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As a very long running and influential shonen manga, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has been referenced many times in pop culture. These usually come in three different flavors: An Art Shift to Araki's art style (complete with on-screen sound effects), Jotaro's Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs (with a cry of "ORAORAORAORA!") and/or an image of Star Platinum, and of course, the fabulous posing. This has resulted in "Is that a JoJo reference?" becoming a meme in its own right.


Anime & Manga
  • Gintama: Episodes 131-134 are full of references to the series, including the Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and an Expy of Star Platinum called "Star Silver". There's also a nod to Araki himself, with a nod to the Memetic Mutation of his tendency to look younger and younger as he ages (the show suggests he is, perhaps, an immortal fairy).
  • No Game No Life Episode 2: Stephanie reacts to seeing Sora's new outfit by doing DIO's signature pose and "WRRYYYYYY!" noise.
    • Episode 3 has an Art Shift to Araki's artstyle when Shiro and Sora declare that they won't lose. As well as lifting the refusal quote from Rohan Kishibe's "BUT I REFUSE/DAGA KOTOWARU."
    • Episode 8 has them yell "KING CRIMSON!" before seemingly teleportating instantly.
  • Oreshura: Masuzu is a huge fan of the series, and even quotes Dio when she kisses Eita for the first time (knowing he's a fellow fan of the series). Eita refuses to clean his mouth out with dirty rainwater, though.
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  • Haiyore! Nyarko-san: This series references JoJo all the time. To name just one example, in the first novel (or Episode 2 of the Animated Adaptation), Nyarko defeats Cuko while quoting some of the more famous lines from the Final Battle of Stardust Crusaders, including "There's one simple reason for your's because you pissed me off!" "MUDA MUDA MUDA!" and finally "Yare yare daze", the last while performing Jotaro's signature pose.
  • Gabriel Miller's death in Sword Art Online references the death of Yoshikage Kira in Diamond Is Unbreakable: Both involve a villain of the arc, the soul of a girl the villain killed years ago, and the villain's soul being Dragged Off to Hell.
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!: In the anime's first episode, Nozomi's butt pierces through a wall of water to attack. This sequence was clearly inspired by the scene in Steel Ball Run where Tusk act 4 breaks through Love Train to attack Valentine.
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  • In one episode of Daily Life with Monster Girl, Centorea talks about her honorable centaur knight ancestors with Kimihito, and he can clearly see them appearing behind her. "Are those Stands or what?" asks him. They promptly disappear.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Kaoru has rained (mostly harmless) blows on Kenshin backed by the "ORAORAORA" sound effect.
  • Meowth in Pokémon XY episode 57 has a 4 in 1 reference — he does poses inspired by Jotaro, Joseph, and Dio; all while repeatedly saying "It's useless-nya!" (Dio's catchphrase).
  • Jibanyan does the ORAORAORA punching in Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside - The Return of the Oni King.


  • Heroes: In S2E2 and S3E2, Hiro (who is Japanese, a geek, and has the power to stop time) yells "MUDAMUDAMUDA!" as he pauses time and steals weapons off a mob that is about to attack a girl.
  • Tomica Hero Rescue Fire ends with Donkaen frozen solid and forced to drift eternally through space just like Kars.

Video Games

  • A cat unit in The Battle Cats called Delinquent Cat has his own stand that looks like Star Platinum. His attack animation even imitates his Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.
  • Castlevania series has a lot of them, especially in its Metroidvania era :
  • Skullgirls: Peacock may randomly drop a steamroller on her enemies. If this happens, the sky will darken, time will stop, and she'll yell "WRRYYYYYY!" and finish off the enemy with a chant of "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!" Anime!Peacock also has a chance to say "MUDAMUDA!" "Withdraw cooly!" "Yare yare," and "But I refuse!"
  • The Touhou series, being made by a huge fanboy of Jojo, inevitably contain a lot of references to this series. A lot in the series, from the Dio Expy Sakuya Izayoi, to Remilia asking Marisa how many times she's eaten bread, can trace their origins back to Jojo.
    • The fighting game spin-off Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and its Expansion Pack upgrade Hisoutensoku gives Sakuya a DIO-inspired alternate palette, as well as giving swordswoman Youmu Konpaku one based off of Silver Chariot (Youmu has a few references to Polnareff, but doesn't quite qualify as an Expy).
  • Mobile game Potion Maker has "This taste... is the taste of a liar!" as one of the random quotes the characters say during the gameplay (referring to the potions, of course).
  • In Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, the Investigation Team makes their entrance in the Persona 3 path by doing various Ass Kicking Poses of the Jojo characters.
  • Pharaoh Rebirth has among the artifacts one that summons the spirit of the protagonist's ancestor, which looks and acts just like a Stand.
  • In World of Warcraft, an achievement obtainable during the battle against the Final Boss of Legion is titled "Stardust Crusaders".
  • Undertale has Mad Dummy, a member of the undead who throws knives and shouts something along the lines of "Useless, useless, useless!" which is what Dio's "MUDAMUDAMUDA" translates to.
    • Also the Punch Card, which powers up punch attacks. If you use it in battle, it gives you the message "OOOORAAAAA!!!"
    • The Nintendo Switch version features Mad Mew Mew as an enemy. One of her dialogue lines is "It was ME!! ME!! ME!!", in reference to Dio's infamous quote "It was me, Dio!"/"Kono Dio da!" from Part 1. One of many hints pointing to it being the ghost that once inhabited the Mad Dummy.

Web Animation

  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged has Alucard scream during the final episode:
    Alucard: And before you ask, YES! THIS IS A JOJO REFERENCE! (Strikes a pose)
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device is filled with these, due to the main creator being a huge fan. Of note are the Fabulous Custodes, whose models are directly taken from the Pillar Men and even use the same theme music.
  • In the Japanese dub of RWBY, whenever Yang Xiao Long goes to town on the enemy, she shouts "ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!".


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