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Roommates has some of these too.

The YMMV tropes for Lakótársak:
  • Pet-Peeve Trope: Inconsistent Dub. The inconsistencies in / between the Hungarian versions of the source material (because of retranslations / different ones according to medium / etc.) are Running Gags, Take Thats and Translator Filibusters (we could say she developed the Catchphrase "Compare/Keep notes, damn it!"). Examples:
    • She calls Jareth "Koboldkirály" because she likes the alliteration of the new translation (and it's also easier to find) but lampshaded several times that she prefers the original theatrical dub where he was "Manókirály"note .
    • "Kicsit a Tesseractra emlékeztet." "Vagy Kozmikus kockának hívták azt a vackot?" (here) retranslated "It reminds me of the Tesseract." "Or was that damn thing called a Cosmic Cube?" (According to The Rant she didn't even dare to check the comics and she would translate it as "Hiperkocka" (Hypercube) if it wasn't a Shout-Out... and she is a "kocka"note  herself.)
  • Woolseyism: The translator admittedly tries to do this. How much she does Cultural Translation is debatable, she did change some general references to the local equivalents but never anything that is an actual Shout-Out to shows / movies / books / etc. (but she does try to modify it according to the localization of the source material... she routinely does Take Thats about translation inconsistencies). Some examples include:
    • Changing the Media Classifications to the local ones (Original Localized).
    • Adhering to the local writing custom of Avoiding Brand Names (so no Dramamine just motion-sickness medicine).
    • Changing the Erlkönig's Runic Wingdinglish to a "Székely-Magyar Rovásírás" one (this to this).
      • Speaking of Mr. King. He is the only one whose name got "Translated" (albeit Legolas and Frodo are also close, thanks to the original localization of their source material) so he is Király úr (T. Király Vilmos Rémusz) here. The full alias is a Shout-Out to the different translations of the original poemnote .
    • She also tries to keep the subtitle alliterations / puns (or find an appropriate equivalent) not the more literal meaning.


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