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The Cryptids is an unpublished comic series by CJ Croen 1393. It is about moe-fied cryptids who live under the same roof. The plot is almost non-existent, except for some humorous romances.

Patty Fu Tage and her childhood friend Corey Chupacabra are accepted into a Boarding School called The Fallshadow School for Cryptids, run by Minda Fallshadow. They meet the other colorful residents, including spoiled, rich thunderbird-girl, Lawnie Lawndale; her cloned boyfriends / bodyguard thylacine boys; Tom and Thom; shy, Emo Teen Hellhound, Stanley O'Harris; his friends, Cassandra and Travis; Sickeningly Sweethearts, Hawk and Sam, and others. They quickly realize that it's going to take some getting used to.


A character sheet is in the works.



Main Characters

Patty Fu Tage


Trevor "Tekno" Adams

Bertie Bird


  • Robot Buddy
  • Creator Backlash: The Author hates him.
  • Cyber Cyclops: His species is even listed as "Cyclops Robot".
  • Living Prop
  • They Killed Kenny: Gets blown up every chapter.
  • JerkAss: In his and Bertie's Fourth-Wall Mail Slot, he turns out to be one.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Crosses this at the end of the Mailbag omake series; he straps a bomb to himself and tells everyone that if they don't wait on him hand and foot and do whatever he says, he'll blow them all up. They do everything he says, no matter how unreasonable or stupid, or humiliating. When they're done, he tells them that he's satisfied but he's STILL going to blow them up. As they panic and try to escape, he reveals that the whole thing was his idea of a prank and he did it for his own amusement. Needless to say, No one was pleased.
  • Stupid Evil

Lawnie Lawndale

Tom and Thom

Stanley O'Harris

Travis Leeds

Cassandra Darktone

Gimmly Fu Tage

Cody "Hawk" Parker and Samantha "Sam" Nocturne


Marie Suzaku

Georgie Nocturne

Minda Fallshadow

Schroeder and Inger Fallshadow



The Pigeon Mafia



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