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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The Lightning Thief:

  • Pretty much everything Percy, Annabeth and Grover do in this book. A couple of 12-year old kids and a satyr travelling across country. With no adult supervision, fighting monsters, fighting a god (in Percy's case at least) and standing up to two more. What were you doing when you were 12?
  • Percy killing the Minotaur by ripping out its horn and shoving it into its ribcage.
    • And that isn't even strictly speaking his first kill. He recalls a memory/story from his babyhood when he was still in the hospital and his mom came to the baby ward and screamed because there was a snake in his crib... a snake he already killed.
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  • Easy to miss but when Percy asks him if anyone has come back from the Underworld, Chiron mentions Houdini went down there and had himself chained (pretty much for shits and giggles and just cos he could and to see if he could escape). However, nobody ever confirms whether he was a demigod or just a mortal who could see through the Mist, Chiron only calling him a great escapologist and nobody else mentioning him.
  • When Percy sends the Olympians Medusa's head, knowing they'd be ticked off. Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? indeed.
  • Percy's battle with Ares in The Lightning Thief, actually badly hurting the God of War. That's right—barely trained 12-year-old against the centuries-old god of war, and Percy not only survives, but lands a solid blow. Admittedly, it's implied that Kronos was responsible for stopping Ares from carving up Percy after, but still, ridiculously impressive.
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  • The children of Hephaestus are skilled with technology and make fireworks the size of Patriot missiles. Which make for massive, animated re-enactments of the Battle of Thermopylae, Hercules slaying the Nemean Lion, and George Washington crossing the Delaware. And they launch them all off on the 4th of July.
  • Credit to the film where credit is due; when Percy returns the bolt to Zeus, we get a shot of thunderous lightning filling the skies outside the moment Zeus has it back in his hands. A pretty awesome way of demonstrating the power he possesses and a sense of how much he's been wanting to show it off since he lost the bolt.


The Sea of Monsters:

  • Tyson and Percy taking out those cannibals in the beginning of the book.
  • Tyson in general is a powerhouse in the team being the resident Big Guy of the story for a lot of the early parts, easily taking down bigger opponents with little effort thanks to his brute strength. Even though he's like 7-8 in age thanks to to him being a Cyclops.
  • Annabeth stabbing her knife through a Laistrygonian giant's back, reveals herself with a gust of awesomeness and then punches Sloan in the nose.
  • Half the things Tyson says to Polyphemus in the last couple of chapters.
  • The part, passed over in a single line, where Percy cuts arrows out of the air.
  • Clarisse pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment when Percy, Annabeth and Tyson having to deal with the Hydra of the Monster Donut.
  • Dionysus sending Tantalus back to Hades after Chiron is cleared from his crimes. Everyone in camp cheered for the God of Wine that day.

The Titan's Curse:

  • "Mortals," she said calmly, "Are not allowed to witness my hunt." Artemis, casually making a military helicopter explode into a flock of ravens.
  • The Hunters' grand entrance was pretty cool on its own, whatever Thalia's opinion of them at the time.
  • Learning that Percy makes a habit of rescuing injured, trapped or otherwise distressed sea creatures in his spare time adds a level to his heroism.
  • Zoe Nightshade steals the camp van and drives south "like a crazy person" rather than risk another life unnecessarily. (Also probably to avoid any further delays while choosing the fifth member of the quest group, which is a different kind of awesome/heartwarming.)
  • "You're not going to hurt Zoe. I won't let you."
    • Keeping in mind that Zoe has not really been all that nice to him at all, Percy's willingness to stand up to the Titan General to protect her more than qualify. Especially as he comes close to being killed doing it.
  • Percy voluntarily stepping in to hold up the sky in Artemis's place.
    • Annabeth held it for far longer than Percy before Artemis showed up.
  • Artemis whipping out two absurdly long knives (and keep in mind that she has the body of a twelve-year-old) and ripping Atlas a new one long enough to trick him into taking the weight of the sky back.
  • Speaking of Zoe, taking a quest perfectly aware of the fact that you're going to die horribly (she knows how much her father hates her, and she must have known that if she was going to die by his hand, it wouldn't be pleasant) because your goddess needs you is pretty awesome/heartwarming on its own.
  • Four words for you: Frederick Chase, Sopwith Camel. That is all.
  • Apollo blatantly flaunts the "no direct intervention" thing. Screw that—Artemis is in trouble, and damned if he's not going to help her.
    • "No one messes with my baby sister."
  • Percy giving up the Nemean Lion's fur. More specifically, the way he looks at Zoe and says clearly, "I'm not Hercules." His newfound appreciation for what true heroism means is a turning point for his character. Plus, he was giving up a freaking bulletproof vest with probably a bunch of other really cool features, just because he thought it was the right thing to do. That's epic heroism or nothing is.
  • Bianca sacrificing herself. She's only a kid, she's barely been in this world three days. That took an insane amount of courage.
  • Percy convincing the gods not to kill the Ophiotaurus.
  • Zoe fighting Ladon single-handedly, and then being immortalized in the stars.
  • Nico opening a rift in the earth.
  • Dionysus casually appearing on the Chrysler Building when Percy and Blackjack were following after the others and tangling them in vines. It just shows that despite him being a big time complainer, he's STILL a God and he can just kill those two with a thought if he really wanted.
    • He even scared Percy in that instance, as his eyes looked like they had violet flames at the time.
    • There's also what he does to the Manticore, and the human mercenaries with him...
  • Zoe Nightshade is pretty awesome, but then we learn that the nymphs in general still harbor a powerful grudge over Hercules rerouting a river to wash away centuries of horse...droppings. And then we remember Zoe's throwaway line from TC about water nymphs: "They've never forgiven me." Zoe had been helping Hercules all along. All those labors where he actually had to think, and not just pummel things? That was her, and he never even thanked her.

Battle of the Labyrinth

  • Nico's final confrontation with Minos in Daedalus's workshop.
    King Minos: You have no power over me. I am the lord of spirits! The ghost king!
    Nico di Angelo: No. (Nico draws his sword.) I am.
  • There's Rachel nailing Kronos in the eye with her hairbrush in ''Battle of the Labyrinth''. As the Funny page puts it, "Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Kronos. Hairbrush."
    • The fact that it PHASED him is enough to be impressed. And it even got Luke out for a moment to feel the pain of something smacking him in the face.
  • Briares turning one hundred feet tall and killing Kampe by hurling boulders at her. Made even more awesome by the fact that he had been living in fear of her for most of his life.
  • If it wasn't for the fact that it nearly got them all killed, Annabeth calling out the Sphinx for her idiotic "Riddles" comes to mind.
  • Despite it being a Tear Jerker, Grover taking some of Pan's essence proved to be a pretty useful thing when he goat bleats an entire army away.
  • Percy causing an eruption of Mt St Helens.

The Last Olympian:

  • Beckendorf sacrificing himself to destroy the Princess Andromeda.
  • Percy single-handedly defeating Hades' army of Roman soldiers and redcoats, not to mention getting close enough to threaten Hades himself, after bathing in the River Styx and achieving invulnerability.
  • The moment in the battle for Olympus where Percy (again, single-handedly) turns the tide against a battle between the Apollo cabin and an army of monsters by cutting through most of the army himself.
  • Percy facing the Minotaur in a Duel to the Death. And takes it out without breaking a sweat. He then charges the two-hundred plus army of monsters, all by himself. He kills all but twenty, who flee in terror, also without breaking a sweat.
  • Percy then taking on Kronos, the Titan Lord himself. And not only survives, which is a CMOA in itself, but makes Kronos break a sweat.
  • Special mention should also go to Percy taking on another Titan, Hyperion by himself and pretty much stalemating with him for the whole fight. Keep in mind Hyperion is specifically mentioned as being second only to Atlas and Kronos in terms of power among the Titans.
  • Grover and the Satyrs also gets a moment here for beating Hyperion by more-or-less sealing him in a tree.
    • Note that Hyperion is the Titan Lord of Light and the East.
  • Percy manages to defeat the Clazmonian Sow, a monster no hero has ever killed before. He does it by siccing on it the Hermes statue from the top of Grand Central Station and the lion statues from the New York Public Library steps, since both are automatons created by Daedalus.
  • The Party Ponies beating back armies of monsters with NERF baseball bats, arrows and paintball guns laced with celestial bronze. Whilst screaming insults at each other over who has the better chapter.
  • Annabeth landing the Dare Enterprises helicopter. Without actually knowing how to pilot it.
  • Silena convincing the Ares campers that she was Clarisse. Though it's implied that she didn't exactly have to try to hard.
  • Clarisse's Roaring Rampage of Revenge after Silena dies, which consists of killing a freakin' drakon, and then holding back the entire army while dragging its skin behind her. Her father, Ares, practically glomps her in his pride after the battle is done.
  • Hades' Big Damn Hero moment in The Last Olympian. It was about damn time one of Kronos' children got their own Calling the Old Man Out scene.
    Hades: Now fight me! For today the House of Hades will be called the saviors of Olympus!
  • Nico showing up with his skeletal army, making the army of Kronos part for him, and pretty much saving the day.
  • Percy's stepdad, who can't even see through the Mist (the stuff that makes monsters and so on Invisible to Normals), grabs a sword and duels one of the monsters, and his mother blows one away with a shotgun... but what makes this truly awesome is that when Percy asks when she learned to fire a shotgun, she calmly responds, "About two seconds ago."
    • It's implied in The Battle of the Labyrinth that he can at least see a little past it, given that he was able to see past the party line about what happened with the cheerleaders.
  • Luke holding off Kronos the king of all evil possessing his body, and killing himself.
  • Poseidon and The Cavalry helping the Olympians defeat Typhon and send him to Tartarus.
  • It's a very brief moment, but after Percy knocks Luke's sword into the hearth fire, Kronos goes to fetch it, only to be horribly burned by it having become red-hot in the coals—and then an image of Hestia flickers in the fire, frowning at him in disapproval. Yes, she stood up to, wounded, and contemptuously dismissed the wicked father of the gods himself. So much for being "the least of the gods", eh?
    • What makes it better? According to Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, Hestia has exceptionally good memory. As in, good enough to remember being eaten by Kronos. Also according to that book, looking at Hestia and being able to tell what she would grow up to be made Kronos feel like an old rotary-dial phone next to the new smartphone models- that is, he knew his days were numbered.
  • Percy and Nico, for convincing their immortal god dads to set aside their personal agendas and pull their Big Damn Heroes moments against Typhon and the Titans.
  • Percy exacting an oath from the gods to never let any half-blood children go unclaimed again, and allowing all the gods (and their children) to have seats on Olympus and cabins at the camp.
  • Rachel becoming the new Oracle of Delphi, despite the fact that it drove the last woman who tried mad.
  • And it was the best underwater kiss of all time.