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Nightmare Fuel / Roommates

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Roommates normally isn't that scary but...

... there are the fae:
  • We can safely say that Each-And-Every-One of them is creepy to some degree in the series (probably a sign that they are well written).
    • Notably, this is a building with a demon in it, but he stills falls into the balance between good and evil. The Fey are not on that spectrum at all, adding to their alien-nature.
  • The Erlkönig. This is established in his first real appearance in the Erlkönig Arc (even his son calls him by title in-universe!). With added Paranoia Fuel after applied Fridge Logic and / or research. There IS something out in the dark that could get the characters... and is the father of that goofy Trickster who lives next door.
    • The Mind Screw arc Such Stuff as Dream Are Made On made him more likable but also cemented his creepy as hell status... He is a highly powerful amoral Dream Weaver who isn't above stealing a mortal soul if he sees any benefit in it. Even that of the hero who saved his son.
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    • He could also listen or even step out of any shadow... and is a death avatar.
    • In the beginning of the Dreams arc, it looks like the Erlkönig gouges out his own son's eye. It is only slightly less creepy when it's revealed that the Erlkönig stabbed his own hand to create a magical eyepatch with blood.
    • And just think about how self-aware this comic is. Are we sure that The Fourth Wall Will protect us?
    • Played for laughs but Fear. Eldritch beings including him could play poker in your kitchen at the middle of the night, and invite you to join... or critique your choice of nightwear or tear you to pieces.
    • There's also the prequel comic, which is a telling of the tale of the Erlkönig. All the Adult Fear of the original poem, with the added creepiness of the pencil-shaded panels.
    • At the start of the Kings War arc, the Erlkönig tells Sarah that her little brother will be punished for accidentally harming Jareth. For a terrifying moment, it looks like he's going to be the one to choose the punishment for the child. It's a sign of how bad things are that Sarah - who hardly trusts Jareth at all - finds it far more comforting that he's the one choosing the punishment, instead of the Erlkönig.
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  • Dark!Jareth. He is creepy in his power and fatalism... he's just truly and deeply alien. He is understandable and logical if you can think in the Theory of Narrative Causality, not that it makes him less scary, it's just method in the madness.
  • "Odile". Voluntary Shapeshifter, fae mercenary, Waif-Fu practitioner, who could bind you (enslave you) just through a Mistaken Declaration of Love.
  • Even Jareth that goofy "idiot" has power over time and space and dreams and is totally clueless (Just look at the page where he fixes Inception and try to imagine Cobb's point of view)... Never Sleep Again.
  • The Erlking's Daughter Jareth's sister ... well she intimidated "Odile" quite easily and effectively here and her disguises are convincing, you really don't want to be on her bad side.
... there is also other stuff:
  • The setup of Such Stuff... Jareth wakes up in a world that... is... just... not... RIGHT. (Including himself)
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  • Oh the vine borders in Such Stuff... what a nice way to show that those are dreams / flashbacks. Hey, wait, is it attacking?! (What better way to establish the danger of a thing than letting it take out (at least temporally) one of the scariest characters The Erlkönig of the series?)
  • This cover. It's animated with a Jump Scare.
  • The Shadow Child aka Disbelief. Weaponizes what he personifies... and given the meta "What is real?" nature of the series, he is terrifying.
    • And you know what? That vine border mentioned before, Kings War revealed that that's him. His tendrils creeping around and breaking the panels.
  • After his encounter with Story, everyone in the fanbase is scared for Socks. Something's real creepy about that person... They were right.
  • Story reveals it has Reality Warper powers, deliberately Retconning the current storyline when it loses. It even effects Jareth, as well as Sarah and Javert, the characters most likely to No-Sell such shenanigans.
  • What Story does to Loki in response to his decision to re-invent himself as a god of stories.
  • The newest Concept to join the story is Blank. His first act? Taking out the Erlking.
    • Then we later get this page, where Blank gets a hold of Jareth and Sarah. It dangles them from the ceiling while it wraps around them like a suffocating goo.
  • The last panel on this page is extremely creepy and unnerving. The black-and-white nature of the comic makes it hard to tell if Erik is dripping with ink or blood as words from The Phantom Of The Opera cover his body.


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