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All the characters in Roommates who can be considered The Middle Folk and don't fit in earlier categories. (So magic but not Heaven and Hell or living / working in town as much as we can tell. Basically The Fair Folk & The Witch Species). Presumably all related to each other and Jareth somehow. Also their assorted magical creatures and minions will added here too.

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Jareth's close(er) family

    Jadis The White Witch
An ice-cold!
(Jareth's mother) Her court is Winter. No specialties are known yet but probably quite literally. In the snow, ice, merciless cold and blinding whiteness kinda way.

    The Erlkönig
Top: The Erlkönig.
Bottom: Lord Errol King
(Jareth's father) His court specialites are deep forets and Things That Go "Bump" in the Night, he is also Summer.

    Aisling the Erlkönig's daughter
The two faces of a mystery girl.
Canon: The Erl-King, other north European myths and legends.
(Jareth's half-sister, also university student)


Various groups

The Erlkönig's Magical Men's Club

aka The Wild Hunt, as you can guess the people here also belong to the Magical Community.
    Arthur Pendragon
He is stuck With Friends Like These... too.

He was born ready!
  • Boisterous Bruiser: A Magic Knight one. He is the most enthusiastic of the hunt and happy to face any challenge... he is equally disappointed when he doesn't get his big fight. Or the maidens.
  • The Casanova: He is partial to the maidens... and was talking about the quarry.


The Conclave

The people attending the Conclave about Jareth's accident in Kings War. , Odin (under The Erlkönig's Magical Men's Club), Morgan and Schmendrick (both under Freelancers / Unsorted).

     The Endless 

Not here: Death (under Killed for Canon meeting on the Townsfolk page)

     Glinda the Good
The Good... or not.
Canon: Land of Oz

Canon: West African and Caribbean folklore, Anansi Boys

     Sun Wukong
He looks so innocent...

He has important news!

Smaller groups

    The Monthly Poker Game of Fear 
Late night game of Poker for Things That Go "Bump" in the Night and/or are Your Worst Nightmare. They had a deceptively Affably Evil demeanor when James happen on them.

Outside of the listed beings The Erlkönig also attends this.
They would gladly deal you in.
The Slender Man
Appeared on the 12th cover, or didn't he? Later joined the poker party.

Sadako Yamamura

Canon: The Ring

Pitch Black

     The Teachers 
The Notebook, Tony the Talking Clock, and presumably the rest

The Freelancers / Unsorted

A third rate pickpocket.
(Part of Jareth's extended family)

    Morgan/Morgause/Etc. Le Fay/The Healer/Etc.
Yes. Both are her.
(Mother of Javert and aunt of Jareth)

    The Queen of the Night
She likes to gloat.

  • Friendly Enemy: This is how she seems to relate to the Erlkönig. They antagonize echother, but get along quite well when you get down to it.

    "Odile" aka Fake!Sarah
Canon: ???. Roommates possibly.
(Jadis' "minion" or, according to Word of Ashe, she is an independent contractor. Probably not that Odile but the alias fits.)
  • Invisible to Normals: When she wants to, or at least the "You see me- How?" when she had the misfortune to run into Miss King suggests it strongly.
  • Leotard of Power: She wears one. Practices Waif-Fu. And it's also expressive.
  • Masculine Lines, Feminine Curves: A weird subversion. Ashe's style to draw women tends to be highly (many times impossibly) curvy and this didn't change but "Odile" also has a lot of sharp lines (more than most if not all male characters) which gives her a "living crystal" look.
  • Mistaken Declaration of Love / Magic Kiss: Seems like accepting "Odile"'s hand / answer when you're calling out for your true love magically binds you to her.
  • Only in It for the Money: Word of Ashe that she is a mercenary.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: "Odile" is a Code Name. We don't know her actual one.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Let's just say that she took that pan very personally, which isn't too professional for a mercenary. (For her misfortune she run into someone violently protective.)
  • Waif-Fu: She is comparatively small and looks fragile but has uncanny (maybe magic enhanced) reflexes and fights barehanded... can fight three armed Badass Normal characters simultaneously without problem. Later revealed that they just stalled her, but it's still impressive.

Gods and Anthropomorphic Personifications

    The Green Fairy
...maybe you drunk too much.
Modeled after Kylie Minogue.
Canon: Moulin Rouge! at least mostly
("Pet" or maybe house god or just visitor of Satine and Christian)

Yes. We really needed more Tricksters.
Canon: He is mostly Marvel Comics' Loki but maybe even Norse Mythology
(According to Pika Jareth's cousin from his mother's side.)
  • Smug Snake: He seems so confident and smug in his first panel. Just to "ask" for Brain Bleach some panels later. (Jareth is creative)

    Sanderson Mansnoozie the Sandman
(Acquaintance of Jareth)

    The Spirit of the Sea
That's one way to make a wave...
Canon: Roommates and beyond...
(She came to take away the little boat at the Burial at Sea.)

The Concepts

    The Shadow Child aka Disbelief
The one thing every character ever written, played, sung about, or dreamed about has to fear.Not creepy enough? Click here 
Canon: Roommates and beyond...

    The Scribble Person aka The Living Words aka Story
This guy seems legit.note 
Canon: Roommates and beyond...

Canon: Roommates and beyond...

Canon: Roommates and beyond...

Minions and retainers

Awww! They help!
Canon: Labyrinth mostly.

Canon: Roommates
(Random goblin. Jareth's (and Sarah's but she wouldn't admit) minion. Also check the "Many faces of..." page)

    The Shadow Beasts
The three with most panel time and the Erlkönig.
Canon: ???. Roommates possibly.
(Minions of the Erlkönig? Or maybe depends on who casted the shadows.)

    The Wolves
They are here to "help".
Canon: Everything listed on Savage Wolves really.
(Jadis' minions.)
  • Savage Wolves: The bloodthistiest and savagest in all fiction. They were the Wargs in the works of Tolkien now serving the White Queen.
  • Talking Animal: Well, yes, they can talk.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Their notion towards the Goblins. And yes. Thanks to Canon Welding in this crossover world they indeed were.

Canon: The Bible and beyond...


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