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These would be the people just visiting or being other ways just vaguely connected to the main setting of Roommates.

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Friends and family out of town

    Prince Lír
Living proof how good Jareth is with children, or not.
(Jareth babysat him)

    Toby (Tobias Williams)
Creepy fae lord that way ->
Canon: Labyrinth
(Sarah's little brother)

    Darcy Lewis
Her first appearance.
Canon: Thor

    Admiral Lawrence Norrington
His only appearance from a flashback.
(James' father)

Elven king on a mission.
(Father of Legolas)


Organizations and such

    MJN Air 
No. There is no picture of them. They are from a RADIO show.
This is the airline... umm... airdot they took to get to Italy in the Third Vacation Arc.
  • The Faceless: All of them. This is a deliberate style choice to stress that these characters are from radio, so because of the limitations of their original medium were The Voice.

Arthur Shapey

Douglas Richardson

Carolyn Knapp-Shapey

Erik's Internet Science Club

So yes. The people from Erik's Gadgeteer Genius / Mad Scientist club on the Internet. For Science!

    Tony Stark
Modeled after Robert Downey Jr..
Canon: Iron Man

     Jake Jensen
Modeled after Chris Evans.
Canon: The Losers


The Celestial Bureaucracy

Azira's and Crowley's bosses, workmates and others. Currently we only have Metatron.

The Invasions and Outings

     The Copies 
Because this mini arc is just 2(+1) pages long and is unlikely for any of the copies to appear again no picture for them. But here are the originals a Pre-Halloween joke, Page 1, Page 2.

Of Jareth (David Bowie):

Nikola Tesla

Canon: The Prestige

     Blind Date 
The misguided matchmaking attempts of 3/4 of the main cast (but mostly Jareth).

Because this part of the mini arc is just 2 pages long and is unlikely for any of these characters to appear again no picture for them. But here are the originals Page 1, Page 2.
Canon: Wicked


Captain Jack Harkness

Canon: Torchwood

     Zombie Apocalypse 
Because this is what this verse needed!

Professional zombie hunters:
Canon: Zombieland


Canon: Evil Dead


Not here: Legolas because he lives in the Building #42 and Thranduil because he is under Friends and Family on this page.

    The Nazgûl aka The Ringwraiths
So this isn't Middle Earth?
(The invaders)

     Frodo Baggins
Could you resist him?


Canon: Land of Oz

Going on a vacation can be hazardous... they ended up in Oz. Also Kings War had some interaction with this realm. Glinda is under Magical Community because she is a Conclave member.

     The Gatekeeper of the Emerald city
<- Creepy Goblin King that way.
(Who wants a new job)
  • Threshold Guardians: Not an effective one but still. Poor guy. He wasn't prepared for such visitors.

     The Wizard
He is Oz the great and terrible... at first.
(Who really wishes they would be somewhere else)
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Originally side character, returns in Kings War as a villain.
  • It Was with You All Along: He is the one, who tells the cast that the way home is: Asking Jareth! To make matters clearer, someone needs to wish them back using the Right Words... that Jareth can't tell, but the Wizard knows.
  • Magic Feather: Subverted. He tries to give the cast the customary "gifts" but they are quite unimpressed.
  • The Man Behind the Curtain: Still the humbug hopelessly outclassed by the whole main cast.
  • Phony Psychic: Oh boy. Not only because the guy was a phony wizard, but also he is the cold reader and manipulator of the Ozian army later. He is no match for Erik.
  • You Don't Look Like You: He got a significant redesign in Kings War. This was even lampshaded by Erik.

    Princess Ozma
Because Everything's Better With Princesses!
(The true ruler of Oz)
  • Calling the Old Man Out: She doesn't take shit from Glinda.
  • Pop-Cultural OZmosis Failure: Canonically she was always (since book two) part of the Oz stories... but ask anybody if they know about her. In-universe this even gets a nice lampshade by James pointing out that he misses some important subtext, and Ariel telling him not to worry about it. Out of universe just count all the "Who is Ozma?" comments on that page.
  • Princesses Rule: She is the true ruler of Oz.
  • Spear Carrier: Her part is the calling out at the end of Kings War.


     Ashe Rhyder
God in person.

Canon: Real Life

(Yeah. The creator is a character too.)

     15 Imaginary Rabbit 15
The luckiest unlucky girl in existence.

Canon: Real Life

Mystery (sidestory)

A Halloween costume party which gets derailed by a Murder Mystery.

He is glad to see most of the boys.

Canon: Discworld

     Avenue Q performer + Kate Monster
They aren't living here...

Canon: Avenue Q

Der Erlkönig (sidestory)

     The Boy and his Father
Neither of them are ready.

The Father

     The old guy writing
??? I don't remember him from the poem.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • nAuthorPowers: Did it happen because he wrote it or did he wrote it because it happened?

Devious Gingers (Show Within a Show)

     The Cast 
Modeled after (in universe played by?): Benedict Cumberbatch
Aspiring actor whose work is predominantly on the stage and recently just got a part in a video game.


Modeled after (in universe played by?): Tom Hiddleston
Benny's super successful movie-actor roommate who for some reason has not moved out.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With/To Benny... guess who has all the links (and video) to the memetic squeeing.


Modeled after (in universe played by?): David Tennant
General nuisance and not actually a ginger.

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