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Webcomic / Fey Winds

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Fox, Warrior, Elf, Prince.
Sylphe's gifts are now sought out by thieves, kings, and wholesome adventure-type folk... like us!

Kit was a fox until a senile witch turned her not-quite human. Nigel's been cursed to follow someone who is "a girl but not a girl, and neither human, dwarf, nor elf." Thankfully there were no "transvestite hermaphrodite gnomes" around, so instead he's left following a Cute Fox Girl. Larina left a remote elven sanctuary only to have a Possession Stone lodged in her forehead. Now random ghosts can take over her body. It's "kind of a pain, you know?"

This intrepid trio sets out to find ancient relics left over from when a legendary being called Sylphe ended the last great war. Along the way they pick up a loser prince who plays the lute, a clumsy thaumaturge-in-training who looks like a demon, and manage to leave a trail of failure in their wake.

Fey Winds updates every Tuesday and is lushly illustrated and wittily written. Contains that rare, delicate blend of rich backstory, realistic character development, quick action, dry humor (much of it lampshading), tasteful fanservice, and subtle self-awareness to keep the characters intriguing, the fantasy setting fresh, and the story moving at a proper pace, not to mention totally unbiased TV Tropes writeups. Referential jokes show up now and again.

Character page here.

This webcomic provides examples of: