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  • Adventure Time:
    • The entirety of "Too Young" is this for Lemongrab as Finn and Princess Bubblegum (who happens to be his mother/creator) try to drive him away. First, he received a note that said "YOU REALLY SMELL LIKE DOG BUNS." Then he was approached by the protagonists, who were dressed up as ghosts, punched in the stomach, and pushed onto the floor. We were then treated to a scene of him crying and coughing on the floor for several seconds before awkwardly trying to laugh off their "prank". After that, he gets "spice bombed" when Finn and Bubblegum put a super-spicy serum in everything Lemongrab tries to eat, from a plate of mashed carrots to an apple hanging from a tree to a pile of dirt. And after all of that humiliation, Princess Bubblegum gets her adult body back, and shouts: "YO, EARL! Hey- you're FIRED, ya BUTT!" He rides off into the sunset on his horse, muttering bitterly to himself, obviously upset by the whole thing.
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    • At the end of "Memory of a Memory", after Finn shows Marceline how her ex-boyfriend Ash tricked Finn and Jake into stealing one of her memories for him, Marceline responds to Ash's demand that she make him a sandwich by kicking him in the groin. Then Finn and Marceline continue to kick him when he's down, and to cap things off Jake turns into a Giant Foot of Stomping and squashes Ash.
    • In the episode "Blood Under the Skin" Finn searches for mystical Armour to prove he is badass to a asshole knight, he ends up going through the "Swamp of Embarrassment" having to run past people showering while calling him a pervert, and have to calm down a crying beast which rocks him like a baby, and finally finds the armour which is "Lady Armour" after every single incident the Knight appears out of nowhere to taunt him telling him what a loser he is. At the end of the episode, however, Finn tells him off about how he doesn't spend all day chasing a kid around. When he tries to get off his horse to fight with Finn, turns out the armor he's been showing off is too heavy to walk around so he falls to the ground. And when he tries to stand up using a nearby branch, he gets a splinter in his finger. To add insult to injury, Finn throws the thimble he made fun of at the beginning of the episode to his face. "Maybe you can use this!"
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: The titular protagonist's schemes often lead to this, such as when he has to spend a night in the Skull Forest in "The Picnic", run an extremely grossing-out obstacle course arranged by Darwin (acting on good intentions) in"The Kiss", or accidentally posting an embarrassing video of himself - more than once. "The Oracle" has him foresee a Humiliation Conga in the future and try to prevent it the entire episode. He fails.
    • Harold Wilson acts like a smug Manchild who bullies Richard at the start of his breakout episode. He gets much crueler once he starts to believe he found a million-dollar check. By the end of the episode, his house is blown up, he has irreparably ruined all his daily life relationships, and it's implied he learned about the check being fake.
  • The Angry Beavers: The nature documentary in "Kandid Kreatures" is this to Norb and Dag. It shows them being attacked by a python, then by El Grapadura, and finally being embarassed by their mother, and is entitled "Beavers: Big Fat Idiots" to add insult to injury. They then put the producer through a similar Humiliation Conga as revenge.
  • The Arthur episode "Arthur's Big Hit" tries to teach An Aesop about using physical violence towards someone is wrong, but accidentally breaks it and winds up being this. Arthur hits D.W. in a fit of rage after she carelessly breaks his model airplane. While it was bad, not only does Arthur ends up grounded for a week afterwards, but all his friends get mad at him for hitting his sister even when he tries to explain himself, and his parents never found out about the toy plane D.W. destroyed and instead feel bad for her because she's injured. The episode makes this as the worst offense anyone can do to a younger sibling while ignoring the fact that he would have never done it if D.W. had listened to Arthur in the first place. And to add insult to injury, she just got snotty and said the plane was a fragile piece of crap anyways.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • The Grand Finale: It wasn't enough for Fire Lord Ozai to be defeated. He could have died with honor. That would have been too easy. Instead, the most powerful firebender in the world was brought to justice by a twelve/thirteen year-old boy. If that wasn't already enough, his firebending was taken away from him forever (which more than one fan has referred to as "Spiritual Castration"). In addition to that, he was openly mocked at while lying limp on the ground from exhaustion by a bunch of kids who blatantly laughed at the fall of everything he had established as a ruler. He tries to retort, only to comically collapse face first, butt in the air, drooling on the floor. To cap it all off, he is imprisoned in the same prison cell used to contain his brother, and greeted by the new Fire Lord, the very son he banished from the nation, in a total role reversal. What words does he receive? "You should count yourself lucky the Avatar spared your life." That conga line was trucking so fast, one wonders why it didn't result into a train wreck.
    • From the same finale: Azula's mind was slowly broken over the course of a series of betrayals. First her brother, then her two closest "friends", and then finally her father's seeming ostracism. Indeed, the second betrayal was the worst, as Mai absolutely crushed Azula's entire world-view with a single sentence. At last, when she had struck down her brother in a climactic duel, when she finally had the chance to punish her brother and restore some shred of order to her now chaotic world, she was defeated and humiliated. And who defeated one of the greatest Firebenders? Not a seasoned master of a bending art, who had studied for decades. Not by the Avatar himself. Not by a 12-year-old "Greatest Earthbender in the World." Not even by her own brother, whom she'd just struck down by cheating. But by a Southern Water Tribe peasant, who not a year earlier could barely bend a puddle of water. On the day of Sozin's Comet no less, when her firebending was magnified a hundred fold. In the end, Azula was hog-tied to a grating with chains, soaking wet and left to flail around impotently.
  • In an episode of The Berenstain Bears, Mama and Papa take Brother and Sister over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to spend the weekend while they go on a honeymoon anniversary trip. The kids expect to be bored while their parents have all the fun, but quite the opposite happened: Mama and Papa's tennis game was ruined by a sleeping dog that was woken up, while canoeing Papa was stung by a bee and accidentally knocked their picnic lunch basket into the river, their gourmet dinner at a seafood restaurant turned out to only serve tiny steaks, and the evening dance had a hard rock band playing.
  • In almost every episode of Biker Mice from Mars, the Biker Mice level Lawrence Limburger's tower at the end.
  • Bob's Burgers: In "Eat, Spray, Linda", Linda has a hell of a day on her birthday, no less. She gets held up at the grocery store, she accidentally locks her keys and purse in the car, she rips her pants and has to wear a plastic shopping bag like a diaper, she tries to hitch a ride on a bus that turns out to be going the wrong way, she tries to take a shortcut across a meadow only to get sprayed by a skunk (twice!) and break her glasses, she gets a ride back to town but has to sit in a horse trailer, she gets chased through a street art festival by the same lady who held her up at the grocery store, and when she gets home before Bob and the kids she has to climb up the fire escape and break in through the kitchen window.
  • In the last episode of Clone High, this happens even more literally than the page header suggests. The villain, his plans collapsed and life at an end, convinces everyone to conga. When they do, he sets them up to be cryogenically frozen, subverting the trope utterly.
  • Disney apparently loves using this trope. When they're not in the mood for a scary Karmic Death.
    • This happened A LOT to the old Disney ruffian Peg-Leg Pete. A few examples:
      • In "Moving Day", Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy had fallen behind on their rent and Pete, a sheriff in this cartoon, vows to sell their furniture as punishment. They vow to defy him by moving out immediately with the furniture. But he catches them in the act, and it looks like this is it for our pals. Too bad Pete did not notice that they had accidentally created a gas leak in their haste, until after he lights a stogie in seeming triumph. The gas explosion thus following reduces the house to rubble, but it launches our pals and their belonging into Goofy's truck. As for Pete, he lays there in the middle of the smoldering remains of the house, with a "For Sale" sign smashed over his head. He comes to and screams at the escaping trio to stop right there, but as he flails around, he bumps his hand into a handle of a shower, sending a stream of hot water flowing down on his head. This reduces Donald, at least, to fits of laughter at Pete's expense.
      • This is pretty much the basis of another Mickey short, "The Worm Turns", in which Mickey creates a courage building formula designed to turn the food chain on its head. Mickey uses this on a fly, turning it against a spider. He then uses it on an actual mouse, turning it against a cat. Said cat, after escaping the mouse, runs afoul of Pluto, and Mickey uses the formula on the cat, turning it on Pluto. After escaping from the cat, Pluto runs into a ruthless dog catcher, played by Pete, who tries to kill Pluto on the spot with a shotgun after the dog resists him. Luckily, Mickey is there to douse his pet with the courage builder, and Pluto takes the opportunity to give Pete what for. And boy, does he ever!
      • This happens to Pete in the climax for The Prince and the Pauper, when the Prince exposes him as a treasonous usurper.
      • Pete also suffered from this in Get a Horse!, when he learns that as the fourth wall does not protect Mickey, neither does the movie screen protect Pete.
    • Darkwing Duck's two-parter "Just Us Justice Ducks" ends with Negaduck falling off of city hall, bouncing off of power lines, having his head smashed against heavier and heavier objects to knock him back down, and finally suffering the same fate Darkwing almost suffered at the end of part 1. Oh, except the truck misses. And the switch for the doomsday device breaks on Negaduck's head as he climbs out of the wreckage.
    • The 1937 Donald Duck cartoon "Modern Inventions" has an immense example. The very final new invention Donald Duck comes across is a robot barber chair that cuts hair. Donald uses a coin-on-a-string to fool the machine into cutting his feathers for nothing but it goes horribly wrong when the machine flips Donald upside down and starts to trim his butt. While in the middle of being molested by the machine he gets a shoeshined face. The cartoon ends with Donald having a shiny black face and a trimmed butt that's now wearing his hat. One wonders what he may have tried to do to get home after he left the Museum of Modern Marvels.
    • DuckTales gives us Major Courage. In the climactic battle with (unbeknownst to him) real aliens in (again unbeknownst to him) real outer-space, he gets taken down easily. Exposed as a Dirty Coward, he loses the admiration and respect of the boys. When his failing show is canceled, and the studio becomes a museum, Courage is forced to work as a candy vendor. When Scrooge reminds him of his five-year contract, no less in front of a crowd of demanding bratty ducklings, Courage looks ready to bawl.
  • Being a Sadist Show, this will happen to any of the 8 housemates in Drawn Together, but special mention goes to Toot, Captain Hero, Xandir, and Princess Clara. Even the Jew Producer gets some of this in the movie, after spending the last two seasons forcing the cast to do humiliating stunts and editing the material for his and the watching audience's amusement.
  • El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera: In “The Ballad of Frida Suarez”, Frida writes a hit song about Manny getting his butt kicked by Sartana, blames him for getting rejected for the song on a TV contest because he “jinxed” her, and makes a deal with Sartana for a awesome concert...which turns out to be a ploy so Sartana can enslave the audience. After apologizing and helping take Sartana down, Frida breaks her beloved goggles despairs, “Haven’t I paid enough for my rockstar jerkiness?”...immediately after which her guitar falls on top of her head and breaks, followed by a pineapple that engulfs and splatters her head, after which a swarm of rats scurry on her and nibbles on it while still stuck on her.
  • The Fairly OddParents: In "Timvisible!", Crocker gets beaten up by Wanda, publicly humiliated in front of an auditorium full of people, and taken away by a burly security guard for another beating.
  • In Frisky Dingo, Big Bad Stan is forced at gunpoint to dance to disco music and shout "Master cylinder!" while wearing nothing but a tall-boy beer can covering his crotch and being pelted with sweatshop-made action figures of himself until he has a heart attack...only to be revived with a defibrillator and the process started anew. It should be noted that "Master Cylinder" is something Xander/Awesome X does for fun.
    "Don't look over here at what I'm doing! You point at it! You celebrate yourself!"'
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • In Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure, Grim's arch-rival, The Boogeyman, gets the most epic Humiliation Conga ever when it's revealed that his greatest fear is his inability to scare others.
    • A much less obvious example would be Mandy herself. Not only did she get dragged into the same misadventures as the rest of the group, but she was tortured with horrible nightmares for hours, got kissed by Irwin against her will, had to face her worst fears and ran away screaming, then got beaten up bears and as if all this was not bad enough it turns out that she did not even win this time and didn't get to own Horror's Hand.
  • In an episode of Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats, Spike does this to a reformed Heathcliff. He calls up the neighborhood cats and dogs to a stage where he proceeds to dump paint and mud on him, blow him up with dynamite, and even invites the audience to throw tomatoes at him.
  • Invader Zim: In "Gaz, Taster of Pork", it's bad enough Gaz can't taste any foods as the way they should and only as pork instead. Now, her dad created a national (or global) laughing stock branded as "Pig Girl" and markets use her like a cash cow to milk profits for merchandise by humiliating her. This just drives Gaz to get angrier at Dib and promise vengeance on him.
  • Kaeloo: In the very second episode of the show, Stumpy gets the flu, eats a poisonous mushroom, gives himself a concussion, and breaks his leg.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: We see that after Jamack manages to escape from the megabunny mama, he goes back home only to be thrown out by the other mod frogs, wanders into the wilderness, is pooped on by a giant pigeon, and finally gets captured by Newton Wolves to be dessert.
  • The Australian cartoon series Li'l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers (about a redhaired child prodigy guitarist who was abandoned as a baby at a little town truckstop run by a pair of Elvis fanatics) finished with one of these for series villain W.C. Moore. At the end of the first season, Moore (an ultra-greedy rich guy) discovers that a potential deposit of the mysterious mineral "Berkonium" exists under the town, and over the course of the second series he literally bankrupts himself trying to find it, and ends up losing the last thing of value he has, the deed that allows him to claim the money that the titular band earns, in a game of marbles. He ends up the indentured servant of his own former servant, Duncan, even wearing the same drab uniform... and with the same electric shock-delivering watch strapped to his wrist.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • "Duck Amuck" exists to do this to Daffy Duck. He spends the whole cartoon being screwed with and put through hell by a mysterious, sadistic cartoonist, later revealed to be Bugs Bunny.
    • Later, a sequel was made where Bugs was subjected to the same mess. Who was the cartoonist this time? Elmer Fudd, who seemed all too happy to get back at him.
    • This frequently happens to Wile E. Coyote in the Road-Runner cartoons. Everything in his traps that can go wrong and quite a few things that logically could not have gone wrong, still go wrong.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,
    • "Griffon the Brush-Off": After Pinkie Pie uses a joy buzzer on Gilda at a party, the griffon begins suspecting that the pony is trying to get back at her. Following a series of pranks she falls victim to, she eventually snaps and yells at Pinkie. However, Pinkie Pie only threw the party to improve her attitude. Rainbow Dash reveals herself to have set up the pranks, and she didn't even intend them all for Gilda. Gilda just happened to set them all off.
    • Another happens to the Alpha Bitch Diamond Tiara, in "Family Appreciation Day" when she makes Apple Bloom ashamed of her Granny Smith. After her father finds out that his daughter insulted the pony responsible for the family fortune, he makes Diamond Tiara put on a bunny suit and take part in all of the elder Pony's strange rituals for Zap Apples.
    • Later on in "Ponyville Confidential", after Diamond Tiara heavily pushed a cruel gossip column written by the Cutie Mark Crusaders and attempted to blackmail them because they wanted to quit, she is stripped of her editor position and demoted to printer. A job with lots of messy ink to further smear the humiliation.
  • Virtually every episode of Phineas and Ferb ends up this way for perennial Butt-Monkey Dr. Doofenshmirtz. One carefully-plotted "Inator" after another fails spectacularly, often delivering the Karmic Retribution without Perry the Platypus having to lift a finger.
  • At the ending of the The Powerpuff Girls episode "A Made Up Story," after managing to beat the villain Blossom then brags about her being the leader means she's always one step ahead of everything. She then slips on a puddle of mud, which causes her to stumble into a can of red paint that blinds her, which in turn makes her crash into a bag of flour that pours all over her, and finally crashes into a box of Styrofoam that gets stuck to her face.
  • The Quack Pack episode "Stunt Double or Nothing" had Donald and Daisy's egotistical boss Kent Powers attempt to cheat to win a bet he made with them. After they find out that he had been cheating, they get back at him by tricking him into wearing a clown suit and doing degrading things while being filmed live.
  • Regular Show: In "Fortune Cookie" Rigby switches his bad luck with Benson's good luck by switching their fortune cookies, a montage shows Benson getting hit by one bad luck after another, with Benson getting badly beaten up and losing everything, even losing the park to a warlock.
  • This is the main plot to the Robot Chicken sketch "The Worst Halloween Ever." Young Randy gets stuck dressing as a pink Power Ranger for Halloween, is given a purse for a trick-or-treat bag and everyone thinks he's a girl. Then the school bully arrives and takes him to look out point with everyone thinking that he's going to rape Randy (He actually just cries and tells him about all his problems), then a cop arrives and tells Randy that his mom just died in a fire and says that the last thing she did was write a note saying that she never loved him, right before she killed his dog. Ouch!
  • Various villains in episodes of Rocket Robin Hood have suffered the Humiliation Conga, but perhaps the best example occurs in the episode where Robin and a team of scientists defeat Dr. Medulla by destroying his living planet. Afterwards, when the mad scientist tries to escape, Robin blocks his way, and when Medulla tries to pull a laser gun on him, the hero easily overpowers him with a makeshift quarterstaff. Then Medulla is hung up on a pole to be pestered by a woodpecker that pecks him on his bald head, while Robin and his friends look on amused, laughing and making jokes at the villain's expense.
  • Samurai Jack: Jack encounters "Da Samurai", a bully who uses his status for fame and fortune. Da Samurai tries to goad Jack into a fight, which he agrees to... but with bamboo sticks, since Jack doesn't consider Da Samurai a legit fighter. What follows is four minutes of the cocky Jerkass getting taken to the cleaners without Jack even trying, losing his glasses, clothes, and fake Heroic Build in short order. Fortunately for Da Samurai, he learns from the experience and tries to become a better samurai once Jack leaves.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In two-parter "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", Moe is interrogated by the police while hooked up to a lie detector. After they run out of questions, Moe says he has to go because he has a "hot date" that night. The machine says this is false, and Moe goes through a few progressively downgraded versions of his evening plans before arriving at the truth: he will spend the night at home leafing through the Sears catalog.
      Moe: Now would you unhook dis already, please?! I don't deserve this kind of shabby treatment! [the machine buzzes]
    • Nelson Muntz is put through the conga when he laughs at a very tall man named Ian in a very small car. First Ian threatens him, bringing him to tears. Then Ian makes him march down the street with his pants around his ankles in front of a huge crowd, the members of whom all laugh at him in the "Haw, haw!" manner Nelson himself always uses. Then he gets squirted with mustard by Bart and Milhouse, who are watching everything happening from a bridge high overhead.
    • In another episode, Principal Skinner gets a triple dose: after Bart makes a weather balloon look like "Big-Butt Skinner", he's punished by having to help Skinner in his late-night stargazing. Skinner runs off to catch the balloon and while he's gone Bart fools with the telescope and sees something. Skinner gets back just in time to hear the local observatory (on his cell phone) saying "Congratulations Bart, you just discovered a comet!" He lets out a Big "NO!"... which causes him to release the balloon again. He lets out a Bigger No, and then a paperboy drives by and throws out a newspaper that reads "Prez Sez: School is for Losers!", prompting the Biggest No of all.
    • This also frequently happens to Gil Gunderson. In "Dogtown", he tries to sue Homer after he got struck by his car and ends up losing the case.
  • South Park:
    • The image in the trope's main page is from the episode "Good Times with Weapons". After getting an Eye Scream from a shuriken, which starts off the episode's main conflict, Butters is forced to pretend to be a dog and then gets urinated and defecated on by actual ones.
    • Cartman suffered this in the very first episode, with a massive satellite dish coming out of his rear.
    • Cartman in the 200 and 201 special. He is kidnapped by the Gingers, publicly humiliated by Scott Tenorman this time, and then learns that he's responsible for his own dad's death since Tenorman is his half-brother, meaning that Cartman is half-ginger, something he loathes. All very, very satisfying.
    • Cartman's most hilarious punishment arguably came in the episode "AWESOME-O". Eric disguises himself as a robot (complete with a stereotypical "robot voice") and has himself mailed to Butters's house as an early birthday present for Butters - just so he can spy on Butters and learn embarrassing secrets about the boy that he can tell everyone at school. But the plot backfires spectacularly when Butters reveals that he secretly made a video of Cartman dressed as Britney Spears and dancing around and singing to a cardboard cut-out of Justin Timberlake ("Oh, Justin, touch my body!") and plans to show it to everyone if Cartman pranks it again. Cartman is forced to keep up the charade in the hopes of finding the video (which he fails to do); not only does Butters treat him as his personal slave, but he also nearly dies of heatstroke and starvation in a plane, is forced to give 2000 movie ideas to Hollywood with Butters keeping all the money (and with being paid $100 per idea Butters made $200,000), gets accosted by a Robosexual, and is eventually captured by a government agency who try to drill him open to find out what's in his electronic brain after being mistaken for a real robot. And as if all that weren't humiliating enough, he finally accidentally farts in Butters's presence and exposes himself as a human being - and Butters punishes him for his trickery by making good on his threat to show the video. The episode ends with all the kids AND everyone from the government agency laughing hysterically and Cartman sulking among them with a "Curses! Foiled again!" expression on his face.
    • A much more famous example happens to Cartman at the end of "Breast Cancer Show Ever". After spending the entire episode harassing Wendy and making fun of breast cancer, he is finally forced to fight her at the playground in front of the entire school. Although, Cartman gains the upper hand at the beginning of the fight, Wendy quickly turns the tide and precedes to give him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown until he is reduced to a bloody pulp. Cartman then starts crying in front of everyone because he's "no longer one of the cool kids". (although, no one ever thought he was cool to begin with)
    • Cartman is treated to yet another spectacular conga in the episode "Cartmanland". At the start, he inherits a million dollars (undeservedly) and uses the money buy a failing amusement park, fulfilling his life's dream of having an amusement park all to himself. In true Cartman fashion, he immediately begins running television ads proclaiming that no one is allowed in his park -- especially Stan and Kyle. After Stan and Kyle try to break in, Cartman realizes that he needs security; however, since he already used all his money to buy the park, he can't afford to pay the guard. On the guard's advice, he reluctantly agrees to open the park's gates to a limited number of guests, reasoning that a few people won't be a problem. However, the guests immediately begin forming lines in front of the rides — one of the very issues he sought to avoid in the first place. Expenses continue to pile up, forcing Cartman to admit more and more guests; "Cartmanland" quickly becomes a huge success, due largely to the ad campaign. Soon, the park is full of jostling, screaming children (including Kenny, who dies on a roller coaster). Disgusted, Cartman sells the property back to its previous owner for his original million dollars. Immediately, the money is seized by the IRS to cover the unpaid taxes on the park, and to compensate Kenny's parents for a lawsuit on their son's death. Now $13,000 in debt and completely broke, Cartman begs the park's owner to give him back the park; the owner refuses, remarking that only an idiot would hand over the park now that it's so wildly popular. Stan and Kyle arrive at the park to see a miserable Cartman throwing rocks at the park gate — and getting maced in the face by the security guard who used to work for him. The sight of it causes Kyle (who had lost his faith in God and was at death's door from an infected hemorrhoid) to instantly recover and declare, "There IS a God!"
    • This also happens to Jimmy's rival, Nathan, in "Crippled Summer". Throughout the episode, he gets bitten by a venomous snake, shot by arrows, and raped by a shark with a nine-inch penis thanks to his dimwitted lackey Mimsy. When his final plan literally backfires on him, he gets subjected to all three of these, back-to-back, in rapid succession.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Mr Krabs gets one at the end of "Krabby Land", where the children take back the money they gave him and he's forced to watch this while a pair of burly guys force-feed him lima beans. Earlier in the episode, SpongeBob also endures one when he is forced to do various painful stunts to stall the kids who were waiting for Krabby the Clown.
    • In "Suds", despite slandering the doctor and preventing SpongeBob from getting medical help, Patrick has the nerve to pretend to be sick so he can get a lollipop. It backfires.
    • In "Little Yellow Book", Squidward gets shunned by everyone because he read SpongeBob's diary. This leads to him losing his home, being left in a rainstorm to get struck by lighting, arrested by the police, and put in a pillory for people to throw tomatoes at him. To add insult to injury, most of the residents were actually as guilty as Squidward since they were laughing at SpongeBob's embarrassing secrets when Squidward was reading his diary to them and were only disgusted with Squidward after SpongeBob runs away crying, even though they all knew what they were doing in the first place. Made even worse when Squidward points out that Patrick also read the diary, only for Patrick to dismiss him as "blaming everyone else".
    • Although Squilliam is far more successful than Squidward, he gets A Taste of Defeat in "Band Geeks" and "House Fancy". In the former, he gets a heart attack from how epic Squidward's band was, despite expecting them to fail miserably. In the latter, he almost wins the fanciest house award, only to have Squidward beat him at the last minute, causing him to lay on the ground and cry his eyes out.
    • "Rock Bottom" is one for SpongeBob, as he can't get a bus to escape Rock Bottom.
  • Total Drama:
    • The Alpha Bitch Heather, after being an Elimination Houdini of the worst kind, gets her karma in "I Triple Dog Dare You", when she and the other two remaining contestants, Owen and Gwen, are made to participate in a series of disgusting dares (though they can opt out if they have a freebie). Gwen and Owen make a deal to share the freebies while forcing Heather to undergo all manners of disgusting and humiliating stunts, including being thrown in a pile of pig manure, eating a live cockroach, swim in a pool of leeches, and kissing a sweaty sock. It all comes to a head when she has to take a dare from her former lackey Lindsay - to get her head shaved. Heather freaks out and accidentally kicks the razor out of Chef's hand, but she still loses her hair. Moreover, since she technically didn't accept the dare, she's also finally eliminated, to which she responds by kicking and screaming the whole way down the dock of losers. And just to rub more salt into the humiliation, not only had Heather utterly manipulated and betrayed Lindsay, but she had threatened to cut off Lindsay's hair, so the Laser-Guided Karma is especially poetic.
    • Season 2's villain Justin isn't safe either. His good looks begin to lose their charming effect on the ladies, and since that's the only thing he's got going for him, he is understandably depressed. The rest of his time on TDA is spent trying unsuccessfully to cope with his decline in beauty. Things start to look up in The Princess Pride, when he falls for Courtney, and she seems to be interested in him too. Only she's not; she was only playing him in order to snag the easy win in the 11th hour. He gets voted off, and finds that no one is terribly sorry to see him go. Worst of all, he gets shoved aside in Season 3 to make room for Ale-"New Justin"-jandro.
    • In the same season, Courtney gets a Humiliation Conga of her own. She fails miserably at every challenge after Rock n' Rule, Beth of all people pulls a fast one on her in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, and she eventually gets voted off by her boyfriend. All the while she becomes more and more of a Scrappy.
    • And Total Drama tops itself in World Tour with Alejandro, Blaineley, and Courtney's defeats. This series seems to like making it's antagonists suffer.
      • For Alejandro let's go down the list, he's about to win by tossing the sacrifice into the volcano, he sees Heather cry out in frustration, Alejandro gets Heather to admit she loves him, he admits the same, we have swelling music, real CMOHW, then *BAM!* a kiwi shot by Heather, who then pushes Alejandro down the volcano on a block of ice. When he reaches the bottom he is trampled by everyone running away from the eruption, he is caught in the lava flow, and after the end credits he's put in the Robot from Celebrity Manhunt Special to become "Darth Alejandro". Damn...
      • Blaineley. After her elimination, she was pushed out of the plane before she could secure her parachute. She fell into a house roof first and was covered head to toe in bandages and wheeled around on a dolly. When she's on the next Aftermath show, she's laughed at by the peanut gallery because of her fall. Being the only Heather supporter (against her will at that), she was almost forced to do a challenge while in a full body-cast until Owen decided to take pity on her and aid her. Owen injures her even more, drops her out of the dolly a couple times, uses her as a surfboard and then accidentally drops her in the ocean. She's saved by Bruno the bear before she drowns, but is used as a literal chew toy once he reaches the shore.
    • Scott in Revenge of the Island. In "Eat, Puke and Be Wary": he gets hit by Chef's spaghetti bazooka, falls into several of Zoey's traps, voted off, and takes the hurl of shame with his least favorite shark who mauls him, later after he's put in the trauma chair everyone laughs at him.
  • In T.U.F.F. Puppy, sick of Snaptrap abusing him constantly Larry quits D.O.O.M and takes the rest of the minions with him, and creates G.L.O.O.M a much much more successful villain organization with plans that actually make sense, are competent, and they don't tell the heroes their plans in advance (which was a daily routine with Snaptrap). To further rub salt in the wound, Larry brags to Snaptrap every day about how much better a villain leader he is, as well as their headquarters is in Snaptrap's mother's house.
  • Zig & Sharko: This happens to Zig virtually every episode, which is always the result of his attempts to eat Marina the mermaid, only to be thwarted and pummeled by Sharko.
  • At the end of the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode, Presenting Joe Cuppa, Enid has still failed to laugh even once. Rad then tries to tell Enid about true comedy...only to be interrupted when he slips on a Banana Peel, and then falls into a trash can. It then rolls down the hill, causing it to land in a river that leads to an Inevitable Waterfall. Rad screams as he falls, but is picked up by a pteranodon. Rad is relived, but then realizes he is being carried to an airplane. Rad yells, "OH NO!!!" as the plane loops while saying "Wheeee!" Then Rad falls to the ground painfully. All of this is what finally causes Enid to burst out laughing.


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