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  • Annoying Video Game Helper: Playing with an A.I. partner will invoke this, especially if their setting is set on aggressive. If you have an enemy in your grasp and you start to combo them, your partner may decide to wander into the fray and and try to help out by attacking your target, which will usually break your hold on the enemy and wind up doing less damage than you had intended. If friendly fire is turned on, this will just get worse.
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  • Awesome Music: The fan soundtrack is entirely made of great remixes of the original tracks, along with some brand-new songs tossed in for good measure.
  • Better Than Canon: The remake pretty much combines the best parts of all 3 games, and has even better music, while staying true to the original.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In-universe lampshaded example where the characters find the fight with the samurai to be rather strange.
  • Breather Boss: One of the alternate jungle stages ends on a fight with Jack. While the fight is tricky since you're riding a motorboat, it's much easier compared to what follows and in other routes.
  • Broken Base: A minor one in regards to the music; as the soundtrack was re-arranged between V4 and V5 (for example, compare both versions of "Violent Breathing"), there is some debate over which version of a particular song is the more definitive remix.
  • Goddamned Bats: The martial artists are even worse than in the original, as some will land on their feet if you try to knock them down. And yes, they can avoid being knocked into/thrown into a pit by refusing to let themselves be inched towards the pit.
    • The ninjas were already annoying in canon, here they are the bane of your existence. They get an overly long immunity interval after being knocked down, and because they are constantly jumping, you'll get knocked down a lot. They also have priority over half of your movepool (even most specials!), and dangerous and damaging moves if they spawn with kunais, weapons that are basically worthless to the player.
    • Diesel, a trucker-like foe in the City Hall area that carries a bottle. If, when you first meet him, he throws the bottle and smashes it against your face, consider yourself very, very lucky. Outside of this extremely rare attack, his only strategy is using kicks that instantly knock you down, and the bottle he carries can be used to restore his health if he keeps drinking from it. Just to spite you further, if he gets knocked off screen, he will drink while off screen so you can't hit him! Oh, and he never drops the bottle until you kill him, which then causes the bottle to shatter.
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  • Goddamned Boss: Antonio is a bit more annoying here, due to his kick having more priority.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Remake probably wouldn't be as known if SEGA hadn't dropped the Fanwork Banhammer on it. Some have even speculated that, given the timing of the C&D, SEGA quietly approved of Remake and let it spread a little before officially banning it. Although the game is no longer hosted on Bomber Games' website, nothing stops you from just looking up sites that mirror the game or asking a friend who has it to send you a copy.
  • Special Effect Failure: Some soundtracks skip a little before entering the main loop, particularly glaring in "Never Return Alive."
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Invoked; the arrangers deliberately made the similarities to the music Yuzo Koshiro sampled for his compositions even more apparent here (ex. "Fighting in the Street" throws in a few extra notes from Technotronic's "Pump Up the Jam" during its hook, "Slow Moon" features a backing piano line taken straight from Ace of Base's "All That She Wants" while making the saxophone more prominent, etc.). As blatant as it is, the effect serves to make the remixes that much more awesome.
  • That One Boss:
    • Version 4 introduced Super Shiva, who, along with palette swaps of some earlier bosses, had to be beaten within a certain time limit. If the time runs out? No retries, no continues, Bad Ending, smashed keyboard. Version 5 excised him, although another path you can take in the game, based off of Streets of Rage 3's bomb situation from Stage 6, has you fight SOR3!Shiva, who is even MORE aggravating than SOR2!Shiva, whom Super Shiva was a sprite edit of. Super Shiva was also playable in version 4, and was quite the Game-Breaker (he had both a Hadouken and a Shoryuken, for God's sake).
    • Rudra. Moves extremely fast, throws ninja stars to attack from a distance, can hit you several times in place, and lands on her feet if you toss her backwards. Once her life bar is down to half, she'll start creating illusions of herself where they all can do the same attacks but die in a single hit. Oh and every time she sends out the clones, they all come crashing down, hitting you every time unless you can see when they are going to appear and either dodge or use a special attack to cut through the attack. When Rudra's life bar is nearly gone, the clones increase in numbers and THEY EXPLODE when killed.
  • That One Level: The upper path of the jungle in Level 6. It's longer than the entire level up to this point (the other path just ends at a boss), and it's plagued with kickboxers and ninjas. The final part of this level is at the bottom of a cascade with knee-deep water that slows you down, but that doesn't seem to concern the increasingly large waves of ninjas. To top it off, try defeating Onihime and Yasha when you can only run as fast as a pregnant sow.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Some fans have expressed disappointment over how SOR3's levels have been implemented in the remake, as they were scattered over several paths instead of having their own straight one, like those for 1 and 2. Thankfully there is a mod you can install for the SorMaker that lets you play through the SOR3 stages as they were in SOR3.


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