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This is the only time the strip bothered to censor him.

"…in which a dorky white cop and a sassy black cop who uses the word "motherfucker" the same way most of us would use a comma…"

A character with a distinguishing characteristic of swearing noticeably more, or at least in harsher words, than the rest of the cast.

Keep in mind that this is relative; if everyone swears a lot, that's not this trope, unless of course, this character swears more loudly, more vulgarly, and more often than the rest of the cast combined. Conversely, in works where swearing is otherwise nonexistent, a character can be this even if the worst that comes out of their mouths would look very tame in other contexts. Not all works have one of these: a lot of the time most or all of the major characters use about the same amount of profanity, or if some do swear more it is not by enough of a margin to make it a noticeable aspect of the character. What matters here is that a character is set apart by swearing more than everyone (or nearly everyone) else in the same work.


The various circumstances of how or why a character swears also may say a lot about the other facets of their personality.

  • Someone who swears frequently as if it was punctuation may come across as irreverent and casual. If a character swears around their friends, it can (but not certainly) hint to a degree of trust that swearer has toward the other, not holding back their thoughts but being honest about their feelings.
  • If a character rarely swears but in profuse/intense vulgarity on those rare moments, then it might be a sign that the topic is either a Berserk Button or Serious Business issue for the character and/or that their stress level has reached a breaking point. It can also coincide with traits like Beware the Nice Ones or Stepford Smiler.
  • Another who uses slurs as a weapon to break people emotionally can say much about how insensitive or callous they are at their core and also hint exactly to the sort of failing they have. Someone who swears to a select group of people may be a racist/bigot. Casting slurs while in a position of power might be a sign of corruption of the person (or the entire institution!).
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  • A character who swears at/around inappropriate targets (like their boss, an authority figure or a loved one) or times (solemn occasions, tender moments) might be carrying the Idiot Ball, Too Dumb to Live, or generally have poor impulse control.
  • For any of the above, the characters might have hidden qualities of Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Broken Bird, Broken Ace, etc., as fitting for the character if they have a Freudian Excuse, have a moment of Heel Realization, or otherwise act kindly/heroically outside those moments of offensive speech.

These characters are likely to drop Cluster F-Bombs where they're allowed to. Otherwise, they may be doomed to Gosh Dang It to Heck! or Angrish. Symbol Swearing or a Cluster Bleep-Bomb, too, is an often effective option. May also be subjected to The Swear Jar. Making them stop swearing for a while can have the same effect as a Precision F-Strike for other characters.

May be the wielder of a Weapons-Grade Vocabulary, though the two tropes are independent of each other.

Contrast The Snark Knight. The trope name is an example of Sir Verb-a-Lot.

These are the motherfucking examples assholes!:

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    Motherfucking Anime & Manga bullshit! 
  • Agito from Air Gear has the F word as his catchphrase.
  • When Baccano! notes Victor Talbot's propensity to swearing in its Dramatis Personae, it is not kidding. If Victor is involved in a story, he is almost guaranteed to swear more than anyone else in it combined.
  • Guts from Berserk, which is part of his Anti-Hero personality.
  • Revy of Black Lagoon is by far the most foul-mouthed character in the series, and is the most frequent contributor to its high volume of F-Bombs. See for yourself.
  • Bleach.
    • Grimmjow speaks like a delinquent and swears a lot more than the protagonist. Fitting to that, he's flipping the bird to the readers on a cover page of a chapter.
    • Even more so, Nnoitra. Every other word he says is some form of "fuck," "shit," or "bitch."
    • Ichigo Kurosaki himself also swears quite a bit, tending to resort to it not only when he's mad, but when he's simply annoyed, confused, or trash-talking opponents as well. Additionally, in the English dub, he ends up swearing at least as much, if not more so, than Grimmjow and Nnoitora. This is due to them having their language noticeably toned down compared to the original Japanese translation, while his language, due to not being quite as coarse, to begin with, wasn't edited down much at all.
  • Deadman Wonderland:
    • Minatsuki Takami is one, which is Taken Up to Eleven in the English dub.
    • Ganta swears quite a lot, though not half as much as Minatsuki and only in certain situations…
  • Bando from Elfen Lied has the filthiest speech pattern in the entire series, due to him being a rough and tough guy with anger issues and being a Jerkass.
  • Hiruma and his charming nicknames in Eyeshield 21.
  • Fairy Tail has several people like this - Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, Jackal, and Ezel, to name a few (especially the latter two).
  • Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist sometimes has the tendency to do this, mostly when angered by mentions of his height.
  • Jan Valentine from Hellsing. He also enjoys bringing up embarrassing bodily functions rather often.
  • Several characters from Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • Romano, especially when he's around Germany.
    • England claims to be a gentleman, but he becomes this when he's pissed off.
    • Tony, America's alien friend.
    • Molossia, at least when anyone who is not America is around.
    • Belarus does this on occasions.
    • Mochi America wasn't this at first, but he and his language got fouler as the series went on. He fits this trope so much that when this video was released, many fans had to be convinced that it was canon and not just a bizarrely obscene fanwork.
  • We also have Inuyasha himself using such language when he is angry, annoyed, to call people names sometimes, confused, after getting a sit command from Kagome, and for no reason at all. Where's the soap when you need it? Inuyasha could be Hidan's twin for all we know…
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Jotaro Kujo isn't exactly the cleanest-speaking person around.
    • Josuke Higashikata from Diamond Is Unbreakable is also known for swearing a lot as well. Ironically, he's one of the kindest JoJos.
    • Echoes ACT3, Koichi's Stand, also has a tendency to swear a lot, in Gratuitous English.
      Echoes ACT3: Ok, master! Let's kill da ho! BEEETCH!
    • Secco from Vento Aureo is one of the most foul-mouthed villains in the entire series.
    • Stone Ocean:
      • Jolyne Cujoh, Jotaro's daughter, not only swears like a sailor, but also knows how to give the finger in four different languages.
      • Ermes Costello is guilty of this trope in certain translations.
  • Yata Misaki of K tends to is turn into this in fansubs and the English dub made him one as well. Though, to be fair, he does have a rather crass manner of speaking which is easiest translated as vulgar.
  • Ryuko Matoi, the main character of Kill la Kill is this in spades, especially in the English dub. You see, she grew up as a Delinquent and has the appropriate vocabulary to match. Every time she trash-talks, you can expect a flurry of profanity, about the only word she never uses is a Precision F-Strike.
  • Lyrical Nanoha: This seems to be common with Fiery Red Head characters:
    • Vita is notorious for her bad speech pattern, addressing many people with temee when not using omae and she swears a lot, and she still retains it even after her Heel–Face Turn. The only time she uses Keigo is in a video game.
    • Agito is similar to Vita in that regard but is not as bad as her.
    • Nove, prior to ViVid. Her speech pattern became much less filthy after rehabilitation, a big contrast to Vita, who both started out with similar personalities when they were introduced.
    • While not a redhead like the three above, Veyron also swears a lot.
  • In Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi when the main characters reach the American themed world, the hot dog vendor is a prime example.
    "Hey! F*cking Cowboy, F*cking Cowgirl! How the F*ck are you doing!?"
  • Naruto:
    • Tayuya is a Lady Swears-a-Lot.
    • Hidan is an even bigger example.
      Hidan: [after his head gets chopped off] You know what, Kakuzu? Go eat a dick.
  • The entire male half of the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece; though justified in that since they are pirates, they would naturally "swear like sailors" all the time. Special mention goes to Sanji, who was actually raised by sailors and who trumps them all without even trying (his catchphrase is shit, usually as a prefix for someone male's nickname).
  • The title protagonists from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt swear so often and with such vulgarity (especially in the English dub, holy fuck) that they could practically be called the Trope Codifiers. Ironically, Panty and Stocking Anarchy, the two most foul-mouthed characters on the show, are angels. In contrast, the two Demon sisters, Scanty and Kneesock, are two posh, high-class villains who never swear, despite their roles as the antagonists (though they do sometimes indulge in occasional sister-on-sister fun times). This makes the one time they do swear up a storm in the final episode have that much more impact. In the English dub specifically, the swearing overall isn't that much less than The Wolf of Wall Street!
  • Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. By Japanese standards, her vocabulary is quite filthy, and at best is inappropriately masculine.
  • One of Free's Catch Phrases in Soul Eater is yelling "GODDAMN SHIT" in Gratuitous English.
  • Tokyo Ghoul has two primary offenders:
    • Nishiki Nishio's favorite descriptive term for anything seems to be "shitty". When he begins working at Anteiku, he's reprimanded for his foul mouth… and promptly goes back to cursing up a storm after a brief pause. In the sequel, his foul mouth is one of the first clues that the mysterious Orochi is Nishiki.
    • Ginshi Shirazu in the sequel, prone to Flipping the Bird and unleashing long strings of f-bombs when annoyed.
  • Watt in Vamp drops the first Precision F-Strike, and continues to pepper his speech with swear words for the rest of his scene.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! swearing was pretty rare, even in the original version; Keith fit this trope to a T in the manga, where he rarely said a sentence without doing so. In the anime, two characters that did (at least occasionally) were Pegasus and Rebecca. (Both were American characters, and it may not have been a coincidence. Bandit Keith was also American, and was depicted as scum.)
  • Yusuke Urameshi, the main protagonist of YuYu Hakusho. While comparatively tame compared to a lot of other examples on this page, he swears way more than most of the other characters in the show, and is noticeably foul-mouthed by the standards of a shonen series, particularly in the uncut English dub, which itself, was noticeably salty by shonen standards at the time, and arguably still is. This is quite justified though since he is portrayed as a snarky and extremely Hot-Blooded delinquent and Anti-Hero with a rough background/childhood. He's a good person at heart, but he doesn't like to show it except to the few he's particularly close with or when he's put in situations that really allow his morals to shine.

    Bitch ass piece-of-shit Comedy! 
  • Lewis Black on not being allowed to perform at the Kennedy Center because of how many times he'd dropped the F-bomb during his last act:
    "42 fucks is too many, I wonder what the line is, "40 would have been fine, but then, oh no! He's gone CRAZY!". But then the folks here at the Warner Theater were kind enough to pick me up, and I appreciate it. They have an 80 fuck limit here."
  • George Carlin is probably the Trope Codifier for this trope in comedy. He says fuck a lot.
  • Lee Evans rarely speaks a sentence in his stand-up without swearing. It's noticeable that his stand-up is rarely aired on UK television, probably because it's a pain in the backside for the censors to edit.
  • Robin Williams was famous for constantly swearing in his stand-up comedy. On his Live on Broadway DVD, there is a hidden bonus feature that strings together all the instances he swears into a minutes-long clip.

    Bullshit fucking Comic Books! 
  • The title character of The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius rarely speaks without using "fuck", "shit", or some other profanity. His friend Jeremy and his love interest Sara also tend to be foul-mouthed.
  • The original four-issue miniseries of The Awesome Slapstick ended with Slapstick fighting the Neutron Bum, whose dialogue was 85% Symbol Swearing.
  • Everybody swears in Cazador, but Balrog, one of the recurring bad guys, takes it to the extreme: the demon can only say swear words, and he usually spews them out in long, uninterrupted strings.
  • Oyuki-Chan from Empowered cusses every third word, no matter what she's talking about and even when she's completely calm. Not for nothing is she referred to as "████ing Oyuki-Chan."
  • Jetta from Jem and the Holograms frequently uses improper British terms.
  • Jessica Jones, at least in Alias.
  • In Lucky Luke, we have Hank the stagecoach driver and Calamity Jane. The latter is contagious, at the end of both stories in which she appears (Calamity Jane and Ghost Hunt), the other ladies who have been in her company are also swearing like sailors.
  • Maika, the Anti-Hero protagonist of Monstress, seems totally incapable of going a single page without cursing.
  • Zodon from PS238 is apparently a terrible pottymouth — which is especially bad given that he's an elementary school student. To keep him in line, he's been fitted with a brain chip which replaces his swear words with random nouns and verbs and turns entire rants of obscenity into show tunes.
  • The Punisher: Frank Castle tends to curse a lot; in his own series, this is common for most of the characters, but he also does it frequently when he appears in any other title. (Of course, he was once in the Marines…)
  • Christabella from the Silent Hill comics published by IDW. More jarring because the character is an Eldritch Abomination in the body of a little girl.
  • Spider-Gwen does a good deal of Symbol Swearing in her book. Same with fellow Spider Kaine, who actually swears even more.
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • Ultimate Spider-Man at one point had Spidey fight a supervillain mother-and-daughter duo known as the Bombshells, who both swore like sailors. Pretty much every fight with them would have Spider-Man or another hero call the pair out on using strong language constantly.
    • Misty Knight filled Captain America with insults when he wanted to detain her. He said that in Iceland they had a bottomless well for dames like her.
  • Quite a few characters in The Unfunnies have filthy mouths, the most notable ones being Pussywhisker's adulterous wife Polly (who verbally abuses her husband with profane insults) and Chick-Chick Chickie (who has actually been forced to act crass and vulgar because Troy Hicks has threatened to kill him if he doesn't).
  • Negan from The Walking Dead, he nearly defines this.
    Negan: Shit fuck kid, calm the fuck down already! Jesus fucking Christ, damn.
  • Cassandra Igarashi of The Wicked + The Divine.

    Shittier piece-of-shit goddamn fucking Comic Strips! 
  • Darryl MacPherson in Baby Blues has a swearing problem (particularly when irritated or after injuring himself, with him once somehow managing to write a swear word on a note identifying a coffee table that was intended to help one of the kids identify furniture after stubbing his leg on it).
  • It is implied in one strip of Beetle Bailey that Sergeant Snorkel, of all the soldiers at Camp Swampy, was the absolute worst when it came to swearing. Basically, the resident minister of the camp was complaining to one of the officers about the amount of swearing going on at the camp and suggests Sarge teach them not to swear, to the officer's shock and exasperation. It then cuts to Sarge accidentally hurting himself with a tack that he was going to place on a bulletin board, and utters a long list of profanities (all censored), and the officer, telling the minister, who is covering his ears, that the long list of profanities he is uttering is only for a tack prick, implying that the list is even longer and far more profane with more serious injuries/more angering situations.
    • In one 2013 strip, he shows Beetle he has a degree in cussing. ("Master's in Maledictation".)
    • It's probably a carryover from the Drill Sergeant Nasty character, although Sarge isn't leading basic training and isn't particularly nasty otherwise. Other sergeants in Camp Swampy are the same—another company once challenged Beetle's with "our sergeant can out-swear yours!" (Snorkel wins).
  • Rat of Pearls Before Swine, whose swearing is censored with symbols.

    Goddamn shitty Fan Works written by fucking assholes! 
  • Amazing Fantasy has both Bakugou and the Prowler. The former is known for his Hair-Trigger Temper and the ends up Flipping the Bird at Mysterio while continuing to mock him for his obsession with killing Peter. During her fight with Peter, she also curses up a storm out of frustration, but Peter couldn't understand a lick of it at the time.
  • The Angel of the Bat trilogy features plenty of dirty-mouthed characters, but John Constantine is the most vulgar of the bunch. Tellingly, religion-based curses are usually treated as particularly taboo in the trilogy, but Constantine ends up shouting, "Jesus Christ!" in the story's first chapter.
  • In the Star Trek Online fic-verse that started with Bait and Switch, the main viewpoint character Captain Kanril Eleya swears like a sailor, appropriately enough. Rarely does a chapter pass without a "phekk" or "sher hahr kosst". Other characters are more restrained, though there's still the occasional Precision F-Strike.
  • In the Harvest Moon DS one-shot Best F(r)iends, the angry POV character Claire curses every other sentence.
  • In Incarnation of Legends, Despite her gentle, serene public persona, Brunhilde's true personality is coarse and gritty, swearing up a storm wherever she goes.
  • Melanie Black, Mercury's mother, from The Black Hearts. Not only does she provide most of the profanity in the fic, but she also ends up being the most foul-mouthed character in the series she comes from, The Makings of Team CRME. She's the only one liberally using f-bombs whereas only a handful of other characters actually even use one.note  Even her short appearance in CRME had her swearing up a storm even though she didn't use any f-bombs then. Later on, Emerald makes an illusion of her and just about every sentence she utters has a swear word in it.
    Mom always had a way with words. - Mercury's narration in The Black Hearts
  • Child of the Storm
    • Nick Fury and Peter Wisdom, both grumpy Good Is Not Nice spymasters (and in the latter case really Regulus Black, reformed Death Eater), frequently swear.
    • Sean Cassidy's cuss words aren't usually elaborated upon, but they tend to make people's hair stand on end - and on one occasion, after he's narrowly escaped being sucked into a tornado (It Makes Sense in Context) - Thor remarks that he's never heard a human swear that much and that creatively. Sirius and Tony take it as a challenge. Pepper informs them that they will present a good example to Harry, won't they?
    • When aggravated, Wanda apparently has 'a vast repertoire of obscenities'. Having previously dated John Constantine, it is not hard to imagine where she learned many of them.
    • Carol's pretty free with dropping f-bombs, probably mostly to annoy her father, and was taught them by her grandmother and her Cool Uncle, Jack O'Neill (who complained that his mother had already taught her all the good ones). This is rendered Hilarious in Hindsight by the reveal that she's the great-granddaughter of Captain Steve 'Language!' Rogers, who she later goes on a tirade against in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Irish, and Russian. As Harry (who has a moderately foul mouth himself) notes proudly, he taught her most of the Russian ones.
    • Speaking of Harry, he's got a relatively foul mouth when the situation merits it, and can swear in fluent Russian in the sequel. A Running Gag in the Mirror Image arc of the sequel is him doing his best not to swear around Clark and his parents.
  • Cristina from The Cut of Your Love Never Hurts, Baby spends a good chunk of her dialogue cursing. It's especially noticeable because no one else curses.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Chapter 8 of the sequel Diplomat at Large notes that Squirk, the monstrous octopus who once ruled what is now Aquastria, has quite the mouth on him, though readers are spared any examples. His prison is specifically enchanted so the nearby residents don't have to listen to his words.
  • In Don't Lose Your Heart, Ryuko is just as foul-mouthed as she was in Kill la Kill, though she gets to go a bit further with multiple f-bombs. The author even warns readers ahead of time that she's got one hell of a mouth on her. Even years later as a Keyblade Master, she's still as vulgar as ever, something Ira lampshades.
    Ira: One cannot question the strength of your heart. You're a Keyblade Master. Your authority surpasses even that of kings and regents. But must you speak with such vulgarity and uncouth language?
  • Essence: One of the Officer Jenny's that Ash meets has a crude mouth, though she also uses "friggin'" a lot.
  • In Forest of Despair both Akita and Mitsuru talk like sailors compared to rest of the cast. This is even lampshaded by Akita herself.
  • Kingdom Hearts Ψ: The Seeker of Darkness portrays Kairi as this, which she justifies with the fact that she grew up in a port town, though Riku is rarely shown swearing and Sora is only known to have done so once between chapters.
  • Bubbles is this way in the Powerpuff Girls series Ladder. The normally innocent Bubbles curses quite a sum, especially when she goes into her seizure-like states. It's very uncharacteristic of her so the Professor thinks it's a result of brain damage caused by bringing her back to life.
  • My Immortal: No one other than Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.
    Enoby: What the fuck? You torture my bf and then you expect me to fuck you? God, you are so fucked up you fucking bastard.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Jack is noted to be this, but, as in canon she has to keep it down around her students, since there is an actual Swear Jar. To further lampshade her status, most of the other characters keep their cussing to a minimum.
  • In Perfection Is Overrated, Hitomi Kirihara, a deconstruction of a Jerk Sue, swears significantly more than the other characters to reflect her abrasive personality and refusal to comply with social norms; she's essentially impossible to get along with when she's talking with other people instead of killing them. Natsuki and Nao have a fair amount of profanity compared to the rest of the cast.
  • Ash's Primeape in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines is revealed to be this when they reunite. He curses a lot during the gym battle against Blaine, but Ash and the narration refuse to delve into the specifics.
  • In Prelude to Chorus, Felix provides almost all of the profanity in the fic. Only four swear words are uttered by people other than him. Even his internal monologues are littered with profanity. He still swears a lot in the sequel, Soul Clef XI, but there are more characters providing profanity other than him.
  • In Saki: After Story, Teru and Sumire do most of the swearing, with Teru having anger issues, and Sumire calling Teru's claims that Saki is not her sister "bullshit".
  • In A Song of Grumbling & Cotton Candy, Pizzazz can barely go a few sentences without cursing.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog Dark Fic Prison Island Break cursing is common, but Shadow is particularly coarse, to the point that the word 'fuck' ceases to have any more meaning than the word 'said'.
  • Dante's vocabulary in Son of Sparda D×D is more in line with how it was in Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, resulting in him having a very vulgar tongue. He even calls Riser "pussy-splashing thundercunt" among other things.
  • Souls Reborn: Ginta, who was taught how to talk by sailors. The ironic part? He's Gaara's reincarnation.
  • In Treefall and its sequel Sunrise, although almost everyone tends to use swear words when they are in the face of conflicts (including the teachers who are supposed to be role models for young generation!), no one quite compares to Frenda Seivelun and Misaka Mikoto in terms of vulgarity.
  • The main character of The Twilight Child is mentioned as swearing a lot, but the Narrative Profanity Filter and Hold Your Hippogriffs usually stop her from saying anything truly offensive, though she does get in a "bastard" at one point. However, when she's truly at the end of her rope, she prefers to unleash the foulest word she can think of: "Belgium."
  • Veronica "Ronnie" Weasley, a Gender Flipped version of Ron Weasley from the fic Weasley Girl is about as fond of swearing as her canon male counterpart, but gets censored a lot less and is allowed to drop a few F-bombs:
    "I'LL KILL THAT FUCKING BASTARD!" Said about Voldemort/Quirrell, after he's placed her under the Imperius curse and Harry manages to break her out of it.
  • We'd Fly Away Together: Terra is crude and curses a lot.

    Motherfucking shitty ass Films fucking Animated! 
  • Incredibles 2: Evelyn Deavor is this, at least to a family-friendly degree. She milks the PG rating for all its worth, being the character who uses the mildest profanity (one "hell", one "crap", and one "I'll be damned").
  • Momo from Next Gen. Only 7723 can here him, due to having an on board translator, and a lot of his dialogue is laden with bleeped out cursing.
  • Pretty much everyone in Sausage Party, but Douche (just barely) takes the walking, talking cake.
  • Calhoun is one of these in comparison to the rest of the Wreck-It Ralph cast. Being a Disney movie (and since she comes from a game aimed at kids), it's on the Gosh Dang It to Heck! and creative expletives level.

    Even shittier Films in motherfucking Live-Action! 
  • The entire 21 Jump Street film series is such an epic swear-fest that it's almost easier to list characters that cuss all the time than it is to name ones that don't. However, there is still no one else that can match the proficiency of the well-oiled swearing machine that is Captain Dickson.
  • Kyle in 50/50, although considering he's played by Seth Rogen, this probably doesn't surprise anyone.
  • Steve Stifler from the American Pie series:
    Stifler: Observe the fucking Stifmeister. What is his defining characteristic?
    Jim: He uses the 'F' word excessively.
    Stifler: [genuinely touched] Thanks, man.
  • Marty McFly from Back to the Future.
  • Several characters in Bad Santa, but Marcus tops all of them.
    Marcus: Sketch it up, you fucking moron. Fucking Leonardo DaVinci.
    Gin: [angrily] What'd you call me, thigh-high?
    Marcus: I called you a fucking guinea homo from the 15th fucking century, you dickhead!
  • The Dude and Walter in The Big Lebowski:
    The Stranger: Do you have to use so many cuss words?
    The Dude: What the fuck are you talking about?
    Walter: Do you see what happens, Larry when you FUCK A STRANGER IN THE ASS!?!
  • Frank Booth from Blue Velvet who drops F-bombs at least once per sentence. Made more apparent in that he is the only character in the film to use the word (besides a character who does it at Frank's request).
  • Osbourne Cox from Burn After Reading, who is responsible for approximately half of the F-words in the entire film. Unlike other examples, he only curses when he's angry but since he has a Hair-Trigger Temper, this happens almost all the time.
  • Ralphie's dad from A Christmas Story, though it's mostly just unintelligible shouting due to censoring.
    Adult Ralphie: My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.
  • The Cottage: Tracey, the Mafia Princess slash kidnapping victim, may look sweet, but her dialogue is approximately half profanity.
  • Inspector Neilson in Cradle of Fear uses language that would make a sailor blush, and seems incapable of uttering a simple sentence without peppering it with profanities. He does not even moderate his language in front of his boss: even dropping the C-bomb on one occasion. Fortunately for him, Da Chief seems to be remarkably understanding.
  • Every sentence spoken by the killer in Curse of the Zodiac is laced with profanities.
  • Wade Wilson in Deadpool.
  • Everybody swears in The Departed, but Sgt. Dignam hardly says a sentence without using a swear word.
    Queenan: Staff Sergeant Dignam has a style of his own. I'm afraid we all have to get used to it.
  • Wikus van de Merwe in District 9.
  • Nino in Drive (2011).
  • Nathan from Ex Machina, uses the F word casually and liberally in conversation. Since the other characters hardly swear at all, it really stands out that he swears more than the rest of the cast put together.
  • Pazuzu in The Exorcist, the demon that takes Demonic Possession of Regan and causes her to scream lots of obscenities.
  • Vanessa Lutz from Freeway who swears in nearly every sentence with a Southern accent. She could be the queen of the trope.
    Vanessa Lutz: Well, pee in there, motherfucker!
    Vanessa Lutz: Yeah, well, I get claustrophobic sucking strange dick!
  • Ethel in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, who constantly drops f-bombs.
  • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman and Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket. The former is a master Drill Sergeant Nasty who has swearing down to an art form that lets him easily condition insolent new recruits, browbeating them into submission. The latter is a young, gung-ho military brat with a foolish, hot-blooded confrontational streak.
  • Selena Gomez says even more profanities as Dot in The Fundamentals of Caring.
  • The Kid from Getaway. She says a variety of profanities from damn to shit in nearly every sentence.
  • Ray "Bones" Barboni in Get Shorty. "They say the fuckin' smog is the fuckin' reason you have such beautiful fuckin' sunsets."
  • Zbigniew Religa in Gods. In one scene, the assistants keep count of his swears during a surgery, calling out "Blackjack!" when he drops his twenty-first one.
  • Happy Gilmore: After he misses a putt, the censor-bleeps can't keep up with him.
  • Lieutenant Vincent Hanna from the 1995 film Heat. Not surprising seeing as how he's played by Al Pacino, the same man who gave us Tony Montana from Scarface (1983). In fact, this Trope can be applied to any character played by Pacino starting with Scarface.
  • Heavenly Creatures has John/Nicholas, who says "Damn" a lot.
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Johanna Mason dropped the (censored) Cluster F-Bomb on live TV.
  • In Bruges: Harry peppers every other noun in his speech with a "fucking" adjective.
  • James Bond: Sheriff J.W. Pepper from the James Bond installments, Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun swears noticeably often for any character from a James Bond movie. He even came close to being the first one in the entire series to use the F-word but was censored on a couple of occasions. That honor now belongs to M in Skyfall.
  • Roman Moronie in Johnny Dangerously sends this up.
    "What a mouth on that guy!"
  • Hit-Girl from the Kick-Ass movies, more notable due to her young age (12 in the first and 15 in the second). Quite tellingly, in the second movie her guardian had set up a swear jar at the start of it, and by the end, she finished filling the second one.
  • Almost everyone in Kingsman: The Secret Service, even the snobs. Understandable given that the main character hails from a rough part of London.
  • Gawain MacSam from the remake of The Ladykillers (2004). A couple of the one scene characters shown near the beginning such as Weemack and the tv commercial director could qualify as well. Gee, The Coen Brothers sure like having these types of characters in their movies, don't they?
  • Little Miss Sunshine has the grandpa, and later on, Dwayne, starting when he realizes he's color blind and therefore, can't fly planes. He breaks his vow of silence with an enormous Atomic F-Bomb, and from there, most of his limited dialogue consists of one small Cluster F-Bomb after another.
  • Magnolia:
    • It's a pretty memorable trait of Tom Cruise's character.
    • Earl and Linda Partridge are also pretty good examples of this trope, especially Linda. This is already a movie where a lot of the characters are quite liberal when it comes to using Cluster F Bombs, but in just about every scene Linda's in, she takes the usage of the trope Up to Eleven, which is quite an accomplishment in a movie like that.
  • Charlie's "sons" in Me, Myself & Irene, mainly due to Charlie allowing them to watch Richard Pryor stand-up comedy at a very young age, and Chris Rock stand-up when they are older. Given their intelligence, this is also liberally coupled with Sophisticated as Hell, particularly when they're reading (in German) from a helicopter instruction manual.
  • The Abe Lincoln Impersonator in Mister Lonely. "I'm Abe Fucking Lincoln!" indeed.
  • My Days of Mercy: Lucy, who swears fairly often, especially in contrast with Mercy, who doesn't.
  • Inverted in The Objective. While other characters swear almost constantly, Benjamine Keynes does not utter a single damn, hell, or even goshdarn it in the entire movie, which is impressive considering the psychological trauma he experiences.
  • Joe Pesci: He's this in almost everything he's in. His performances in Goodfellas and Casino are particularly infamous in this regard. Averted in Home Alone and its sequel, appropriately enough; instead of actual swear words, Harry curses in Angrish—the worst word we actually hear him say is "cojones". Allegedly Chris Columbus created a Swear Jar to discourage this sort of thing around the child actors, and Pesci was said to have filled it in a single day. In The Movies that Made Us, Columbus recalls that Pesci told him that outside of Martin Scorsese films, he'd usually pick scripts that had as much colorful language possible.
  • Precious' mother Mary in Precious.
  • Rain Man: Tom Cruise is the sole reason for the film's R-Rating. He's the only character who swears in the movie and it has no significant acts of violence.
  • Rambo IV: Louis, the leader of the band of mercenaries, is responsible for over half of the movie's profanity.
    Louis: Look at this fucking place. Only a fucking ape would live here. What the fuck am I doing here?!
  • Nice Guy Eddie and Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs.
  • Hob from RoboCop 2. Not one of the biggest examples, but he's a pre-teen kid who benefits from drug dealing and cop killing, so foul language, while surprising considering his age, isn't entirely unexpected.
    Hob: [to RoboCop] Can't shoot a kid, can you, fucker?
  • Jeff in Safety Not Guaranteed.
  • Detective David Mills from Se7en.
    Mills: Fucking Dante! Goddamn poetry-writing faggot; piece of shit! Fucker!
  • Don Logan in Sexy Beast. The rest of the cast are plenty profane by themselves, but Don leads by a country mile due to sheer inventiveness ("Honkin' jam-rag fucking spunk-bubble!"), cluster f-bombs in nearly every line, the fact that everything in the world makes him angry, and - for bonus points - being played by a genuine Sir, Sir Ben Kingsley.
  • The Shawshank Redemption has abundant swearing throughout, but a lot of it comes from Captain Byron Hadley.
  • Tiffany from Silver Linings Playbook. It's part of her tough-girl appeal.
  • Star Wars:
    • If C-3P0 is anything to go by, R2-D2 has quite the dirty mouth… er… vocoder. The fact his speech is rendered entirely with beeps has certainly lent itself to Memetic Mutation in this regard.
    • Even more so in Star Wars Legends literature, where astromech droids as a whole have become an entire… er… race of foul-mouthed Deadpan Snarkers.
  • Despite her cute looks, Jin-hee from Sunny was infamous in her high school for having a strong mouth.
  • Charles and Cary from Super 8, especially Charles. If you pay attention, somewhere between 80 to 90 percent of that language in the film is from these two alone, in large part because of their tendency to drop Cluster S Bombs whenever the gang gets in stressful situations.
  • Brutish from the adult animated film "Tarzoon Shame Of The Jungle", rarely did he let a sentence go by without an f-bomb thrown in.
  • People swear in Tropic Thunder, but Tom Cruise's character is possibly the king of this trope. He has a dirtier mouth than Eric Cartman and Jay put together.
    "First, take a big step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!"
  • Kevin Griswold from Vacation the younger son of Rusty who's around 10, constantly drops f-bombs.
  • In The View Askewniverse, Silent Bob doesn't talk much, but Jay tends to cuss enough for both of them.
  • Terrence Fletcher from Whiplash can't seem to voice one sentence in his music class without using foul language. (when he doesn't do so, he's probably screaming given how his method goes)
  • Most of Laird Mayhew's sentences from Why Him? are laced with profanity, which he attributes as a nervous habit.

    Bitch ass bullshit Literature! 
  • The Alice Network: Some characters are more vulgar than others.
    • In the later timeline, Charlie is shocked by how much Eve curses. Later, when they run into Violette and René (both of whom now hate Eve with a burning passion), they each curse about as much as Eve.
    • In the earlier timeline, Lili swears much more than the other characters (though mostly in French). Eve barely swore at all back then…
  • In Ancillary Justice, Radchaai culture disdains the use of profanity, meaning that while Seivarden's profanity feels fairly natural by our standards, in Radchaai terms she's basically Karkat. Whether this is related to Seivarden being a Fish out of Temporal Water, Seivarden's extended period as a drug addict outside Radchaai space, or just one of those things isn't made entirely clear.
  • Herah from Battle Is An Art is a Lady Swears a Lot and so is her mother with one exchange between the two going as such:
    Herah: Fuck you!
    Rose: Well, you're the only one getting fucked right now!
  • The hunchbacked sorcerer Beldin in The Belgariad has a hideous body, horrid manners, and an equally foul mouth. But underneath it all, he's just a big softie.
  • Sharon/Shaz from the Bridget Jones books and movies likes to say 'fuck'. A lot.
  • In A Brother's Price Jerin's sister Heria, having forgotten the password, confirms her identity by uttering swearwords that would have "made her grandfather blush and her grandmothers proud". Apparently, her grandmothers were even worse.
  • Krystal, Terri, and pretty much all the rest of the Weedon family in The Casual Vacancy use the f-word in the same way a normal person would use a comma.
  • Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye, whose constant cussing was one of the main reasons the book created so much controversy on its first publication. Oddly enough, despite his knack for using other words all the time, he actually dislikes the F-word—mainly because he's tired of seeing it in graffiti in public places. Also, he never says "shit" or "bullshit" either, he instead says "shooting the bull."
  • Corpies has Hexcellent, whose first words in the novel are "fucking bullshit horsecock dickgarglers", and it doesn't really get much better from there. At least she keeps the swearing down in front of cameras and her fans, as per her contract.
  • In The Dinosaur Lords, it's not Lupa if she doesn't use at least two curses every time she speaks.
  • Dogs Don't Talk: Philip, one of the boys in Johnny's autism classroom, used to swear constantly and say that everything was fucked up. The teacher, Ms. Smith, taught him to say that everything stinks instead, to his mother's great relief.
  • The title character in Stephen King's novel Dolores Claiborne, who says she is a foul-mouthed woman which probably comes from having lived a foul life.
  • Avasarala from The Expanse is known for excessive swearing and throwing Freudian threats upon Freudian threats, especially at her peers in male-dominated field of politics. In fact, when she stops swearing, it's a sign things have gotten really serious.
  • Ron (it's implied he learned them from Fred and George) from the Harry Potter books and films doesn't get to drop any F-bombs, but most of the other characters aren't noted in the narrative to "swear loudly" or say "bloody hell" nearly as much as him. When discussing getting profanity past her editors, Rowling noted this caused the most trouble with Ron's dialogue, as he's definitely the kind of person who'd swear. He does get away with "effing" in the books, as does Uncle Vernon.
  • Wild Rhona and one-scene character Sapphire Culpepper from A Harvest of War swear a lot more than the other characters and are the only ones who use Country Matters.
  • In The Heroes of Olympus, Arion is apparently this. We never hear any of it, because it's a kids' novel, and Arion only speaks horse, but Percy (who can speak horse) said several times that he's going to have to wash Arion's mouth out with soap.
  • Colonel Sebastian "Basher" Moran, as presented (by himself) in The Hound of the D'Urbervilles, swears a lot, though in the text, its mostly dashed out, so he says "f—-ing c—t!" and things of that nature. There's also a lot of English slang for dirty words.
  • In Hyperion Cantos, the poet Martin Silenus. At one point in his backstory, he could only use seven words, most of which were bodily functions, swear words, or both.
  • The Interdependency series has Lady Kiva Lagos, who has picked up the habit from her mother Countess Huma Lagos. According to the family legend, Kiva's first word was "fuck", and she doesn't particularly doubt it.
  • The Discworld novel Interesting Times features a Barbarian Hero called Truckle the Uncivil. He "used to be reckoned one of the biggest badasses in the world" and associates with men who are called things like Mad Hamish and Caleb the Ripper, but apparently his foul mouth was the most memorable thing about him. However, since the horde he's part of is infiltrating a civilized empire, their advisor insists that he use a selection of "civilized swearwords" instead.
  • Griffin, The Invisible Man, does a lot of unspecified swearing in the early portion of the novel, and one of the witnesses whom he slips past only knows their encounter'd happened because he'd overheard someone cussing.
  • In Geoph Essex's Jackrabbit Messiah: Indra. None of the cast is outright averse to swearing, and Pen Duffy probably does it more than most, but nobody in most books can hold a candle to Indra when it comes to sheer creativity and volume of swearing. He has very few lines where he doesn't say something completely revolting—it's just how he holds a conversation, and there's no Narrative Profanity Filter. He's also just a ten-year-old kid. (Though he's actually a god.)
  • In Katalepsis, most of the main cast swears, but Twil, resident werewolf, swears far more often. Heather jokingly calls her a swearwolf.
  • Unusual Euphemism and Narrative Profanity Filter protect the viewers' eyes, but Grood in Lord Brocktree appears to be this. "Gorokkah! How'd that splitten flitten gurgletwip get up so high?"
  • Jacin and Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles. The worst of their bombs are censored out, but they are allowed a few "damn's" and "hell's". They are in the middle of a war, after all.
  • Mark Watney in The Martian, given that he's the only human being on an entire planet and it would take more than two years to mount any kind of rescue and the equipment keeping him alive keeps breaking.
  • Minho from The Maze Runner Trilogy likes to throw around all of the made-up slang from the Glade at every opportunity.
  • Mix Beer With Liquor And You Will Get Sicker has Corbin who cannot seem to say two sentences without swearing, in stark contrast to protagonist Lauchlan who has to be extremely upset to even so much as think a swearword.
  • Ronan Lynch from The Raven Cycle. Adam has compared his swearing to poetry and thinks he actually sounds harsher when he doesn't swear.
  • Sevro from Red Rising swears the most out of any character in the series. Not that the other characters don't cuss, but Sevro is by far the foulest-mouthed person bar none. His favourite word seems to be 'shithead', followed by low-Color curses once he finds out that Darrow is a Red.
  • In Shaman Blues, Vulture is a strange case. He curses noticeably more than the rest of the cast combined, sometimes several swear words in a single sentence, but at the same time his swears are much milder than what other characters use. It makes him oddly endearing.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has a quite a few, but there are some who stand out among the Loads and Loads of Characters for this trait. Gregor Clegane and Rorge have never actually met, yet somehow still seem to be competing to see who can swear more while committing horrific acts of rape and dismemberment. However, there's an otherwise irrelevant Mook nicknamed "Shitmouth" who can easily (and far more creatively) out-swear them both, for all he is otherwise mostly harmless. In A Dance With Dragons, Asha interacts with Ser Clayton Suggs, a low born knight, and about 90% of those interactions consist of him calling her the c-word in the heat of battle (though he apologizes for it later — for that, not for trying to kill her). Having said this, Asha herself is distinctly unafraid of bringing out the heavy-duty language, particularly so for a lady in this series. Just, not to that baffling degree. Still notable, though.
  • Watson from The Shining applies; in almost every sentence he says "fuck" at least once.
  • "Sally" Sweet in the Stephanie Plum series. He can barely get through a sentence without at least one F-bomb. This becomes a problem when he takes a job as a school bus driver.
  • In Those That Wake, Mike has the record of the most profanity in the book. It's a YA novel.
  • Subverted with Mr. Tulip from The Truth, who doesn't --ing swear. He just says "--ing" a --ing lot.
  • Uno from The Wheel of Time gets called out on this by other characters; although the setting's invective is all Gosh Dang It to Heck! variants that come across as rather twee to the reader, it's distressing enough to the characters that Nynaeve eventually rations him to one curse per two sentences. Uno observes this restriction precisely, sweating from the effort.
  • Isa from Why We Took the Car swears in almost every sentence until she becomes more comfortable around Maik and Tschick.
  • Safi is by far the most foul-mouthed character in The Witchlands. Even her narration is littered with casual cursing.
  • The Duke of Norfolk in Wolf Hall is a crass old bastard who can rather creative with his swearing, referring to the "thrice-beshitten shroud of Lazarus" in one scene, and rarely gets through a scene he's in without using some sort of crude language. If it's not swearing, it's probably a violent threat or coarse sexual references. It's indicated a couple of times that Henry VIII is a bit fussy about swearing, so Norfolk stands out.
  • Skidmark from Worm is far from the only person in the story who swears, but he is heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of sheer creativity of vulgarity.

    The shittiest Live-Action TV shows for goddamn dipshits! 
  • Jack Bauer in 24 is most notably well-known for his catchphrase, "Damn it".
  • Averted and Played for Laughs in an episode of The Benny Hill Show. In one sketch Benny is a driver who gets ticketed in a "No Parking" zone by a lady cop. He flies off the handle and launches a barrage of curse words at the young lady. A passing priest is shocked at such language and covers her ears out of discretion. She then fires back with a massive assault of profanities and swearing that out-and-out shock Benny, the priest, and a couple of bystanders to point of covering their own ears while blushing red as beets from it all!
  • Most of the cast from Boardwalk Empire is quite used to dropping profanity all over the place, but the Commodore sticks out as being the worst. The part that may surprise some people about it is that he's a SENIOR.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike. Some of this is due to Did Not Do the Bloody Research, but it's also a character trait.
  • Nan from The Catherine Tate Show, combined with Evil Old Folks. "What a fucking liberty!" "Take a fucking chill pill, you!" "It's a bit too fucking for that!"
  • A sketch on The Chaser's War on Everything parodied stand-up comedians whose routines "solely involve dropping the F-bomb".
  • From Cutey Honey The Live, we have Duke Watari, a Panther Claw member in charge of arms manufacturing. He's usually a calm and collected individual, but if slighted in the very least, he will let loose Surprisingly Good English swearing.
    Watari: SHIT!!!
  • Deadwood:
    • Calamity Jane has the notable distinction of being the most foul mouthed character in a Cluster F-Bomb cast. She keeps a swear jar for whenever she swears around little Sophia, with the intention of giving her the money.
    • Don't forget Al Swearengen. He's at least as infamous for this as Calamity Jane is, if not more (although even he refers to Jane as a "sewer mouth").
  • Dexter:
    • Debra Morgan was even swearing more than anyone as a child, according to a flashback. Dexter introduces her to the viewers on the first episode as, "my foul-mouthed step sister". Once, when being confronted by an Internal Affairs agent, over the course of the conversation, she manages to use every single obscenity in the English language, excluding racial slurs. When she's forced to give a press conference, she can't help dropping an f-bomb on air. When she sees herself on TV later, complete with bleeped-out obscenity, her response, in a hospital waiting room full of kids: "oh, fuck."
    • Surprise, motherfucker! James Doakes is pretty foul-mouthed as well. The difference between him and Debra is that the latter mostly uses it as filler; Doakes generally curses a lot out of genuine anger and disgust.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Tegan Jovanka is a "G-Rated" version of these, using fictitious expletives such as "Rabbits!" and "Hell's Teeth!" on what was a rather frequent basis in TV, but taken absolutely Up to Eleven in the Expanded Universe
    • The Seventh Doctor could also be this via Pardon My Klingon in the Expanded Universe, with his companions Benny and Ace using said trope or real swear words on a random basis.
    • Back to the TV series, various non-English speaking characters (including the Twelfth Doctor, as an Actor Allusion to Capaldi's turn as Malcolm Tucker mentioned below), are implied to be this, but the TARDIS's translation circuit comes with a profanity filter that, like the chameleon circuit, appears to be stuck, which is of course a pure plot contrivance to portray naturalistic speech while still remaining family friendly, but a funny one that absolutely works in-universe.
  • A recurring sketch on The Fast Show involved ''That's Amazing!", a pop-science show where guests would recount their "amazing" stories (which were invariably very mundane.) On the one occasion, a guest did have a genuinely interesting story to tell, it couldn't be broadcast because of his constant swearing.
  • Dave from Flight of the Conchords drops all but one of the F-bombs on the show. Those of the duo's songs that contain the F-word have helpfully been modified to use "flip" instead, as the characters they play in the show aren't given to swearing. Well, not all of them. "Too Many Mutha Uckers" uses variants on "uck" and "shi" instead.
  • Sandor Clegane, AKA "The Hound", from Game of Thrones, has the notable distinction of being one of, if not the most foul-mouthed character in a series which not only contains Loads and Loads of Characters, but where a good chunk of them aren't the least bit shy of at least occasionally dropping memorably profane lines. The Hound, however, is so profane that using the F-word towards the king and by extension, the kingdom, is practically a Catchphrase for him.
  • The Goldbergs: While all of the main characters swear, Beverly Goldberg takes the cake, as she swears constantly throughout the series.
  • Gold Rush!: Tony Effing Beets. At least one f-bomb per sentence. Sometimes more.
  • All the characters swear in Good God, but Danny McClure's profanity-laden rants are particularly epic and occur nearly every time he speaks.
  • The Good Wife:
    • The Informed Flaw of Eli Gold in the episode where he's introduced. Peter warns him to watch his mouth in front of his kids... and Eli doesn't say a bad word since, even when it'd be appropriate.
    • The spin-off The Good Fight no longer censors swear words, so Precision F Strikes are common, especially from the seemingly proper Diane. While it would be a golden opportunity to show Eli Gold's Informed Ability, he doesn't actually appear on the show (in fact, he's not even mentioned, despite his daughter being a key character).
  • Ice Road Truckers: Trucker Hugh Rowland is known for dropping f-bombs every other sentence. Sometimes more than once per sentence.
  • The Inside No. 9 episode "Séance Time" involves a hidden-camera prank show where the "mark" is led to believe he or she is taking part in a séance with a mysterious psychic. One of the participants constantly swears throughout the whole thing (unaware that he's being recorded for TV), causing the crew to become concerned since this will make it difficult to edit for broadcast.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: All of the Gang, but Sweet Dee probably takes the cake.
    Dee: Your mom doesn't know dick. She's a dumb, fat cow, and your sister — she is a stupid little shit-mouthed bitch, isn't she?
  • MADtv featured Emcee Escher, a "hardcore" rapper who used so much profanity in his music that it consisted almost entirely of Sound Effect Bleeps.
  • Sir Gwain in Merlin. While it is a family show, and therefore the number of swears is limited, more than once he has sworn in the background in an indistinct manner, sounding like fuck.
  • Vince from Mongrels who is clinically incapable of getting through a sentence without at least three swearwords.
  • A short Mr. Show sketch features Reverend Winston Dupree, who preaches while doing this.
  • NTSF:SD:SUV::: The President of the Navy briefly has to undergo speech therapy when it's pointed out to him that he can't stop injecting foul language into every sentence that comes out of his mouth.
  • In one episode of Only Fools and Horses, the Trotters chase off a pair of louts who are trying to mug an old lady and have knocked her to the ground. She's fine, but her vulgar response shocks Del and Rodney.
  • The Smoking Room: Len, the security guard, drops enough F-bombs in casual conversation that even his grandson calls him "Granddad Fuck-off".
  • Batiatus from Spartacus: Blood and Sand, especially when he's suffering from a Villainous Breakdown. And in a show where virtually every character makes liberal use of the Cluster F-Bomb, that's really saying something.
  • Spirited has Henry Mallet, who says a swear word of some description almost every other word. This is in contrast to his love interest Suzy, who at first can only manage the utterly feeble "Eff off, you dead… dick!".
  • Admiral Clancy from Star Trek: Picard drops at least one F-bomb in every appearance, usually aimed at Picard. Her first one ("the sheer fucking hubris!") became particularly memetic almost immediately.
  • Everyone in Strike Back is prone to letting loose a Cluster F-Bomb in tense situations, but Damien Scott takes the cake. If he's not swearing, he's probably not conscious. When he regains consciousness, expect him to start up again almost immediately.
  • The Thick of It and its spin-off movie In the Loop:
    • Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) is robustly famous/infamous for being a man whose favorite word started with a capital "F" and cropped up in nearly every sentence he spoke.note  His second-favorite word starts with a "C", so much so that when Peter Capaldi did a PSA for Macmillan in-character, he said he was talking "about the big C, and not my usual big C!"
    • Also from those works, Jamie Macdonald, nicknamed "The Crossest Man in Scotland."
  • The Canadian Sitcom Trailer Park Boys might have a lot of fucking swearing, but nobody tops off the obscenities like Ricky. He even admits in court that "If I can't smoke and swear, I'm fucked!"
  • And in The Thick of It's Spiritual Successor Veep:
    • Selina Meyer has a mouth just as filthy as Malcolm's, if not even louder and fouler, especially since she's the Vice President and eventually, the President.
    • Congressman Furlong spends six seasons popping up as an incredibly foul-mouthed man with blistering insults for everyone around him. This leads to a priceless moment in season six when his wife appears and everyone is shocked to find she's a devout Christian who thinks Gosh Darn It to Heck! is strong language and Furlong clearly stifling himself when she's around.
  • Inverted by Omar in The Wire — in spite of being a major badass, he's the only character who refuses to curse and admonishes others for doing so constantly. This is the show whose Establishing Series Moment was Bunk and McNulty communicating entirely through the word "fuck" for a scene.
  • Wolf Hall tones down the Duke of Norfolk's language only slightly from the books. He rarely makes it through a scene without a curse, a crude sexual reference, or just shouting that he'll "shoot your fucking head off." His response to Thomas More's defense of silence is to call it bollocks, and when Audley points out it has precedent, counters that it's still bollocks.
  • Detective Manners on The X-Files "Rashomon"-Style episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space". The good detective uses lots of bleeps, blanks and blankety-blank bleeps.
    Manners: [to Mulder] Well, thanks a lot! You really bleeped up this case.

    Irritating bullshit ass Music for motherfuckers! 
  • The intro to Aphex Twin's music video for the track "Windowlicker" features around four minutes of this trope in action.
  • It's very hard to find a clean song by Azealia Banks.
  • Children of Bodom's Alexi Laiho. He writes the lyrics for nearly all of Children of Bodom's songs, and it's extremely difficult to find a song that doesn't have swearing in the lyrics. Ditto for his actual personality; if anything, he swears even more when simply talking.
  • Miley Cyrus, at least compared to a few years before, tended to lean on this trope at times in 2013. May be part of the reason her Bangerz album from that year was released in clean and explicit versions. Not in her music, but in Real Life.
  • Joel Zimmerman, A.K.A. Deadmau5. He's known to be especially bad whenever he gets enraged or enthusiastic, but even in a normal mood, he's quite the guttermouth. Read almost any quotes from his interviews and postings on Twitter and Facebook: odds are that the majority will have some sort of cuss word in them, if not plenty in some cases.
  • Halsey, both in her music and her interviews.
  • Liz Phair, in both real life and her songs, at least on her early records. "Supernova" was one of her first attempts at a pop crossover, and even that had a bleeped-out Precision F-Strike on the radio edit.
  • Rappers: It'd be quicker to list the ones that aren't this.
    • As Eminem summed up:
      Eminem: Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records. Well, I do, So fuck him and fuck you too!
    • One article in Playboy gave the number of cuss words in every interview they had published, and then said that more than half of them were in the interview with Snoop Dogg. Considering the magazine's more than fifty-year history, that's really saying something.
  • Many a musician in Real Life, even if the lyrics are normally profanity-free.
    • Bruce Dickinson swears more than a fair bit whenever he is live with Iron Maiden. Whereas Maiden typically doesn't swear that much in their songs proper, Bruce is very liberal with the F-word and has used the C-bomb onstage when particularly enraged.
    • Ozzy Osbourne is extremely profane onstage. It seems to have rubbed off on his longtime guitarist, Zakk Wylde, who swears as much or maybe even more than Ozzy does.
    • Pete Townshend. Between this and his general demeanor in interviews, he's possibly the most curmudgeonly rock legend alive.
    • Adele, as she says in an interview with 60 Minutes: "I love to swear!"
  • In the song To Keep My Love Alive, the narrator complains of Sir Ethelburg's profanity. So, as a service to the human race, she rids the world of him.
  • The Troggs' infamous "Troggs Tapes" bootleg was recorded in 1970 by singer Reg Presley and features Reg and his bandmates arguing about a song's recording. Sometimes, it seems easier to count the non-swear words than the swears in this 10-minute-plus outtake.
  • Frank Turner is a rare case in that he swears a lot both in his songs and when playing live. Tape Deck Heart in particular is filled with the word "fuck". This even extends to his interviews and chats, where he's a pottymouth even when in a good mood.
  • X Japan would like to present Yoshiki and Toshi, the latter being a subverted example. Yoshiki has a definite love of the Cluster F-Bomb and the random f-bomb, while Toshi is better known for the Atomic F-Bomb and the unexpected digressions into Too Much Information.

    Motherfucking piece-of-shit Podcasts! 
  • Corin Deeth the III of Kakos Industries can't go very long without uttering a swear, "fuck" being his favorite. He does this a lot more when going off script for the shareholder announcements but even those are riddled with explicit language.
  • The Engineer in True Capitalist wouldn't count under most circumstances, except F-bombs are the only understandable ones he ever speaks.
    Mrrmarragharrgasawrra fuck you mrrgahrmrragahgrrahhh!

    Goddamn fake bullshit ass motherfucking Pro Wrestling! 
  • One of the rules frequently imposed on Jim Cornette during his active career was "no swearing". Those familiar with his shoot interviews as his career wound down know exactly why.
  • The Iron Sheik manages to be fairly cleaned mouthed when working a card or talking with younger fans. Otherwise, nothing seems to off-limits, verbally. Especially not if beer is involved.
  • La Rosa Negra was like this off ring a couple of years into speaking English. On the Milo Beasley show, she advised him to always start with the bad words when learning a new language.
  • Kevin Nash says "fuck" as much as we say "and".
  • Almost every Ole Anderson shoot can be guaranteed to be packed with profanity. If he feels strongly about something he rarely sugar coats it and he often has several points to emphasize.
  • Paige says a lot of profanities when she's not in a WWE ring. Even "Stone Cold" Steve Austin acknowledged that about her in his Stone Cold Podcast. Considering that Austin himself is a prime example of this, that's saying something.
  • After Sinclair Broadcast Group bought Ring of Honor, one of the first orders of business was to cut down on the cussing done in promotional videos, at televisions and on pay per view. Their biggest challenges on this front were Jay Briscoe (who tries to comply but kept slipping to the point they more or less gave up) and Frankie Kazarian(who cussed so much they fined him).
  • Scott Steiner once frustrated a censor to the point they stopped trying to bleep individual words and just held down the button until he finished speaking.
  • TNA ran an angle where company owner Dixie Carter tried to reign in Homicide after she learned exactly what his tirades in Spanish meant. This, of course, amused Homicide, so he just cussed more in Spanish.

    Shitty ass Puppet Shows for wimpy ass cocksuckers! 
  • Les Guignols de l'Info:
    • The puppet for Thierry Roland, the late soccer commentator. Mocked in a sketch suggesting that he is afflicted with Hollywood Tourette's, only to conclude he's just foul-mouthed.
    • The puppet for Nadine Morano also frequently use crude language, and is nicknamed "the UMP's fishmonger".

    Fucking shitty bullshit on the motherfucking Radio! 
  • Lo Zoo Di 105: Although the show, in general, has plenty of swearing, the main host, Marco Mazzoli, is known to be the most... spicy of the group. Hell, even the official website's bio about him says it all:
    Censoring him? That task can't be accomplished.

    Bullshit ass Roleplay for piece-of-shit dumbfucks! 
  • Swearing actually isn't that commonplace on AJCO, but Kube is the exception. Shits and fuckin's are scattered throughout their dialogue in all the places another person might say 'um' or 'er'.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Sebastian, despite being a Nice Guy, is also one of the most potty-mouthed of the cast, showing him to be an uninhibited person.
    • Dark Dragon, Simon's lewd, crude Superpowered Evil Side, is far more foul-mouthed than Simon is normally.
    • Zia and Nadine, both being self-styled punks, pepper their speech with swears more than most of the cast.
  • Deimos from the Insane Cafe Series swears far more than anyone else.
  • While many characters swear in Survival of the Fittest, there are a few that are… particularly notable. Adam Dodd, Kris Hartmann (in multiple languages!), Dorian Sanders, and Jimmy Brennan are such examples.

    Fucking bullshit ass goddamn Tabletop Games! 

    Bullshit motherfucking shitty ass Theatre! 
  • Hercules Mulligan of Hamilton certainly qualifies. The first time he's introduced, he makes a joke about having lots of sex with women and horses, and the next time he's relevant ("Yorktown"), he ends with the line "Hercules Mulligan I need no introduction when you knock me down I get the FUCK back up again!"
  • John Alex in Of Dice and Men. His swearing is not only profane but creative, sometimes managing to be filthy without using any of the classic four-letter words.

    bullshit fucking piece of shit cocksucking Video Games! 
  • Red from Alter A.I.L.A. is a very aggressive Scary Black Man who uses swear words as interpunction and is no stranger to obscene language in general (like threatening a character with blowing a hole in their head and using it as a toilet afterwards). His incarnation in the remake, however, is a lot more tame, but the guy in question is still a dangerous one nevertheless. Yellow is also this to lesser extent, uttering an occasional F-word here and there, rather than going full Cluster F-Bomb all the time.
  • Enzo in Bayonetta swears even when it doesn't make sense to swear. It's likely that he swears the most out of everyone in the game, despite having the least screentime and the fact that the game has no shortage of F-bombs. Bayonetta herself isn't that far behind, especially in the sequel where one of her battle cries is "Fuck off!" (which you'll be hearing a lot).
  • While the splicers from BioShock say a fair amount of curses, the Brute splicer from BioShock 2 takes the cake as the most foul-mouthed, using almost every swear word known to man right up to Country Matters (although he's British, the word isn't as offensive where he comes from as it is in North America).
  • BlazBlue:
    • Ragna The Bloodedge and Kokonoe both tend to drop Cluster S.o.B. Bombs.
      Ragna: Take this, you son of a bitch!
      Kokonoe: You son of a bitch! Do you know how hard it was to find you?!
    • Kokonoe takes her language much further than that, often getting creatively censored as a result. Let's try this dialogue from Rachel's gag reel in Continuum Shift:
      Noel: Ms. Kokonoe. What were you going to do to Mr. Ragna the Bloodedge after you put him to sleep?
      Kokonoe: Well, no reason not to tell you. First I intended to take his XXX  and put it in a XXX . Maybe a little XXX  too? My goodness, I can only imagine what his XXX  will XXX !
      Noel: Wh-wh-WHAT?! How could you stoop so low? That's totally unfair!
      Kokonoe: Like I care. Keep dreaming, kid. I'm gonna make Ragna mine!
    • Hazama is pretty bad for this as well.
      "OK, what makes you think I give two shits about a vampire tea-party?"
  • Garlot and Leon in Blaze Union, both of whom have awful tempers. After the Time Skip in route A, Garlot's new speech patterns as Gulcasa have him swearing a bit less and becoming more eloquent—probably due to coaching by Nessiah.
  • Mister Torgue in Borderlands 2, to such a hilarious extent that his company's shareholders installed a censorship device into his vocal cords to bleep out his cursing.
  • In BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm, swearing isn’t terribly uncommon for most of the cast, but Anonymous is by far the most likely to drop casual F-bombs in conversation, usually at a rate of one or two per scene.
  • Bulletstorm wasn't called "Captain Swearword's Big Fuckin' Adventure" by RockPaperShotgun for nothing, but even protagonist Grayson (i.e. the "Captain Swearword" to which RPS is referring) is taken aback by the walking, talking swear factory that is General Sarrano.
  • A lot of characters in Conker's Bad Fur Day have a tendency to swear, but the most notable example is the ill-tempered cog Carl.
    Carl: Twatting shite! That's tossed it right up the arse!
  • Compared to the rest of the cast of Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, Prishe drops mild swears much more often. Most notable are her quote for being called in as an assist character "It's about damn time!" and having "Aw hell!" instead of a death scream.
  • Dylan in Duke Nukem Forever swears in virtually every sentence, and quite often more than once per sentence. Becomes hilarious in the DLC when he shrinks and continues swearing with the voice of a chipmunk.
  • Mayor MacCready from Fallout 3. He is notable for swearing more than any other character in the game, especially when it comes to dropping F-bombs (which is rare for the M-rated Fallout series). It's more jarring when you first meet him, considering how he's only twelve years old himself. His favorite words seem to be Shit, Fuck, and Bastard. Subverted in Fallout 4, where the now-adult MacCready is a father and thus has started to censor himself.
    • Little RJ has nothing on Cass from Fallout: New Vegas. MacCready says "fuck" 13 times in his dialogue options, Cass says it 43 times. MacCready uses "shit" 13 times, Cass says it 28 times. It says something when a 37-year-old woman swears more than a 12-year-old boy.
    • Boxcars. He's a Powder Ganger you find in the Nipton general store, and he drops the F-bomb like it's no one's goddamn business. Only Cass from the same game beats him in terms of sheer vulgarity.
  • Cid and Barret in Final Fantasy VII:
    Cid: "Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair, and drink your goddamn tea!"
  • The in-game profile for Sully from Fire Emblem Awakening describes her mouth as one that would make sailors blush. Granted, this is a T-rated game, so she's mild compared to most examples.
  • Foxy in Five Nights at Fuckboy's never says anything without dropping an F-Bomb somewhere.
  • Another FNAF fangame, Fredbear and Friends, has the main character, Thomas, swear like a sailor pretty much from the moment he realizes he's all alone against a band of killer animatronics.
  • God of War (PS4): Brok drops more swearing than anyone else in the game combined, befitting his extremely uncouth nature and occupation. And he drops them in both English and Old Norse.
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game:
    • Averted due to the game having a Teen rating. Notably crass characters like Thaler and Zoltan's parrot, Field Marshal Duda, aren't allowed to swear every other breath.
    • Vesimir is still too old for this shit, however.
  • In A Hat in Time, DJ Grooves mentions that the word "Peck" is considered a swear word among birds. His rival, The Conductor, basically throws it around like it's nothing (usually referring to people as "Peck neck"). Hat Kid potentially can do this if you use the "PECK!" emote in online play.
  • Detective Isaac Washington from The House of the Dead: OVERKILL. Considering he's the primary contributor to the game's 189 F-bombs on a normal playthrough, enough for a Guinness World Record, the game certainly earns its title. His first line of dialogue and Establishing Character Moment is "Whassup, motherfucker!"
  • The only reason Knytt Underground has an M rating is because Cilia exists.
  • Ellie from The Last of Us is an incredibly foul-mouthed little girl who swears more than most of the adult characters (Bill being one of the few who can hold a candle) and provides one of the biggest aversions of Children Are Innocent in gaming. Observe.
  • Left 4 Dead:
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel: Crow Armbrust. He doesn't swear that much, but he's the only character that actually uses profanity, at least in the English-language localization anyway.
  • Zed the Punk Rock Zombie, the first boss in Lollipop Chainsaw. He attacks you by yelling swear words that become physical and come flying at you, and he also yells crude insults like "I'M GONNA RIP OPEN YOUR CHEST AND SHIT IN YOUR RIBCAGE!", "I THINK YOU PISSED YO' PAAAAAANTS!", and "YOU THINK THAT HURT ME? I JUST JIZZED A LITTLE!"
  • Jack from Mass Effect 2. In Mass Effect 3, she has to continually cut her curses short whenever her students are listening. She does get the chance to cut loose on Joker at the end, though we cut to the next scene before it gets a chance to get going. By the Citadel DLC, without any students around, she's back in form.
  • Everyone in Metal Arms: Glitch in the System curses at least a bit, but Krunk, the short, squat, peg-legged Droid mechanic, is constantly being bleeped out. Even the name of the level where you play him, F&!?ing Krunked, has to be censored out.
  • The Metal Gear series is usually conservative when it comes to swear words, but Senator Steven Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes the cake as the most foul-mouthed character in the entire franchise. He has a Badass Boast sporting five consecutive sentences starting with an F-bomb!
  • In Metal Gear Solid 3, The Fury is an angry, angry man. His rage-induced vulgarity stands out since the other members of the Cobra Unit are not nearly as coarse. For instance, if you attempt to damage his protective suit, you'll certainly know if you succeed, because he'll take a moment to yell "Son of a BITCH!" loud enough to be heard anywhere in his Boss Room, even over the roaring fires caused by his flamethrower and jetpack.
  • Cassie from Mortal Kombat X; her dialogue has more use of the F-word in one game than every other character in the entire franchise. While she is in the army, it's still a lot for a game that has never seemed overly fond of cussing before.
  • Kumatora in Mother 3, being the tomboy that she is. Lighter as well, to a lesser extent.
  • In Myst IV: Revelation, Achenar's first journal in the Prison Age of Haven details his mental breakdown. While the only vulgar words among these are "Hell" and "Bloody", the game was still given a "T" rating. For bonus points, Yeesha's amulet allows us to hear Achenar narrate this journal.
  • In Neptunia, out of the four goddesses of Gamindustri, Blanc/White Heart is the one that drops the highest amount of S-bombs (while she has no problems saying "damn", "shit", "hell", "bastard", and "bitch", she is yet to drop any F-bombs, apart from one instance of "[Words banned on Nepstation]" in Megadimension Neptunia VII). It's basically one of her defining character traits, and the citizens of her nation are so used to it, they feel she would not be her if she would start dropping her foul mouth, as seen in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 when an impostor of her instead speaks in Gosh Dang It to Heck! language and is immediately outed as the fake (in the Japanese version, the fake instead failed to replicate angry Blanc's Guttural Growler status, and instead spoke in Dull Surprise). As a sample, a few lines she says during ''the first game's intro sequence:
    White Heart: I won't let any of you selfish, icy bitches take the title of True Goddess!
    White Heart: [having received a derisive comment from Green Heart about her flat chest] The hell's that? Listen to that crap, talkin' out yer ass! I'll kill you! DIE!
  • Kainé from NieR. The very first thing you hear when booting up the game is her delivering a truly splendid Cluster F-Bomb to Weiss.
    Kainé: Weiss, you dumbass! Start making sense, you rotten book, or you're gonna be sorry! Maybe I'll rip your pages out, one-by-one! Or maybe I'll put you in the goddamn furnace! How can someone with such a big, smart brain get hypnotized like a little bitch?! Huh? "Oh, Shadowlord! I love you, Shadowlord! Come over here and give Weiss a big sloppy kiss, Shadowlord!" Now PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN ASS AND START FUCKING HELPING US!
  • Ni no Kuni:
    • Swaine, which is especially notable as the rest of the game is otherwise fairly innocent and kid-friendly. Of course, the worst he ever says is "Dammit," but it's still somewhat surprising.
    • Drippy uses family-friendly language, but in a way rather evocative of this trope: "Flipping heck, mun! Use youer flipping head and flipping think, ye barmy lad!" ]
  • No More Heroes: over the course of both games, Travis;
    • Says "Fuck" 32.5 times. note 
    • Says "Shit" 19 times.
    • Says "Hell" 18 times.
    • Says "Damn" 13 times.
    • Says "Bitch" 9 times.
    • Says "Ass" 8 times.
    • Says "Bastard" 2 times.
  • OFF has Dedan, the first boss. Most of what he says when seen in Zone 1 either has some swear or insult thrown in, and he's shown cursing at one of his employees. When seen in the Room, he's a lot kinder and doesn't drop a single swear. Likely because this might have been a flashback where he was speaking in front of a young boy. Version 3.0 of the English translation tones it down quite a bit, though.
  • Kanji in Persona 4. Although he eventually gets over it after Character Development turns him from Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Good.
    "I'm gonna renovate your ass!"
  • Persona 5's Ryuji Sakamoto does this so much that the game first calls him "Vulgar Boy" before you learn his name. Have a complimentary compilation of his swearing (Spoiler Warning!).note 
  • Gryz in Phantasy Star IV does this by being the only person to swear in the entire game.
  • In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, pirate Serafen talks like a pirate and swears like a sailor. Most of the pirates of the Principi, save the Vailian-influenced old guard, are foul-mouthed, but Serafen is a companion with a dirty (and often poetic) quip ready for many of the Watcher's adventures.
  • Police Quest: IV Open Season is best known for the profanity used in this game. For example, the character Hal Bottoms will use the word "Goddamn" and "Bitch". Also, Dennis Walker will use the word "Fuck" and "Shit" if you touch his stuff or show him items from your inventory.
  • Dana Mercer from [PROTOTYPE], notable not for swearing the most out of all the cast (which includes her salty-mouthed and hot-tempered brother and several dozen soldiers, who swear like, well, soldiers), but for swearing so much and so colorfully that the Blackwatch trooper in the middle of kidnapping her was taken aback. Her favorite appears to be the f-bomb and its variants.
  • In Raven's Cry, there used to be a guy on your boat that would repeatedly shout variations of the phrase "Be brave, (insert vulgarity here)!" at your crewmates, with the phrases ranging from "horse's asses" to "son of a bitches". He was later patched out of the game and replaced with someone much less profane.
  • The Resident Evil series is usually conservative about swearing, but here are a few exceptions:
  • Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko from Rogue Warrior over-uses swear words to a hilarious degree. During gameplay, he rarely opens his mouth without spewing a series of random curses. Marcinko is based on real-life Spec Ops soldier Dick Marcinko, and by all accounts the real Marcinko actually has worse language than his video-game counterpart.
  • Senran Kagura has Ryōbi who is the undisputed queen of potty-mouths. Some recurring lines include: “Fuck this shit.”, “You’re on my shitlist!”, “Fuck you!”
  • Shadow the Hedgehog was the first Sonic-franchise character to swear, most notably in his self-titled Gaiden Game where he swears repeatedly in cut-scenes and a half of the time he gets hit. Although he only said the words "damn" and "hell".
  • Soul Nomad & the World Eaters:
    • Gig, who throws around liberal amounts of 'shit' and 'hell' in a T-rated game. This turned into a Running Gag in the Let's Play Archive's record of the game, with the author keeping tally of his swears.
      "Yeah, I said "shit" 33 times. Got a problem with it, numbnuts?"
    • During his cameo in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, this is lampshaded by Rozalin telling Adell to do something about him before Gig's mouth ups the game's rating.
  • Pearl from Splatoon 2 is heavily implied to be this. She even has a song called "#$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin", which outright has Sound-Effect Bleep in it. Pearl mentions the song couldn't be played on radio stations (other translations have her instead saying that the song needed to be censored more before it was put on radio).
  • Undyne in Undertale, although in keeping with the game's family-friendly nature, it's only PG-level expletives. In a game where most characters don't swear at all, one who does so even infrequently is bound to stick out.
    • Susie from Deltarune, on the other hand, freely throws around 'ass' and 'damn', but not much more vulgar than that.
  • The Witcher: Thaler has a mouth about a magnitude fouler than that of any other character in the game. That says quite a lot, as pretty much everyone swears regularly and he still manages to stick out.
  • The Wolf Among Us: Toad wins the prize, cursing constantly, even to his young son.
  • Jr. in Xenosaga. Notable in that he looks like a preteen boy.

    Shitty ass goddamn piece-of-shit Visual Novels! 
  • Danganronpa:
    • Mondo Owada from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc swears significantly more than any of the other students.
    • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair curses just about any time he opens his mouth. Though he begins to swear somewhat less post-Character Development.
    • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony:
      • Kaito Momota manages to pass Mondo and Fuyuhiko in how much he swears, though he is much kinder than those two. It's downplayed in the English localization, however.
      • Miu Iruma, who swears and makes lewd comments almost every time she opens her mouth... at least, until someone yells at her back, at which point she goes full Shrinking Violet.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!: Both Natsuki and Yuri warp into this trope in the second act.
  • Don't Take It Personally, I Just Don't Like You has Maria, who drops at least one F-bomb per minute she's on screen, counting nearly a hundred in the hour-long demo alone.
  • The protagonist of Dra+Koi was translated with an extremely foul mouth to get across his Only Sane Man attitude across. He's surrounded by crazy idiots, so the frustration is understandable.
  • Songs and Flowers has protagonist Jazz, who swears in every other sentence and in increasingly creative and bizarre ways, with phrases like "unfucktionately", sometimes leading to a total Cluster F-bombing of the text box. She does it so often that other characters wonder if something's wrong when she isn't swearing up a storm.
  • Dio from Virtue's Last Reward. While the other characters also swear, someone counted the number of times the word "fuck" has been used and made a (somewhat spoilery) pie chart. At 39.5 "fucks," Dio has dropped nearly as much F-Bombs as the rest of the cast in all three games combined.

    Bullshit motherfucking goddamn Web Animation! 
  • Anon has a LOT of potty-mouth characters, but Chelsea Clark is a whole other level to the point her children seem to inherit it, Kyle even outright states that "fuck" and "shit" are Chelsea's favorite words to use.
  • While few people in Camp Camp's main cast have what could be described as a "clean" mouth, the two worst offenders are Max (who drops the first F-bomb one minute in the series and continues from there) and Neil (who is the first one to drop Country Matters). Fittingly enough, Max is played by Rooster Teeth's resident swear-knight, Michael Jones.
  • The Courier in Courier's Mind: Rise of New Vegas, often swears while in battle, when he hurt, when someone is a Jerkass when someone is not a Jerkass, but he acts like they are. Lampshaded in season two.
    The Courier: My plan involved a lot of shooting, a lot of swearing, and not a whole lot of anything else.
  • Dreamscape: Betty is a female example. She is by far the most foul-mouthed member of the cast. Her "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Melissa in 'Confronting the Dark' is a perfect example, with her saying 'cocky-ass' between pretty much every word.
  • The abridged version of Fate/Zero, Fate/Cero, has Sir Lancelot, who, having been summoned in the Berserker Class, is angry all the time, and, having tired of Camelot's manners, swears a lot.
  • gen:LOCK has Cammie MacCloud, who is by far the most foul-mouthed of the team despite being The Baby of the Bunch. Then again, she is Scottish.
    Cammie: If they've tapped into the data center, aren't we fucked already?
    Dr. Weller: Cammie, we have got to work on your cursing!
    Cammie: Why? I curse pretty well already!
  • Go Animate is common to profanity when it comes to Boris the Teeth Guy.
  • While Strong Bad from Homestar Runner never says anything worse than "crap" or "freakin'", he uses those particular two words a lot.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, it's hard to find fifteen seconds where the Emperor is on screen and doesn't use "fucking" in some way.
  • Lobo from Lobo (Webseries) who spoke a variety of colorful profanities, from fictional to real.
  • The Mad Mad Mario series is basically what Mario would be if it was adult rated.
  • Dusty from Matt 'n' Dusty is one of the few characters on the show to swear.
  • The animated web short Mongolian Erectile Dysfunction, a raunchy parody of the classic Tootsie Pop commercial, has Mr. Owl portrayed as a potty mouth. His excessive use of profanity is especially noticeable because Timmy and Mr. Turtle do not use expletives at all.
  • If a top prize on this trope existed, Brittnay Matthews and Mrs. Zales of The Most Popular Girls in School would win it.
  • Red vs. Blue. Pretty much every character needs to wash their mouth out at some point, but by far the worse offender is Caboose's mental image of Church.
  • RWBY: There's very little profanity in RWBY, but by the standards of the show Yang counts. Her Image Songs feature blatant cursing. In-series, volume 4 has her yelling "Send me to Qrow dammit!" at her mother and in volume 6 she screams "That bastard!" about Ozpin after he retreats into Oscar's mind.
  • Sam & Mickey depict Barbie with a very foul mouth.
  • "Animate my life" YouTuber Tabbes is unbelievably foul-mouthed. Not a single video she's made has an instance where she doesn't swear.
  • Ultra Fast Pony is a (sort of) profanity-free series. Twilight Sparkle stands out for being the one character involved in the most Curse Cut Short and Cluster Bleep-Bomb gags to date. And her Catchphrase is "Dammit!"

    Shittier bullshit lame as fuck Web Comics! 
  • In Adventurers!, Eternion demonstrates that, as an extradimensional being, he isn't bound by the world's rules against cuss words.
  • Benjamin Franklin's clone in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja consistently swears and also gives the finger. The comic, of course, censors this with black boxes that read things like "Potty mouth!" and "Family friendly comic!"
  • Ansem Retort: Andrew Jackson, motherfucker! Duke (the writer) received complaints about Andrew Jackson's language and responded by deliberately giving Jackson some pointless profanity in the next strip, including the only uses of the N-word and Country Matters in the entire comic.
  • In Autumn Bay, most of Ghoul's lines have at least one f-bomb.
  • Black Adventures: Jesus the Whimsicott, dumbasses!
  • Boneheads: Normally everyone has pretty clean language, but then Manolo Sanchez decided to make The Swear Jar. When Manny asks what happens to the money when the jar is full, Manolo admits he didn't think of that and decides they can do whatever they want with it. All of the other boneheads decide to turn into sailors and quickly fill up the jar.
  • Alex Williams, the titular Captain SNES: The Game Masta. The author of the comic was once asked why he swears so much, and replied thusly:
    "Some people just have a potty mouth. Alex is one of those people."
  • Coyote from Drugs And Kisses not only swears the most but is the only character in the comic to drop the occasional C-Bomb.
  • Bob the Crab from The Dugs--Baseball Comics tends to be the only cussing character in The Las Vegas Tsunami. His speech is usually bleeped out by black boxes with alternative wording.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Catalina tends to call people jackasses a lot. It is pretty much a Catchphrase Insult at this point.
  • X-Pletive from Essaybee Comics Presents Fusion gets his power from cursing. It's always blacked out (being an all-ages comic), but you can tell he has a very colorful vocabulary.
  • Sydney Scoville Jr from Grrl Power. She goes for quality and quantity, especially when angered. A nearby TV crew begged via on-screen crawl for her to stop swearing, and she asked for a $10,000 advance on her salary to FILL a swear jar (granted, after a harrowing and overly exciting time spent stranded by herself).
  • Frigg from Guilded Age. Consider a sample inspirational speech.
  • Homestuck:
    • Karkat Vantas. Eridan Ampora as well, to a lesser extent. Eridan seems to use harsh language as a Verbal Tic resulting from his generally poor linguistic skills, but Karkat's just always crabby. After the comic's conclusion, someone made a chart of how many times each character says the word "fuck," and unsurprisingly, Karkat placed first.
    • Dave Strider as well. Amusingly, both Dave and Karkat are Knights in Sburb, taking this trope name quite literally.
    • The biggest swearer in the series, though, is Gamzee, who seems to begin, end, punctuate, and sometimes even make up different forms of curse words in his speech. Before he goes insane it doesn't even seem like he's angry so much as it's a Verbal Tic.
  • Rachael from Las Lindas has quite the salty mouth on her. The main character, Mora Linda, isn't too far behind, either.
  • Bumblebee from Legands Of Prime practically personifies this trope.
  • Adrestia from morphE frequently drops S-Bombs and though far less often, Billy has his finger on the F-Bomb button.
  • Those sweet fukken dwarves in Oglaf!
  • On-camera, Tabitha from Pulse is mostly just a Deadpan Snarker, but it's implied that out of frame, she is extremely foulmouthed.
  • Rusty and Co.: Anti-Madeline, if the amount of her dialogue that's censored is any indication. The verbal bombs she drops are all covered by censor boxes; she has at least one box for every page she shows up in. Plus the occasional Grawlixes. It's fitting as she is the Evil Counterpart of Madeline Goodlaw, a Paladin who's polite to a fault.
  • Freija in The Senkari swears like a soldier, maybe because she is one.
  • Pictured above is a character from Sexy Losers with no official name, who was given the Fan Nickname "Swearing Friend". Over time, his dialogue got to the point where it included more swears than normal words. One strip implies it may be Hollywood Tourette's, as it causes him to drive a woman away when she realizes it's not just something he does during sex.
  • Nick Zerhakker from Skin Horse, but he has a profanity filter which changes them to family-friendly words.
  • Heartful Punch of Sleepless Domain noticeably swears more than any other character in the series. Her first meeting with Undine has her trying not to laugh because Undine accidentally says "shits", she's prone to casually using mild swears like crap, and when writing a note to Undine the word "bullshit" is conspicuously crossed out in favor of "not fair."
  • Slightly Damned gives us the violent, volatile fire demon known as Azurai, who literally cannot finish a sentence without saying "fuck", "shit", or their variations. Seriously, he would give Jan Valentine a run for his money in the swear department. There's also Rhea Snaketail and Lazuli, but they're nowhere near as bad off as Azurai.
  • Cliff in Wilde Life. Behold his Establishing Character Moment.
  • In one Achewood strip, Ray calls the police to complain about a neighbor selling car parts on his front lawn; one particularly obnoxious customer wandered over to Ray's to see if he would sell him something. Asked to describe this harassing individual, Ray says that the guy "said 'faggot' the way old telegrams said STOP."

    Shitty ass goddamn motherfucking Web Original! 
  • Eddie the fisherman from The City of Never can't seem to go two sentences without saying the word "fuck" at least once or twice.
  • In Engines of Creation, the characters of Sergeant Boone and Lily Rasmussen are exceptionally adept at throwing numerous swear words into their dialogue.
  • Several characters in The Good Advice Cupcake can be potty-mouths. This happens to include Cupcake herself.
  • The Jolly Roger Telephone Company is a web-based company which designs bots which are intended to waste the time of telemarketers and other unwatned callers. Recordings of the calls are sometimes placed on YouTube. Many of these callers unleash torrents of profanity upon the bots, hoping to get them to hang up and stop wasting their time. Unfortunately for them, the bots never get irritated about this because they're bots, nor will they hang up.
  • Knight in Shining Armor Sir Bastien becomes one of these around Rien in Tales Out of Tallis. Made funny by the fact he tends to use Antiquated Linguistics for his foul-mouthed rants and rarely repeats himself.

    Motherfucking shitty ass goddamn Web Videos! 
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
  • While Eurogamer isn't shy about swearing, Aoife Wilson is particularly notorious for it.
    Aoife: [cornered by Bloodborne enemies] Assholes! Assholes! Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off!
    Johnny: That was peak Wilson.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Inverted by Linkara, who swears a lot less than his fellow reviewers at That Guy with the Glasses. When he does swear, he typically uses "lighter" profanities as opposed to F-bombs and such. Perhaps the only reviewer on the site who swears less than Linkara is That Dude in the Suede (he is Mormon, after all).
  • Let's player Azurite Reaction loves to say a swear word in just about every sentence, and often dumps Cluster F Bombs when he gets angry or frightened. It just serves to make him even funnier.
  • Cammy of A Couple Of Cunts In The Countryside swears more the more he drinks.
  • If you see a Cr1TiKaL's video without him uttering the word "nipples" or "fuck", you are not actually seeing one of his videos.
  • Both of the Hobo Bros curse a lot, but especially Luke. Notably, "Ooh, my ass!" is a catchphrase for him.
  • Jenna Marbles occasionally lapses into rambling monologues which serve no purpose other than to give her an excuse to mention dicks as many times as possible.
  • EDP445. Pretty much 98% of his dialogue is nothing but profanity. In fact, a huge chunk of his videos ended up being age-restricted due to how profane he is.
  • Egoraptor on Game Grumps can be this trope sometimes, like in the early Jeopardy! episode.
  • Combine this trope with Hair-Trigger Temper and No Indoor Voice and you've got Michael Jones of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter's Rage Quit.
  • MrRepzion swears in most of his videos.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter zig zags around this trope. How frequently he swears usually has to do with how bad the episode he's reviewing is and how angry it makes him.
  • In Noob, Master Zen is another case of Hair-Trigger Temper-induced swearing. Couette actually once called him something along the lines of "the guy who's using swear words all the time".
  • The Nostalgia Critic is... prone to getting worked up, shall we say, especially when the movie he's watching is at the calibre of The Neverending Story III.
  • While most of the Outside Xbox (and sister channel Outside Xtra) crew at least use mild profanity quite often, none of them particularly stand out beyond the odd (bleeped out) F-bomb or S-bomb. This is not the case in their Dungeons and Dragons campaign, where Andy Farrant's character Corazón de Leon will drop at least one or two F-bombs in each of the pre-recorded sessions note . This gets pointed out when Corazón briefly attempts Gosh Darn It to Heck! in the "Quiet Riot" session (rationalised in character as not trying to upset The Heart and Morality Pet of the Guild), then drops the act when he realises it is unnecessary and then proceeds to drop a Cluster F-Bomb or two throughout the story.
  • Ozzy Man Reviews:
    • Ozzy Man's commentary is full of swear words and none of them is off limits, and it's hilarious. Some of them are used as terms of endearment, too.
    • Eddie Stark from Eddie Stark, Australian Dad works as an archery coach, but he gets fired because he swears too much and drinks too much. In front of children. He uses "fuck" or "shit" and variations in almost every sentence.
  • Matthew of Santoro Gaming swears a lot due to his rage from failing at video games.
  • While all of the main characters associated with The Slender Man Mythos (i.e: all the characters, but especially Evan from Everyman HYBRID, both Chris and Alex from Dark Harvest, Michael/Patrick and Shaun Andersen of ML Andersen 0, and Stan Frederick of Stan Frederick, among others) are notorious for their harsh language, Noah Maxwell of Tribe Twelve probably has the filthiest mouth of them all, swearing in practically every single video that he uploads. Even versions of him from an alternate future aren't afraid to drop the F-bomb during their conversations with him.
  • Monica Ray from Strip Search is, based on not only her looks but her art style as well, the last person in the cast you would expect to tell you about her desire to fornicate with your mom, or her frequent rhetorical soiling of her own pants, or say "shitting dick nipples" in any context whatsoever. But there she stands. Quoth her Twitter:
    "An actual sailor came to my booth and said my cursing made him blush #stripsearch"
  • Most characters in SuperMarioLogan aren't exactly clean-mouthed, but Jeffy and especially Mr. Goodman definetly take it Up to Eleven with almost every other word out their mouths being a Cluster F-Bomb.
  • The Unusual Suspect swears quite a bloody lot.
  • The Yogscast are generally a fairly rude bunch, but some examples particularly stand out:
    • Hannah Rutherford occasionally called herself out for swearing so much.
    • Hat Films isn't exactly the most family-friendly of the bunch, but Smith and Ross are known for swearing a hell of a lot. Ross, in particular, is quite fond of shouting "EAT SHIT" when playing Murder!.
    • While Zoey Proasheck rarely if ever swears, her girlfriend Fiona is much more vulgar by comparison, and frequently gets bleeped out in videos due to the (relatively) family-friendly nature of her channel. Livestreams will tend to feature several curses from Fiona, now allowed to cut loose because she can't be bleeped out.

    Motherfucking piece-of-shit bullshit ass Western Animation! 
  • The Boondocks:
    • Robert Freeman is quite foul-mouthed, in particular with the N-word, having said "nigga" at least 46 times the day before in one case.
    • His grandson Riley is also very foul-mouthed, being a rebellious juvenile delinquent after all.
    • Stinkmeaner is easily the most foul-mouthed character, rarely saying a sentence that doesn't contain a curse or insult in it.
  • The Cleveland Show: Larry Box, the "casually profane" mayor of Stoolbend.
  • Parodied on Codename: Kids Next Door with Pottymouth, a rarely seen villain who uses child-caliber profanity in literally every sentence he utters.
    Pottymouth: Oh, go flush yourself down a pee-pee-hole, you toilet-paper-covered doody head!
  • Dexter and Dee Dee's rude halves from the Dexter's Laboratory Banned Episode "Rude Removal".
  • Frank Murphy from F is for Family is a very foul-mouthed individual.
    • His kids Kevin and Bill are no better than him.
  • Futurama:
    • Bender as compared to the rest of the cast, to the point where the episode "War is the H-Word" had him unknowingly being weaponized with a bomb set to go off at his most frequently-used word: "ass."
      Bender: But before I go, I have one thing to say. Bite my shiny metal
      Fry: [bursting in] Stop! You can't say the next word!
      Bender: Up yours, chump. I said it nine hundred and six times before lunch.
    • Mom, with bonus points for creativity.
  • Velvet Von Black from The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is a female version of this trope, who literally cusses at least once in just about every single sentence.
  • Kaeloo: Mr. Cat tends to swear a lot. Depending on the episode, it's either the Gosh Darn It to Heck! type of "swearing", or actual swears that get bleeped out.
  • Boomhauer in the Hungarian dub of King of the Hill replaces his Verbal Tics with random cuss words, at least in the first six seasons. After that, the dub became clean.
  • The titular character of the Danny Antonucci short Lupo the Butcher. The entire short consists of Lupo cussing a blue streak while cutting up ribs and accidentally dismembering himself. Even after he's reduced to a disembodied head, he continues swearing over the credits.
  • In stark contrast to the rest of the Major Lazer cast, President Whitewall drops at least two F-bombs per episode.
  • Metalocalypse: Pickles' brother Seth starting from his second appearance.
    Seth: Look at f***in' Dethklok in my f***in' house room! Ha! F***in' Mitch an' Bobby aren't gonna f***in' believe this. F***in' excited about you guys throwing me a bachelor party. F***. Oh, and by the way, [gestures to pregnant woman] this is little Amber, the love of my f***in' heart. Isn't she an angel?
  • One episode of Phineas and Ferb is set in a steampunk past. The counterpart of Perry the Platypus in said episode is Sweary the Swan. Despite only making swan noises, everyone seems to be disturbed about the language he uses.
    Von Doofenshmirtz: Wow, do you preen your feathers with that mouth? They should call you Sw—oh! Oh, I get it.
  • Robot Chicken:
    • Palpatine in the Star Wars specials is probably the worst offender in regards to swearing. In particular, he uttered exactly nine usages of the F-word, six of which were in a chain, in the skit where Vader calls him at his office when telling him about the destruction of the Death Star. He later gives four usages of the F-word in a later skit detailing his bad day on the Death Star, two of which were, again, in a chain. In fact, with the exception of two Stormtroopers in Episode II and Lando Calrissian, a large majority of the more profane language (i.e. the ones that are required to be bleeped out when in syndication) are from Palpatine's mouth.
    • The alien that keeps shouting, "DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!!!" in triplicate whenever his and his less blue partner-in-crime's plans go horribly wrong.
    • We can't discuss Robot Chicken and not mention the queen of the guttermouths, Bitch Pudding.
  • Though almost everyone in South Park swears except for Butters (usually), most of it comes from Eric Cartman. Kenny McCormick is also known to have an incredibly filthy mouth (sometimes even more so than Cartman), but most of what he says is unintelligible anyway.
  • Peridot from Steven Universe regularly and repeatedly calls people clods (or some derivative of the term). Given that gem society is highly caste-based, and the worth of someone is based on their gem's level of perfection, calling someone a clod is one of the worst insults possible—you're literally telling them that they're dirt, more worthless than even the lowest gems.
  • Vanessa, Chris Griffin's future wife from Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. It was more jarring when the movie was first released because no previous Family Guy DVD had uncensored language.
  • Starfire from Teen Titans seems to frequently use not-so-family-friendly Tamaranian insults and words.
  • Fowlmouth/Foulmouth from Tiny Toon Adventures lives up to his name by spewing out swears every second, with bleeps in the show, and "Dad Gum" in The Movie. One episode has Buster get him to clean up his act to be more likable to his crush Shirley. It's noted, however, that Fowlmouth keeps his language in check when there are little kids nearby.

    Goddamn bullshit ass motherfucking shit that gets fucked up in Real Life! 
  • Pamela Adlon, according to fellow voice actress April Winchell.
  • The narrator for the Parody Commercial Big Bill Hell's makes copious use of strong language while mocking their customers and the cars they're trying to sell.
    It's our belief that you're such a stupid motherfucker, you'll fall for this bullshit, guaranteed! If you find a better deal, shove it up your ugly ass! You heard us right, shove it up your ugly ass!
  • BRIAN BLESSED — "Oh shit, I just said fuck! Oh fuck, I just said shit!"
  • Humphrey Bogart, judging by his many movie bloopers. He doesn't react to flubbing his words without screaming variations of "damn" and/or "son of a bitch". He was an actual sailor, so it's understandable.
  • Believe it or not, cutie Jenna Coleman. Despite her being polite and speaking quietly, and being really fond of her kid fans, she has a tendency to swear a lot in her interviews.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch:
  • Former Davao City mayor and Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is (in)famous for taking this trope Up to Eleven, so much that it became the subject of an attack ad against him. Practically all of his speeches, including a graduation speech at his alma mater have at least three instances of swearing. His weekly television show's taped to censor the massive amount of swearing unleashed. After assuming office, it was expected for him to tone down his fiery rhetoric. However, he went back to swearing again when people started criticizing his methods on his war against drugs and reminding him again of the human rights violations; he gladly called U.S. president Barack Obama putang ina (a son-of-a-bitch), and in a statement to the EU in response to their condemnation of his anti-drug tactics, he concluded with an F-U and the ol' middle finger. Then, he promised not to swear after his Japan visit, citing a conversation with God, only to call it a joke once he delivered another Precision F-Strike at the US. His opinion on the US softened when Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections as he's Genre Savvy enough to know that he and Trump shared similar attitudes.
  • A reporter described Ava Gardner's bad language like "a sailor and a truck driver [were] having a competition". She responded by throwing champagne at him, but the reporter didn't mind — he admitted that he found it a bit attractive.
  • Andrew Jackson:
    • The man was long on action (having won the Battle of New Orleans two weeks after the War of 1812 ended), longer still on anger (claiming his two regrets in his presidential term were not shooting Henry Clay and not hanging John C. Calhoun, his vice president), and apparently even longer than that in profanity. Jackson was quite talented in the art of cursing in both English and Spanish, and passed this trait on to his beloved pet parrot.
    • On that note, the parrot, Pol, outlived Jackson and was present at his funeral. At least, until it started cursing up a storm in both English and Spanish at the previously solemn event. Pol had to be removed before its constant swearing could stir up any further ruckus, but it was probably just the sort of thing that would have amused Jackson to no end.
  • Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson (who noted in an interview once that he used the word "motherfucker" to help deal with a stutter in his youth).
  • According to those who worked with him, Disney animator Milt Kahl had quite the potty mouth.
  • Former Prime Minister of Australia Paul Keating was infamous for his barnyard vocabulary while still in office (probably he still drops the odd Cluster F-Bomb), being very much the guttermouth by Australian political standards.
  • Adele 'Twink' King, an Irish entertainer famous for acting in Pantomime. She is infamous for unleashing a foul-mouthed three-minute tirade against her ex-husband for having had a baby with another woman. "Zip up your mickey" was a particularly famous phrase from this rant.
  • Jennifer Lawrence — something that arguably adds to her sex appeal even more.
  • Vivien Leigh was also known for swearing a lot, according to several sources from people that knew/worked with her. Mervyn LeRoy described her as:
    One of the best actresses that ever lived. She was also one of the dirtiest-talking women that ever lived. [...] Used all of the swear words you could think of, but the way she would do it, you would pay no attention. It just came out... innocent.
  • Carole Lombard:
    • She was known for her potty mouth, even being nicknamed "The Profane Angel" by colleagues, because (in the words of Mitchell Leisen) "she looked like an angel but swore like a sailor". Fred MacMurray said that there was no other woman he met or worked with that could compete with her sailor's mouth because she "swore like a man".
    • Surviving bloopers from My Man Godfrey also back this up too, in which Lombard throws around a lot of "goddamn" and "son of a bitch" when takes are ruined.
  • John Madden: In an interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly, somebody associated with him said that in day-to-day life, every sentence John Madden says contains the F-word, which isn't too surprising since he used to be a pro football coach (a type known for being rather potty-mouthed), but they found it remarkable that he's able to completely turn that off when he's on the air.
  • Brian Mulroney, Canadian Prime Minister from 1984 to 1993 had a reputation for being abrasive and straight-talking in public and didn't mind throwing in the odd curse word now and again. But in private… let's just say that if he'd kept a swear jar and donated its contents to the treasury, he'd never have needed to implement the Goods and Services Tax.
  • Richard Nixon used so much profanity in his private conversations that when the transcripts of his Oval Office recordings were published, it introduced the American public to an all-new phrase, "[expletive deleted]".
  • Jonathan Nolan — In stark comparison to his brother, you'll find Cluster F-Bombs in almost every interview you read of his from 2014 onwards. Surprisingly, the projects he has worked on, have very little profanity in them (even at the script stage, where writers sometimes tend to drop that word with scene descriptions).
  • Gordon Ramsay is known for his swearing in his criticisms, insults, and/or talking general. In the UK, one of his well-known cooking shows was even called The F Word.
  • Pretty much everyone at Rooster Teeth. However recently at a convention, RT member Barbara Dunkleman had sworn when it was a con rule to be as family friendly as possible. Which resulted in hilarity.
  • Kevin Rudd, another Former Prime Minister of Australia was noted has having a volcanic temper behind closed doors, in comparison to a downright Lighter and Softer public image.
  • Similar to the Gardner story above, Barbara Stanwyck was once described as having "the body of a nymph and the mouth of a sailor". She was said to have replied, "Fuck is a historical word", as in... "ye olde English" historical. Apparently, she swore so much during the making of one film, the set introduced a Swear Jar that she reluctantly participated in; many sources implied that she was rubbing off on the rest of the crew.
  • Kristen Stewart who swears constantly during interviews or messing up a take during her films.
  • NHL coach John Tortorella is quite given to expletives, in contrast to his basketball counterparts. In January of 2012, he called his boss's early Stanley Cup prediction "a bunch of bullshit".
  • Dana White, president of the UFC. Despite running the largest Mixed Martial Arts organization in the world and one of the biggest sports brands in the US, he still talks like a kid from the streets of Boston.
  • Comedian Katt Williams. So much so that whenever his stand up specials are edited for TV every 3rd to 5th word is bleeped out.
  • As revealed via Netflix's Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Haas F1 Team Principal Guenther Steiner is not afraid to throw expletives whenever he can. Which somewhat becomes memorable thanks to his Funetik Aksent.
  • Appropriately enough, Sir Mix-a-Lot. Anytime he appears on a segment for a VH1 show, such as I Love the Exties, expect him to get bleeped at least once.

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