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Video Games

  • Using Tattletale on the Jester enemy in the original Japanese version of Super Mario RPG will cause him to say what Meimi says before she turns into Saint Tail in the anime.

Web Comics

  • Saint Tail makes a couple appearances in And Shine Heaven Now, notably in the Catholicon storyline, which takes place during Enrico Maxwell's youth. Seira is attending the same panel as Yumie, and Meimi is the other finalist in the Pray Pray Revolution danceoff against Enrico. While Enrico claims he won, he's probably lying. Erin had also planned to have Meimi make a cameo during the Millennium attacks, in which the adult Meimi comes out of retirement long enough to steal Doc's death ray.
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  • Also referenced in Megatokyo, but obliquely, and its never outright stated, but is implied the Meimi is Yuki Sonoda's mother, and her Police Officer dad would be Asuka, Jr.

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