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The Makeover Fairy is Jareth's long lost (half-)sister from his father's side!

They both Instant Cosplay Surprise for no apparent reasons, appear when you least expect them, have some questionable quirks of taste (pink vs. glitter) the list goes on and on.

From his father side: If der Erlkönig decides that you need a makeover he won't stop with just you. THE WHOLE WORLD GETS IT! (As much as we can see from the published parts of the 2012 Mind Screw arc anyway.)


  • Well, that was just a Lotus-Eater Machine, but still impressive redesign of the whole "world".

The magic family tree is the unholy bastard child of an elaborate Celtic Knot and the Timey-Wimey Ball.

Just look at it! And why not? This is a place where personifications of dreams and concepts can walk amongst the muggles.

After the Dreams arc, Jareth will be skittish around Sarah...

...both because of her being creepily impersonated by Odile and because he wonders if it's his obsessiveness with her that prevents him from the Character Development needed to stop being a villain (or at least be so bad at being good). He'll get over it eventually, probably with some furthering of his character, and Sarah may allow him a date (or at least have missed him).

Dark!Jareth will be easily defeated in the Dreams arc

This isn't so much the post of one person, it's been noted by everyone on DeviantArt's forums. Jareth was not cast as the villain in the story of his dream, so his Superpowered Evil Side can't use his 'go with the story at all costs' Freudian Excuse.

The zombie invasion ended because Dresden reverted to his Changes characterization offscreen
I can't be the only one annoyed that all the zombies disappeared with no explanation. So I'm going to say that either Harry Dresden or the Doctor figured out a way to make them all re-dead. After all, those two do have something of a track record when it comes to genocide...

The Building is Jareth's new castle and the 'verse his domain.
Word of Ashe that "...every magical "court" has a theme... The Goblins are "unwanted".". Now this place is full with story rejects, (fallen sympathetic villains, under-appreciated "heroes", supporting characters sacrificed for the sake of someone else's story etc.) who fit the description quite nicely. Jareth doesn't own the place literally but it's his metaphysical / mystical domain, even if the residents are clueless about it... it's okay he was never big on ruling things anyway. This also explains why is he so territorial about the place and it's residents.
  • Pretty much confirmed by this.

The Fair Folk of this series and the Trolls of Homestuck are related species.
Theory created through the careful observing of their (mostly Jareth's) relationship habits. He don't seem to have much against "infidelity" between the quadrants but seems to have a quite similar relationship structure.

So if Jareth was a troll:

  • His moirail would be James.
  • His matesprit would be Sarah (if Jareth could get what he wished).
  • His kismesis would be either Erik or Sarah (the later is especially what his dark side would like)
  • His auspistice is the trickiest of all as he plays this with all his friends when needed.

What we saw from the Erkönig's relationships: They are more similar to kismesis than anything else. He also flirts with Anything That Moves.

  • They seem to be related to other kind of trolls too...

Jareth is the Anthropomorphic Personification of small hope.
Not the big one that everybody wants to be, not a hero or messiah the one with the Rousing Speeches, but the one that separates a Crapsack World from A World Half Full, the one that says you should never give up to hell with All the Other Reindeer (or what kind of loser you may be), that implies that you can Earn Your Happy Ending, Screw Destiny or at least survive against all odds etc. and even if you fail or die, there will be someone to remember you. As with hope in general he can also be scary or treacherous.
  • With this in mind his Dark!Side would make the opposite, total fatalism.

And the child born of shadows is...
This page and comes with two hints "the one thing every character ever written, played, sung about, or dreamed about has to fear" and "??? belongs to ???"
(This entry is explicitly added to show what goes on in the comment section! Ant these aren't even all the guesses.)

There will be an omake where Jareth is outraged by Javert's new actor
We all know he hates it when Eric gets new actors, why not Javert?
  • I think his problem is that not only does Erik get new actors but younger and younger ones. While he is stuck with Bowie at age 39.
  • He might actually be happy about his height.
  • Javert's new actor has made his appearance, though Jareth has yet to comment on it. (James and Eric seem mildly sympathetic.)
  • So it happened and Jossed. Jareth is mighty pleased with Javert's new height... and haircut.

Dresden will encounter Jareth's dad sometime, and it will be amusing
In the fourth Dresden book, Harry encounters the Erlking and summons him himself. The Erlkonig promises the next time they meet, it won't be pretty. Amusingly enough, the Council sees the Erlkonig as the leader of goblins...
  • He also appeared in the 12th an 14th books and Dresden to date survived so this is entirely possible. There are also some other amusing coincidencesnote  like:
    • he is one of the possible leaders of The Wild Hunt,
    • he is a hunting buddy of Odin,
    • he isn't a Horned Humanoid there either it's just his crown / helmet,
    • he is considered one of the Summer kings in the Dresden-verse (according to Jim Butcher) and also Ashe placed him on that side.
  • The two Erlkönig incarnation's height (the Dresden version is inhumanly tall, the Building-verse one is average) and color scheme (Green-Brown vs. Blue-Purple) don't match, though.

The Erlkönig's reappearance is for some reason he needs a heir badly.
He already called Jareth his (possible) heir in the Kid!Jareth arc despite having a daughter, so he probably believes in the Heir Club for Men rule. He already tried all in his power to extort favors from his son (Such Stuff..., the Erlkönig arc could be a failed attempt for this too), pay a hell lot to ensure that he can introduce the guy to his friends (The Wild Hunt arc), get in position that could be interpreted as him doing a favor to demand payment later (the beginning and end of the Dark!Jareth arc for example).
  • If we give credence to a the later WMG that Jareth might be what the human child became he canonically stole the Erlkönig arc takes on an even darker interpretation.

Jareth is the human boy from The Erlking
The Erlkönig only has daughter(s) canonically also even Jareth threatened Sarah with turning Toby into a goblin... what if that's a power that runs in the family?
  • What would this make Jadis, though?
    • Perhaps Jadis and the Erlkönig combined their power to turn the boy into Jareth? After all, he's much more powerful than Toby probably would have turned out to be as a goblin.

Loki and Jareth are half brothers via Jadis
This comes from two points 1. All magical people/beings are apparently related so they must be connected somehow. 2. Jadis is the White Witch and queen of winter so all of Jotunheim would fall under her control. Perhaps she realized that she had lost control of her first son (Who clearly takes after his father) and decided that she should create another, one who would be more easy to manipulate the way she wanted. Unfortunately for her Odin came along and got in the way.
  • Jadis a half-giantess so Jareth and Loki are probably related through her. But not necessarily as closely as the original WMG suggests, as there could be several Winter Monarch the same way there are multiple "Death"s.

Jamie's shirt is cursed.
Jamie gets injured a lot. And then Jareth borrows his shirt and this happens.

Genre Savvy G-rated characters can hold their own against ones of higher rating.
From this comment by DolphinSilverwolf:

"I thought a clever G-rated character could use the power of censorship to negate the attacks of the PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17 opponents. They can jam guns, blunt swords, allow fighter pilots to eject just in the nick of time, and still retain the ability to neutralize their enemies with a bucket of water."

  • Conversely this was an answer on a comment declaring: "And this is why G-rated fantasy realms shouldn't declare war on PG-13 characters.". There is death in PG-13 so if that character can force his story conventions on the G-rated realm... things could get ugly.

Jamie and Sarah will be Mistaken for Cheating
  • They accidentally had an Almost Kiss, Sarah has so far been the one helping Jamie through his grief (to the point where he stayed out all night) and Éponine's reaction to his absence was rather... chilly. Sarah and Jamie's friendship will be mistaken for something... deeper by lots of people, causing yet more instability in the Magic World since the many magic characters think the Goblin King's intended is shagging his best friend... Jareth will probably get sucked in and pull a I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, only for Sarah to smack him upside the head and shout that she's not with Jamie!

There will be more Anthropomorphic Personification type characters showing up later
And I'm not talking about more versions of Death or the cast of The Sandman. I mean more literary and original characters who represent concepts that have particular importance for fictional beings. Based on the fact that we've already seen Disbelief, Story, and now Music, it seems like the various ways the characters wish to outgrow their roles from their stories might be making these entities appear more frequently. So it is just a matter of time before more of them start knocking on the door of Building #42.

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