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Warning: this page contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the entire Trails Series, all of which will be left unmarked.

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    Karin Astray
Voiced by: Kanako Kotera
Appearances: SC

Joshua's older sister and Loewe's Childhood Friend.

    Rufina Argent
Rufina as depicted in Sora no Kiseki: OL
Voiced by: Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese)
Appearances: The 3rd

A Knight of the Gralsritter and Ries' older sister.

  • The Ace: Ein viewed her as one, and when the First Dominion says you're good...
  • Badass Normal: Described as being as good as a Dominion even though she doesn't have any of the powers associated with them, by the First Dominion herself. If Kevin is brought to fight Loewe in SC, Loewe will even mention she could fight him to a standstill. On her own. In The 3rd, the flashback cutscene introducing the concept of Stigmas with Ein even has her point out Loewe was the one who retreated from that fight.
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: Fought with a Templar Sword in one hand and a Bowgun in the other. This inspired Ries and Kevin's respective choice of arms.
  • Cool Big Sis: Was this to both Ries (her actual younger sister) and Kevin.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: If you fight Loewe with Kevin in your party in SC, after the battle concludes he will ask about a Gralsritter he once knew named Rufina Argent and questions Kevin if she is still well; Kevin is shocked for a moment before solemnly explaining that she had passed away, to which Loewe offers his condolences. Rufina is just a name at that point, but The 3rd fully introduces her (and provides a few more details under the circumstances under which she and Loewe crossed paths).
  • Named Weapons: Her two weapons are distinguished from most others by having names and titles, Magic Bow "Aion" and Spirit Sword "Silbern". Ries and Kevin can find copies of Rufina's old weapons in the Third Plane of Phantasma.
  • Nun Too Holy: As with her little sister, very lightly toyed with. She flirts a bit and has an unconventional approach to making Kevin eat.
  • Worthy Opponent: Loewe certainly thinks of her as one. He expresses sadness when it's revealed she's dead by the time of SC.

    Guy Bannings
Appearances: Zero | Ao

Lloyd's older brother, an investigator for the Crossbell Police who died in the line of duty three years ago.

  • The Ace: When he was partnered with Arios and Sergei, they formed a competent team able to get in the way of the mafia and participate in a international operation. Also, you know you're good you can handle Arios in single combat to a standstill while finding out the entire plot happening in Crossbell alone. Note that it took six members of the SSS to beat Arios at full power.
    • Jack-of-All-Trades: However, it is noted by Garcia that while he is indeed a competent detective, he falls short of practically every single category to his specialised colleagues like Sergei (pinpointing enemy weaknesses and making the necessary preparations), Dudley (rational judgement and management) and Arios (quick-wittedness and awesomeness). The one thing that he has over them is being a Determinator which allowed him to crack cases and criminals alike wide open.
  • Always Someone Better: To Lloyd. Everything he does is inevitably going to be compared to his awesome brother. Later downplayed when Garcia note that despite all his strengths, he wasn't as strong as Lloyd think he was.
  • Big Brother Worship: Inverted. Guy thinks that his brother is more talented that he will ever be.
  • Battle in the Rain: He died in one, while facing Arios about the Azure-Zero Plan.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: With Cecile.
  • Commonality Connection: Ian looked over him and Lloyd because just like them, he lost his family in a foreign-related incident.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He's a total goofball off duty, as shown by a drama CD where he spends a day comically worrying that Cecile will get mad at him for eating her jelly. He's also a strong enough fighter to stalemate Arios, a Divine Blade.
  • Determinator: Garcia list this as his greatest strength and state that he never gave up, not against the general corruption of Crossbell nor against The Mafia. Arios even surmised that this trait was what put the duo on equal footing when they fought.
  • Driving Question: The cause of his death is one for Lloyd.
  • Dual Tonfas: Zero Breaker.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Averted. He didn't blame about Arios's involvement in the Azure-Zero Project and his tentative to murder him.
  • Fatal Family Photo: A variation. He was bragging to Arios about planning on inviting him and his daughter to his wedding to Cecile the next month after a stalemate in a duel to the death with him. Cue getting shot in the heart from behind by Ian.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: It's noted that when off duty, he recommended liquors with the very criminals he supposed to arrest if he ever met up with them. Just ask Garcia.
  • Have You Told Anyone Else?: Guy does this to himself when confronting Arios, telling him that he shared his suspicion with nobody and didn't bring Dudley for back up out of worry that he'd make the whole incident a big scene. Which Arios even points out is just assurance that if he kills Guy he'd get away with everything. But Guy is banking on the belief that Arios doesn't want to kill him and says this in the hope that they can put the issue aside for the moment and work things out later without anyone else getting involved, since the conspiracies plan is still years away from fruition. Guy appears to be right, as Arios seems willing to just wait things out till at least after Guy's wedding, but Ian also overhears this and decides to just kill Guy to eliminate the only witness.
  • He Knows Too Much: Died because of this, he figures the involvment of the Crois family and the Azure-Zero Project before it even begins in public.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Arios.
  • 100% Heroism Rating: How everyone in Crossbell sees him. Even some of the criminals.
  • In the Back: He was shot in the back by Ian.
  • Leitmotif: "Gazing at Your Back."
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye
  • Oblivious to Love: As Lloyd tells it, it took Guy forever to realize what Cecile felt for him.
  • So Proud of You: When Lloyd is able to meet him in the World of Zero, Guy is touched by the growth of his brother.


    Baldur Orlando 

The former leader of the Red Constellation, he is the older brother of Sigmund, the father of Randy, and the uncle of Shirley.

  • Mutual Kill: He and Rutger Claussell died at each other's hands sometime before the start of Ao, after having fought for 3 days straight.
  • Red Baron: As the leader of the Red Constellation, he was known as the "War God."
  • World's Strongest Man: He and Rutger were both contenders for the title of "strongest Jaeger in all of Zemuria."
  • Worthy Opponent: With Rutger, the only other Jaeger who could rival him. According to his relatives, their final battle left him with satisfied look on his face as he died.


Father Barkhorn, also know as the "Roaring Lion," was the eighth Dominion of the Gralsritter.

He is said to have died sometime between the end of Cold Steel II and the beginning of Cold Steel III, having sacrificed himself to help protect the Nord Highlands. In his final moments, he passed on his Stigma unto his protegee Gaius, so that he may take over his old position.

  • Cool Old Guy: He was the oldest Dominion during his time, and he's shown to have quite the sense of humor.
  • The Ghost: He is never physcially present during any of the games.
  • Killed Offscreen: His death had to be relayed to us by Gaius and Thomas.

    Mayor Armbrust 

Crow's Grandfather, and last mayor of Jurai his death is part of the reason for Crow trying to kill Osborne

  • Cool Old Guy: from what we're told he's the one who taught Crow his gambling tricks, and in IV it's mentioned he showed Stark some as well, when they were both fairly young

    Colonel Valestein
Appearances: Cold Steel III

A former colonel in the North Ambrian army, he would later become the founder of the Northern Jaegers and the adoptive father of Sara Valestein.

    Ariel Lenheim
Appearances: Cold Steel III

A woman from Alster Village in Erebonia, she would later meet and fall in love with the then-Prince Eugent Reise Arnor while the two attended Thors Military Academy, and eventually sire a son named Olivert.

  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Due to her being a commoner, she would never be accepted as Eugent's wife, no matter how much he tried to convince his father.


    Kasia Osborne

The late wife of the then-Brigadier General Giliath Osborne and the biological mother of Rean.

    Dreichels Reise Arnor
A statue of Emperor Dreichels in front of Valflame Palace
Prince Dreichels from behind in a flashback 
Voiced by: Joji Nakata (Japanese), Michael Sorich (English)

"Arise, O youth, and become the foundation of the world."

Known as Dreichels the Lionheart to many, he was the 73rd emperor of the Erebonian Empire who was responsible for ending the civil war known as the "War of the Lions" that took place over 250 years prior to the events of Cold Steel. In the later years of his life, he founded Thors Military Academy with the intent to shape future generations of Erebonians into capable members of society as dictated by his famous mandate: "Arise, O youth, and become the foundation of the world."

In Cold Steel II it's revealed that Dreichels was once the Awakener of Valimar. Discovering him in the building that would be known as the Old Schoolhouse, the two forged a contract with each other and through Valimar's power was Dreichels able to end the civil war. Afterwards, he ended his contract with Valimar and returned him to his place of rest once more.

  • Blue Blood: Comes with the territory of being an Arnor. However, much like his future descendant Olivert, he's also half-commoner due to being born to a common born mother.
  • Cain and Abel: The Abel towards several of his brother's Cain, but most notably Orthros who was the ancestor of the Cayenne family and Dreichels' final opponent for the throne.
  • Childhood Friends: With Roland Vander. Their friendship would set the basis for the close relationship between the Arnor and Vander families for centuries to come.
  • Dare to Be Badass: Basically his mandate for Thors Military Academy: "Arise, O youth, and become the foundation of the world."
  • The Faceless: We never actually get to see what his face looks like even during flashbacks that show him.
  • The Gadfly: Apparently a bit as according to Roselia, she assumes that if he were still alive Dreichels would have likely teased her about her current child form.
  • Generation Xerox: Not him specifically, but his descendant Olivert ends up taking after Dreichels in a number of ways. Both are best friends with a Vander, have half-commoner blood running through their veins and thus considered unfit to inherit the throne, ended up travelling throughout the empire and beyond as result, yet still have strong sense of duty to their nation regardless.
    • It's also revealed that Rean, Dreichels' successor as Valimar's Awakener, is one as well. Not only do they end up walking similar paths during their respective civil wars, but when taking time to describe him to Rean, the way Valimar describes Dreichels makes it seem as though he's talking about Rean as well. Perhaps unsurprising considering that Rean's biological father is in fact a reincarnated Dreichels.
  • Going Native: Prior to the civil war that would make him famous, he lived as a nomad together with the people of the Nord Highlands. It's because of this that he formed close bond with them and that they eventually became his first real allies in the War of the Lions.
  • The Good King: Is remembered fondly as a great Emperor who ended a bloody Civil War and as Father of the Renaissance.
  • Greater-Scope Paragon: To the modern day Erebonian Empire. Long dead that he is, his ideals are what sets the standard for the students at Thors Military Academy as exemplified by the members of Class VII, and also in his descendant Olivert, who continuously strive to make the empire a better place for all.
  • Heroic Bastard: Was the born out of wedlock to a commoner mother, just like his descendant Olivert.
  • Heroic Willpower: He was able to keep Ishmelga at bay for decades till his death.
  • Honor Before Reason: Doesn't tell his best friend witch that he's been stalked by the curse of Erebonia, or even revealing that there's such a thing as a curse looming in Erebonia because he felt that the curse is an issue that only man has to deal with it and not bother Roselia with those issues. Unfortunately, this ends up endangering Erebonia as a whole.
  • The Magnificent: "Dreichels the Lionheart."
  • Our Founder: A statue of him can be found in Dreichels Plaza.
  • Parental Substitute: Raised the children of his dead best friend Roland as if they were his own. Considering the Vander family's long Legacy of Service since then, its safe to say they appreciated it.
  • Precursor Hero: To Rean as Valimar's Awakener.
  • Reincarnation: It's eventually revealed that Dreichels had reincarnated as a new person by the time the main story takes place. That person? None other than Giliath Osborne.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: After seeing the devastation wrought by the conflict first hand, he fought in the War of the Lions for the sole purpose of restoring order to the Empire.
  • Starcrossed Lovers: With Lianne Sandlot. Both fell in love and had sworn to live with each other after the war ended, but Lianne's death and subsequent departure after her resurrection prevented any hope of that ever happening.
  • Unexpected Successor: As the 3rd born son, one born out of wedlock to a commoner mother at that, he wouldn't have gotten the throne under normal circumstances. Only gained to throne by winning the War of the Lions.
  • Warrior Prince: Fought directly in the War of the Lions as Valimar's Awakener.

    Ace of Swords
Appearances: Hajimari

Swin's former partner in the Organization, as well as Nadia's older brother.

  • Big Brother Mentor: His relationship with the younger Swin was quite similar to that of Loewe and Joshua. Hajimari even includes a Group Mission quote where Swin thinks of him when hearing talks of older brothers.
  • Parental Abandonment: He had to take care of Nadia after their parents died.

    Isola Millstein
Appearances: Hajimari
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara

A deceased wandering witch, she is the mother of Emma who originally taught magic to Vita.

  • The Mentor: She's was Vita's first magic teacher.
  • Mutual Kill: She and Alberich end up killing each other during their confrontation. Of course, all this did was cause him to move to Franz Reinford as his new host.


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