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Heartwarming / Ruby Nation

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  • For as creepy as it is, given the twisted mental state of both parties, Kaluga's affection for Elise and her acceptance of his appearance is quite touching.
  • Almost any flashback scene between Ruby and Jiro. As bad as their lives are, they genuinely care for and support each other and those moments help to show the lighter, more happy aspects of their relationship.
  • The letter Alexis writes in the event of her death is heartwarming in its own bittersweet way.
  • Throughout her time in captivity under Dr. Carcharria, Ruby shows a lot of concern for her unborn child and her lost teammates. There's something deeply touching about the fortitude she shows in face of what she's being put through just so she can keep herself capable of saving the people she cares about.
  • The ending is definitely a Bittersweet Ending, but there's just enough hope and reason to think things could get better that it leans more toward being heartwarming than it does a Downer Ending. Seeing Ruby and Jiro reconciled goes a long way toward that.