcom's obscure fighting game Red Earth; for instance, the Chameleos armor set is a homage to Tessa's costume, the female Indra (Shen Gaoren) armor set is very similar to Mai Ling's armor right down to the headgear tassels, the male Bone Armor set resembles Gi-Gi's tribal garb (curiously enough, however, his mask seems to have been the basis for the Hi-Metal Helm instead) and the Monoblos/Diablos armor sets and Progenesis gunlance are modeled after Blade's armor and weapon, respectively.
  • Rathian and Rathalos weapons tend to be named after Norse mythological figures, such as Siegmund and Sieglinde. Rathian weapons in general are usually named after female mythological figures like Tiamat and Titania, fitting for the dragon queen herself. Also in 4U, higher ranked Dah'ren Mohran weapons are named after Japanese gods, including Amaterasu and Izanagi.
  • When using the sword and shield weapon, the hunter is a sword and shield wielding, left handed warrior. Gets taken to its logical conclusion when you discover that you can make a sword called the Master's Replica in Unite, and the actual Master Sword itself in both 4 Ultimate and Generations. Stories even allows you to ride Epona into battle.
  • Zinogre's moveset is patterned after Terry Bogard's, up to and including the Rising Tackle, Crack Shoot and Power Geyser. Suddenly, him being a gigantic breakdancing wolf makes more sense. The Thunderlord deviant from Generations, on the other hand, has a Flash Kick-like tail whip that is much faster than Rathian's.
  • In Freedom Unite, The Dragon Slayer from Berserk appears hanging on a Wall of Weapons.