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New wild guesses at the bottom of the page, thanks

After the series, Percy Jackson wakes up to find that it was All Just a Dream...
...only to find a dwarf on his doorstep. "Come with me, Percy Jackson," the dwarf says. "Odin would like to have a word with you."
  • Probably Jossed - another series, dealing with Norse Mythology and in the same overall setting, is in the works, so we're more likely to see the Greek and Norse gods (and Egyptians) deal with one another.

The Oracle is Chaos
No, not that Chaos, nor that one, nor that one, or even that one! But the primordial Greek Deity that existed long before even Gaia and Uranus. The spirit of the oracle is all that is left of her, and she is playing a millenia-long Gambit Roulette to regain her power from the Gods.
  • I think you forgot two more Chaoses. Does it seem like Chaos gets used a lot for villainous characters, or am i just paranoid?
    • Did someone mention Chaos?
  • Doesn't the source mythology inherently Joss this?
    • Yes, I'm pretty sure that Apollo was supposed to be the source of the Oracle's powers.
      • It is sort of implied that the Oracle is Python, the dragon Apollo killed in order to create the Oracle. Still, the WMG is plausible as well.

There will be one grand crossover with all Cosmologies
With Riordan planning to write a series about Egyptian Mythology, there may be a final book that has the gods from many cosmologies getting together to fight...something big. Maybe Aliens.
  • Definitely true, since The Kane Chronicles references Percy Jackson a lot.
  • Maybe they'll fight each other.
  • Right now, Gaia has been awakened and is all gearing up to get her vengeance on. In the Kane chronicles Sadie brings a message between Nut and Geb, the divinely separated gods of the earth and sky. That and, you know, very likely aspects of Ouranos and Gaia respectively. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero anyone?
  • A series involving Norse Mythology is confirmed.
    • The hero of the Norse Mythology series is Annabeth’s cousin.
  • There is a one shot where Percy Jackson meets Carter Kane.
  • The crossover series will bring in several myths from other cultures in addition to blending Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. A few possibilities:
    • Coyote, who will end up on the heroes' side. He and Hermes will have a prank war of literally deific proportions.
    • Baba Yaga. When they see her house, Sadie will say, "I REALLY hate chickens".
  • And the villains will be no less than the Great Old Ones. And in order to make the stars right, they'll have to get rid of all the constellations the Greek gods threw up their. Unfortunately for them, that will also unleash those same heroes back into the world, from Perseus to Orion to Zoe Nightshade.
  • Alternatively, the villain is none other than the very first hero, Gilgamesh, who succeeded in attaining the herb of immortality and simply lied about it. He harbours a huge grudge against gods - all gods - for the death of Enkidu, and is driven by the need for revenge. After he wiped out the Sumerian pantheon, humanity simply dreamt up more gods to replace them and he realized that he would have to wait for humanity to be ready to live without gods and faded into the shadows. Now with scepticism and atheism on the rise he feels that the time has come, and begins setting the various pantheons against each other (re:Son of Sobek) to weaken them while he recruits a mixed army of dissenters from each pantheon, eventually revealing himself and declaring war on divinity itself.
    • This must happen!

The series is set After the End.
The United States is referred to as, not only the core of the civilized world, but also the entirety of the civilized world. Given that this is an Alternate Universe, it's possible that this is true In-Universe and not extreme Creator Provincialism.

At some point in the world's past, an apocalyptic event dropped the rest of the world into complete and utter chaos; the United States is the last holdout of civilization.

  • Possibly debunked by Apollo talking about going to Japan to learn Haiku, which makes it sound that other areas besides the US are not part of the civilized world (Though, who knows what a god might consider recent.)
  • Also, Canada is said to be where Lastrigonian Giants are from - and the way it's said makes it seem like there's nothing else there.
    • Doesn't Frank's family live in Canada though? And considering the person who tells Percy this has been shown to exhibit pretty much every form of Fantastic Racism...
  • Debunked by the fact that in the second series, with Egyptian gods, a half-blood is living in London.
  • Also debunked by the fact that at the end of the series the satyrs have been overwhelmed with leads on new half bloods from all over the world.
  • What? No, it's referred to as the heart of western civilization. At no point do they say there is no other civilization.
  • It is stated that the "Flame" of Western Civilisation moves from country to country, and shown by the examples of Greece and Rome in Ho O, once the flame has moved on these countries still exist, so that means that, alongside Greece and Rome, most of the Western world still exists

  • "An apocalyptic event dropped the rest of the world into complete and utter chaos". This series concerns Greek Mythology. So this universe is the distant future of God of War?

The new series will revolve around Percy and Annabeth's child.
Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Jossed; the first two chapters that were put up on the web indicate Percy and Annabeth are, iirc, about nineteen at the time of the new series.
    • This is wrong. It's stated in the book that the new series takes place a year after TLO, in October.

Percy and Annabeth will have a son and name him after Luke.
Again, self-explanatory.
  • Not if Rick Riordan wants to fend off all those accusations of being a Harry Potter knockoff...
  • The son will have his memory wiped and be sent back in time to host Kronos. They named their son after their son!
    • Now we've gone from stealing Harry Potter to stealing Doctor Who! Are you TRYING to piss off the major nerd fanbases?

The Half-Bloods' dyslexia only applies to the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets
To elaborate the stated reason for their dyslexia is because their brains are hard-wired to read Ancient Greek and both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets are derived from the Ancient Greek one. The capital forms of Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Iota, Kappa, Mu, Nu, Omicron, Rho, Tau, Upsilon and Chi are the same as A, B, E, Z, H, I, K, N, M, O, P, T, Y and X respectively and the capital forms of Pi and Phi crop up in Cyrillic along with several of the ones that appear in Latin. Its this similarity that causes the dyslexia since their brains are mixing up what they see and what their brains expect. If they learnt a language that was written using a completely different writing system (hanzi/kanji/hanja, kana, hangul, Arabic, Thai, Ge'ez, Devengari and so forth) there wouldn't be any confusion caused by the hard wiring and they would be able to read it as well as any one else who learns it as a second language.
  • It seems more likely to me that they would have even more difficulties with alternate writing systems, as if their brains are "hard-wired" to read Ancient Greek, they would be predisposed to think that a writing system should be an alphabet, as opposed to logographic, symbolic, syllabic, etc.
    • Originator of the original theory just trying to clarify a little. To use an analogy, its like an auto-spellchecker built in to the language centre of their brains. But when reading or writing almost any European language (apart from maybe Modern Greek) the auto-checker sees familiar characters used the wrong way and mixed with unfamiliar characters and so they get confused. Using a different writing system, be it another alphabet, logographic, phonographic or whatever means that the auto-correct function doesn't see anything familiar so it doesn't cause confusion by trying to 'correct' the mistakes and thus no dyslexia. It might even work for English (or French for any half-bloods from Quebec) by using an alternate font like Wingdings or a visual representation of braille that don't use standard letters.
  • On a similar note, Roman demigods don't have dyslexia because Latin is the base of most modern languages, including English.
    • English is a germanic language, not a romance language.
    • English is a base Germanic language with a heavy French overlay. That is, English grammar and more simple vocabulary is more Germanic, with more complex vocabulary being based of French. It's likely that the Roman demigods have less severe dyslexia than the Greeks, but that the basic "wiring" is still crossed.
    • English is three languages stacked on top of each other in a trenchcoat.
    • Roman demigods might not be dyslexic, because Greek demigods' brains are hardwired to read the Greek alphabet and work with that. But Roman demigods won't be inherently dyslexic because following that logic, their brain is hardwired to read the Latin alphabet.

Athena's day job is as Stella from CSI: NY
  • Stella has no known family except a mother who looks exactly like her, She has mixed Italian/Greek heritage but values the Greek more like a Greek goddess who was Roman for a while. They both live in New York. She seems to solve crimes for the mystery and logic rather than because it is her job such as when she didn't go on strike. And finally, they are both played by Melina Kankarades.
    • Stella has had sex, Athena is a maiden. Jossed. Hard.
      • It was a look-alike succubus!
      • If Athena is a maiden, what's up with Annabeth and all her half-siblings? double Jossed.
      • They are gifts from the mind. Don't recall in which book
      • It's from the fourth book. Athena mentions that she and all other children of Athena are quite literally brainchilds (brainchildren?) formed from her divine thoughts and "ingenuity of the mortal father".

In the movie all of the mythological creatures are mutates
  • To elaborate Grover the satyr must "earn his horns", Medusa was cursed into gorgonhood, and demigods are plentiful implying that as far as the gods are concerned biology is just a polite suggestion and therefore create satyrs, centaurs, hydras, and whathaveyou on whim. Also, Unfortunately The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body
    • Actually, the part about Medusa being cursed is from actual Greek Mythology. Athena cursed because she was a maiden of one of her temples and had the audacity to be raped by Poseiden in Athena's temple.
    • Another version states that Aphrodite cursed Medusa, because Medusa bragged of sleeping w/Hephaestus & being prettier than Aphrodite.

The true forms of the Gods are Eldritch Abominations
  • The sheer impossibility of the shape they take is so mind-numbing, your body burns itself to ashes as a defense mechanism.
    • That's a pretty crappy "Defense" mechanism.
    • This is actually canon in the original Greek myths; it was how Hera killed Dionysus' mother, a mortal princess - she goaded said princess into asking to see Zeus' true, divine form, and got burnt to a crisp.
  • The sequel series reveals that their true form is pure energy and is powerful enough to split atoms just by their presence alone. That'd explain it.

There will be a Crossover Crossover with The Kane Chronicles eventually.
The first book of The Kane Chronicles has Shout outs to the Percy Jackson series and the end of The Last Olympian said that Rick was writing a new half-blood series, and The Kane Chronicles is it.
  • That, or The Heroes of Olympus.
  • The last book in the Kane Chronicles said they were going to Long Island to investigate the other gods. So maybe Riordan's still planning a crossover.
  • Confirmed in Son of Sobek.

One or more characters is a Time Lord
  • Kronos
    • Pshaw!
    • Well, you aren't wrong.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare is Cassandra of Troy reborn.
  • Artists frequently portray Cassandra with the wild red hair, and Rachel is something of a modern 'princess', and there's the whole 'prophecy' thing ... okay really I have no conclusive evidence in particular.
    • No, it actually fits. Cassandra's curse was that she could foresee the future but no one believed her predictions. Rachel can see through the mist but no mortals believe what she says.

Jason from the Sequel Series is one of Luke's reincarnations.
Riordan prolly wanted to give Luke a chance. And random amnesia in the middle of the world?
  • Possibly Jossed due to Jason slowly regaining his memories.
  • Definitely Jossed due to Jason being Thalia's brother and having led the attack on the Titans stronghold while they marched on Olympus.

The series is set in the same universe as Hunter: The Reckoning.
The first line of the prophecy at the end of the book 7 half bloods shall answer the call the call stands for the call of the Messengers to hunt but because half bloods can already see through the mist or masquerade they consider the message a random hallucination and the second thing that happens has no effect on the half blood because they can already see through the mist or the masquerade
  • The demigods are a branch of the Aegis Kai Doru.

The new series will focus on legendary mortals like Odysseus.
Jason's not a demigod; he's a legendary mortal who came about his abilities naturally (without divine blood). He may be the reincarnation of Jason as a legendary hero but not a demigod. The new series will see the rebirth of Hector, Ajax, Orion, Atalanta and other mortals who rose above rank and file. Gods on all sides will try to influence and intimidate them (I could see Artemis especially curious about Orion) but in the end, they'll be free agents with relative autonomy.
  • Half true. There are reborn mortals, but only villains.
    • Who said only villains?
      • Well, it is stated that the dead are at least so far only coming back with the aid of a "patron",who turns out to be the Big Bad.she's not likely to help any good guys get out.(though that doesn't rule out her messing with the laws of death allowing out good guys too.)
      • I could be wrong, but wasn't Orion Poseidon's son?
      • Orion is Poseidon's son and Orion's ability to walk on water was a gift from his father.
  • The second book does feature at least one heroic character who was reborn (Hazel) and at least one other character who un-died almost immediately (Gwen) due to Thanatos being chained. And if the gods get desperate enough, Hades might be willing to allow some loopholes...

Prometheus will be the villain in the new series.
Do you really think that a couple of kids could Out Gambit the Titan who's embodies forethought least of all Percy "Leeroy Jenkins" Jackson? Prometheus always has a plan, from giving fire to man, to being chained to a rock, to telling Percy to give up knowing that that would urge him onwards to eliminate Kronos and pave the way for his own designs which are much, much more insidious and intricate than "Take over a kid's body, Attack Zeus head on, ????, Profit!". Nice Job Breaking It, Perce. Jason's going to be spending the next series fixing your mistakes.
  • Firstly, Elpis is Hope, Secondly, Kronos' plan was quite intricate, but Forethought is not "Seeing the future", it's "planning ahead". Thirdly, Jossed.
    • But Elpis isn't hope. Elpis is the expectation of something to happen. It can be something good, or something absolutely horrible, as anyone can tell if they read Ancient Greek manuscripts.
      • In this series, Elpis is Hope. In case you haven't been paying attention, Riordan gets a lot of things wrong, possibly due to not really digging beyond the surface of the mythology. Besides, nobody expected Hades, Demeter and Persephone to involve themselves in the fight.
  • As above, Jossed.

There will be another series by Riordan about Norse Mythology.
Completing the big three Western mythologies.
  • Son of Thor? Yes Please.
  • Ziggy note  Thompson and The Asgardians?
    • His companions will be a snarky daughter of Odin and a dwarf. At the end of the first book, they will be betrayed by a son of Loki who is in league with Surtr and wants to bring about the Ragnarok. Ziggy will bathe in Fafnir's blood and become invincible like Percy. And when the two meet, it will be an extended game of grabass to see who can stab the others weak spot first.
    • The storyline will involve, at some point, werewolves, following one part of the Sigmund myth. Also, it will be mentioned that like the Greek demigods, Norse ones tend to have ADHD. However, it's far more likely in their family to manifest as bouts of Unstoppable Rage. Rather than suffering from Latin-Cyrillic dyslexia, they have to deal with a measure of Gigantism(all being, at the very least, exceptionally big and strong, if not so much as to get a special medical label) and a huge appetite.
  • Confirmed!
    • YAY!!!

Tying in with the above WMG there will be another one about Eastern mythology.
...for the hell of it.
  • And how do any Westerners know so much about Eastern Mythology?
  • What "Eastern Mythology"? Japanese Mythology? Hindu Mythology? Arabian Mythology?
    • All of them.
    • The gods (all of them, including the metaphysical one ) MUST grant him immortality so he can complete this massive endeavor!

And the natural progression of all of this will be...
Percy, Carter, Jason and the son of Thor will team up with the daughter of the Jade Emperor, the son of Susano-o, a child of Quetzalcoatl, the son of Lugh, trained by Cu Chulainn, the child of Baron Samedi and the child of Ganesha.

They will travel the world and epic crossovers will be had by all. Percy will do battle with Orochi, Carter will engage Meretseger who has allied with Surtr and strives to bring about the Ragnarok. The Chinese and Japanese demigods will enjoy a vitriolic relationship culminating with them squaring off against Ame-No-Mikaboshi while getting married on a sinking ship. Meanwhile, Jason will be sucked into a Love Triangle with the daughter of Baron Samedi and the daughter of Quetzalcoatl while they try and stop Loki and Tezcatlipoca from upending the world and bringing about chaos. The son of Lugh will die in the throws of the ristrad while bringing down Gaia and the child of Ganesha will put an end to Danu while transcending the cycle of suffering...

And where exactly would Apophis be?

That, or they'll all just play Scion...

  • Or Mythomagic.
  • So, since this HAD to be asked eventually... Does Susano-o's kid get Masamune to forge him a sword?
  • Chinese, Japanese, Aztec, and Hindu are unlikely, since magic moves with the heart of the west, which pretty much removes the possibility of American myth pre-1500s, and certainly removes the possibility of Asian myth.
    • Not necessarily. The Kane Chronicles established that western civilization, and therefore its flame, started in Ancient Egypt. From there it's not hard to assume that the original Chinese river states and Mesopotamia might have ignited their own flames in Asia and the Middle East, which could easily result in Eastern mythologies. It would also explain God, being ultimately made the only god and therefore possessing all of the power that is normally divided along a pantheon. Jesus, then, would be a demigod, the only one God ever sired.

There will be a series by Riordan about Arthurian Mythology.
Let's face it... After the series invoking Norse Mythology, Riordan will have used all three most well-known western mythologies. The fourth most well-known would actually be the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Maybe it could be interpreted as when the Flame of Western Civilisation resided in Britain (Albion, the Knights are all demigods in disguise)

All of the contributors to the Haiku section of this very wiki are really Apollo in disguise
Artemis was pissed at him, so she sent him to TV Tropes to get his life ruined. He started the haiku section, and well...
  • Heh heh, pretty nice.
  • This is how he spends his time now that he's been turned mortal (The Trials of Apollo).
  • Combining the last few theories: TV Tropes was actually created by Loki.
It worked perfectly.

Hera was responsible for Thalia's mother's death.
Car Crash...suuuuuuurrre...Given Hera's talent for inflicting mental conditions (see Heracles' temporary insanity) , she could have made Thalia's mother into an alcoholic and let nature do the rest.
  • Considering Hera's view on her husbands infidelities, this is almost certain.

Other famous demigods
Demeter and Aphrodite would have had the most adult Demigods because it's mentioned early on in the series that monsters would be less drawn to them. And there's mention of known historic figures being demigods.

Famous children of Aphrodite would probably be but aren't limited to:

  • Jane Austen
  • Rudolph Valentino
  • Annette Funicello
  • Megan Fox (or she could be Aphrodite in disguise. That explains why her appearance is always changing).
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Julie Harris
  • George Gobel
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Many real life Alpha Bitches.
  • Justin Bieber - His massive Hate Dom and Hate Dumb is an organized attempt by the children of Apollo for revenge.
    • Until Anonymous/the internet caught on. Now it's just hatedom.
  • Hideaki Anno - Same as Taylor Swift, hence why they are very similar.
  • Dr. Will.
  • Adolf Hitler - come on, how did he motivate so many people - excellent public speaker or charmspeaking?
    • Not a bad argument, but it's heavily implied that Hitler is a son of Hades.
      • It’s confirmed he’s a son of Hades.
      • Not quite. It's actually been confirmed that Hitler was not a demigod of any sort.
  • Maybe, just maybe, John F. Kennedy.

Famous children of Athena would likely be:

  • Different types of people. She's the goddess of Wisdom AND Battle Strategy AND Crafts - that's pretty broad. (Plus a bunch of other stuff).
  • All architects
  • If characters from other fictions counted, I think Sherlock Holmes would count as this. Adrian Monk would probably be so, too.
  • Stonewall Jackson
  • Charles Dickens
  • Mark Twain
  • Elizabeth I
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Harriet Taylor
  • Martin Luther
  • John Brown, given that most civil wars were caused by the children of Athena stirring up shit between the Greek and Roman demigods.
  • Winston Churchill
    • Unlikely as WWII was mentioned to be a battle between the children of the big three, so I think Hades is the most likely suspect
      • It's been hinted in universe that Hitler was a son of Hades, so his children were probably on the other side. Athena could still be accurate but it seems most likely that he's a son of Zeus or Poseidon.
    • The Other Wiki claims that he's a son of Poseidon (Britannia rules from the waves, I guess) while FDR was Zeus' son and Stalin and Hitler were both Hades.
      • The Other Wiki is wrong. Hitler is confirmed to not be a demigod.
  • Professor Stephen Hawking
  • Ramza Beoulve
  • Napoléon Bonaparte
  • I see several The Wire characters being children of Athena, like Ellis Carver, Howard "Bunny" Colvin, Dennis "Cutty" Wise, Gus Haynes, Lester Freamon, Bunk Moreland, and Jimmy McNulty
Famous children of Demeter would probably be:
  • Gregor Mendel
  • Williams; who is thought of being someone who noticed the Bartlett Pear.
  • Will Keith Kellogg; potentially her roman aspect.
  • Eli Whitney, although he might have been a child of Athena.
  • A lot of professors, deans, and ministers of Agriculture, horticulture, and related fields in the world.
  • The inventors of the greenhouse in Rome; though children of her roman aspect because, well, they were invented for Rome!
  • John or Mary Elitch (Since Elitch Gardens originally was a flower garden)
  • C.W. Post
  • René Dumont
  • Louis Pasteur; although he might have been a child of Athena.
  • Jethro Tull (Not THAT one!)
  • Robert Bakewell
  • Justus Von Liebig
  • George Washington Carver
    • Less obvious: Kim Wilde. The looks of a goddess, wrote a book on gardening, and, as the ultimative Exhibit C, google for the (German) SF cover of "Die Linien der Zeit" by Manuel van Loggem. :-)
  • Michelin starred Chefs
  • Norman Borlaug

Famous children of Apollo would be:

  • Hanson
  • The Spice Girls
  • Rush
  • Nirvana
    • I HIGHLY approve of this theory.
  • Spinal Tap - except for the drummers.
  • Elvis Presley. The Kane Chronicles (which takes place in the same universe) says he was an Egyptian magician. But it could be possible that he was a son of Apollo who fell in with the Egyptians because he didn't know his Greco-Roman heritage.
  • Johan Sebastian Bach; son of his Roman aspect though.
  • A lot of early composers, though probably a mix of his roman and greek aspect since they only made music to what was popular at the time.
  • Haydn
  • Brubeck
  • Tchaikovsky
  • Yo Yo Ma
  • Darren Criss (Since the song had to do with Greek Mythology)
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Jimmy Page
    • Excuse me? "I come from the land of the ice and snow/from the midnight sun where the hotsprings blow. Hammer of the Gods we'll drive our ships to new lands/Fight the hoards and sing and cry/ Valhalla I am Coming."
  • Jim Morrison
  • Keith Richards
  • Edward Jenner (was doctor and less famously a poet and musician, how could he NOT be a son of Apollo?)
  • Steve Harris
  • Hansi Kursch
  • Charlton Heston
  • Taylor Swift. (Instead of an Aphrodite child). He is the God of Music and Poetry.
  • Hideaki Anno. Same as Swift.
  • Wayne Brady
  • Florence Nightingale: Founder of modern nursing.
  • Dame Shirley Bassey, has been described as having the voice of god (not necessarily "God")
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Andrea Bocelli
  • Alicia Keys

Famous children of Hades would be:

  • The Undertaker
  • Edgar Allan Poe (could also be a child of Apollo)
    • Or Dionysus, given how hard he hit the bottle.
  • Mary Shelly
  • Vincent Price (Could be a child of Apollo)
  • H. P. Lovecraft (Or a possible child of Dionysus, due to him being the god of insanity and all)
  • Stephen King
  • Dr. Jekyll and Hyde
  • Aleister Crowley, all about the dark arts and generally not appreciated.
  • I know many The Wire characters that would be kids of Hades, like Marlo Stanfield, Chris Partlow, Snoop, "The Greek", and Spiros. Avon Barksdale is a toss-up, since while he does order some very brutal hits, he also willingly lets Cutty depart from his crew on good terms and later provides funding for Cutty's gym, which might make Avon a child of Hermes.

Famous children of Hermes would be:

  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Bernard Madoff
  • All of the gangsters of the 1920s:
    • Al Capone
    • John Dillinger
    • Homer Van Meter
    • Baby Face Nelson
    • Bonnie and Clyde. True incest there.
    • Pete Pierpont might be a child of Hermes, but in real life he had gray eyes, so he would be a child of Athena.
  • Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Eugene Vidocq, a juvenile delinquent who turned his great cunning towards the side of good
  • Most of the criminals in The Wire, like Omar Little, Frank Sobotka, Stringer Bell, Proposition Joe, and D'Angelo Barksdale

Children of Hephaestus could be:

  • NASCAR drivers, and probably everyone in the pit crew (seeing how much work they put into their cars); I believe that in the demigod world, the gods like to decide when to have a large crash is, and which driver should win, a secret form of "fixing".
  • All employees who work on assembly lines
  • Anyone who works in the construction industry
  • Tony Stark, if comic book characters count; he could also be offspring of Athena given his mind.
    • The anvil is pretty much a dead-giveaway. Also, the robotic Iron Man suits in the third film are an expy for Hephaestus' mechanical servants.
  • Beavis. Fire, Fire, FIRE!!!
  • Henry Ford
  • Volcanologists. They study volcanic activity, but that's just a cover story for what they really do, which is follow directives from their father to monitor Typhon's places of imprisonment for signs of him trying to escape.

Children of Poseidon

  • Sir Francis Drake
  • Admiral Yi Sun Shin
  • Admiral Horatio Nelson
  • Pretty much every single naval captain in History.
  • Jacques Cousteau
  • Themistocles could definitely be a son or legacy of Athena as well

Children of Dionysus

  • John Belushi.
  • Most famous playwrights, especially Tennessee Williams.
  • Van Gogh, both emotional and a bit insane.

Children of other gods

  • Kent Allard, alias the Shadow: child of Hecate. How else did he learn to cloud the minds of men?
  • Sigmund Freud: child of Hypnos or Morpheus. Hence his uncanny knack for interpreting dreams.
  • Jack Churchill: child of Ares. Along with any sufficiently insane soldiers.
  • Charles Lindburgh, a son of Zeus (possibly ditto the Wright Brothers)

Percy is the reincarnation of another demigod, trying for the Isles of the Blest.
  • Maybe the original Perseus, or Heracles.
    • If you take into account The Heroes of Olympus, the idea that either Percy or Jason are a reincarnated hero could work. After all, the hero that defeated the giants last time was Heracles, why not again? Perhaps Percy is Heracles, and Jason is Hercules? (And yes, I know they are different names for the same person. But Heracles' spirit was split after death in Greek Mythology - he went to Olympus as a god, but was later seen as a spirit in the Underworld by Odysseus.)
      • Despite the many many many many *many* easy parallels to be drawn between Percy and Heracles that would imply him being a reincarnation, it's established in Mark of Athena that Heracles received godhood when he died, and is very unhappy about it. If his soul were split in Percy Jackson canon it would have been mentioned then. It is noted that the stories passed down by mortals aren't always entirely accurate.
    • For a good line of irony, Percy could be Perseus and Jason could be Jason. As "easy" as that sounds.
    • For bonus points: Annabeth is the reincarnation of Andromeda: Perseus's wife in the original legend. (Persues was the only hero who ended up faithfully Happily Married). She and Percy could be trying for the Isles of the Blest together. That would explain why their connection (her being his Achilles heel, Percy remembering Annabeth after his memory's wiped) is so strong.

The final enemy...
  • This ties in with WMGs above regarding series set in other mythologies. Riordan's final series is going to be a massive crossover between all these mythologies as they face off with their ultimate final enemy...God...yeah, that God...with the big G. After all, all of these religions were ultimately displaced by a series of monotheistic religions venerating a single God who declared total genocide on anyone who worshiped anything else. And yet, despite the best efforts of his followers, the other pantheons continue to influence modern society. The very last novel/series is going to be about God and his followers trying to wipe out the last vestiges of the pagan religions that they replaced.
    • Where does Jesus figure in this?
      • Jesus will be the one to gather the heroes since having three different religions worshiping him has probably thrown the Abrahamic God a bit off-kilter. Jesus, being either a false messiah, the Son of God, or a great prophet and his general attitudes, makes him more likely to attempt to keep peace between the two factions. Satan is also involved in spreading confusion and wants to bring about Armageddon. It's up to our heroes to determine if the Jesus they meet is, in fact, the real deal or is merely a fake.
    • Personally, for me it would be like this-Satan, the Anti-God and the Great Old Ones will try to take over the world, God, who was the thing the Greek Gods were praying too, will summon the demigods to kick ass. Also, Jesus will help them. God will also be a bit of a prick.
  • In Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer Thor says that he's still angry at Jesus for not showing up to a duel... Hm...

The villain in the third series will be Chaos.
First, Kronos. Second, the deity who came before Kronos- Gaia. Third, the deity who came before Gaia... Chaos.

The scene in Son of Neptune when Percy finally meets Nico again will be freaking hilarious.
Search your heart. You know it to be true.
  • As long as it involves Nico saving the day, I will be satisfied.
  • Both are jossed
    • On the contrary, the scene was in fact hilarious, seeing as Percy has amnesia and Nico is trying to pretend he's never seen him before.

The series takes place in the sea of trolls universe
Gaia is the dark half of the Life Force, and the demigods have to find the good half to beat her. Also the gods are a subspecies of elves, or half-fallen angels.

Chaos is only good god and Chomsky is her son.
so chaos is anarchism, Spain is were she sleeps, Chaos is God. Yes i am an anarchist.

The Norse Heroes Will Be Chosen By The Wyrd.

Or urdr, the equivalent force; It's essentially fate or destiny's force. They wouldn't be blood related, so much as the chosen battle champions of the Norse gods.

  • I would so pay to see who Loki chooses.
    • Jossed

Dionysus is Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Lets look at the facts shall we:
  • Both Carl and Dionysus are described as middle aged men with a bad temper, a drinking problem, and looking in not the best of health.
  • There are theories that Carl is the reason the ATHF universe is so insane. Everything around him is pure insanity and yet he is regarded as the Only Sane Man. Keep in mind that Dionysus is also the God of Insanity as well as drinking and partying.
  • Both hate half-bloods, just of different variants. Carl hates food/human hybrids, Dionysus is not found of Demigods.
  • Carl has been shown to like Pac-man much like Dionysus.

Kurt Cobain isn't Apollo's son...
Apollo IS Kurt. He fits the description to Apollo's mortal form to a T, and he's a genius at poetic lyrics as well as fantastic guitar skills. Kurt Cobain was a social experiment done by Apollo for shits and giggles.
  • So Apollo just got bored of his Cobain disguise around '94 and decided to fuck with our minds, bring SHITLOADS of tears, and kill a genre just as it started, and pretend to have shot himself? Not cool
    • Greek gods are sort of known for their cruetly, y'know.

The series is set in the same universe as The Spiderwick Chronicles
Think about it: European mythical creatures in America that are Invisible to Normals unless said normals are the seventh son of a seventh son, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter or (Wait for it) have red hair. Three words: Rachel Elizabeth Dare! But, now we are left with a question: Is Sally Jackson the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter?

The members of Muse are sons of the actual Muses.
With anti-olympian sympathys. Hence Uprising.

Charlie Sheen is a half-blood.
Taking into account his strange behaviour, his substance abuse, and womanizing ways (With a preference for "Godesses"), I'm guessing he's the son of Dionysus. What do you guys think?
  • He has Adonis DNA!
  • "I am on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen! It's not available because if you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body." A confused reference to Ambrosia or Nectar?

The Killers are also half-bloods.
But they don't know it yet!

''And I'm on my knees, looking for the answerAre we human, or are we dancer?'' Struggling with their half human nature?

''Got a feeling their gonna break down the doorGot a feeling their gonna come back for more'' The monsters are after them!

Riordan will do a series based on Norse Mythology
  • As a matter of fact, he is.
    • Unfortunately.
    • Why unfortunately?
      • Consider that there was already a bit of Bowdlerization to make Greek and Egyptian myths friendly for children... and Norse mythology is much much more violent.
Confirmed, though the violence stays about the same as in his other series.

4chan was created by Dionysus
God of insanity and drinking. Makes perfect sense.
  • Don't forget all the freaky orgies he, or his followers, the Maenads, were frequently the cause of?

Annabeth and Percy will have a son...
Who will be Luke's reincarnation. Percy and Annabeth will sense this somehow, but not bring it up because it's too painful.

The rare humans who can see through the Mist are candidates for the Oracle.
Two of the three people we see who can see through the Mist attempt to become the Oracle (Rachel is successful). In addition, all three of the ones we see are female, and the Oracle spirit tends to prefer young females. The difference is that Sally Jackson chose not to take up the opportunity.
  • I thought this was already known fact in the series.
Alternatively, they are blessed by Hecate, who basically has the most control over the Mist.

Whoever made Mythomagic is a demigod. Or god (Hermes/Apollo?)
It's stated the Hades figurine that causes Bianca's death has a resemblance to the actual Hades. Now how would someone know...
  • There's a precedent for this: In Dark Heavens, it's mentioned that a son of Qing Long created Pokémon.
  • It's possible that it was made as a spotter's guide to monsters. It's so accurate that Nico recognizes the manticore and catoblepas on sight. Even the Roman demigods play it. It was probably made as a fun way for demigods to learn about monsters, especially since most demigods have ADHD and don't generally do well in classrooms.

Percy Jackson is in the same universe as Harry Potter
Let's break down the similarities between the two worlds, shall we?Both:
  • Are home to a host of mythical creatures, some even crossing over from Greek Mythology like griffons, unicorns, dragons, and of course, the prominence of owls
  • Have a shield that makes it so normal people can't see magical or mythical things
  • Have names that mean more that meets the eye (Minerva and Hermione especially)
  • Quests characters must fulfill
  • Go by the fact that you can't fight fate
Also, where does all of this magic in Harry Potter stem from? It's never explained in Harry Potter how the magic came to be, it's only implied that it has always been around. That, coupled with the fact that the Roman Camp implies that even distant ancestors of the gods still hold abilities and powers of their blood line, it could be that after centuries of the gods having children, and those children having children and so forth, that a whole new breed of people were born with the ability to manipulate the world around them, because their ancestral backgrounds became so watered down that they no longer have the specific powers full on Demigods do. Instead, they have the potential to hone and shape their left over raw power how they please. They need wands to hone that power, because on its own it isn't nearly as powerful as a demigod's. The Harry Potter world may just be the result of hundreds of years of god blood breeding in and out of society.
  • Actually, in Harry Potter, you can fight fate. The idea is refused due to the circumstances of the story, but fighting fate is still brought up and approved of, just not in those circumstances.
    • There is a fanfic of this Sharing A Lovegood, where Luna's a daughter of Athena. So far only includes the original series, though T Ho O might come into play.
  • Alternatively, while the gods were in England, Hecate had four children: Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Helga Hufflepuff.

NASCAR drivers are demigods
  • Honestly, Jimmie Johnson's five consecutive championships (2006-2010) must make him a demigod, possibly a son of Hephaestus. Jeff Gordon's probably the same.
  • Hephaestus is behind all of the Executive Meddling in NASCAR
  • Dale Earnhardt, Jr. might be related to Hephaestus, as his maternal grandfather was Robert Gee, a famous engine builder.
  • Jeremy Mayfield and A.J. Allmendinger got suspended in the past few years for performance enhancing ambrosia. That's the banned substance they were caught for.
  • There are a few gods that must be able to decide the outcome of those races, and they obviously liked Talladega enough that they engineered the competitive Talladega races of 2010 and 2011. They even arrange for Big Ones to happen.
    • Dale Earnhardt may have been a son of Ares: his GM Goodwrench Chevrolet was an intimidating black, and it explains why he spun out any car he couldn't pass. There is a reason they called him "The Intimidator".
    • Kyle Busch and Kurt Busch are sons of Ares, as evidenced by their tempers. Given that August 25, 2012 incident at Bristol where Tony Stewart threw his helmet at Matt Kenseth's hood after they got together duelling for the lead, I'm almost certain Stewart might be tied to Ares somehow.

One day, Percy will doing something...
...when a he will encounter a mysterious mammalian creature accompanied by a group of girls. The mammal, who is magical in nature, will say "Hi, there Percy. My name is Kyubey, and this is your long long sister, Sayaka."

Other mythologies apart from Greek, Egyptian, and Norse will appear.
Piper's chapters hint at there being something to certain Native American tales.

The sequel to Heroes of Olympus will be a World War Myth type story
The myths will clash in war, to bring upon a Ragnarok that will leave Percy as King of the Universe

Tartarus (the Anthropomorphic Personification) will make an appearance.
Given where Percy and Annabeth are at the moment... oh yeah, and he’ll be a Henpecked Husband.Confirmed, all but the henpecking part. He did sort of....assimilate Hyperion and Krios though, so that's that

The faded gods, like Pan, Helios, and Selena are just transported to another world, so to speak
A world where things people don't believe in, meaning most mythological beings, end up. Sooner or later they encounter either a shrine maiden in red and white or a blonde witch with a fondness for lasers.

Apollo went to Japan to hit on Amaterasu
"Let's make some sunshine together."

Persephone is pregnant with Hades' kid.

And Demeter is pissed, which is why she created Winter Storm Titan.

Some children of Athena have mortal mothers.

Because Athena is asexual, and creates her children with the power of her mind, it doesn't add up, (and frankly, lends itself to some Unfortunate Implications) that she only gives them to men whose minds she respects.

The gods are just the personification of Western ideals
Despite the gods being real, cosmology seems to be pretty much what you would expect from modern science. Apollo's chariot is specifically said to be made of what people think about the sun, not the sun itself. Therefore the gods could be said to be natural phenomenon that mankind has personified (which, out-of-universe, they kind of already are). By the same token, monsters seem to be personifications of chaos and... uh... "un-civilization?" Typhon seems to be the personification of natural disasters, and satyrs seem to be personified aspects of nature (they get reincarnated as plants).

Ouranos will be the one to defeat/lull Gaia back to her slumber
Less of a WMG and more of am 'I hope this happens' but still, in the actual Ouranos/Kronos myth it's only his private parts that get chopped into fine pieces not his whole mortal form. And if Tartarus itself can make an appearance, then so can he.
  • Jossed, though he does get mentioned.

Hitler was a son of Zeus
It's mentioned that WWII was the last time the sons of the big three had fought and that's why they made the agreement but they never specify which god had which leader and considering that Hitler had the eagle for his sigil and the Nazi SS is very similar looking to a pair of lightning bolts this would also play in to the fact that Hades (who i'm guessing most people automatically suspected) despite his fierce reputation is actually a pretty cool guy while Zeus has a short temper and is kind of a dick
  • I think it was implied he was the son of Hades? Which would be highly ironic given Hades' complaints that he has more than enough subjects thanks very much and doesn't need more.
  • Very jossed. According to a book talk Rick Riordan did, Hitler isn't a demigod period.

Tesla was a son of Zeus
Come on, I can't be the only one who sees it...

Children of the brawnier war gods (i.e. Ares and Thor) are myostatin-deficient and the daughters have abnormally high testosterone levels and masculinized bodies.
Think about it. Ares and Thor are patron gods of physical strength, aggression and masculinity in their respective pantheons. In The Lightning Thief, Percy implies that Clarisse is either morbidly obese or has the musculature of a male linebacker at 13-14 years old and a height of 5'6" (or that she has both). She also has thin, stringy hair, a deep, husky voice, foul body odor, and a callous, violent personality, while in the graphic novel her face is virilized to the point of being indistinguishable from a grown man's, sans beard. In Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Gunilla, a daughter of Thor, is "big enough to play power forward'' and referred to as "Gorilla" by Magnus.

Clarisse's physical traits listed above and Gunilla's more roundabout descriptions can be symptoms of abnormally high testosterone levels, or "virilization" in girls, at least in combination. It has also been scientifically proven that physical activities favor the male's sexual dimorphism over female's (hence why, with very few exceptions, men always outperform women in sports once they reach later stages of puberty) and that testosterone increases physical aggression, bolsters confidence, allows the body to burn fat and build and retain lean mass, increases pain tolerance, and increases one's stamina. Add in a myostatin deficiency (which can increase one's musculature and strength by as much as 40%) and you've got the perfect soldier/warrior/warmonger!

On a lighter note, maybe this explains Thor's appetite in the original myths (muscle is expensive, and in at least one case of myostatin deficiency in humans, the boy in question ate several full meals a day with heavy snacking between).

Past locations of Olympus
  • Palace of Aachen, during the Carolingian Empire (immediately after the fall of Rome; gods become German but this aspect isn't as significant as their Roman one and fades)
    • More likely it was over a mountain and not a building at this point in history. Heroes still have to reach it, right?
  • Shifts rapidly between Madrid, Paris, and London during the Age of Imperialism, with the gods' nationality changing correspondingly
  • London (exact building uncertain) during most of the 1700s-1800s.

The events of the books have happened before.
After the Titan and Giant war, events lead to a higher amount of monsters than usual. This leads to chaos and eventually the gods relocate due to the balance of power changing. This causes more chaos, setting off the events that lead to another Titan and Giant war. For example, World War One (or Napoleon) began the relocation to America. With more monsters arriving with the demigods, a son of Hephaestus called Henry Ford invented the production line to produce weapons faster. This caused the Great Depression in the mortal world, while the turmoil made it possible for Kronos and Gaia to begin returning. Their actions manifested in the mortal world in ways that will eventually transfer the balance of power from the US to Belgium or a United Europe.The reason why previous incidents didn't end in Kronos and Gaia getting destroyed and weren't called Titan/Giant wars is because they were also wars in the mortal world. This goes back all the way to the Trojan War - maybe earlier.

Hellboy's Verse is coterminous with this Verse
During WWII, Hades' children were mostly on the Axis side. The Other Wiki says Rasputin was one of Hades' children. Rasputin, working with the Nazis? There's only one possible outcome there. I'm still contemplating on Frankenstein (as portrayed in Dean Koontz's work) being another son of Hades. We'll see.

Demigods fearing something closely related to the domain of their divine parent is a sign of deep-seated resentment and denial of said parentage
Take Thalia for example. Yes she got the lightning powers which fits her overall personality, but she is so terrified of heights she isn't even aware she should also have (and probably DOES have but never used) air/wind related powers allowing her to fly. Not too long after she is brought back from the dead, she makes it so she cannot be the demigod in the prophecy by joining the Hunters, turning herself immortal and renouncing her parentage to the point that she uses arrows instead of Aegis and her spear and pretty much never uses her lightning powers afterwards.

Nico is bi and had a crush on BOTH Annabeth and Percy
In Battle of the Labyrinth he refuses to go help the camp when Percy asks and only agrees when Annabeth asks him, at which point he gets a soft look in his eye.
  • Some what jossed as he only had a crush on Percy & hasn't shown interest in women so far.

Crossover guess: the glasses of Persona 4 can be used to see through the Mist
Those glasses can see through magical fog already.

Annabeth's family's Doberman was killed by a monster
In the first book, Annabeth mentions that her family had a pet Doberman. When she brings it up, the memory makes her cry, but she doesn't say what happened to the dog.

Earlier, she had also mentioned that her family was frequently attacked by monsters that smelled her demigod aura, causing them to resent her. If the family's dog was attacked and killed by a monster, that would be even more reason for them to resent her or even blame her for the dog's death.

Percy is a distant descendant of Aphrodite
Okay, I know this is unlikely to be confirmed, but think about it; Percy is often described as very handsome, and at least 5 characters (Annabeth, Calypso, Rachel, Nico, and very briefly Reyna) have shown a romantic attraction to him. Makes perfect sense for a descendant of the love goddess.

Kronos met or knows some Egyptian God at some point
Or perhaps a long time ago the mythologies were as separated as they are now and interacted more.

Think about how he possesses Luke, it is really similar to the Egyptian Gods having Magicians Host them and it was treated like it was somewhat bizarre to the Greeks and no one seemed to have any idea what he had done.

Smelly Gabe is a Psychic Blank like Jurgen
In Warhammer, a Blank (Null, Pariah, etc.) is someone who is (mostly) immune to magic and psychic powers. They're not so immune that they can't be transported through the Warp (the hell dimension used for FTL travel), but they can see through illusions, disrupt nearby spells, and are generally unpleasant for psykers and magical entities. Even normal people instinctively dislike them.
Jurgen is a Blank, and one of the first things anyone notices about him is that he smells terrible. It's implied that it's not just hygiene; he still had that smell after he bathed. People around him can also see through illusions when they're close enough to smell him.
Like Jurgen, Gabe's scent masks Percy's powerful demigod stench. He can still be killed by magic, like Medusa's head.

Annabeth's Wicked Stepmother and her stepmother seen in The Titan's Curse are two different people
In the first two books, Annabeth talks about her stepmother as an Abusive Parent who hates her for attracting monsters and doesn't want her kids living with a freak, but when we actually see Mrs. Chase in The Titan's Curse, she doesn't act or sound like that kind of person, and seems to be a perfectly nice and kind woman. In the same scene, Frederick confuses the names of Annabeth's two brothers (stepbrothers? half-brothers?), which would be odd if they were his biological children. So, Frederick has been married twice: first, to the unnamed Wicked Stepmother, who he eventually divorced for treating his daughter badly (and she took her two children with her when she left, not wanting them to be attacked by monsters), and then to another woman (the red-haired Mrs. Chase described in the books) who coincidentally also had two children.

Persephone was involved in, or at least consented to, the births of all of the Hades/Pluto half-bloods. She's only hard on Nico because of what Hitler did.
Persephone is a goddess of chaos and what better way to sow chaos than to have her husband's kids get involved in history? However, the events of WWII soured her opinion towards sons of Hades and she's frosty with Nico and will remain so until he proves he won't turn out like Hitler.

Persephone's issue is more with Maria than Nico

She can handle the idea that her husband gets lonely for six months of the year. She can't handle the idea that someone might share space in Hades's heart romantically like Maria did.

The Percy Jackson books are a roundabout recruitment tactic by Luke

Luke thought that writing a book series (or rather, having a proxy writer possibly influenced via the mist write a book series) to show how bad the gods are would be a great way to recruit other half-bloods. Especially if they hadn't made it to camp yet. However, he knew that telling his story wouldn't be the greatest read, especially for a book series aimed at kids and young adults, so he decided to detail Percy's adventures instead, which still have plenty examples of the gods being jerkasses while also being more fun and less depressing. Unfortunately, he never counted on people taking Percy's side.

The proxy author, Rick Riordan, was later hired on as a Scribe for Camp Half-Blood.

Percy is the son of Poseidon's Mycenaean aspect.
It would explain why he's so powerful: after all, in Mycenaean Greece, Poseidon was the King of the Gods. And Percy has tapped into the "Earthshaker" aspect of Mycenaean Poseidon in Mount Saint Helens. And he managed to sit on Poseidon's Throne longer than most probably could, and managed to temporarily hold the Underworld River at bay (Mycenaean Poseidon was the God of the Underworld). True, it's never stated if the Mycenaean iterations of the Gods existed or not, but if they did exist at one point, and became the modern versions of the Greek Gods, it would be fascinating to explore.

Percy Jackson Disney+ Series W.M.G

The stories will be edited as to better foreshadow later elements
For example taking cues from the musical and having Nico or Bianca show up at the Lotus Hotel. This can extend to other directions as well, like having Annabeth mention her Boston relatives or have Amos Kane cameo in New York City scenes.

Percy and Sally will be cast as Hispanic
The growing interpretation of Percy in that way could give Rick a means of handling concerns about the overly white cast of the first series.
  • Jossed for Percy; he's played by Walker Scobell, who definitely seems Caucasian. However, the other leads are Race Lifted: Annabeth is played by a Black actress, while Grover is played by an Indian-American.

Grover will not refer to Nemesis as potentially Percy's father
That somewhat notorious flub will either not be said at all, or will be edited to reflect the Homosexual Reproduction angle that Apollo established in the later series.

Books in the Rick Riordan Presents line will canon immigrant into the series
For a couple of example the time in New Mexico in the Titans Curse will show 'The Beast' volcano from Storm Runner where Ah Puch is locked up or during the time in Miami during The Sea of Monsters references are made to calamitrons or the works of Gustavo Vidon. They may even be combined, for example Annabeth may mention both Dr. (Julius) Kane and (Krithika P.) Shah when talking about researchers into mythology.

The Battle of Manhattan will be expanded into a mythological version of The Avengers (2012) Battle of Manhattan
Additional characters will be drawn into it to make it an even more chaotic and awesome affair, particularly if the series establishes the spinoff and later series earlier (for example the Demigods being joined by the 21st Nome or the Valkyries of Valhalla) or canonizes the Rick Riordan Presents characters and has them be present.

Sally killing Gabe with the Medusa Head will be altered a la the film
That scene has gotten more criticism in recent years and Rick may choose to alter it as to reflect it.

The Gods will be played by multiple actors to set up their ability to change appearances
For example 'Teen Apollo' and 'Fred the Hobo'.

The series will be used to set up spin off series
Beyond the canonical examples in the Kane Chronicles and Magnus Chase if the Rick Riordan Presents titles are also usable we'd see the series set up a 'Storm Runner' series or a 'Pandava Quartet' series.

The series will have Stingers at the end of each season
The obvious stinger being that of the Romans and the Battle of Mt. Othrys as a stinger for a Last Olympian season going into The Lost Hero. Some stingers for the (presumably) five seasons of the original series including Polyphemus with the Golden Fleece or Luke receiving the Princess Andromeda, an early preview of Bianca and Nico, Nico meeting Midas, and some Kronos action.

There will be Take That! jokes about the film
Something like 'the Parthenon where the Hydra was (Nashville, TN) burning down' or 'Persephone calling the idea of Hades being abusive to her absolutely stupid'.

Coach Hedge will have an Adaptational Early Appearance
He'll be a recurring satyr who coaches the Ares cabin and will be seen comforting Clarisse after Chris's return to Camp Half-Blood. In the final episode of the Last Olympian series, he'll complain about being re-assigned to a reform school in Nevada after Percy's deal with the gods.

The Kane Chronicles stuff won't appear in the series until the Netflix movies are finished
Bar a contract allowance for multiple Kane adaptions or something.

We'll see references to the Magnus Chase series before the Kane Chronicles
The Kane Chronicles were older and out longer to have rights obtained from while the newer Magnus Chase stuff wasn't as available and Disney may have been able to lock them down first.

Bianca will have some of her characterization tweaked

To make her choice to go to the hunters more sympathetic. Maybe she doesn't until she's at camp and (thinks) Nico will be happy there, maybe she is shown to be openly stressed out of her mind trying to care about Nico, etc etc. Maybe even Nico says she can join and only later realizes he misses her.

Daughter of the Deep, which is also getting a Disney plus series, will crossover with Percy Jackson

Hades/Pluto is Adolf Hitler's grandfather.
It's initially implied that Hitler was a demigod from Hades/Pluto, as the children of the Big 3, and Hazel notes that the god of the underworld has a very strong resemblance to him. However the author has confirmed that Hitler is not a demigod. However, there's still room to say he's related: Adolf Hitler wouldn't be considered a demigod even if his own father was. Historically Alois Hitler was illegitimate and while his future step-father may have been his real dad, the identity of Adolf Hitler's biological grandfather isn't confirmed. So the reason why there's a resemblance is because Hitler is a grandson of one of the Big 3. Naturally, Zeus still felt it added to why they should stop having children with mortals even if with the Fuhrer there was a generational gap. By extension, this would make Hitler Nico and Hazel's nephew.

Alexander the Great's claims of being Zeus' son are real in the Camp Half-Blood universe.
In Real Life, Alexander the Great had a burgeoning god complex. His mother allegedly told him he was actually fathered by Zeus, and he would eventually try to pull off a God-Emperor role. As the Percy Jackson universe is one where the Greek gods actually exist and some famous historical people are confirmed as being demigods, it's entirely possible Alexander's claims are a reality in this setting. Personality-wise Alexander shares some Zeus characteristics; an incredibly capable and wise man with serious character flaws, and his IRL accomplishments as a conqueror seem like they'd be part of a Greek legend. Like the other of the Big 3 Zeus fathered some major figures in World War II, so perhaps a couple millennia before he fathered another really influential political and military figure.

Mr. Chase and his mortal kids will also be Race Lifted to be Black in the series.
Because Annabeth is gonna be Black in the series, and I doubt they're gonna make Athena Black to match. Besides, if Athena is Black then that means all the Athena demigods will also be Black. Even Daedalus (at least, his original body; no word on how Quintus could be affected).
  • Mr. Chase is probably going to be played by Wayne Brady.