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3D Realms Entertainment ApS, founded as Apogee Software Productions, is a Video Game development and publishing company that was established in 1987.

As Apogee Software, this company was one of the major shareware publishers in the late '80s and early '90s. It spearheaded the model of episodic games, where the first episode is available for free and the other episodes have to be paid for. Subsequent episodes came in the form of a Mission-Pack Sequel that featured the same game engine and enemies but additional levels. Apogee also used to publish games for other companies, such as id Software before it went independent.

In 1994, Apogee started using 3D Realms as its trade name, focusing on three-dimensional games from that point. It also created Pinball Wizards, the division of Apogee that focused on pinball games.

3D Realms sold off the Apogee Software label, as well as several games developed under the Apogee brand, in 2008 to Terry Nagy, who founded a separate company named Apogee Software, LLC. This new company was rebranded as Apogee Entertainment in 2021.

In March 2014, 3D Realms was acquired by SDN Invest, a Danish holding company that also owns Slipgate Ironworks (then-Interceptor Entertainment), following a significant layoff and a corporate restructure. Mike Nielsen, founder SDN Invest, became the CEO of 3D Realms, and the company moved to Aalborg in Denmark, sharing office space with Slipgate. The company would since then focus on publishing smaller projects.

Acquisition of 3D Realms was transferred to Saber Interactive, Inc. in August 2021.

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