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Nightmare Fuel / Ruby Nation

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Ruby Nation is generally a bleak story, but every now and then, things really take a turn for the creepy.

  • The entire Days of Hurt and Comfort arc is pretty creepy, showing just how Elise's Ax-Crazy tendencies came about, but her saying that killing people feels "really good! Like having sex good!" due to her brainwashing really takes the cake.
  • Finding out that Ruby's unborn child is capable of triggering even further mutations in her body. Her power and size are growing beyond her control and there's nothing she can do about it.
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  • In something that seems to come straight out of the Borg, Jens gets remotely brainwashed into the singularity. His expression and overly-happy mannerism is...disturbing. It gets even worse when it turns out lots of other humans are under the same control.
There's a huge amount of Fridge Horror involved once we find out Moray is only ten years old. Ruby and co have been fighting a child and his teammates with lethal force the entire time.