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Heartwarming / Roommates

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Roommates gives our favorite characters second chances. Awwww!

  • The end of the Dark!Jareth arc. All of the cast is reasonably pissed at Jareth for trying to rewind time to the pre-redemption that happened to Erik and Javert in Roommates - it's complicated and Jareth was not quite himself too. - they leave him on the rooftop, sans James who at first seems to give him the silent treatment - and on the next page heartwarmingly assures him that there is always a tomorrow and always a chance to change. Given that the whole arc was about whether redemption and change is even possible it was plain beautiful.
    • Same arc a bit later Jareth's promise. Sarah asks him to promise that he wont push her off a rooftop again... he promises "I'll never let the fall hurt you." Which is both sweet and creepy.
  • The glamour cast by Jareth in the Kids arc to hide Erik's deformity.
  • When Phillipa thanks Jamie for his heroism (first time anyone ever did) in the Zombie arc. This page also doubles as a minor Tear Jerker for Tallahassee.
  • Arguably the entire arc resulting in Jean Valjean's arrival in the building. Even if you don't accept the omake as canon, its quite clear that he and Javert are at least on friendly terms by the time of the Dark!Jareth arc, which is a pretty good indicator that Javert really has got past a lot of his canon baggage.
  • The Jareth Sarah interaction in the Kid!Jareth arc. Just before it breaks your heart.
  • Jareth's monologue about friendship and second chances here. More or less Harsher in Hindsight after the Dark!Jareth arc.
  • After the Zombie arc Tallahassee just deserved this... he (a father who lost his son) is babysitting Toby.
    • Some commenters wrote that this *almost* made them cry. So Ashe draw them this. CRY DAMN IT!
  • When the Erlkönig tells his son in this dream sequence in Such Stuff Dreams are Made On (amongst other things) that stories can have several different endings. Even if he can't fight his story and his dream seems tragic, he can bend it if he is Genre Savvy enough. So Failure Is NOT The Only Option. Then the Ashe hits us with Mood Whiplash the Nightmare Fuel variety.
  • The 2011 Holiday special especially for all the shippers. It has Under the Mistletoe kisses for most of the ships.
  • the guys getting into the dream to save Jareth. Topped by the fact that they weren't trying to beat Odile...they were stalling so Sarah could show up, which is also heartwarming.
  • When Jadis confronts his ex about "messing up" their son with useless ambitions and foolish desires like love and goes "And look what it cost him."; he admits it outright and tells her: "Look, lady. See. This is what he won.". And then the Fridge Horror hits... How long was he planing and manipulating this again?
  • James dealing with Dark!Jareth by hugging him. This also looks awesome as Shadow!James has to get through (by flying because as Eagle Fae Superhero he can do that) Jareth's Storm of Blades attack spell... and breaking your heart for what it costs him (and for added Heartwarming, he also protected Sarah).
    • And though it's also a massive Tear Jerker, Jareth's reaction to what happened is proof of how close he and James are.
  • Two words: "Go home." Jareth frees and sends James' soul back with those words.
    • Same page in the last panel Jareth to his father: "But... you brought them to help me. I don't know if you can understand what it means, but for that... I thank you."
  • And also the ending of Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On. Jareth finally arrives home and the others greet him, he gets several comments on the arc (with warring levels of gratitude and snarkiness) and a hug from Sarah, while his father checks on him one more time.
  • Phil Coulson's appearance in the "Killed for Canon" meeting here. (Also major The Avengers spoiler. You have been warned.) There are more important things than surviving.
  • And then there's the bonus picture to Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On which is so adorable and fluffy and heartwarming that it might not be legal. Cuddlepile
  • Javert and the Shadow Child/Disbelief is this during the Wild Hunt. Seen here, though the previous page provides the full context.
    • Which is: The Cynic is delivering the Silly Rabbit, Cynicism Is for Losers! summation.
    • And after winning the Wild Hunt, what is Javert's boon from one of the main hunters? He tells King Arthur to do something nice for his sister, aka Javert's mom Morgan le Fay. Cue D'awww moment.
    • And then Javert forgives Jareth for all the insanity he accidentally caused while Jareth is expecting a three-way "Reason You Suck" Speech from his roommates.
  • "Did we start a relationship without me noticing?" (Javert and Valjean)
  • Page 22 of King's War. From Valjean and Javert's goodbye with Javert in full Tsundere mode, to Erik and Mag's passionate kiss, to Eponine seeing Mrs. Norrington has come to see them off. It's made of heartwarming.
    • Mrs. N giving Eponine a nail of Cold Iron in case anything tries to hurt Eponine in the Underground.
    • And later Mrs. N inviting Lord King to the sickbed of his son and willingly acting as living shield against his touch of death.
  • While it's also Played for Laughs, Erik pays Dresden to ward the apartment for Halloween, and offers an extra hundred if Sarah (who wisely is staying with her parents for the night) makes it home safely.
  • When Jareth wakes up after Toby accidentally injures him with an elven blade, Sarah is shaking and obviously very upset as she explains what happened and that Jareth's father is demanding punishment on her little brother for what he did by mistake. Jareth's response? He takes Sarah's hand and says that he transfers his right to judgement onto her, so she can punish Toby as she thinks is best.
  • "You. I choose you."
  • Undeniable proof that Hiro will always get into trouble if given the chance... and Tadashi will always show up to stop him. Even if he's Dead In Canon, he can still be there for him in Roommates.
  • "In which the importance of taking first steps and small steps is not discounted."
  • Baymax gives a much-needed hug to Erik. Together: Baaaaaaaaaaaaww!