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Curse Cut Short / Killed/Injured Mid-Sentence

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    Anime and Manga 
  • From Black Lagoon, Fritz Stanford, having just gotten shot by Revy in the middle of ranting about his gigantic Hand Cannon, manages a "You fucking cu--!" before Revy steps on his gunshot wound and levels her gun in his face. It's the last thing he manages to get out before she finishes him off as well.
  • In Desert Punk:
    Kanta: Akio, you dumb f— [gets hit over the head by Fuyuo]
    • Haruo does say the f-word twice, but they're easy to miss as background chatter.
  • At least one fansub of Macross Frontier subverts this with Bobby exclaiming "Oh f-" before narrowly dodging a shot from the Battle Galaxy's main weapon which hits the Battle Frontier behind him instead.
  • Cytomander the Swift of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann can only manage an "Oh shi-" before the Dai-Gunzan barrels into him.


    Film — Animated 
  • Bolt had a quick dance with this trope.
    Mittens: Slow down! You're scraping the fur off my– [crashes into mailbox]
  • At the climax of The Boxtrolls, Mr. Gristle lets out an "Oh sh–" right before he's crushed to death by the falling remains of Snatcher's Spider Tank.
  • Rock & Rule has this for when the sailor-type guy gets killed after talking to Toad on the phone. A quick 'Oshi–' and he dissolves.
  • Near the end of Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay as Amanda Waller is about to detonate Copperhead's chip who is on top of Killer Frost:
    Killer Frost: Waller, I'll see you in Hell you dirty cu– [Copperhead explodes killing both of them]

    Film — Live-Action 
  • From Aliens
    Ferro: Now where the fu– [Alien pierces her skull with its tongue]
  • In The Stinger for Avengers: Infinity War, Nick Fury lets out a "Motherfu-" before he is disintegrated by Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Stephen in Django Unchained.
    Stephen: DJANGO!!! YOU UPPITY SON OF A– [The house he's in blows up]
  • In Jack the Giant Slayer Fallon's right head, which is mostly unintelligible, very nearly says the F-word before he explodes after Jack drops a bean down Fallon's throat, causing it to grow from inside him and kill him.
  • The fat paddock worker in Jurassic World who serves as the Indominus's first victim clearly mouths "Fu-" just before her monstrous jaws chomp down on him.
  • From Kong: Skull Island right before Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) is about to blow up Kong after weakening him with napalm:
    Packard: Die you motherfu– [Kong smashes him with his fist]
  • Little Shop of Horrors does this when Audrey II gets electrocuted: "OH SHI–"
  • Regina in Mean Girls.
    Regina: You can take that fake apology, and shove it right up your hairy c– [gets hit by a school bus]
  • During the final battle in Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), ironically right after Dr. Robotnik drops a PG-level Precision F-Strike.
    Robotnik: (slowly realising Tom just punched him again) Who the hell do you think you are...?
    Tom: I'm the Donut Lord, you son of a-!
    [Robotnik elbows Tom in the gut]
  • In the 2007 Transformers movie:
    Frenzy accidentally kills himself with one of his razor discs
    Frenzy: Oh sh– [he dies]
  • In Warm Bodies, Perry shoots R once, then pauses for a one-liner before shooting him again. "Smile mother-". He is cut off by R attacking and killing him.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: While Eddie tries a rhyme routine to make the weasels die laughing, he levels a particularly saucy stanza at the Smartass of the group.
    Eddie: I'm through with taking falls / And bouncing off the walls / Without that gun, I'd have some fun / I'd kick you in the... [Vase falls on his head]
    Roger: Nose!
    Smartass: Nose? That don't rhyme with "walls".
    Eddie: [Gets up] No, but this does! [Kicks Smartass in the "balls", sending him flying to his doom in the Dip vat]
  • Wolves: When Cayden lights the fuse on the final fertiliser bomb, Wild Joe has just enough time to realise what's about to happen and yell "Oh fu-" before he blows up.

  • In Artemis Fowl Butler begins "Oh–" in between realizing he is about to be hit in the face with an unpleasant projectile and the launching of said projectile. The narrator then informs the reader that he doesn't know what Butler would have finished with, but he's willing to bet it wouldn't have been "dearie me".
  • The Discworld books:
    • A photographer shows up to take a picture in Monstrous Regiment. He is a vampire, so the first time he takes a picture, the result is an "Oh sh—" and the photographer crumbling into dust as a result of the camera flash. Luckily, all it takes is a drop of blood to reconstitute the resulting pile of vampire dust.
    • The dragon's 1st victim in Guards! Guards! This being the Disc, two paragraphs after he said "Oh shi-" and died, we cut to his ghost talking with Death. The first thing the ghost says is "-t!"
  • Iron Warriors: a random Chaos mook in Storm of Iron manages to get out "Oh what the f-" before an Imperial Fist introduces him to the business end of a power sword.
  • In Going Under, book three of the Quantum Gravity series, the imp repeatedly says "What the f…" before another character shoots him (into something). Or just interrupts him.
  • Wax and Wayne: In The Alloy of Law, a certain villain gets very annoyed with having his gun shot out of his hand by the main character, after the fourth time this happens he responds with "Stop doing that, you bast-" before he's shot again, this time in the face.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the Angel episode "In the Dark":
    Spike: From now on, I'm my own man! Lone wolf. Sole survivor. Heh — Look out! Here comes Spike, the biggest, baddest mother– [he is conveniently cut off as his hair catches on fire]
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • "Dopplegangland":
      Vampire Willow: [is impaled on a piece of broken wood] Aw, fu.. [she turns to dust]
    • In "Blood Ties", when Glory is teleported away, Giles asks where she was sent.
      Glory: [Realizing she's about a mile above ground] Oh shi– [Starts falling]
  • In the first episode of Dead Like Me:
    George: Oh, sh– [is killed by a toilet seat from Mir]
    • That was only in the clean version on Sci-Fi. On Showtime, she finishes the word.
  • Doctor Who:
  • Firefly:
    • Non-fatal variant of this happens to Malcolm Reynolds in "Our Mrs. Reynolds."
      Malcolm Reynolds: Son of a– [gets knocked out and falls on the floor with a thud]
    • Inara Serra kisses Mal and realizes only too late how he has been knocked out.
      Inara Serra: You stupid son of– [falls to the floor with a thud]
  • One episode of Nash Bridges had this happen to a would be assassin after he accidentally sets off the bomb he's planting in someone's car. His last words: "Oh sh–"
  • Stargate SG-1: When the alternate SG-1 first encounters a Goa'uld shock grenade.
    O'Neill: Ah, sh– [grenade explodes]
  • In the Supernatural episode "Monster Movie," Dean is captured by a man pretending to be Dracula.
    "Life ain't a movie, you sorry sack of–" [punched in the face]
  • Will & Grace: While on a biking trip with Leo, Grace pretends to be having fun even though she's not outdoorsy. They find a pumpkin patch:
    Leo: Catch!
    Grace: Oh, mother– [is knocked down by the pumpkin]

  • In West Side Story, Bernardo taunts Tony, "Come on, you yellow-bellied Polack bas–" but never finishes the sentence because Riff hits him.

    Video Games 
  • Agent Brown gets the injured variant in the second Detectives United game when the enemy smashes his watch. The watch is actually a device that will allow him to return to his proper dimension, so getting it fixed becomes an immediate priority.
    "Holy sh-!"
  • This thug in Deus Ex.
    "Son of a–" BOOM!
  • Snow in Final Fantasy XIII, after an enemy has done something to really get under the team's skin.
    Snow: You son of a– [lunges at him, but Barthandelus teleports out of reach]
  • In Iron Twilight, killing Edgar without befriending Qem causes Edgar to do this, but he's cut short when he bursts into a bunch of stars.
    Edgar: SON OF A– [Bursts into light]
    • Death does this too before being killed.
      Death: Oh sh– [Bursts into light]
  • Left 4 Dead 2
    Coach: MOTHER FU– [strangled coughing]
  • In Legend of Legaia, while traversing the Very Definitely Final Dungeon, Noa is captivated by a torrent of bodily fluids headed toward the party. Gala turns around and is only able to let out an exasperated "H-Holy..." before getting swept up in it.
  • The opening of MechWarrior 2 Ghost Bear's Legacy has the unfortunate Smoke Jaguar patrol Jag-12 run afoul of a lurking Ghost Bear Kodiak, which leaps up into the air and crushes him bodily under its 100-ton weight.
    Jag Base: Jag-12, Jag-12, hold your position! Hold your position, reinforcements are en route. Jag-12, hold your position!
    Jag-12: Neg base, I need units now! (realizes the Kodiak has jumped above him and is coming back down) Freebirth–!"note 
  • At the end of The Neverhood:
    Klogg: SON OF A–!
  • No More Heroes, as Travis steps on a land mine: "FUUUUUUUUUU-" BOOM.
  • In Red Faction 2, Alias and Repta are assigned a mission to blow up an armory. The bombs catch them off guard by going off just after they leave the building, and while neither one of them exactly manages to Outrun the Fireball so much as get picked up and flung by it, they survive due to being nano-enhanced Super Soldiers. Their reaction to the explosion is cut off by the explosion:
    [Both look behind them at the sudden glow of detonation] "Aw, shiiii–" [building explodes]
  • In Resident Evil 2, an Umbrella mercenary says "Son of a..." right before the G-virus-mutated William kills him.
  • Simon the Sorcerer 3D, when Runt has kidnapped the Swampling and is currently levitating Simon over the trigger switch to a bomb.
    Simon: Shi– [Runt drops him]
  • In Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay, although Elaine doesn't die when a cough may count as an injury due to the Pox of LeChuck:
    Guybrush: [to the MerLeader] Actually, there is one thing. I sorta caused this Pox and I need Esponja Grande to fix that. Especially now.
    Elaine: [under the influence of the Pox] What do you mean by that, you worthless piece of *cough cough cough* ooh, excuse me.
  • Team Fortress 2's short, "Meet the Medic", starts with an injured Scout staring at three rockets heading his way.
    Scout: Woah! What the fu–
    [rockets explode, Scout is sent flying]
    Scout: –UUUUUUUUUUU–!
    [Scout's shout stops suddenly when he slams into a window]
    Scout: Medic...


    Web Original 
  • In The Demented Cartoon Movie, a stick figure goes on a long rant about how stupid the movie's gags are after pressing a concealed "make the world blow up" button, and is interrupted by an explosion as he finishes with "Whoever made this movie is a complete jacka–" (BOOM!)
  • Eddsworld: In "Ruined", whilst being buried by sand and caught between two closing-in spike walls, Tord asks "Okay, how can this get any worse?" Cue speaker emerging and playing "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows", which he absolutely hates.
    Tord: Son of a– [screen goes black, slapstick smack noise]
  • Subverted by Bob in PokeBattles Red Version: When Nerra-Torr kills him, he screams "OH SHI–", and when he reappears in the Land of the Dead several battles later, he first says "-T!".
  • Red vs. Blue does almost all the variations of this at different points (as well as using plenty of uncensored swearing). The most iconic, however, is Church's first death:
    Sheila: New target acquired.
    Caboose: That's not a target, that's Church!
    Church: Hey, Caboose! Why didn't you tell us you could drive the tank?
    Sheila: Firing main cannon.
    Church: Oh, son of a– *BOOM*
  • Downplayed in The 10 WEIRDEST Superstitions in the World! by Matt Santoro. Matt holds a black cat, and says, "'Cuz I don't give a fu– [sneezes] And I just remembered I'm allergic to cats."
  • Scott The Woz, in the episode "You're Not An RPG Guy", manages to let out a "WHAT THE FU-" (in reaction to being given Xenoblade Chronicles for a Christmas gift) before Rex tackles him and ties him up.
  • This Sonic Short about the infamous Carnival Night barrel.
    Sonic: All I had to do was hit up and down? UP AND DOWN?! WHAT THE FU– *time runs out*
  • The WTF Boom meme.

    Western Animation 
  • Beast Wars again: This time, from Waspinator when he wants out in "The Nemesis: Part 1". He got better in Part 2.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: In "Cajun Granny Stew", one of the Fox's attempts to capture Muriel ends with him sinking into a lake.
    Cajun Fox: That little dog is starting to become a real pain in my a– [head goes underwater]
  • Danny Phantom has one in the Phantom Planet Finale.
    Maddie Holograph One: Your resolution is too low and your bandwidth is too large!
    Maddie Holograph Two: [gasp] Why you holographic– [violence ensues]
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: In "Halls of Time", Billy, Mandy and Irwin are regressing into babies, into fetuses and then into nothing due to their time hourglasses being turned upside-down; Mandy does this when Grim shows joy at her demise and smugly waves goodbye before she does.
    Mandy: Why you no-good pile of– [disappears]
  • King Arthur's Disasters has this little line:
    Minstrels: With all his troubles in the past/King Arthur sat down on his
    [gets trampled by horses]
  • Regular Show: Rigby gets cut off a couple of times in "Grilled Cheese Deluxe", by getting socked in the stomach.
    Rigby: The only thing you're better than me at is being a big piece of– OOF!
  • Robot Chicken does this in the Mario/Vice City skit. After Luigi is killed, Mario starts shooting up the cops. "You'll never take me alive, you mother–" [gets shot by police]
  • The Simpsons
    • The show loves this one for a character falling down the stairs or a hill or a cliff or really anything like that, like Homer when he attempts to jump Springfield Gorge and almost makes it:
      Oof! Ee! Ahh! Ow! Sonofa—! Agh! Ow!
    • "Treehouse of Horror XV", Ned Flanders, of all people, has this moment.
      Ned You stupid son of a– *BOOM*
    • "Saddlesore Galactica"
      Nelson: Man, that horse don't take no guff from no one.
      Jimbo: Guff?
      Nelson: I mean sh–
      [Bullies start pummeling Nelson]
  • Owen in Total Drama:
    "Beans, beans, they're good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you f–" [gets "beaned" by a can of beans]
    • In a later season, Jasmine in the Avalanche Zone:
      Jasmine: I'm gonna rip you a new– [buried by snow]

    Real Life 
  • Truth in Television: "Oh shit" is often attributed to airline pilots just before they crash. Kind of a "tried everything to save the plane but..."


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