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So this is the subsection for people living and/or working in the Unnamed University town of Roommates.

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Pets, Friends & Family who happen to live around currently

     Elizabeth Swann Turner
Her middle name must be "Awkward".

Modeled after Keira Knightley.

(Friend of Sarah and Christine, University student)

  • Just in Time: She has a gift for awkwardly bumping into James.


    Mrs. Lovett

Modeled after Helena Bonham-Carter.

(Mr. Todd's misguided pseudo-girlfriend)

     Éponine Thénardier
Ummm... Hello.

(James' girlfriend)

     Blind Mag
OK. Maybe she can't kick your ass either.

Modeled after Sarah Brightman

(Friend of the Wallace family and Erik's girlfriend... sorta)

The last know picture of this guy.

Modeled after Terrance Zdunich.

((Maybe even Boy)Friend of Shilo)

A feathery friend.

(Works as post owl and brings Jareth's mail.)


    Mrs. Aileen Norrington
It's not easy to be James' mother.

Canon: Roommates

(James' mother)

    Agent Phil Coulson
Once a fanboy always a fanboy.

Modeled after Clark Gregg

(Word of Pika that he is Sarah's uncle. Also goes to the "Killed for Canon" meetings.)

    The Local "Criminals", Gavroche Thénardier and Jack Dawkins 

Partners in crime
These are walking crimewaves I tell you.
Gavroche Thénardier

(Brother or Éponine, worst nightmare of Javert)

Jack Dawkins - The Artful Dodger



The Saint Jude University

The Extranormal Institute where most of the cast works and studies. Jamie teaches history, Erik teaches music, Javert is on security staff etc. (Trivia: Saint Jude is the Patron Saint of lost causes and desperate situations, amongst others.)

A "Science!" teacher

(Science staff)

    Dr. "Indiana" Jones
James' worst nightmare not counting his parents.

Modeled after Harrison Ford.
Canon: Indiana Jones movies, games and what not.

(Archeology staff)

    Dr. Gregory House
A most elusive creature: The "School Nurse".

Modeled after Hugh Laurie.
Canon: House

(Medical staff)

    The Tenth Doctor
We don't know what he teaches.

Modeled after David Tenant
Canon: Doctor Who

(??? Nobody knows what his job is.)

    Audrey 2 and Pippin
Audrey 2

(Runaway experiment)


(Poor Sophomore on the menu)

     Tracy Turnblad
She is really enthusiastic!

Canon: Hairspray

(Random music student)

    Jack Frost

(Student, also cast as Erik in a School Play)

     Roy Walker 
Modeled after Lee Pace
Canon: The Fall

(The theatre/film professor, former stunt man)

  • Mr. Fanservice: Christine certainly thinks this.
  • Old Shame: Averted. He doesn't care if anyone thinks his movie stunt work diminishes his "theatre cred".

     Ichabod Crane and Lt. Abbie Mills 
Modeled after Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie

(Two newcomers to the university)

Canon: Big Hero 6

(Medical staff)

  • Nice Guy: His canon. His bedside manner is definitely better than House's to be sure.

     Dorian Pavus 

(A Theoretical Magics and Adaptive Techniques teacher)

  • Cool Shades: He's introduced wearing a pair.
  • Outside-Context Problem: How Jareth reacts to his first appearance, due to him being the first video game character to appear in the comic.
  • Pretty Boy: He's described as making the comic 1000% prettier.

     Imperator Furiosa 
Modeled after Charlize Theron

(The Driver's Ed instructor. Yes, really)

     Hiro Hamada 
Canon: Big Hero 6

(Teen genius/young superhero)

  • Powered Armor: Tony offers to help him with it.
  • Tears of Joy: Upon being reunited with Tadashi, who is alive due to how the comic treats characters who are deceased in their canon works.
  • Teen Genius: He successfully makes a Jaeger for class.

     Tadashi Hamada 
Canon: Big Hero 6

(He's back and still responsible)


(Science department)

  • The Faceless: His face isn't shown in his first appearance, possibly as a nod to being a character from a podcast show.

     Stacker Pentecost 
Modeled after Idris Elba

(He is pleased with giant punchy robots)

     The Librarian 
Canon: Discworld

(Library staff)

     Flynn Carsen 
Modeled after Noah Wyle

(Library staff)

     Eve, Jake, Ezekiel, and Cassandra 
Modeled after Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, John Kim, and Lindy Booth

(Library staff)

     Mr. Dewey/The Pagemaster 
Modeled after Christopher Lloyd

(Library staff)

     Evelyn O'Connell (née Carnahan) 
Modeled after Rachel Weisz and Maria Bello

(Library staff)

     Marion Paroo 

(Library staff)

     Barbara Gordon 
Canon: DC Comics and its media adaptations

(Library Staff)

"Killed for canon" support group

Tropaholics Anonymous group where the living-impaired can go. Javert, James, and Nathan visit it regularly... Erik too, when they can make him. Phil also joins the group later.

    Angel Dumott Schunard
And she is?!

Canon: RENT

    Death of the Endless
You better remember her.

(Group moderator)

    And the rest 
For the rest of the group please click this link.



Severus Snape

Jonathan Teatime

Canon: Discworld


Hoban "Wash" Washburne

Canon: Serenity

Captain America

Other people

She has the job all the fangirls want.

(Waitress at Sakura Sushi)


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