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Characters / Roommates - Building #42

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List of people who live and/or work in the buildind #42.

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Apartment "A" 3B:

(Originally A & B but then Science! happened. This is also the main cast and their pet Misto... or maybe the other way round)

     Goblin King Jareth
Top: In his natural state.
Bottom: When he switches on the badass.

Modeled after David Bowie
Canon: Labyrinth

See also: The Many Faces of... page. His court is that of "The Unwanted" and not aligned with any season.

Tropes about his magic:


     Erik Deshler
The Phantom.

Modeled after Gerard Butler / Ramin Karimloo / Michael Crawford whichever is more convenient or funny.

See also: The Many Faces of... page.

     James Norrington

Modeled after Jack Davenport.

See also: The Many Faces of... page

     Inspector Javert
The worlds most relentless lawman. Currently Punch-Clock Hero.

Modeled after Philip Quast mostly.

See also: The Many Faces of... the Cast folder

    Mr. Mistoffelees
Awwww What an adorable kitten!

Canon: Cats

(Pet of Erik and Jareth)


Others in the building

Apartment "C":

     Crowley and Aziraphale
Big Bro... ummm... Heaven and Hell is watching.

Canon: Good Omens

Apartment "D":

     Legolas "Greenleaf" Thranduilion
Captain Obvious Immortal Elven Warrior.

Modeled after Orlando Bloom.

  • Apologises a Lot: Even to zombies.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Thranduil clearly does not approve of his canon friendship with Gimli. Legolas clearly does not approve of his father's racism, but he just falls short of voicing his thoughts.
    Legolas' Thoughts: Not cool, Ada...
  • Captain Obvious: Less than in Girls Next Door but still has his moments.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Guess who has guns and hidden ammo Survival Horror style. He also knows who the "period fighters" in the building are and thus arms them first in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, as they are the least-likely to have working firearms.
  • Cool Sword: Has to hang onto Orcrist, which he confiscated in the second Hobbit film, until it's needed for the third. Sadly Toby accidentally hits Jareth with it...
  • Gun Nut: Stashed them all over the apartment complex in case of emergencies. Javert only wishes he could be surprised.
  • Nice Guy: Is kind and smiley even in the face of the Zombie Apocalypse. He also seems to wish he and James could have worked things out and been friends despite his uncanny resemblance to Will Turner getting in the way. Finally despite rooming with Sweeny putting him in physical danger and causing him mental stress more than once, he uses avoidance tactics instead of his exceptional combat skills to deal with it.
    • While mentally annoyed at his father's racism towards dwarves (specifically Gimli), he grins and bears it.
  • Our Elves Are Better: He must be... he rooms with Sweeney.
    • On the other hand, he does note to Jareth that he is from Mirkwood and is therefore not exactly the best-versed in healing arts. So not better at that.

     Sweeney Todd aka Benjamin Barker
The second murderous psyco to move in.

Modeled after Johnny Depp.


Apartment "E" 4B:

     Christine Daaé
Her cookie baking skills in action.

Modeled after Sarah Brightman.

     Sarah Williams
Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered... her life is still a mess.

Modeled after Jennifer Connelly.
Canon: Labyrinth

Apartment "F":

     Nathan Wallace
Doesn't he look inocent?

Modeled after Anthony Head.

     Shilo Wallace
Cute, but not too Genre Savvy.

Modeled after Alexa Vega.

Apartment "G":

     Sherlock Holmes, and Dr. John Watson
Elementary my dear Watson!
Sherlock Holmes

Modeled after Robert Downey Jr..

Dr. John Watson

Modeled after Jude Law.

Apartment "H":

     Dominic Cobb, and his children
They need a better picture.
Dominic Cobb

Modeled after Leonardo DiCaprio.
Canon: Inception

Dominic Cobb's children (Phillipa and James)

Canon: Inception

Apartment "I":

     Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, and his assistant Bob
The resident wizard (who still doesn't do parties) and his assistant.
Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden


Apartment "J":

     Satine, and Christian James
Probably the only non badass characters around.

Modeled after Nicole Kidman.

Christian James

Modeled after Ewan McGregor.

Apartment "K":

Or the Apartment where we see double.

     Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson
The great detective and his assistant. Again.
Sherlock Holmes

Modeled after Benedict Cumberbatch.
Canon: Sherlock

Dr. John Watson

Modeled after Martin Freeman.
Canon: Sherlock

Apartment "L":

     Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, and Toothless
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III


Apartment "M":

     Dr. Hannibal Lecter
"Good evening, gentlemen."

Modeled after Anthony Hopkins.

The building staff

Because even #42 doesn't keep itself you know.

    Ex-Superintendents M. Andre and M. Firmin
They tried to find a Phantomless job.

  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: They manage to be this despite NOT being on the building staff anymore. They left a mess that Valjean still couldn't entirely sort out.

    Superintendent Jean Valjean
He also has an unusual luck.

  • Good Is Not Dumb
  • The Illegible: Javert comments that his handwriting and spelling are horrid in strip 302.
  • One Head Taller: He liked the new Les Mis cast from the film....namely Hugh Jackman's height and Javert's actor's lesser height.
    • He now can mess with this by swapping between his "normal form" and his Hugh Jackman one. The look on Javert's face was priceless.
  • Sleep Cute: In 302. Javert joins him.
  • Turn the Other Cheek: Oh Boy. He is still the master of this.
  • Understanding Boyfriend: If you take the omake as canon, then yes. Seriously, Javert attacks him and the first thing he worries about is that Javert is in trouble.
    • Official as of strip 302

     Landlord Mr. Saito
You wish your landlord would be this cool!

Modeled after Ken Watanabe.
Canon: Inception

See also: The Many Faces of... the Cast folder

     Ariadne, architect of the new wing
She'll tell you what to do.

Modeled after Ellen Page.
Canon: Inception


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