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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Throughout the series 
  • To start, whenever you're defeated in battle, you see yourself keel over...and then the game cuts to a shot of you being rolled back to camp on a cart that is attended to by Felynes, then dumped off unceremoniously as the Felynes turn back around.
  • Some of the weapons you can make:
    • The weapons that can be made with Nibelsnarf carves. For example: the Soldier's Snarfonica.
    • The Nibelsnarf Dual Swords, aka the DEATHSNARFS.
    • You can run around carrying a Plesioth's head on a stick for a weapon.
      • The Pressurized Plaser's attachments. Take your pick between Plesioth fins (Shield) or Plesioth head (Power Barrel).
    • There are Hammers made out of Kut Ku heads, with the beak obviously being the pointy business end. The Yian Garuga hammer is less amusing, but still.
    • The Sharq Attack lance. The lance itself is a whole Sharq, while the shield is a "No Swimming" sign.
    • The Hyper Vacuum lance, which sounds awesome...until you realize it's just a toilet plunger.
    • The Frozen Speartuna great sword. That's right, you can hack off monster tails with frozen seafood.
    • The Ragdoll series of bowguns. You're essentially shooting monsters to death with plushies. Similar models exist for other weapon types.
    • The giant cutlery your character holds while waiting for a meal? Those are a set of Dual Blades. Similarly, one of the Sword and Shield models is a restaurateur-approved meat cleaver.
    • One of the hammers you can craft is a giant Chinese wok, complete with a cooked meal stuck on the inside.
    • One hammer that's been in the series for several entries has been a giant teddy bear you can put monsters to sleep with. It would even make a squeak when sheathed/unsheathed.
    • The Corn Gunlance, which comes with a straw hat for a shield and even makes wonky cartoon noises with each move. Amusingly, it's also one of the best Gunlances in the game due to its shelling power. The description is what sells it:
      Scenes of country living pop into mind with an explosive power.
    • Another Hammer you can craft is the Large Ham. It doesn't yell out loud or do anything of the sort, though, as that its wielder's job, but it is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
    • Feel a need to rock your socks off? Look no further than the Usurper's Growl, a Zinogre hunting horn that's built like an electric guitar and even sounds like one. Or use the Basarios hunting horn if you want to beat monsters to the sound of hard rock.
    • One would expect the Khezu hunting horn to sound a little creepier. In Unite it does, but by 4U it makes a tune that wouldn't be out of place in a Scooby-Doo cartoon.
    • Want to punch monsters in the face, but couldn't even install Frontier for the life of you? Behold the Eisenfaust and its older Hammer cousin, the Ancient Blow. Extreme power, indeed.
    • The Jungle Maracas are a set of dual blades that are a pair of maracas. And sound like it too when "swung". They upgrade to Evergreen/Paradise Green which are basically pompoms... that still sound like maracas.
    • One Insect Glaive design is a giant paintbrush.
  • A bit of Black Comedy, but: When you hit a wild Felyne or Melynx, they go flying and fluttering as if they were on the moon!
  • Hit a Felyne or Melynx with a Felvine Bomb, and watch them act completely drunk.
  • After a quest is completed, but during the wait time until exiting the map, all participating players are granted damage immunity...but not knockback immunity. Result: Players celebrate by beating the snot out of each other.
  • Hunters for Hire are known for occasionally failing quests that, given the number of hunters you assign and their Hunter Ranks, your hired hunters have virtually no chance of failing. For example, there are Hunters for Hire that have failed a quest to hunt a Great Jaggi, as well as a quest to deliver honey. You're only shown whether the hunting team cleared or failed the quest and their spoils, so let your imagination run wild.
  • Successfully cooking a Well-Done Steak results in a "SO TASTY!" sound clip.
  • Consuming one of the drinks alongside a dairy item or another drink for your meal results in the "Tipsy" status, in which your character stumbles around and falls over drunkenly.
    "That washn't sho bad...hic!"
    • Having two drinks and triggering Unlucky Cat causes you to choke and fall over. Getting drunk before a hunt instead of stocking up on proper nutrients, really?
  • The Prance emote, complete with Jazz Hands.
  • If you pet your Poogie for too long, it will Freak Out and run away.
  • Cherry Tapping a monster to death through any number of means: Kicking it, with the Kinsect, from one of your CPU companions, through a paintball, and so on. You can even kill a monster with a Tranq Bomb, although if the quest was a capture quest then it's probably not funny.
  • Fighting a monster that is significantly larger or smaller than it usually is. For example, 3 Ultimate has the Phantom Uragaan, while 4 Ultimate has a tiny Tetsucabra, tiny Yian Kut-Ku, and a triple-size Lagombi.
  • The Felyne Courier in the 3DS version of 3 Ultimate, 4, 4 Ultimate, and Generations has different animations depending on how many Guilds Cards you've gotten from using StreetPass. Get a few and he happily throws his mail about. Get some more and he lays on the ground carrying a bag full of cards. Get even more and he'll be lying under his bag. Reach the card limit and he's somehow found the willpower to stand up with a full bag.
  • If you pick up an egg and there's a Rathian or Rathalos elsewhere on the map, they'll stop what they're doing to deal with you. Fair, as it's part of their Papa Wolf and Mama Bear instincts. However, this can be exploited to hell and back, as you can force them back to the nest instead of having to chase after them, and since flying monsters all have fixed points on each map area where they take off and land, you can easily lure them into traps just by picking up an egg and kill or capture them this way. In other words, their parental instincts can serve as their downfall.
  • In the games' gathering halls, when you sit down at the dining table, you can perform a variety of table-exclusive gestures. All of them are amusing, but of note is the "drinking" gesture: if you do it enough times in one sitting, when you stand up, you find that you've become piss drunk.
  • In the "classic"-era games (up to Generations Ultimate), when a large monster enters an area, "docile herbivore"-type small monsters will attempt to flee the area. When the larger monster leaves, dies, or is captured, the small monsters come back...but the game often tries to spawn multiple monsters from the same entrance at once, resulting in things like what appears to be a three-headed, six-legged Gargwa.

    2nd Generation 
  • MHF2 and Unite has skills, which one of them involves adding the power of thrown things like paintballs and stones, but the name of the skill? "Throwing Up"

    3rd Generation 

    4th Generation 
  • One of 4U's new Felyne Combo Weapons is called the Flying F-Bomb.
  • The Caravaneer says this wonderful gem after the hunter insists on getting the old man's hat back by jumping on the Dah'ren Mohran's back.
    "Criminy, Hunter, ya got some Duramboros-sized...Well, alright then."
  • The Caravaneer posts posters of you drawn by the Guildmarm around town advertising your services on your behalf. Naturally, you never see the posters, but everybody you talk to reacts in either surprise or disappointment that you don't have Big Ol' Eyebrows.
  • The Fishing Machine in 4 allows you to catch, among other things, an entire Plesioth. Which dies upon landing on the wharf. Satisfying too, particularly if you ever had to deal with its infamous disjointed-hitbox hipcheck in previous games.
  • Similar to the Truth Unmasked cinematic from 3 Ultimate, the post-credits cinematic for 4U after repelling the Kushala Daora is a hilarious Call-Back to the game's intro. Remember those two guys from the intro who tried taking out a Tigrex and got interrupted by a Gore Magala? Or how about the desert hunting party who got caught between a Diablos and a Seregios? Turns out both teams failed their respective quests miserably, but at least they got home alive.
    • Early in the same scene, you see a hunter chowing down on a meat bun roughly twice the size of his head.
  • In 4U, the Guildmarm goes on at length about how she met the man of her dreams while in the mountains, but didn't get the courage to talk to him. After going on about how dreamy he is, she creates a quest for you to meet him and let him know her feelings. The quest? Hunt a Brachydios.
  • The intro cutscene to the Meownster Hunter minigame in 4 Ultimate. Your Palicoes take off in a barrel boat...only to launch sky high and get thrown out of the boat, chasing it afterwards.
  • In 4 Ultimate, the Street Cook will provide a quip about what your selected food combination is best suited for (for example, he informs you that seafood + grains is good for defense, meat + dairy is good for Gunner offense, etc.) But if your combination is two drinksnote ?
  • The entire intro for Zamtrios is pretty funny. After being saved, the Meownster Hunters make really wimpy slaps at the Zamtrios. The Zamtrios replies by forming its spiky ice armor, causing them to run away while making sound effects from The Flintstones.
  • The Zamtrios's inflation mode, which to many looks like a giant beanbag chair with a shark lodged in it. It doesn't stop when the Zamtrios then attacks by bouncing all over the place or rolling around. If you kill it in this form (and you most likely will, as its belly is the weakest area when inflated), it will not deflate.
  • The existence of an entire syndicate dedicated to egg delivery quests. Its Don turns out to be His Immenseness, the oversized Wyvernian leader of Dundorma.
  • The Support Palico repeatedly giving out data in percentages is funny enough, but while gathering items, they will occasionally mention something suspicious:
  • Dismissing a Palico from your roster is both a Tear Jerker and a Funny Moment. If you decide to let one of them go, they'll be shown sulking against a dark background with a single Dramatic Spotlight, then walk over to a dark shape which is revealed to be a Flying F-Bomb rocket. The Palico will then climb on board, then ask you one more time if you really want to let them go. Choosing "No" will cause the rocket to take off without the Palico, who will proceed to do a Meadow Run at the camera, complete with CGI flowers blooming around the screen while the rocket careens in the background...and slams into the hapless Palico. They get up and resume running towards you anyway.
  • The flavor text for the Khezu's G-Rank rare item, the Khezu Special Cut, takes sarcasm to a whole new level:
    "An extremely high-quality cut of red Khezu flesh. <beat> ...Yuck."
  • Occasionally, when you visit your house in Dundorma, the music will be replaced with some disco and you'll see the Funky Felyne rummaging through your stuff.note 
  • A Konchu manages to take out a Diablos by rolling into its broken horn...
  • The recruitable Palicoes can end up with a hilarious combination of features. For example, the gathering ones claim to be pacifists to justify their lack of participation in fights, but can have Rath-of-Meow as their team attack. They can also have a name that comes off as highly inappropriate for their forte.
  • One of the Treasure forte Palico's lines when a large monster appears is this:
    "Meownster? What meown— AAAAAAH!"
  • If you kill a Congalala while it's trapped in a canopy, webbing, or a Pitfall Trap, it will collapse with its butt sticking out.
  • The "Of Masks and Monsters" quest line brings back Cha-Cha and Kayamba from Tri and 3 Ultimate, who once again constantly bicker with each other. The first quest, issued by Kayamba, has you rescuing Cha-Cha from the tail of a Congalala, with poor Cha-Cha fainting every time the Congalala farts. For the second quest, Cha-Cha tells you that if you fail the quest by killing the Kecha Wachas before breaking their ears, he'll blame Kayamba. For the last of the three quests, the Moga Sweetheart tells you to not only rescue them from a Deviljho, she also tells you to kick them in the butt.
  • At the end of the Instructor's Episodic Quest line, he wonders to himself what to do with the Dah'ren Mohran materials, and comes up with the idea of a Dah'ren Mohran body pillow. He then verbally slaps himself for it.
  • The Guildmarm, like all the Sweethearts, is often funny:
    "Whenever I see the flocks of birds crossing the Primal Forest's skies, I start to tear up. *sniff* ...Yes, I know. It's probably gas from the Conga. The danged stuff gets in your eyes, doesn't it?"
    "Doodle, I wish I could unsee what I just saw. Birds of every color just delivered a package to the Wycoon, and I THINK they broke into a musical number.
  • The Protection forte Palicoes are perpetually hungry and approaching a gathering point will sometimes make them ask if there is anything edible there. The piece of dialogue can get triggered when they approach a mining spot.
  • Since 4 introduced the mechanic of mounting enemy monsters by attacking them from in the air, a few Hunters discovered something unique. Thanks to Hunters being Friendly Fire Proof to damage but not knockback, a new form of double team was born where a Hunter armed with a hammer bats another Hunter into the air. It works, and yet it's one of the funniest Fastball Specials to date.
  • In 4 Ultimate and Generations, if you take the one-way jump from area 5 to 8 in the Dunes, rather than show you jumping down, the game cuts to you having faceplanted into the ground and getting up after a few seconds.
  • In Generations, the Bherna Gal has something to say about elitist "berate people but not help them out" types:
    Do you ever say to yourself, "wow I'm terrible. I'll never be able to take out that monster..." I know some people will tell you to "git gud", but that's a terrible suggestion! Who even listens to those people anyway?
  • Similarly, an NPC in Pokke that you do a request for has something to say about hunters who claim glorious victory despite having their teammates do all the work for them.
  • The Meowstress in Generations can sometimes be seen being held up by the Felyne-carrying Moofah she tends to, trying to wriggle free without any success.
  • The Fated Four monsters each have a cutscene shown during their respective rematch village quests showing off just how badass they are, being serious in nature for the most part...except for the Mizutsune's, which starts with Felynes going on a routine gathering run only to end up in an unwanted bubble bath and disturbing the monster's slumber and then scurrying away for their lives afterwards. The Mizutsune doesn't bother to chase them, it just goes back to sleep. The whole thing gives off a vibe of "Get off my lawn, kids!"
    • Mizutsune gets the short end of it again during the Fated Four quest, which pits you against one after the other in a single arena. Gammoth is there waiting for you at the start. Astalos flies in like any other winged wyvern. Glavenus burrows up from underground. Mizutsune? It falls from the sky, landing with a belly-flop.
  • The G3 quest for Soulseer Mizutsune starts with the monster sleeping.
  • The ending movie of Generations might be unexpected for most people but it is full of funny scenes throughout. Bonus points when the various NPCs, which include the Caravaneer, Ace Commander and The Man, dance to what is essentially Wyverian J-POP.
    • Even better, if you pay attention you'll see the villagers dancing in perfect coordination. Except in the first three villages, there's always one person each screwing up the choreography, which given the armor sets and locales is implied to be the Hunters from 1, 2, and Portable 3rd. It's just hilarious to see registered badasses like those being terrible at dance numbers despite literally everyone else in the village doing it perfectly.
  • Generations allows you to hunt the Zinogre in the Jurassic Frontier. One area the monster is allowed to reach can only be accessed by a vertical transition, so the Zinogre gets there by leaping skyward. In a Single Bound is nothing new as an area transition, but this is the first time the Zinogre does it, and it doesn't really have a wind-up animation, making the launch hilariously abrupt.
  • Fatalis' intro in 4U is terrifying, but right before the battle begins, it looms over you menacingly and...licks its lips. Even veteran hunters can't help but chuckle at sight of a big, scary elder dragon licking its lips like Wile E. Coyote at the Roadrunner. Then it roars and you remember that a big, scary elder dragon just licked its lips at you like Wile E. Coyote at the Roadrunner.
  • In Generations Ultimate, one quest has you hunting a Hyper Najarala that swallowed the client's friend in a hermetically-sealed body suit whole. The name of the quest suggests an alternative to hunting the monster: "...Or Just Wait for It to Poop".
  • Another quest in GU, "Naked Aggression", is written by an "Overzealous Guard" who discovered a hunter in town who was nearly naked and who claimed that his clothes were torn to shreds by a Ceanataur.
    "I need you to verify his claims, and eliminate the monster. If there is one."
  • One of the post-game Village Request quests has you hunting a Hyper Brachydios on Moga/Deserted Island, with the Quest Giver, the Moga Chief from 3 Ultimate, asking why Brachydios, a monster that normally resides in volcanic areas, would even be there. The quest title suggests a possible answer: "Even Brachydios Needs a Holiday".
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, the G Rank Lagiacrus quest "The Sun, Also Wyverns" has the quest poster basically giving up on life because a Lagiacrus ruined his R&R:
    Hot-headed Retiree: Welp, looks like this old-timer's outta luck again. It's such a nice day, I thought I'd go for a dip in the sea, but a Lagiacrus popped up and shocked me. No, save your concern. I'll just lie here and not move until I die and stop being such a hindrance to you young folk.
  • One piece of equipment is the Larinoth Mask. It's a Larinoth head. An entire Larinoth head. You ''wear it as a hat.'

    5th Generation 
  • The chefs have a few funny ones.
    • The head chef is a total bro, talking about gains, being massive for a Felyne, and always finds some way to drag in bodybuilding references. For the first two cutscenes of him cooking his only role is to administer the finer details that you would expect from a high class restaurant, placing an herb on top of the fish for the first one and the paper holders on some bird legs for the second.
    • Off to the side is a lone Felyne stirring a pot of stew. Occasionally a bug will start buzzing his head and the cat will grab for it, nearly falling into the stew in the process. On the other side a Felyne is using a blowpipe to keep a fire hot. Sometimes he gets a big burst of flames that nearly singes him.
    • Subtle, but if you watch the Felyne server they'll throw the metal serving cover up, and off screen, in joy once you finished eating, and you can just see it coming back down when the cutscene ends, heavily implying the poor cat beans themselves in the head each time they serve you.
    • The Handler is a known Big Eater, entrenching herself across from the canteen (miles from any quest boards). If you get her to cook for you at camp, after handing you the plate, she hovers in the background watching jealously.
      • After you've gathered all of the meat, fish, and vegetables the Handler will comment she's heard there's an expert among the Fifth who's gathered a wide array of food. She can't wait to meet them.
    • The Fiver Bro, who has Big Eater as his defining, effective, and only trait, is always too busy eating to fetch the ingredients the head chef asks him to get for the kitchen. And apparently nobody sees anything wrong with that.
  • There are plenty of small animals that wander around the map as you explore, and they're like monsters but only have one hit and don't drop anything. In addition to accidents that can happen to them when fighting monsters, such as a bow's barrage taking out a flock of birds, you can also use the small capture net, a default item that acts as slinger ammo, to nab them for a small amount of points and the ability to display them in your room. There's something hilarious about a hunter running around putting every small animal they find in a net, even doubly so the more useful, and thus dangerous, wildlife like the paratoad, to keep as a pet.
  • One of the quest victory scenes is the Hunter handing their palico a sausage to munch on for a job well done. Fine and dandy... unless they're wearing the Horizon palico armor, in which case a robot starts trying to chow down.
  • A lot of Felyne armor for your Palico is downright adorable. But the Kulu headgear is a turban with a fake mustache.
  • The first egg transport quest features a Kulu-Ya-Ku as your main obstacle... except the Kulu doesn't give two hoots about the hunter while it's eating. As long as the player doesn't provoke it, they can take another egg and wander off with the Kulu none the wiser. Add in the fact that the camp is less than a minute away and the game forgoing the usual arbitrary blocking of paths, and a quest that sounds like That One Level ends up being a hilarious Anti-Climax.
  • During the original game's ending cut-scene, at a banquet to celebrate the defeat of Xeno'jiiva, your Palico tries to feed one of the wingdrakes the commission uses, only for said drake to try to swallow your Palico instead.
  • One of the minor NPC hunters in Astera mentions that captured monsters are brought to town, and the researchers find them easier to study. Not because they're still alive, but because the hunters haven't already hacked half its bits off... or at least, that's more likely than when Hunters go to kill it.
  • The cinematic for dispatching a Tailrider Safari is delightfully over the top, with vast amounts of machinery moving to drop an anchor/elevator carrying a group of Palicoes hanging on for dear life.
  • Though mostly cool, the announcement for the Devil May Cry Collaboration does hilarious takes on its scoring system by associating it with... unstylish actions, and ending with a Diablos chasing after Dante while he's trying to eat and closing with an Incredibly Lame Pun.
    Dante Must Di(n)e!
  • The endemic life researcher and her adventures with the New World's, well, endemic life, as chronicled in the Monster Field Guide:
    Paratoad: It stores paralyzing gas in its body and releases it when threatened! See? Here, in its stoma—AGH! I...I can't...mooove...
    Sleeptoad: It's developed organs that produce a sleep gas in order to survive the Coral Highlands! When provoked it releases—ZZZZZZzzzzz...
    Nitrotoad: This one stores explosive fluids! But don't worry, I've learned my lesson with toads, I won't touch this one... it leaking...?
    Tyrant Hopper: Sometimes nature makes violent evolutions. BUT! To fully understand it, we must yet reach out and... OUCH! I-It bit me!
    • She also encouraged you to kick Iron Helmcrabs in the Wildspire Waste for their piercing pods. You know, For Science!. She ensures you the Helmcrabs don't mind if you do it with love.
    • The toads can be kept as pets in the Player Character's room. They won't induce status effects, but they will blow themselves up when the hunter tries to pet them. The hunter is also unable to resist poking pet flashflies. Three guesses what happens.
  • The Piscine Researcher in Rotten Vale mentions that one of his colleagues catches fish using a fishing net, and he calls her out that catching a fish with a capture net is not real fishing. Hilarity Ensues if you happen to be playing as a female hunter and you've been catching fish with a capture net, and the whole conversation becomes what essentially can be described as calling you out for catching fish with a capture net...
    "Hoo-ey! Can you believe that the girl I work with catches fish using capture nets? You can't call that real fishing! Nets are noisy and spook the fish. And you don't get the thrill of facing off against the fish. Mano a, mano a fisho. When you pull that fish out of the water knowing you did it all on your own, it's just...magic. *sigh* She's missing out."
  • When you distress a Tzitzi-ya-ku, such as by mounting it, it sounds like a bawking chicken. Every single time.
  • Subtle, but when a monster is trying to get you off a mount, it will sometimes ram a wall with the section you're on, mostly back or head, to try and fling you off. If you dodge out of the way, this will cause them to damage that part, and in some cases even cause them to break their own back or head.
  • The story mission to fight the Deviljho has the scholars sending you out talking about how important it is that the Handler stay in the camp due to the danger it poses. On arriving, you find the Handler has left camp... to document all the edible mushrooms in the forest with intense narration.
  • Speaking of which, there's something hilariously anti-climatic, yet cathartic about seeing Deviljho pick up Odogaron like a chew toy. Every other apex predator note  has a turf war with the former, but the latter is treated like a Great Girros that it shares its environment with. The cathartic part is when you remember that Odogaron treats his own prey like a chew toy.
  • Your Palico can have some amusing idle animations, mostly when not in the field. Two particular ones are sometimes, inside the tent at camp, it may decided to start doing impromptu martial arts posing which eventually devolves into it attempting Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs as well as trying the same with kicking. Additionally if you watch it messing with the mewoltov cocktail, which is shaped like a round pot, in your room it will start spinning it in place until it makes itself dizzy.
  • During the Lunastra intro cinematic, the hunter ends up a spectator to her and Teostra fighting a Nergigante that tried to prey on her wounded mate. They managed to drive off the Eater of Elders, and the hunter watches it flee with a smile on their face... and you can see their face drop as they realize Lunastra's still standing right there...
  • A Low-Rank quest features a biologist who misses his dog from back home, and wants you to get him a new one... that’s right, he wants you to capture him an Odogaron for a pet.
  • "The Greatest Jagras" is an event quest that features a Great Jagras massively scaled up and given a major damage buff. This alone is only sorta funny; what is funny, and deeply cathartic, is watching him knock a tiny Deviljho flat on its ass with a single attack.
  • The Special Arena Quest against Diablos refers to it as "Biggus Diggus".
  • The Special Arena Quest for Brachydios states that it's looking for somebody called "Doodle" (The Guildmarm'snote  pet name for the Player Character in 4 Ultimate).
  • The new Flinch Shot move unloads your Slinger's entire payload into a grappled monster. If you do it to a Monster's face with most ammunition, it will cause the monster to run off in the direction it was facing, and you can even make it smack face-first into a wall... Or better yet, another monster! And it does a surprising amount of damage, too. So it's entirely possible to kill a monster Tom and Jerry style.
    • And the best part? The game actually recommends cartoonishly slamming a certain monster into the wall to kill it, since it deals massive damage to its head. What monster, one may ask? Oh, just Fatalis.
  • Monsters can take fall damage, combine this with the Flinch Shot and you can send monsters careening off cliffs.
  • When the Steamworks goes critical, a special cutscene plays. The Felynes start shoveling even more fuel into the machine, and even the Handler gets involved. Eventually, the works overload and explode, blowing the Felynes (and Handler) into the air. The Wyverian tries to get up as cats rain to the ground, with one landing on him. In the background, the Handler pulls out the "fuel" she added to the furnace, that's actually now-baked sweet potatoes, which she sneaks off to eat.
    • The cutscene is a little different if you do it with the Serious Handler. She tries (emphasis on "tries") to stop the Felynes from overloading the furnace, and at the end of the sequence, she tries to help the Wyverian, only to get knocked off by a falling cat herself.
  • The REmake 2 crossover obviously brings in the usual themed equipment and outfits, but what fans certainly were not expecting was Mr. X... as a skin for the Handler. Repeat: Mr. X, the dreaded Implacable Man hunter of Claire and Leon is a costume for quite possibly the least suited character to represent him. If you ever wanted to see the Tyrant-class B.O.W flail about in the most un-implacable ways, all the while hearing the Handler's cutesy voice out of his (its?) mouth, now you can. Yes, this is official.
    • Of course, you can double down on it by using the Nekker skin for your Palico.
  • The Rajang vs. Ruiner Nergigante Turf War is both this and awesome. The turf war has Rajang putting up a good showing, even managing to briefly mount the Elder Dragon while also going into its rage mode and delivering a Shoryuken to Nergigante's jaw. The funny part comes with Nergigante's retaliation, namely Nergigante yeeting Rajang into the nearest wall with one punch and knocking the Fanged Beast out of its rage mode at the same time.
  • During the siege on Seliana by Velkhana, the First Commander deploys a wall to stop its advancement, apparently forgetting that Velkhana can just fly over the wall; cue Velkhana striking the wall repeatedly, as if flying over this obstacle ain't even worth its time.
    • Gets even better when the hunters actively fly over the wall with wingdrakes.
  • The Master Rank optional quest "Can't Bring Yourself To It" has you hunt a Dodogama, with the description stating that the other hunters refuse to do it because they find Dodogama... cute.

  • Monster Hunter: Rise has the Village Quest "Faceless Foe" where you hunt a Khezu. The questgiver nearly outright calls it what it looks like only to gag just thinking about it, and it's implied that they want you to kill it not because it's bothering anyone but because it's just that gross.
    Scared Researcher: Gross! There I was, taking a rest, when something wet dripped on my shoulder. I look up and—EW! Wrinkles, veins, and—ICK—a pale monster with no face that looks like a— *gag* Go hunt it PLEASE!
  • A hunt against a Tetanadon is given by an "Up-and coming Wrestler" who sounds a little familiar....
    Up-and-coming Wrestler: Oh-yeah! You're going nowhere. I've got you for fifty minutes... Fifty minutes of huntin' time! Heard this Tetranadon was out there talkin' smack. You gonna stand there and take that? Or are ya gonna go out there and put 'em in a world of hurt!?
  • Rise allows off-duty palamutes to perform all the support tasks a Palico can do. This means your tough hunting doggos are subject to all the same slapstick the Felynes typically are, too... with the added wrinkle that they lack the Palico's humanoid body plan. This is particularly noticeable with the Meowcenaries. Palicoes are depicted steering the scout kite in a typical ninja style. Palamutes are just awkwardly hanging from the kite, strapped in under the armpits, with a doofy expression on their face like a dog enjoying a car ride.
  • A High Rank Key Quest called "Didn't Get the Memo" pokes fun at both the developers themselves for sometimes putting key information in quest summaries, and at players for not always reading quest summaries.
    Overly Defensive Hunter: I can take a Great Baggi, no problemo! But TWO!? Nobody said anything about two of 'em! I mean, maybe if I had like a heads up or something, I'd be alright. Someone should have told me! What—!? It's written in the quest description? Come on! Nobody reads that stuff!
  • The quest "Omnidirectional Threats", submitted by someone who sounds like the Monster Hunter universe's equivalent of the stereotypical dissatisfied retail customer:
    Plainly Dressed Woman: Hi, I'd like to speak to whoever is in charge here. Yes, I heard that there were two monsters in the Lava Caverns. This is completely unacceptable! If something is not done about this right away, I WILL be contacting the guild to file a complaint!
  • Komitsu's photography requests are pretty amusing. One request is to take a picture of a Bombadgy as it's bursting the gas it's built up. Another one, titled "ArZZZZzzzzuros", requires you to take a picture of an Arzuros while it's sleeping, because she thinks sleeping Arzuroses are cute.
    • The context behind Komitsu's photo requests are also pretty funny as they come about from disagreements with her friend Seihaku (whose Puppy Love crush on Komitsu and refusal to admit to it aloud in spite of how obvious he is can be both funny and heart-warming in itself). Komitsu thinks Arzuros and Bombadgy are cute, but Seihaku doesn't think so. Especially in the Bombadgy case, Komitsu thinks Seihaku will change his mind if he "sees a picture of them pootin'".
  • Bombdagy are pretty hilarious given they are pudgy, furry, Ugly Cute Action Bombs you can smack at large monsters, sending them flying and pinballing around with cartoony high pitched whizzing noises as they release their explosive build up. Since they tend to travel in groups, you can cluster-bomb monsters with a well-timed swing and send the little guys bouncing and popping all over the place. And if they survive the impact, they will spin to a halt and lie on their backs as they slowly deflate like sad balloons for a moment before getting up and running away looking all skinny.
  • Rise also features a series of Hub Quests submitted by one 'Hapless Trader' who keeps getting abused by the monsters they send you to hunt.
    • First is "A Snowball's Chance" in Low Rank, where you hunt a Lagombi.
    Hapless Trader: I absolutely cannot believe how awful my luck is. No way that thing could've hit me! There I was...bobbing...weaving. Zigging...zagging. Just when I thought I had gotten away from this Lagombi *BAM* me and all my goods crushed by a snowball. Unbelievable...
    • Next comes the Low Rank Diablos hunt, "A Few Bumps Along the Way".
    Hapless Trader: A buddy of mine told me about this "great shortcut" he found. The road was so bumpy I fell off my cart right into a cactus patch. And to make matters worse, a Diablos appeared out of nowhere and turned my cart into splinters... Why do these things always happen to me!?
    • After that, the trader's misfortune continues into High Rank, when they get attacked by two Volvidon in "Bowled Over".
    Hapless Trader: Man, I cannot catch a break! I was making my way through the Plains when I started hearing this, *boingy* *boingy* *boingy* noise. Then suddenly two Volvidon appear out of nowhere and roll over my cart! To make matters worse, any produce that didn't get squashed was covered in their nasty spit!
    • Finally, when you have to fight a Rajang and Zinogre in "Occupational Hazards"...
    Hapless Trader: I love when monsters keep destroying my carts and my livelihood—said no trader ever! First a Lagombi, then a Diablos, then two Volvidon, and NOW a Rajang and Zinogre! I just want, for once, to get from point A to point B without getting beat up by monsters!
  • There's a Low Rank Hub quest posted by the Wife of a Reckless Artist who requests that the Hunter deal with a Mizutsune her husband has become obsessed with, her request sounding more exasperated with his antics than worried for his safety. An amusing scenario in itself, but then we later get a very excited-sounding request from the man himself who has decided to run off after a High Rank Rathian and wants your help, showing he hasn't learned very much from last time. They must make quite the couple.
    Wife of a Reckless Artist: My husband is one of those artsy-fartsy types, you know the kind. Sees a sunset... cries. Well, he heard Mizutsune are "creatures that inspire creativity" so he ran off with his easel to find one. * Sigh * Can you go save him for me?
    Reckless Artist: Hunter Hunter HUNTER! We must go at once! As we speak the queen herself is gracing the Shrine Ruins! I must capture her majesty in all its glory! But I hear Rathian are rather... difficult to work with. Perhaps you can assist me?
  • When you start a new trade, if you then go into the Gathering Hub you can see your submarines sail on by and your trade Buddies opening the hatches to greet you...or go into their stun animation, suggesting that their sub's launch didn't go as smoothly as they hoped.
  • If you hang around the Gathering Hub long enough, you may see Minoto pull out a piece of paper and paint on it, presumably in hopes of improving herself to match the artistic skills of Hojo (who, in-universe, painted all the monster portraits you see on their icons and in quest documents). Then she angrily crumples it up, implying dissatisfaction with her work, then coughs and looks around hoping no one saw her.


  • The monsters' special attacks tend to gravitate between awesome and this:
    • Special mention goes to Brachydios' Megaton Punch. Right before landing a big haymaker, the fight cuts to a Flashback of a Training Montage involving Brachy pulling a huge log while jogging and sparring with mitts.note  It says something when a cutscene manages to make one of the most feared monsters in the series so hilariously relatable.
    • Kut-Ku's special attack involves him slacking off to eat a bunch of Konchu that roll onto the scene, with the player character finally having enough and smacking him upside the head, causing him to violently cough up the Konchu with enough force to turn them into cannonballs.
    • The lowly Popo of all creatures gets in on the tripping over its own feet, sending it hurtling straight on top of the enemy and crushing the target.


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