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Streets of Rage Remake is 2011 free fan game based on Streets of Rage, developed by Spanish fan developer group Bomber Games. Claiming itself as an unofficial remake, it's basically a mish-mash of the three games with a lot of original and remixed content added; to make room for all the levels, the game makes extensive use of branching paths. Highlights include being able to play as any character in the series so far (including Adam) and Multiple Endings.

After eight years of development, the group eventually released their work, only to be pulled down from the developer's site at Sega's request (although details are sketchy, basic reckoning concludes that they did not want unsolicited competition for their eventual compilation re-release on Xbox LIVE), but not before having received wide coverage and spread with unofficial updates fixing the game. So don't worry, you can find it easily with a simple search.


Tropes exhibited specifically in this remake include:

  • A.I. Breaker: Mona and Lisa lost the above-listed AI Breaker from the original game, but now you can just grab them as they are getting up from the floor. They don't escape from this unlike most bosses.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: You can purchase the option to change some of the characters outfits (specifically what they wore prior to the second or third games) and have other color options as well. In Max's case, you can purchase a version where he uses the beta stance instead (a.k.a. how he was going to stand like in the completed SOR2 game).
  • Artificial Stupidity: Invoked with the "Stupid" setting for the friendly AI. Even on the other settings, the AI partner completely ignores whether its attacks will damage the player. Thankfully, friendly fire can be turned off in the options. Also, the AI tends to waste its police summons on mooks rather than save them for bosses.
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  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Mr. X becomes this in version 5.0, due to the fact he is WAY more challenging than his original incarnations.
  • Batter Up!: Adam can use special moves with baseball bats.
  • The Battle Didn't Count: Happens when you fight Rudra as a boss. After all you've had to do to defeat her, the following cutscene has her using some kind of jutsu (which she never used during the fight) to freeze the heroes on the spot. She then says she's not their enemy, frees them and flees.
  • Becoming the Mask: Rudra in one of the endings.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: The final version features copious amounts of blood when guns or a bladed weapon are used, graphic bisections when a foe is finished with a sword, blown up, or run down, and one boss brutally murdering someone mostly offscreen before he turns his attention towards the player(s). The blood and gore in the game can be turned off however, setting the violence level back to the Genesis/Mega Drive games.
  • Boss Remix: Has four: ("Attack of the Barbarian" and "Never Return Alive"), and Rudra's boss theme (a remixed version of Yamato's theme). The fight against Orihime and Yasha on the SOR3 route remixes SOR3's boss theme.
  • Boss Rush: An unlockable gameplay mode.
  • Boss Warning Siren: Played with in the remixed boss theme, which begins with a sample that sounds like a siren.
  • Bottomless Magazines: The gun-wielding enemies never run out of ammunition, while you get stuck with Throw-Away Guns. A cheat can be bought granting this feature to players, as well.
  • Car Fu: The Streets Of Rage 2 route begins with the cop car mowing down three Galsias. Can also be used in-game when you call the for the police backup as enemies outside of the screen to the left also stand a chance of getting run down by the cop car.
  • Cyborg: Elle, an unlockable character fitted with prosthetic whip-hands.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Break, Axel's robot doppelganger from 3, is inexplicably the only enemy that does not appear in the remake in any capacity.
  • Crosshair Aware: In the first level of the Streets Of Rage 2 route, one segment now has you try to avoid a sniper enemy's crosshair before he can shoot you (though you can lure him into shooting mooks). Thankfully (?), he only appears once.
  • Developers' Foresight: How does Roo, a kangaroo with boxing gloves, ride motorcycles and motorboats? He doesn't. Your nameless policeman buddy drives while Roo drives pillion! See also the spoiler under Smart Bomb.
  • Difficulty Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Mania.
  • Doesn't Like Guns: Roo now knows how to use melee weapons, but he will immediately throw any firearm he picks up.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: Rudra performs one when she Turns Red, summoning two extra clones of herself to fight you.
  • Downer Ending: One of the endings that involves you failing to escape Mr. X's hideout before it explodes. The explosion levels several buildings within a several block radius and many lives are lost while the real Mr. X is free to roam and cause more chaos. You also get to see your fellow police officer giving a solemn salute to the fallen heroes as they are laid to rest.
  • Dual Boss: Some paths have you fight two Bongos. There is also an unlockable cheat to always spawn dual bosses.
  • Excuse Plot: Done intentionally.
  • Exploding Barrels: Found in this remake, although they blend together in with the non-exploding barrels.
  • Face–Heel Turn: If you accept Mr. X's offer to join him. This can lead to funky situations when you, for instance, unlock Mr. X and defeat Mr. X as Mr. X to BECOME THE BOSS.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: No good comes from the route that ends with Robo X. If you somehow get out of the building alive and stop the explosives, you escape the bad endings but get an neutral A Winner Is You ending because the real Mr. X got away.
  • Fan Remake: A particularly ambitious one that runs under Windows, combines levels and enemies from all three games and adds its own, sports remastered graphics plus new ones in the same style, a completely remixed soundtrack, adds gun weaponry, has nineteen playable characters, and lots of unlockables, including a level editor. An earlier version had a Super version of Shiva who was removed in the final version.
  • Fanservice: There's an Easter Egg in the game where Blaze goes topless as she gets knocked down.
  • Fanservice Pack: You can purchase the option to add panty shots in the store.
  • Gainax Ending: The game's ending if beaten in Mania mode.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: You can call on the police for help. One of their attacks is a rocket launcher which creates a circle of fire. If the rocket lands in a Bottomless Pit, the game stalls — nothing can move until the animation finishes, and due to a programming oversight, the game never counts the animation as finished if it can't start. You can't even pause the game — the only way out is to close the program. This was fixed with a patch.
  • Game Mod: SORMaker lets you create your own SOR game, using backgrounds from other games and other things. One particular mod to note is about a Gaiden Game portraying Adam as Hero of Another Story in how he's working behind the scenes in BK3 in order to eventually help Axel's team (he's also helped by Max, whose involvement in BK3 was just The Cameo in the good ending). Another mod uses Streets of Rage characters to recreate Final Fight.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Shiva, Elle, Ash and, against all logic, Mr. X himself will beat down the mooks and enforcers of the organization they used to work for or in fact ran in the last one's case when you unlock them. Rudra doesn't count, as explained in that character's unique ending, and considering Victy/Roo has full help from the police force when playing as the character, it's implied that this particular fighter was never villainous to begin with.
  • He Knows Too Much: Implied with the SOR1 route encounter against Souther, as the team had come to investigate someone's lead on Mr. X only to stumble upon the clawed maniac brutally murdering them just off-camera.
  • Jump Physics: The remake gives you the option of either using the jump physics of SOR1 (both jump path and facing can be changed in mid-jump), SOR2 (cannot change path or facing when in motion), or SOR3 (the path can change but not the facing).
  • Kill 'Em All: If you fail to get out of Mr. X's building before time runs out in one route, all of the heroes die from the ensuing explosion, and their policeman ally makes a salute at their graves afterwards.
  • Laser Blade: There's an unlockable cheat in the game that turns swords into light sabers.
  • Lonely at the Top: Shiva seems to think so in Ending 1. Unlike everyone else, he sits looking bored the entire time, and doesn't laugh evilly or move at all after the credits roll.
  • Lonely Piano Piece / Solemn Ending Theme: Heard during the credits after the two worst endings. Especially poignant for the ending where the heroes' policeman ally is left completely alone.
  • Long Song, Short Scene: Version 4 had a remix of "Spin on the Bridge" used in the dance club stage in place of a mix of the original song, which proved popular. When Version 5 came out and they went with a remix of "Dance Club" instead for that same stage, they kept the "Spin on the Bridge" remix... as a song that plays in the twenty second cutscene following the bosses' defeat. note 
  • Luck-Based Mission: Stage 8 if you beat Robo X. You're on a Timed Mission, 3 minutes to be exact, to either disarm the bomb or ignore it and beat Shiva quickly as possible before the timer expires. The catch? The rooms that contain the keycard to reach the bottom floor and the control console to stop the bomb are randomized in each play through, so it's possible you can wind up finding nothing but trap rooms and get the worst ending for dying in the explosion due to time wasted in getting lost and having to fight mooks every time you leave a room.
  • Made of Explodium: An unlockable cheat will cause all enemies to explode violently upon death. They behave just like explosive items, bikes, and barrels, so enemies standing near the soon-to-be-corpse will potentially cause a chain of exploding enemies, while players standing nearby will lose a lot of health, so watch out!
  • Man on Fire: Anyone (bar the robots) hit with certain fire attacks. (The fires on the floor, the fire breath attacks of Bongo & Big Ben, Rudra’s police special, and the torches used by the jugglers, but not Axel’s fire punches, the regular police call, grenades, or exploding enemies, bikes, and containers)
  • Meteor Move: Rudra's back throw, which consists of kicking her victim straight up into the air, ninja teleporting to catch the him/her, and then slamming them back into the ground using the Izuna Drop.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Rudra could well rival Blaze. She wears a vest that emphasizes her stomach, she's got Absolute Cleavage especially in her unique ending, she wears fishnet stockings that help to emphasize that She's Got Legs, her skirt's short enough that you can get very brief Panty Shots if she kicks high, and the lower half of her outfit gives a subtle outline of her butt if she BECOMES THE BOSS.
  • Multiple Endings: As of Version 5, Streets of Rage Remake features a maximum of eight, depending on which route you took and what final level you played. Three of them are lifted from the first two games (thus, it's possible to BECOME THE BOSS once again). Variants on the Streets of Rage 3 route involves trying to stop bombs from blowing up the city and the building you're in, with Shiva as the final boss. Regardless of whether or not you stop the bomb and defeat Shiva, Mr. X escapes. And one ending requires a no-cheats completion on Mania mode. One hidden character also has an ending made completely for them. Rudra's ending is accessed by beating Mr. X on the final level of the Streets of Rage route or Streets of Rage 2 route by herself on at least the hard difficulty setting. Remember her post boss fight dialogue where she says she's not your enemy? Her reason for fighting shows in her ending, which shows her freeing her little sister that was captured by the syndicate. The post credits scene shows the little girl trying to follow in Rudra's footsteps in being a fighter and struggles to lift a sword.
  • No Fair Cheating: Using cheats lowers your money points at the end. If you steal from the shop, you're forced to pay for it later.
  • Non-Lethal K.O.: The remake uses this on the boss characters (except the robot types, which explode upon defeat). While standard mooks are implied to be killed by the player (especially when you can cut them in half with a sword, throw a grenade at them, or toss them into a pit or off a moving lift), boss characters are shown in a cutscene to be either out cold or dazed, bloodied, and bruised, no matter what was used to defeat them in the fight previously.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: The Seeker robots are so fragile that one punch can instantly destroy them. However, they explode upon defeat, so watch out! Luckily, the Seekers can do nothing but jump around.
  • Palette Swap: After you've beaten the game at least once, you can choose the color of your player character's outfit at the select screen.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: If you fight Mr. X's robot duplicate and successfully disabled the bombs, the city is safe, but the real Mr. X is still out there. Likewise, if you escaped without disabling the bombs, Mr. X is still alive and most of the city is destroyed from the explosion.
  • Secret A.I. Moves: Averted. The developers put a lot of work in improving Mr. X's Gun Fu and working in additional animations (none of which are displayed during his boss fight) to make him as playable as the initially available characters, all while avoiding making him too gamebreaking. Granted, he can be more powerful than other characters of the cast, but not by much, which keeps playing as him interesting. Played somewhat straight with Rudra, but then again, how would you control her Doppelgänger Attack?
  • Shoplift and Pay: There's a shop (staffed by Blaze, of all people) that unlocks after you beat the game, enabling you to buy secret characters, cheats, and extras. Should you access the shop while your computer's clock is between 5 and 7 AM, Blaze will be asleep, and you can attempt to steal an item. The chance of successfully stealing an item is 50/50, and the computer decides this at random. If you fail, Blaze wakes up, screams "THIEF!" in your face, and you get banned from the shop until you beat the game again. If you succeed, however, you can get any one item — even the super-expensive ones like the SOREditor and the infinite lives cheat — for free... and you still end up locked out of the shop. And this time you have to pay Blaze back for the item you stole by beating the game. Did you steal the SORmaker? Have fun playing through the game 10+ times!
  • Shmuck Bait: You could steal from the shop when Blaze is sleeping, and the offer for supposedly getting an unlock for free is quite tempting, which is likely the point when you get punished whether you succeed or fail.
  • Shout-Out: Several. Not only do other Sega games get references, homages and cameos, but other beat 'em ups and fighting games as well.
  • Shown Their Work: The developers put a lot of effort into recreating elements from the series. Not only did the developers include levels that were Dummied Out from SOR3 and a few levels exclusive to the Master System/Game Gear versions of the series, they also included sprites of Axel, Blaze, Skate and Shiva from all their perspective games and choosing a different sprite also changes their fighting style to how they fought in those games. The game options have also lots of details, such as determining what Streets of Rage game you want the combo system to reflect, what game you want your movement and jumping to be based on, how you want your hit boxes and having the ability to play as SOR2 Blaze with her up kick showing off her panties, which had been censored in the North American version. Attention to detail was heavily used in the remake while still retaining the feel of the series.
  • Skippable Boss: As of version 5.1, dodging all of the maintenance beams while climbing to the front of the train car on the alternate SOR 2 route results in the boss of that level, Ash, being hit by a subway train and dying instantly before you fight him, automatically completing the level.
  • Smart Bomb: The remake gives one of these to all but three of its 19 playable characters, though some are special fighting techniques that don't actually involve summoning the police. The three that don't get one are Mr. X, who taunts you for trying to call the police (he is a crime lord, after all) and both the SOR2 and SOR3 versions of Shiva, for whom the "police call" button increases his speed as of version 5.1.
  • Sound Test: Like the original games, you can listen to the game's music in the options menu.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard:
    • Onihime and Yasha take off more of your health per successful impact than the final boss. In Mania, getting suplexed by either of them is a guaranteed death, no matter how high your health is! No other boss, not even in their respective game, does that much damage at once.
    • The boss with knife-hands will shadow-step and counter any jumping attacks, and their reach is slightly longer than your own.
    • Mr. X owns a Tommy-Gun, and is more than happy to mow down your character whenever he pleases! At least the bullets barely do any damage.
  • Third-Person Seductress: Blaze is the one manning the shop where you buy various items. While you're browsing around the shop, she's standing there to the side, dressed in her red bra and nothing else covering her top half, and there's a slight shot of her skirt and stockings below (both mostly covered by the graphic showing your in-game cash), and all the while she's looking right at you with a smile on her face, except for a few moments when she looks to the side while you're selecting certain options. Have a look.
  • Throw-Away Guns: The heroes can pick up guns (imported from the Capcom's ''Cadillacs and Dinosaurs'' arcade Beat 'em Up) which the heroes throw them in the Mooks faces when out of ammo.
  • Tiger Versus Dragon: Played with. Shiva is established as having something of a rivalry with Axel, which didn't exist in the original games (beyond them being on opposing sides, of course). Fittingly, Axel has his Dragon Wing and Dragon Smash special moves, and Shiva has a special move called the Tiger Palm (which he didn't have in the original games).
  • Timed Mission: Version 5 included a final escape in one route. After defeating Robo X, escape the building in 3 minutes (timer varying depending on difficulty) or explode with it. If you find the keycard, you battle Shiva as your final obstacle to freedom. The ending you get however depends on whether or not you disarmed the bomb before getting to him or not.
  • To The Bat Noun: The cutscenes don't do much to explain progression between levels besides "There's a door here." or "Our helicopter/bike/yacht will arrive to our destination soon." They do even less for the story anyway.
  • Trick Boss: Robo X in one route, like in the original games. Only, in this case, the building is rigged to explode after his defeat. With Shiva waiting at the exit.
  • Unique Enemy: Several, including a Jason variant of Jack, a trucker, a sniper, and a few more. Notably, one of the enemies is a blonde haired Galsia in a white shirt and jeans, whose KO cry echoes. Oh and he's named Cody.
  • Unlockable Content: Tons, all of which are unlocked and purchased through the shop where extra characters, cheats, the SORMaker, bonus features and more are found.
  • Victory Pose: Everyone performs a victory pose at the successful conclusion of whatever mode you're playing.
  • Yellow Brick Road: A variation. Version 5 has you begin on one of four starting points, but all routes lead to Mr. X's headquarters... though not to the exact same ending.


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