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Nightdive Studios is a game company based in Vancouver, Washington. It was founded in 2012 by artist Stephen Kick, who previously worked at Sony Online Entertainment. Nightdive specializes in releasing older games for digital distribution platforms, updated to be compatible with modern machines. The company also develops Updated Re-releases using the proprietary Kex Engine. The company's first re-release was System Shock 2 in 2013, followed by the Dark Savant trilogy of Wizardry and I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream in the same year. The company also functions as a publisher, publishing Spirits of Xanadu by Good Morning Commander in 2015, and Womb Room by Bearded Eye in 2016.

In 2015, Nightdive acquired full rights to the System Shock series, and began working on a remake of the first game, making it their first project developed from the ground up. Originally set for a 2018 release, the game was briefly put on hold to re-assess its direction, and was then delayed to 2023.

Nightdive also unsuccessfully attempted to secure the rights to remaster the No One Lives Forever series, whose rights are lost in legal limbo.

On March 2023, Nightdive Studios was acquired by Atari as part of their focus on retro re-releases.


    Digital releases 

Updated re-releases:

Original games:

  • Spirits of Xanadu (2015 - published, developed by Good Morning Commander)
  • Womb Room (2016 - published, developed by Bearded Eye)
  • System Shock (2023 - a remake of the original game)