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Hello! I'm a Canadian guy with autism (Asperger's diagnosis, but I don't like that term).

    Special interest works 
I'm a bit more than your average fan of the following works (or have been at some point)! People who are "on the spectrum" tend to be very passionate about certain subjects, and these works are some of my special interests:

...and of course, TV Tropes!

Worst of Nightmare Fuel:

I started the Nightmare Fuel cleanup thread because some of the examples we have are really just embarrassing.

No, making your favorite show's Nightmare Fuel page as long as possible doesn't make it look cooler. It just makes us all look like easily-frightened cowards. So please, think before adding something to the page.

Here are a few of the most mind-bogglingly bad examples that were removed by the cleanup thread.

    Initial D 
  • During a practice run saddled with an inferiority complex, Iketani ends up crashing into a guardrail. Ouch. He survives, but is unable to race in the upcoming SpeedStars vs. RedSuns race.
  • Shingo's Establishing Character Moment: Bumping into Iketani's car on purpose while the latter's just going for a practice run. Shingo later causes Itsuki to crash even though he was on a date.
  • When Shingo attempts to crash Takumi's Sprinter and fails, resulting in his EG 6 Civic taking heavy damage. And that was a lucky break- at worst, he could have been killed by falling off.
  • When Iketani and Itsuki go for rides with Takumi to see how he races, they both kick and scream at best and faint at worst. If Takumi's driving can make the average racer faint, imagine not having had any racing experience before and going for a ride with him to see his racing skills first-hand; it would be like a roller coaster without all the safety features! Fortunately, he only does this when the passenger asks to demonstrate his abilities; when driving normally he's one of the smoothest and least scary drivers on the road, as Natsuki can attest to.
  • Similarly, Bunta casually going for a smoke in the middle of a corner, using his knees to navigate, while a passenger (Yuichi) is with him grabbing onto the handholds for dear life.
  • Kai's MR 2 spins on fallen leaves.
  • Takumi's tactic of switching off his AE 86's headlights can count as this. Remember, this is the touge (mountain road), a narrow, winding, twisting road with perilous hazards on either side, and it has taken many lives. The danger goes Up to Eleven at night, and it's even worse at high speeds. However the true scare lies here: Imagine that you are in the middle of a race, and you cannot see your opponent who was just behind you seconds ago. Suddenly, you see a light beside your car. You look at it and there he is, beside your car. If even a full-time pro racer is freaked out by this, what does that say about the others who get to witness this tactic first hand?
  • Keisuke's RX-7 crashes when practicing, and that was caused by those bastards who drive Evos who tricks everyone by slicking the road with oil.
  • Almost everything about "Shinigami" Hojo Rin. His Leitmotif is pure Nightmare Fuel, as well as his personal appearance and car (deep gray) and deadly driving style.
If you actually think fictional characters driving dangerously is scary, you're probably not going to watch a show about illegal street racing.
    Injustice: Gods Among Us 
This is literally every single Limit Break and stage transition in the game. It's a fighting game about superheroes so violence is to be expected, and these moves all fall under Rule of Cool and not Rule of Scary.
Mortal Kombat X: this example is too long to write down, as the page used to list every single Finishing Move and X-Ray Attack in the game (and there are a lot of them). OK, sure, maybe a few of the fatalities really are gory enough to be genuinely disturbing to all but the most hardened of souls, but if you're playing Mortal Kombat, you're probably desensitized enough to not flinch when a fictional character gets decapitated.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Previously, there was at least one example for every single episode of the show. Now, the show can actually get surprisingly dark with some of its villains, but the majority is a Slice of Life affair in a Sugar Bowl-like setting. Here are a few of the more ridiculous shoehorn attempts:
    My Little Pony 
Applebuck Season
  • It's actually kind of disturbing how far the animators push Applejack's failing condition onscreen. More than just tiredness, it comes across as her succumbing to exhaustion as even her hearing starts playing up, in addition to her falling asleep on the spot.
    • This gets worse if you've ever come across information regarding a Russian Sleep Experiment...
  • Those baked bads. Applies in-universe as well. Oh, and Spike was eating them like potato chips.
Griffon the Brush Off
  • Gilda treating the citizens of Ponyville like dirt can hit close to home for those who have been bullied. The worst of it is when she picks on and then roars at Fluttershy simply because they bumped into each other.
    • That roar is quite scary in and of itself.
    • Gilda's other bullying is not to be trifled either. When she crashes Pinkie's helicopter, any other pony would have been seriously hurt. Except, well, she's Pinkie.
  • Griffons eat horses in traditional mythology. Think about that.
  • Pinkie's joy buzzer may remind some of the Joker.
  • Twilight making potions. Becomes even worse if you've seen Double Rainboom.
Suited for Success
  • You've poured your heart and soul into a gift for your best friends. They don't like it at all.
  • You then work yourself to exhaustion, trying to make the gift exactly how your friends want it. You stake your professional career on the results. The critics hate it.
Sonic Rainboom The Show Stoppers
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders getting caught on Pinkie Pie's candy machine in "The Show Stoppers" is really frightening, especially with their bodies disappearing in the rainbow goop and only their eyes left visible. They came out intact (albeit sticky) but still.
  • Congratulations, you just embarrassed yourselves on stage in front of the entire town! Like that dream of being on stage in your underwear, or going to school naked. Only real.
    • It's a miracle none of the Crusaders were hurt during that collapse.
Green Isn't Your Color Over a Barrel
  • The moment when Rarity interrupts the Mane Six's joking in the train car, with a mud mask and cucumber slices on her face. It... isn't pretty.
Sisterhooves Social
  • Sweetie Belle manages to burn juice. Which literally should not be possible. And she liquefies toast. Lethal Chef taken Up To Eleven. And apparently her mother is just as bad or worse.
  • Sweetie Belle has done her absolute best to help Rarity and be a good sister; unfortunately, her innocent nature means she can't understand what she's done wrong. It only makes Rarity angrier and angrier with every mistake. Finally, Rarity explodes and tells Sweetie Belle she no longer wishes to be sisters at all! Sweetie agrees and leaves; the realism of their argument and anger is incredible.
    • After a while, Rarity finds Sweetie Belle's picture, takes back the horrible things she said and looks all over town so she can apologize. When she finds Sweetie Belle, she doesn't accept her apology and wishes to be Applejack's sister instead. Rejection is hard no matter what, but being disowned by a family member is worse yet.
Sweet and Elite
  • This episode features a split-second closeup of a Salvador Dali-esque painting of ponies being horrifically stretched and melted. And Rarity approves of it!
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Apple Family Reunion Games Ponies Play
  • The Mane Six go out of their way to accommodate a random pony and make her feel welcome in the Crystal Empire... only to discover that she isn't the games inspector. Had Ms. Harshwhinny not had a change of heart, they would have been responsible for screwing the Crystal Empire out of their bid to host the Equestria Games.
Pinkie Apple Pie
  • Everything with Goldie Delicious is either this or a Crowning Moment Of Funny, or a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment. Her hoarding is played in a disturbingly realistic way, and her animal abuse is likewise played as such; she's downright neglectful of her cats (not cleaning up after them, leaving one's corpse just sitting by some books), and seems to see them as no different than the items in her house, throwing them outside with junk.
  • "Dusty", the cat that was dead for so long it just blew into dust.
    • Although some people think it was actually just dust shaped like a cat, like a "dust bunny".
      • Just to say, in Italian dust bunnies are called "gatti di polvere" that translates in "dust cats"
  • A "Slenderman" type character makes a very quick cameo near the end.
  • The Scariest Cave in Equestria. It's given a Nothing Is Scarier presentation that lets us imagine any horrific things we want that would leave the Apples so traumatized. Becomes Nightmare Retardant when Pinkie decides to take a picture (and they don't seem to suffer any ill effects afterwards, aside from trauma).
  • The raft plunging over the waterfall a la Splash Mountain, complete with an Eat the Camera take from Applejack as the Apples scream. Even with the steering wheel broken off, they're given only seconds to steer their raft out of the way when they discover it and their panicked behavior doesn't help. Pinkie even takes pictures of their terrified expressions.
Simple Ways
  • In a display of extreme Toon Physics, Pinkie gets so worked up that her head inflates like a balloon and she floats away on it.
    • This has enough resemblance to the way the clones in "Too Many Pinkie Pies" blew up when Twilight zapped them (see above) to make it just that little bit worse.
  • Rarity's descent into insanity as she tries more and more to be like Applejack, even going so far as to leap into a mud puddle. Played for Laughs, or this?
  • YMMV for some, but Trenderhoof's mannerisms towards Applejack as the episode goes along turns more from 'absolutely gobsmacked' to 'borderline stalkerism'.
    • At least the episode makes it clear that this is not acceptable behavior.

The now-cut page for My Youthful Sicko Test didn't even try to list Nightmare Fuel. And I don't mean that it overexaggerated non-scary things, or listed Fridge Horror, or speculation, or anything like that. I mean that it literally did not even remotely resemble Nightmare Fuel in any way, shape, or form. What was actually on there was what looked like an incomplete walkthrough of the game. ...Well, okay, there was one thing that maybe was vaguely nightmarish, a brief mention that the first decoration you get is a bucket full of severed body parts. But then the rest of the example just described how to unlock it, and other in-game info about it. None of the other decorations listed on the page sounded even mildly creepy.