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Tear Jerker / Monster Hunter

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • If you read some of the quest descriptions, they can be silly, but several of them are just plain dark:
    • A maiden in Tri begs you to take out an Uragaan and Agnaktor before she's sacrificed to them. It is perhaps a relief that this quest was removed in 3 Ultimate.
    • A man wants you to kill Nakarkos because it ate his entire village and everyone he knew.
      Skeletal Old Timer: My whole village vanished in a single night. All my friends who lived by the sea, even their newborn children, all gone. For some reason, I was spared, and since then, I have cherished one hope, and one hope only: that someone will turn that bag of bones into literal bones.
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    • Or this quest that sounds more like a suicide note:
      Fallen Hunter's Wife: I first met my husband in the Jurassic Frontier when he rescued me from a Silver Rathalos. So if I could find a Rathalos, maybe I could meet him again... If anyone reads this, don't come looking for me. I won't give up on him, I can't...
  • Surprisingly, one occurs in the High Rank portion of the Caravan campaign in 4 Ultimate, after you slay a Pink Rathian to boost the Street Cook's kitchen. The Ace Commander reveals why he's particularly uneased by Rathians: He and the Master of Defense were out one day hunting a Rathian when a Kushala Daora stepped in. The Ace Commander tried to take it on, and was saved from critical wounds by the Master of Defense, at the cost of the latter's hunting career, and has been beating himself up about it ever since for indirectly ending his master's hunting days.
  • The Frenzy Virus tends to change monsters' growls and howls. In the case of some monsters the adjusted cries make them sound like they're in perpetual pain (which might not be far from the truth, considering it's confirmed that Frenzied monsters tend not to live long even WITHOUT the hunters tasked with putting them down, with the survivors becoming Apex variants). Case in point, the Zinogre, whose typically noble roar while charging up energy instead comes across as an agonized whine that you'd expect to hear from a kicked puppy. It really makes you feel like you're performing a Mercy Kill. As if that wasn't bad enough, while the Wystones can break them out of the infection, it's only temporary, which feels like they're experiencing a brief period of sanity before eventually succumbing again.
    • Apex status makes it worse, by overriding the monster's theme, if it has one, with a single theme shared with all Apex monsters. It gives the impression that the monster's old self is gone, its mind taken over and replaced with a one-track instinct to kill everything it sees.
  • Dismissing palicoes in 4 / 4U. Capcom REALLY went out of their way to make you feeling like a jerk for firing your felyne companions. First, the palico jumps with surprise as spotlights center in on them, before adopting a sad, "everyone's against me" look. Then they walk pitifully to their escape vehicle, a wood rocket ship. They then give you a single courteous bow before turning around and instantly bursting into tears. They finally beg one last time for you to let them stay, right before blasting off into space. But lest you think Capcom will at least let you get away on a humorous note, it quickly goes into the rare Double Mood Whiplash as you return to the palico list to the sound of one last, mournful cry far off in the distance. You can avert this by hiring a Palico when at max Palico capacity, which will force you to dismiss a Palico but doesn't play the farewell ceremony.
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  • Given how cheerful and endearing the Wyventurer is in Generations Ultimate, it's heartbreaking to see him in a breakdown after the Valstrax makes its reintroduction, beating himself up over a well-intentioned mistake that got people wounded. He stays this way for the next several plot flags.
  • In the True Final Boss fight of Monster Hunter: Rise, you'd expect Ibushi and Narwa to fight together. First you fight Ibushi by himself, and then after the floor collapses under him, revealing a new cavernous arena, it seems as if the two dragons are going to team up...and then Narwa just kills off Ibushi and steals his power for herself, almost as if saying "You Have Failed Me." Though this was somewhat mitigated by the fact that Ibushi getting offed is part of their natural life-cycle.

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