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  • The police captain gets shot in the foot when he tries to take the gun off Elliot in 13 Sins.
  • In Adventures in Babysitting, Brad gets stabbed in the foot with a switchblade during the gang fight confrontation on the train.
  • The Aggression Scale: As part of one of Owen's traps, Lloyd steps on a board with a series of nails driven through it. One of the nails goes all the way through his foot and out the top of his boot.
  • In Anne of the Indies, Anne stomps on Blackbird's foot during their friendly duel in the tavern.
  • In the musical Annie the main character stomps very hard on the foot of the evil orphanage matron, Miss Hannigan.
  • Early in Art School Confidential, a barefoot hippie girl steps onto campus — directly into a broken beer bottle left on the sidewalk.
  • In Barbershop, thieves J.D. and Billy try to haul an ATM they stole from a convenience store the night prior into J.D.'s apartment room. When Billy sees a guy that owes him money from an unknown gambling game, he loses hold of the ATM, which drops directly on J.D.'s foot.
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  • Somewhat used in Bedtime Stories, with the attack on Skeeter by the "Midget Brigade". His excuse? "That's for being tall!"
  • In the Spanish horror film The Blood Spattered Bride, Lesbian Vampire Carmilla steps barefoot into a Bear Trap.
  • The Bold Caballero: During their duel in the Governor's residence, Don Diego stabs the Commandante in the foot with a rapier.
  • Burning Ambition: The Chao sisters, Siu-To and Siu-Wai, has to make an escape with their father after being ambushed by mobsters while at a Japanese restaurant. Having removed their shoes as per custom rules, they end up fighting a horde of mooks in a parking lot while barefoot. Siu-Wai ends up stepping on a stray glass shard, and the mobsters fighting them takes advantage of the situation by ripping out windshields from nearby cars and smashing these all over the place.
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  • In Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers, Big Bad Dragon slams his Classy Cane down the floor in a fit of rage. Unfortunately, he slams it down on top of Kong's bare foot, driving it all the way through his foot.
  • Children of Men has Theo experience some Played for Drama foot pain, especially after a scuffle with Syd causes him to lose a sandal. Theo proceeds to cut his foot on some scrap metal, and either hop or limp his way through the rest of the journey.
  • Die Hard made this trope a full-on plot point. After the afraid-of-flying Detective McClane receives instructions to remove his footgear as part of a post-flight stress relief exercise, he has to abandon his shoes when escaping the terrorists. Later on in the movie, he's forced to run over broken glass to escape Hans and Karl's crossfire. Reality Ensues.
  • In Dragnet, when Friday and Streebek approach Emil Muzz for questioning, Muzz takes off, running over Friday's feet in the process, so Streebek drives in their pursuit.
  • In Enter the Dragon, Williams throws a kick at Han, who blocks it with his metal prosthetic hand. Williams clutches his foot in pain.
  • In Game of Death, Bruce Lee is having a difficult time fighting Kareem Abdul Jabbar, until he suddenly stomps on his bare foot.
  • On the first day of the battle of Gettysburg, General Heth took his men into the town in order to raid the local shoe factories, because some of the soldiers in the Army of Northern Virginia had marched all the way from Richmond on bare feet. This was Truth in Television.
  • In Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, a Yakuza mook flips a table that Miki Saegusa is strapped to and uses it as a shield, preventing Koji Shinjo from shooting at him. Miki uses telekinesis to lift the table a few inches, and Koji shoots the man in the foot.
  • The Great Dictator: In the beginning set in World War I, the Jewish barber (Charlie Chaplin) put down the butt of his gun onto the foot of a fellow soldier, who scolds him.
  • In History of the World Part I, when cavemen discover that the screams produces when heavy stones are dropped on their feet can be arranged into music.
  • Happens multiple times to the thieves in the first two Home Alone movies. Most notably is the first one where Marv, after having lost his shoes and his socks to Kevin's tar trap, steps on a nail while trying to enter the McCallister residence. He later mentions this as one of the ways to pay Kevin back for all the trouble that he's caused him and Harry. After stepping on the nail and giving up on going in through the basement, he tries through an open window... only to learn Kevin had strewn light bulbs and glass ornaments all over the floor.
  • In the Misery-esque 2009 thriller Homecoming, a broken ankle is the injury that first leaves Elizabeth at the psychotic Shelby's tender mercies, and in the process of "caring" for her "patient," Shelby intentionally aggravates the injury in order to torment Elizabeth. After a failed escape attempt by Elizabeth, Shelby further hobbles her by severing her Achilles tendons, in both feet, with a pair of garden shears.
  • In Horror of Dracula, Van Helsing manages to halt Dracula by exposing his feet to sunlight.
  • In the film of House of Sand and Fog, Kathy (Jennifer Connelly's character) learns the hard way that wearing shoes in a construction site is a good idea. From
    Kathy, who's barefoot, steps down off a ladder and onto a board with nails sticking up from it. At least 1 nail then impales her foot (attaching the board to it), with blood then dripping from that onto the ground, while the board and her foot are bloody. We then see more blood on her foot when Nadi washes it off in the bathtub.
  • Ip Man 3: At one point, Ip Man and his wife are attacked by an unnamed Muay Thai fighter who removes his shoes before attacking. At the end of the fight, Ip Man stomps on his foot, making him wince, before defeating him.
  • In John Wick, John attacks Iosef at a swimming pool and grapples with a mook. When John looks down and sees the mook is barefoot, he quickly stomps on his foot to get the upper hand. John also shoots a mook in the foot.
  • In Julia X, Jessica nails The Stranger's feet to the floor with a pair of iron spikes. He later yanks the spikes out with his bare hands.
  • Jungle: First Marcus', and later Yossi's, feet are almost destroyed by jungle rot, making it extremely painful for them to walk.
  • In The Jungle Book, Mowgli is being chased by some angry soldiers and runs across a bed of hot coals. Despite being barefoot, he doesn't seem to notice it. When the soldiers try to follow, they burn their feet despite wearing boots.
  • The Bride does this to Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill with a table leg with nails through it (see picture), just before killing her with that same leg through her head.
  • Used by the good guy in Kung Fu Hustle: he flattens the mooks' feet through their shoes with well-placed stomps, causing the Big Bad to comment about how he used to use the move in pre-school. And the move is used on the Big Bad himself later, proving that there's nothing wrong with the basics.
  • In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Aragorn kicks a helmet and screams in pain. Viggo Mortensen actually broke his toes in the take that made it into the movie.
  • One of the first indications that something is amiss regarding the machinery in Maximum Overdrive is when Wanda June's electric carving knife suddenly turns itself on and attacks her, slicing into her foot.
  • Mind Hunters: One of the female FBI agents smokes a cigarette, not knowing it has been laced with acid, several drops of which eat through her boot. She briefly stomps her foot in pain before realizing she has other problems.
  • In Miss Congeniality, in the opening scene, Gracie is a little girl and she is fighting with a bully. She stomps on his foot and he starts hopping on the other one grabbing that foot in pain. During one point in the movie proper, she is being held by a Russian man with a knife to her throat and she stomps on his right foot with her sneaker and breaks his grip. And then in another scene Gracie demonstrates the "SING" self-defense technique as part of her talent exhibition: Solar plexus, Instep, Nose, Groin and when she says Instep she stomps on Eric's foot.
  • In Money Movers, Jack Henderson persuades Eric Jackson to allow him to take over his robbery plan by tying him to a chair and having his henchman Ernest start cutting his toes off with a set of bolt-cutters till he agrees.
  • An interesting take on this occurs in Moon Child. During an attempt at an impressive leap-spin-thing in a fight, Sho does what anyone not really trained in martial arts would probably do, and lands awkwardly, hurting his foot in the process. Cue him quickly giving up the badass act and rubbing his ankle while whimpering in pain...
  • In The Music Man, Charlie the anvil salesman ends up dropping his sample case on his foot.
  • In Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Jedediah and Octavius stab the enemy soldiers in the feet with swords.
  • Played for Drama in the made-for-TV movie Night of the Running Man. The film centers around Jerry Logan, a cab driver who's on the run from David Eckhart, a psychotic hitman who was hired by a mob boss to retrieve a duffle bag full of money that Jerry had with him. In one scene, Jerry is held at gunpoint by Derek Mills, one of Eckhart's associates, who takes Jerry to his home and to make sure that he doesn't run away, he burns Jerry's feet in a pot of boiling water.
  • The Odd Angry Shot: Due to constant rain,damp and humidity, everyone in the camp is afflicted with tinea.
  • Early on in Panic Mechanic, a hijacker learns why it's not a good idea to hijack a man named Jack right after said man greeted some friends.
  • Parker: When a hitman is attempting to suffocate Parker with the shower curtain, Parker is able to break his grip by stamping his cowboy boot down hard on the hitman's instep.
  • In the first Police Academy, the same thing happens. Cadet Copeland has his foot run over by cadet Hooks while waiting to take the driving test.
  • In Preservation, Mike steps in a Bear Trap and severs a tendon in his foot.
  • Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries 2 gets her foot stomped on by a clumsy dancer. Later on the same dance she is walking with her friend and she steps on Nicholas' foot. Later when they meet again and she finds out Lord Nicholas is after the crown she stomps on his foot full force and he winces in pain. She leaves in a furious mood and then he slowly limps out of the scene being helped to walk by a female assistant.
  • In Rat Race, Owen gets stranded in the middle of the desert without his shoes, socks, and pants, comically burning his feet in the hot sands before he manages to walk to civilization.
  • Revenge (2017). The heroine is being chased by a villain who is only wearing one shoe, so she smashes her flashlight against a rock, leaving glass shards on the ground that he steps on. We then have a gory sequence of him trying to remove a deeply buried shard with his fingers, all the while shrieking in agony.
  • In Rovdyr, Mia has the back of her ankle blown off with a Sawn-Off Shotgun.
  • A Score to Settle: During the shootout at the nursing home, Jimmy the Dragon is taking cover behind his SUV. Frankie, who is lying on the ground behind a sign, can see Jimmy's feet under the vehicle, and drops him by shooting him in the ankle.
  • A blonde woman in Spy Hard gets her foot run over.
  • In The Spy Who Loved Me, Jaws drops a boulder on his foot. His grimace is priceless.
  • In the film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Chun-Li has a fight in a bathroom with a girl named Kantana, and in the first part of the fight, she stomps on Chun-Li's foot with one of her high heels.
  • In Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Geum-ja shoots Mr. Baek once in each foot as he is Bound and Gagged in a chair in the abandoned school.
  • In Ten Dead Men, Ryan stabs Lewis through the foot with a shard of broken glass.
  • They Shall Not Grow Old includes fully-restored footage of soldiers suffering from trench foot.
  • Happens in the French horror film Tombville. In the beginning of the movie, David wakes up tied up and barefoot in a basement, and an older man wants to know how David found their town. When David doesn't answer, the man starts with Tickle Torture, then progresses to torture-torture.
  • In Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond drops a cruise missile tail-first onto henchman Herr Stamper's foot during their final fight, pinning it under the rocket's exhaust, which 007 has rigged with explosives. When the countdown reaches zero, it doesn't end well for Stamper.
  • Truth or Dare (2017) includes a scene where a foot is removed with a cleaver to satisfy one of the dares.
  • In Who Am I? (1998), Jackie Chan loses his shoes in one scene. The mooks immediately capitalize by repeatedly stomping on his feet. Jackie eventually dons wooden clogs and returns the favor.
  • In Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold, Yellow Hair shoots the gambler who grabs her from behind through the foot to force him to unhand her. He spends the rest of the fight hopping around in agony.
  • Young Lady Chatterley II: After Lady Chatterley turns down his offer to buy the estate, Beechum becomes so frustrated that he kicks the wheel of his car and breaks his foot. At the end of the film, Lady Chatterley thwarts his scheme to drive the estate bankrupt so he can purchase it, and he angrily kicks a rock; breaking his other foot.


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