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    Xros Heart 

Akari Hinomoto

The daughter of the original founder of Xros Heart. Akari was born in the Digital world and has all of the same attacks and abilities as Shoutmon. Shares the Red Xros Loader with Shoutmon along with her status as General.


A music loving Digimon who was rescued from one of the Bagura Empire's raids and came to live in Green Zone. He shares the Red Xros Loader and the title of General with Akari. Claims to be the future King of the Digital World for no discernible reason.

Taiki Kudo / Gimmy

A boy from the human world with the odd ability to hear the melody of a dying Digimon. Holds the Orange Xros Loader, and is partnered to Dorulumon. He is the Host to the Denizen Hephaestus, who created the original Xros Loader.

  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: His "Can't turn my back on anyone" personality, stemming from the Goggles he wears.
  • Elemental Powers: Fire, thanks to Hephaestus
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Once he and Hephaestus became aware of each other, Taiki was able to use Hephaestus' creative powers to create weapons of various forms.
  • Fusion Dance: He can Digi-Xros with Dorulumon to become the Dorulu-Cannon.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: Taiki's Goggles come from a boy he didn't help as a child. He wears them to remind himself about that day and vows to never turn his back on anyone ever again.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Played with.
  • The Nth Doctor: He can regenerate when he's dying after absorbing the Code Crown. At the end of the Hunters Arc, he regenerates into a new person, apparently without the memories of who he used to be.
  • You ALL Share My Story: With Kiriha, Nene, Yuu, and Sparrowmon, oddly enough.


A Former Employee of the Bagura Empire, under Tactimon's banner. He turned away when Tactimon ordered the destruction of land that still had their troops on it. He is partnered to Taiki. He can Time Burst into JagarD0rulumon.


A Lopmon who has been friends with Akari and Shoutmon. Holds a Brown and purple Xros Loader, and is partnered to Cutemon.


A bunny type digimon with a mysterious green power. He can Time Burst into KinGRavemon.

Zenjirou Tsurugi

A Classmate and "Rival" of Taiki's who gets pulled into the Digital World with him. Holder of the Dark-Green Xros Loader, and partnered to Kotemon.


A former Bagura General whom Zenjirou Purified in Shinobi Zone.

  • Defeat Means Friendship: But only after he helps Xros Heart defeat his former rival in the Bagura Army, Matadormon.
  • Redemption Promotion: Regains his former form of Musyamon in the human world with Zenjirou unlocking it with his upgraded Xros Loader.

The Starmonz Brigade

A team of Pickmons lead by Starmon. They are collectively partnered to Yuu and can Digi-Xros and Chou-Shinka into CascadeStarmon.


A former Bagura foot solider who joined Xros Heart after arriving in Island Zone.

Mizuki Dolph

A girl from Cyber Land that met Hangyomon during the time skip.


Partner to and longstanding friend of Ballistamon, who seems to be the only one able to get him to talk more frequently. Holds a Blue and Red Xros Loader.


A random digimon that just appeared in the middle of a battle, just as lost as anyone else was at that point. [[Partnered to Revolomon, and can Time Burst into AlturBallistamon.]]

Lake Zone recruits:

Knightmon, the PawnChessmonsnote , and the younger Princess Bastemon note  joined under orders from the elder Princess Bastemon.

The Music Team:

Featuring: Dondokomon, a few PawnChessmon (Flute and Terezie), and A band of four Pucchiemon note . Riska, Agumon and Marcus have been recruited into it at various times as well.

  • Source Music: They provide much of the musical themes for Xros Heart when present- it's assumed they're there in the background providing much of the music even if it's not meant to be heard.
  • Theme Music Power-Up: Dondokomon's special power.

Shinobi Zone Recruits:

Three Monitamon wearing rust red Armor (named Aradia, Eridan, and Sollux respectively), A Wizardmon, and a Tailmon whose real name is Tairru Yagami.


An Island Zone native who tags along with Xros Heart. Chibi-Bastemon has turned her attention towards him and away from the Problem Sleuth-Chessmon.

Yuu Amano

Younger brother to Nene and Kotone. Holds a Yellow Xros Loader with white trim. Partner to the Starmonz Brigade, Who can Digi-Xros and Cho-Shinka into CascadeStarmon. Went to the Digital World to help Taiki bring back his sisters.

Mirva Medullia (Mervamon)

One of Sally's fellow escapees from Mummymon's lab in Heaven Zone. She and her brother Ignitemon lived in Heaven Zone until it merged with Jungle Zone into Honey Land, where she joined Xros Heart.

Jaspers (Spadamon)

One of Sally's fellow escapees from Mummymon's lab in Heaven Zone. He later found his way to Sweets Zone, where he lived until Tactimon and Matadormon invaded, forcing him to seek out Xros Heart.

Tagiru Akashi

A completely normal and ordinary boy from earth who was pulled into Digi-Quartz by way of a Time Rift. Xros Heart's higher members put in a serious investment by bringing Tagiru into the loop. He is Partnered to Gumdramon, and holds the past version of the Red Xros Loader, which confirms him as Akari's father.

Chou Hinomoto/Opposumon

An Opposumon who's Tagiru's school tutor turned girlfriend, and Airu's cousin. She's Akari's mother.


    Blue Flare 

Kiriha Aouma

General of Blue Flare, holder of the Blue Xros Loader. Partnered to Gureimon. Host to the Denizen Typheus.


A digimon who is rather...unusual, Partners with Kiriha.

  • Fusion Dance: Can Digi-Xros With MailBirdramon into MetalGureimon, With Dorulumon and Ballistamon into RampageGureimon and with Deckerdramon into DeckerGureimon
  • Golden Super Mode: MetalGureimon can "Time Burst/Cho Shinka" into ZekeGureimon.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The author spells the name as it would be pronounced literally in Japanese instead of how it would be spelled in English for no discernible reason.


A mech-bird digimon who serves as flight transportation for Blue Flare.

  • Fusion Dance: Digi-Xrosses with Gureimon into MetalGureimon.
  • Put on a Bus: Falls into a coma at the end of the Vampire Land arc.



A Squad of dinosaur like Digimon, apparently rescued from a dying zone that the Bagura Empire had nearly destroyed.


A Dragon digimon who joined Blue Flare sometime during the Seven Swords Time Skip.


Nene Amano

The Former General of Twilight who holds the Black Now Lavender Xros Loader, partner to Sparrowmon, and is the host to the Denizen Echidna.

  • Action Girl: Isn't above joining in the battles after the Time Skip, in which she has more fluid control over Echidna's powers, where as before she had none.
  • Babies Ever After: she and Kiriha have a daughter, named Nyarko, after Act 3.
  • Big Sister Instinct: She's gone through hell just to find her twin sister Kotone again, who was right under her own secret base for who knows how long.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl: In the second arc, and has even gotten an Unwilling Akari into the act on one occasion (on her own Plan no less).
    • So far has worn, in Seven Swords/Death Generals: The Love Love Dance costume, a "Midorizamon" costume, and a Lady-Devimon outfit. The author has drawn up a page showing all possible costumes she could wear, just so he can keep them straight when writing.
  • Elemental Powers: Life, thanks to Echidna.
  • Happily Married: to Kiriha.
  • Magic Skirt: Most likely due to Echidna's powers.
  • Miss Exposition: In Green Zone.
  • Ninja: Along with the Monitamon.
  • Stripperific: Her "Shademon" Costume, along with the "Love Love Dance" outfit and the Luminamon appearance which wasn't used.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After being stabbed in the chest by a Shade-Ignitemon, Nene rises through the powers of a mysterious clock and the dream world they were currently in to come into full control of Echidna's powers. Echinda also is now on an even playing field with the other Denizens and can talk when Nene is awake.
  • You ALL Share My Story: With Kiriha, Taiki, Yuu, and Sparrowmon, oddly enough.

Sparrowmon/Sally Sparrow/Dari

A Human who was transformed into a Digimon by a Mad Scientist. She can Time Burst into SigmaArrowmon and is partner to Nene Amano.

Elite Monitamon


A Duskmon who works for DarkKnightmon. Like Sparrowmon, he was turned into a Digimon in the lab in Heaven Zone.


A Ranamon who works for DarkKnightmon. Like Sparrowmon, she was turned into a Digimon in the lab in Heaven Zone.

DeadlyAxmonnote /Corone

A Digimon/Human that SkullKnightmon possessed to turn into DarkKnightmon


A Ghost/Shadow Digimon who needs to possess a host in order to create his "True" form of DarkKnightmon

    The Bagura Empire 


The most prominent of the Three Generals, and Lilithmon's Moirail. It's later revealed that he's a time-traveler from the future, come to get Xros Heart put into a position able to better stop whatever's causing time to die. His past Self is Gumdramon, whose present behavior is starting to show some minor traces of Tactimon bleeding through.

  • Abnormal Limb Rotation Range
  • Batman Gambit: He rose through the Empire's ranks along with Lilithmon and Blastmon just so he could deliver a warning about the future to come.
  • BFS: His sword, The Jatetsufuujinmaru (Sealed Iron Serpent God).
    • Unlike the anime, it gets unsealed in the Tokyo battle.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has a touch of this overall, even during his more serious moments.
  • Expy: The author makes note that some of Gumdramon's early behavioral patterns are based off of Aladdin's Genie.
  • Shapeshifter Default Form: When Gumdramon attempts to blend in, he usually turns into a house cat.
  • The Slow Path: Decided to take the 20 year difference to ensure the timeline remained straight over taking the shortcut to the future along with Akari's parents.

Lilithmon/Airu Suzaki

The second of the Three Generals, Tactimon's Moirail. Airu Suzaki later is discovered to become Lilithmon through a stable time loop.

  • Amnesiac Dissonance: Gumdramon accidentally uncovers the tampering done to Airu's memories when he confronts her about how long she's known her own cousin. She suffers a minor BSOD before she comes to grips with what's been done to her.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: During the first few episodes of the Hunters Arc due to a Memory Trap.
  • The Slow Path: A time traveler as well- she's Akari's mother's Cousin.


The Third of the Three Generals. A normal Blue Pagumon helped Airu recover her memories, scrambling his own in the process and turning him into the crystalline Digimon who would someday become Blastmon.


The Emperor and leader of the Bagura Empire. He commands a vast army of Digimon along with the three generals.

  • Alternate Self: He has Alternate Universe duplicates in the form of The Watch Maker and another Baguramon inside of Quartzmon's Branched Timeline.
  • Conservation of Competence: Given that he's smart enough to see DarkKnightmon's betrayal coming, and yet is easily fooled by the three time travelers playing him, this is obviously in play.
  • Decoy Antagonist: Became this as his Brother, DarkKnightmon, provided a more sizable threat to the whole universe than he himself did.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: His daughter, Trompeaurmon.


A former assassin for the Bagura Empire. His home in Sand Zone was destroyed by an EBEmon who turned half of the native warriors against each other. He later turned on The Empire to join Xros Heart.

Kotone Amano

The key to DarkKnightmon's plans in re-creating the Darkness Loader- who became his 'general' due to her being the host to the Denizen Cetus.

  • Covert Pervert: Her conversation with Ren reveals as much. (Not that it wasn't already suspected, given that she wore clothes made out of water for most of her time in The Empire's service.)
  • Elemental Powers: Water, thanks to Cetus.


A Ninja digimon who served as DarkKnightmon's spy in the empire's ranks, up until the Code Crown was captured by The Empire. He then became close friends with Kotone.

  • Become a Real Boy: Started as a simple ride for Chuchumon, but became something more due to Echidna and Nene blasting them with a transformed Shademon.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Threw himself in the path of one of DarkKnightmon's attacks in order to save Kotone and Nene.


The Death General of Dragon Land.


The Death General of Vampire land.


The Death General of Honey Land.


The Death General of Cyber Land. In actuality a puppet used by the True General of Cyber Land to maintain appearances. He is absorbed into the larger form of Oroceanomon- made up out of all of the scrap data in Gold Land's ocean.


The Pirate Captain of the ship, Good Friday. The Death General of Gold Land. He was a plant of Lilithmon's that turned on the Empire to side with Xros Heart.

Gravimon/Ryouma Mogami/Quartzmon

The Death General of Canyon Land. He later lands on earth, and becomes Ryouma through Quartzmon's influence...That is to say, his own influence, as he inevitably becomes Quartzmon in the first place only to set his past self on the path to becoming Quartzmon.


The Death General of Bright Land.

  • Demonic Possession: It's never confirmed or denied if Appolomon was possessed by a Shademon or not because...
  • Non-Lethal K.O.: He's knocked out for the remainder of the Seven Swords Act the first episode he actually gets any fight time.

     Other Characters 

Green Zone


One of the two Chiefs of Green Zone. Married to Babamon.


One of the two Chiefs of Green Zone. Married to Jijimon.


Mach- and Mad-Leomon

The Two Brothers dispatched to Green Zone by the Bagura Empire.

Island Zone

Bukamon and Otamamon

Children on Island Zone.


The Chief of Island Zone.


The primary Island of Island Zone itself.


The power-mad Bagura Commander for Island Zone.

Magma Zone


An old friend of Dorulumon's.


AncientVolcamon's right hand 'mon.


The INSANE Bagura Commander of Magma Zone.

Heaven Zone


The President of Heaven Zone, married to Petsula.


Lucemon's girlfriend/wife.


The Police Chief for Heaven Zone's Police force.


The Former President of Heaven Zone.

Jungle Zone


One of Jungle Zone's protectors.


Stingmon's girlfriend.


One of Deckerdramon's temple guardians.


One of Deckerdramon's temple guardians. Joins Xros Heart for a short time.


The Love God of the Digital World. He joined Blue Flare after rescuing the Generals from DarkKnightmon.

Dust Zone


The leaders of the Dust Zone Rebels.


Puppetmon's girlfriend.


One of Puppetmon's fellow rebels.


The former Bagura commander of Dust Zone.


One of Puppetmon's fellow rebels.


The Head of government DarkKnightmon installed after he rose to power in Dust Zone.

The Denizens

Four Legendary Digimon who ruled over the Digital World until twenty years before the story starts.


The Denizen of Creation.

  • Elemental Powers: Fire, all of his constructs are made out of the stuff.
  • Killed Off for Real: by way of merging his soul and memories with Taiki's when they absorbed the Code Crown.


The Denizen of Life.


The Denizen of Breath.


The Denizen of Light.

Act 3 Characters

Ren Tobari

Holds a Silver Xros Loader. Is Partnered to Dracmon.


Is partnered to Ren.


One of Airu's Digimon.

Hideaki Mashimo

A boy from the Pokémon Dimension who has been pulled along to this dimension through a Time Storm. Is Partners with Dobermon, and holds a Purple Xros Loader.

Rina Shinomiya/Rock

A Girl from a dimension that is split in two- where the same soul lives two identical lives as both a human and a Digimon. Both of her halves were pulled through, and can temporarily fuse together into a form similar to that of Black Rock Shooter. Rina holds a Cyan Xros Loader.

  • Alternate Self: Rina and Rock are the same person, but from different universes. They tend to synchronize without realizing it.

Miho Sudo

A Human Girl whose partner, Rosemon X, died during the Bagura Empire's invasion of Earth. She fused with the remainder of Rosemon to become a Rosemon herself- prompting her eventual take over of the school to resurrect her lost love along with the family members of other X-Antibody Digimon who had died.

  • Plant Person: She's wearing nothing but vines from just before she enters Digi-Quartz.

Mami Takahashi

A Fangirl of Tagiru's with a rather... odd attachment to him.

The Watch Maker/ Emmit Brown

A Time Traveler whose home dimension was destroyed by Quartzmon. He considers Quartzmon to be his white whale, and started "The Ever Changing Game" in an attempt to put an end to Quartzmon's actions once and for all due to the death of his wife, who died saving his life.

Xros-Over Characters and Expies

Rei Ayanami

After Breakdramon smashed a time-wound open, Rei and Go-Kun drop out into the Downtown district during their interdimensional journey across the multiverse. Rei helped out with a few cases during her brief stay in this dimension.

Silver Crow/Haru, Black Lotus/Yuki Kirigaya, Lime Bell/Chii~Chawn, and Dusk Taker/Nozomi Tacker

Time is bleeding out across dimensions, and echoes of these four have appeared on Earth along with the unseen "Cyan Pile," who was injured by Nozomi before the episode began, prompting the entire episode's plot.

  • Cat Girl: Chii~Chawn is one due to not being able to hold her human form.
  • Verbal Tic: Chii~Chawn fits in a "Nya" where-ever it may (or may not) fit, "N~yet!"

Marcus Damon (Consultant Timeline)

A man who saved his own Digital World and Earth at one point in time and space and joined a organization designed to protect other dimensions and universes. Partner to Agumon, used to hold a Black and orange Data Link Burst Digivice, which later evolved into a translucent Crimson Xros Loader.

  • Alternate Self: a second Marcus appears once the Xros Over begins in full.
  • Demoted to Extra: And knows it too.
  • Fan Boy: Of Portal 2.
  • Killed Off for Real: X0VA-5 has Marcus with a sword through his heart, only to wake up in another world where he raises a child, and then finds the regenerated selves of Taiki and Sally. He dies soon after due to his heart being split in two.
  • Mutual Kill: Manages to kill Piedmon with a fist through the heart.

Agumon (Consultant Timeline)

Marcus' Digimon Partner; he has a fondness for Fried Eggs.

Kristy Damon (Consultant Timeline)

Marcus' little sister.

Yolei Inoue (English Dub Timeline)

A Digi-Destined from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon along with Davis. Her partner is Hawkmon.

Davis Motomiya (English Dub Timeline)

A Digi-Destined from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon along with Yolei. He appears with Imperialdramon.

Mimi Tachikawa (01 Bio-merge Timeline)

A Digi-Destined from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon along with Taichi. She can Biomerge with her partner Palmon into Rosemon.

Taichi Kamiya (01 Bio-merge Timeline)

A Digi-Destined from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon along with Mimi. He can Biomerge with an unknown digimon into VictoryGreymon.

Joe Kido (02 Era ADV1B10DTL816 Timeline)

A Digi-Destined from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon. He is partners with Gomamon.

Hikari Yagami (A02DBAT Timeline)

A Chosen Child from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon. Her partner is a Tailmon.

Daisuke Motomiya (A02DBAT Timeline)

A Chosen Child from a different universe who was dragged into an extradimensional adventure after Ken is kidnapped.

Taichi Yagami (01 Dioboromon Timeline)

A Chosen Child from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon along side Yamato. His partner is Agumon, who can Warp Digivolve into WarGreymon.

Yamato Ishida (01 Dioboromon Timeline)

A Chosen Child from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon along side Taichi. His partner is Gabumon, who can War Digivolve into MetalGarurumon.

Frontier Gang (FRNTR 816 Timeline)

The Six Legendary Warriors from a different universe who came to help fight Quartzmon. Only Takuya and Kouji are heard speaking, but all six were briefly seen by Clubs Deuce the day Phelesemon attacked, and can be seen when fusing into Susanoomon.

Marcus Damon (Young Savers Timeline)

A much younger version of Marcus who came to help fight Quartzmon. His partner is an Agumon who can Digivolve into ShineGreymon.

Takato Matsuki ( #TMRZ-BC3 Timeline)

A Tamer from another Universe. He and Rika came to help fight Quartzmon after making a deal with the Watch Maker to allow their Digimon friends to stay on Earth after defeating their D-Reaper. His partner is Guilmon, and they can Biomerge into Gallantmon.

Rika Nonaka ( #TMRZ-BC3 Timeline)

A Tamer from another Universe. She and Takato came to help fight Quartzmon after making a deal with the Watch Maker to allow their Digimon friends to stay on Earth after defeating their D-Reaper. Her partner is Renamon, and they can Biomerge into Sakuyamon.

Kazuto Kirihaya/Kirito ( #S-404-Lo-FPT Timeline)

A Sword Art Online player who uses the Unique Skil Dual Blades. He is married to Asuna.

Asuna Yuuki/Asuna ( #S-404-Lo-FPT Timeline)

A Sword Art Online player who favors Rapiers. She is married to Kirito.

Yui Kirigaya ( #S-404-Lo-FPT Timeline)

A mysterious girl who Kirito and Asuna treat as their daughter. Years Later, she is in training to join the PawnChessmon squadron.

Rika Shinozaki/Lizbeth ( #S-404-Lo-FPT Timeline)

A Blacksmith in Sword Art Online. Friends with Kirito and Asuna.

Sugou Noboyuki/The Fairy King Oberon ( #S-404-Lo-FPT Timeline)

The Director of the Research Institute of RECTO Progress Inc., and a Game Master for ALfheim Online. Appears to be working with Quartzmon to some unknown end.

Akihiko Kayaba/Heathcliff ( #S-404-Lo-FPT Timeline)

The Creator of Sword Art Online. He trapped the players inside SAO without knowing of Quartzmon's tampering with his designs.

Suguha Kirigaya/Leefa ( #S-404-Lo-FPT Timeline)

A player of the game ALfheim Online and Kazuto's younger sister.

Nui Harime (Unknown timeline designation)

A Life-Fiber hybrid who somehow fell in love with a Quartzmon time clone.

Senketsu (Unknown timeline designation)

A living school uniform made up of 100% Life Fibers (A Kamui), who chased a rampant Mogami, Ryouma and Harime, Nui, across space before getting stuck outside a barrier surrounding Fam's World. He later gets fused onto Fam's Vespa during a Dynamic Entry into the Digital World's atmosphere.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Nobody can hear him speak except for Ryuuko, who is still on their Earth. Senketsu thus gets away with saying things that he might otherwise not.
  • Living Ship: Fused to Fam's Vespa, he's less mobile than he was as a Uniform, but seems to retain some of his regular powers.

Fam Fan Fan (Kyoryu Gold) ( #LE-SVLWNG89XR05 Timeline)

"The Thundering Heroine!"

A Sky Pirate who was banished through a Time Storm and met with Xros Heart after crashing into a lake. One year after they beat the Quartzmon on her world, Fam decided to tour the Universe, but an incident involving a set of "Time Ghosts" wound up dropping Fam into a prime position to become Pteragordon's pilot.

  • Belated Backstory: Throughout Kyoryuger, we received hints of Fam's past, but now she get's her own story focusing on those events.
  • Demonic Possession: She was possessed (for lack of a better word) by Dogold not even a whole day after stepping foot off world.
  • Doom Magnet: considers herself to be one, constantly causing things to go from bad to worse just by trying to help.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Fam appears briefly in XWAU02 during the third part of the SAO cross over, before becoming Kyoryu Gold later on.
  • Power Copying: More along the lines of "Skill Copying." While possessed by Dogold, Fam learned his fighting techniques- including the "Thunderstorm Aftershock."

Xros Heart Descendants

Nyarko Aonouma

Kiriha/Typheus' and Nene/Echidna's daughter. She has green eyes and silver hair, and has an unknown power set.

Kuuko Hinomoto

Shoutmon and Akari's daughter. Has red hair and red eyes. Presumably has all the powers a normal Shoutmon has.

Mahiro Yasaka

Beelzebmon and Mervamon's son. Black hair, grey eyes. Unknown powers.

Jules Brown

Emmit and Clara's first born son.

Verne Brown

Emmit and Clara's second born son.

Callie Grey (Kyoryu Cyan)

"The Steely Heroine!"

The daughter of John (Gureimon) and Riska. Her twin brother is Caleb. She is in training to join the PawnChessmon squadron. She risked her life to free Ankydon from the control of Debo Virsun, and became Kyoryu Cyan after that. Has a Character Sheet drawn by the author.

Caleb Grey (Kyoryu Red)

"The Fanged Hero!"

The son of John (Gureimon) and Riska. He was training to join the ranks of the PawnChessmon when he was chosen by Gabutyra, a Voltasaur, to become Kyoryu Red and help fight against the awakened Deboss Legion. His twin sister is Callie. Has a Character Sheet drawn by the author.

Inaba Strider (Kyoryu Black)

"The Hotshot Hero!"

The son of PawnChessmon Dirk Strider and Terezie Pyrope. He was training to join the ranks of the PawnChessmon when he was chosen by Parasagun, a Voltasaur, to become Kyoryu Black and help fight against the awakened Deboss Legion. Has a Character Sheet drawn by the author.

Merry Mashimo (Kyoryu Blue)

"The Armored Heroine!"

The daughter Hideaki and Rina. She was training to join the ranks of the PawnChessmon when she was chosen by Stegotchi, a Voltasaur, to become Kyoryu Blue and help fight against the awakened Deboss Legion. Has a Character Sheet drawn by the author.

Yumeji Tsurugi (Kyoryu Green)

"The Bladed Hero!"

The son of Zenjirou and Lila. He was training to join the ranks of the PawnChessmon when he was chosen by Zakutor, a Voltasaur, to become Kyoryu Green and help fight against the awakened Deboss Legion. Has a Character Sheet drawn by the author.

Roxy Phexis (Kyoryu Pink)

"The Horned Heroine!"

The daughter of PawnChessmon Reenah and Cabarat. She was training to join the ranks of the PawnChessmon when she was chosen by Dricera, a Voltasaur, to become Kyoryu Pink and help fight against the awakened Deboss Legion. Has a Character Sheet drawn by the Author.

    The Deboss Legion 

Priest Chaos

The Priest of the Deboss Legion and the first to be defrosted by Quartzmon.


The Deboss General of Anger. He gets annoyed very easily, and has a tendency to spark with lightning.

  • Animated Armor: after Fam crushed him under a wall and punched him clean through, he requires a host to wear him in order to move around.
  • Catchphrase: "That ticks me off!"
  • Pet the Dog: Seems to find no wrong in Luckyuro goofing off or otherwise hindering the Deboss cause.


The Deboss General of Sorrow. He acts rather dramatically at times, and finds just about everything depressing to the point of crying.


The Deboss General of Joy! She loves to sing, and to give people joy.

  • Catchphrase: "Keep Smiling!"
  • Villain Song: Sings the "Song of Joy" as a general theme for the entire Deboss Legion.
  • Yandere: Is starting to show some tendencies of this towards Aigaron- actively hitting him when he's knocked into her path all while maintaining a cheerful tone.


The "Spymaster" of Candelira's division of Joy. They are quite happy when a plan is going according to plan.

  • Catchphrase: "Lucky!!" and "Unlucky!" depending on the situation.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Remarks on the implausibility of Debo Spineless's name hinting that he removes neck bones- and instead thinks the monster should be called "Debo Neck-Less."
  • Make My Monster Grow: Carries a watering can that, when used on a defeated monster, makes them grow to giant size.
  • Ninja Log: Luckyuro has discarded whole layers of clothing at a time to serve as a decoy in battle....usually when things are about to get explosive.
  • Secret Identity: Eri Lukari
  • Unusual Euphemism: "Luck You!" is used against people Luckyuro doesn't like.


    The Digi-Xrosses (WARNING: Unmarked Spoilers!) 

Xros Up Line

Ballistamon Xros Two (X2)

Shoutmon First Digi-Xrossed with Ballistamon in Green Zone to make this Digi-Xros.

Shoutmon Xros Three (X3)

Ballistamon X2 Xrossed with Dorulumon to make this Digi-Xros to battle MachLeomon.

Shoutmon Xros Four (X4)

Shoutmon X3 Xrossed with The Starmonz Brigade in Island Zone to take down Neptunemon.

Shoutmon Xros Four B (X4B)

Shoutmon X4 Digi Xrossed with Beelzebmon in Heaven Zone to arrest SlashAngemon, the then current President of Heaven Zone.

Xros Four Knight (X4K)

Akari, Lopmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, the Starmonz, Knightmon, and the 8 PawnChessmonfirst Digi-Xrossed together to Fight Lilithmon and her fused monster of IceDevimon and DaiPenmon

Sky Dancing Hero! Xros Five (X5)

With Akari in place of Shoutmon, X4 Digi-Xrossed with Sparrowmon to destroy the Shademon-Dragon Lucemon, and rescue both Nene and Lucemon from within.

Xros Five Knight (X5K)

With Akari unconscious from battle, Shoutmon took over X5 to Digi-Xros with the Knightmon and Pawnchessmons, making this Digi-Xros to take down an Arcadimon.

Xros Five Knight Burst Mode (X5KB)

X5K Xrossed with Beelzebmon in Shinobi Zone to fight Blastmon.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Xros Five (GLX5)

Shoutmon Xros Five first Digi-Xrossed with Cutemon to take down the dangerous GigaBreakdramon.

Shoutmon De-Xros (DX)

OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGureimon Double Xrossed inside of NeoVamdemon to De-Xros everyone then trapped inside and destroy his Darkness


X5KB with DeltAntylamon in place of Shoutmon, and Spadamon added to the mix. A slightly different combination from usual, used briefly to fight Anubimon's 'escort party.'


The Victory Xros! OmegaShoutmon, DeltAntylamon, ZekeGureimon, AlturBallistamon, JagarD0rulumon, CascadeStarmon, and SigmaArrowmon Digi-Xrossed together upon Deckerdramon's death to take down Anubimon once and for all.


The Ultimate Xros- Two Worlds combined under the souls of a single team to face off DarkKnightmon and stop his evil plans.

Engine King Grand Nine (EOG9)

Akari, Lopmon, MetalGureimon, GrandLocomon, Ballistamon, the Starmonz, and Dorulumon Digi-Xrossed together to fight Chaosdramon and later Milleniumnmon in Dust Zone.

Xros Ten

An unknown Xros designed for an unknown purpose. It's suspected components are Ballistamon, ZekeGureimon, OmegaShoutmon, Dorulumon, Beelzebmon, KinGRavemon, Spadamon, Knightmon, DeltAntylamon, and the PawnChessmonz.

Victory Knight Times Eleven (VKX11)

An Impact Fusion Shoutmon designed to escape a doomed timeline. It's visually composed of OmegaShoutmon, ShineGreymon, KinGRavemon, Unit01, Unit02, and Unit05, but contains everyone and everything on a Doomed Earth, including the Moon as well!

Other Xrosses

Turuiemon Xros Two (X2)

Akari and Lopmon's Digi-xrossed form. Can Time Burst into DeltAntylamon.


Turuiemon X2 Xrossed with Sparrowmon and the Starmonz for a long distance fighter.

Zenjirou Chibick Sword (CS)

Zenjirou briefly wields a short sword made out Pickmons in Green Zone to defeat Drimojimon.

Shoutmon + Star Sword

The Starmonz Brigade Xrossed together to form a small blade for Shoutmon to use.

Rare Star Sword

Zenjirou's variant of the Star Sword, using the Red Pickmon at the top of the Blade.

Delta Rare Star Sword

The same as the Rare Star Sword, but with a Xros Loader built in. Used by Zenjirou to fight Musyamon in Shinobi Zone.


Ballistamon Digi-Xrossed with Bastemon to become this....Oddity.

Tengen Toppa ShouCutemon

A Joke Xros used in Shinobi Zone: Shoutmon Digi-Xrossed with Cutemon.

JagarD0rulumon Crimson Mode

JagarD0Rulumon and KinGRavemon Double Xrossed to fight Oroceanomon.


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