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Imperial Army

    Mueller Vander
Voiced by: Hiroshi Isobe (Japanese), Patrick Seitz (English)

A major (later Lieutenant-Colonel) of the Imperial Army of Erebonia and Olivier's childhood friend.

  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Has a moment of this with Major Neithardt in the Finale of Cold Steel II, against several Magic Knights. They even decide to have a contest to see who can take down the most.
  • Beleaguered Assistant: Courtesy of Olivier. Mueller is usually the one holding the bag for his nonsense.
  • BFS: He wields a greatsword, his family's signature weapon. It's still pretty realistic in size compared to Agate's sword, though.
  • Big Brother Mentor: In Cold Steel III, it's revealed that he has a younger brother named Kurt, who he encouraged to go to the Thors branch academy instead of dropping out.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In Cold Steel IV, he and Zechs save Rean, Kurt, and their friends at Orchis Tower, defeating a Leviathan with their signature techniques.
  • Blade Spam: Blade Dancer, which combines this with spinning around the enemy at high speed.
  • Childhood Friends: With Olivier.
  • The Comically Serious
    Olivier: Ha ha... Fret not over [Mueller's] dark demeanor. Without it, his presence wouldn't light up the room the way it does.
    Mueller: Okay, you really need to shut up now.
  • Colonel Badass: Gets promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel as of Cold Steel IV.
  • Cool Big Bro: To Kurt, who according to the latter is the one who took him seriously and taught him well.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Considering who his friend is, this comes as unsurprising.
    Mueller: But I'm guessing you'd rather hug than talk.
  • Demoted to Extra: Mueller had it hard in the Cold Steel saga, barely showing up in the games despite it being set in his hometown, and by Cold Steel IV, he's not even a Support Party Member unlike Olivert, Schera, Towa, Elise, and Alfin who at least can use their Brave Orders during the final battle. To a certain extent it makes sense though as with the development and changes to Oliver's character he no longer needs Mueller to keep him on task.
  • Duel Boss:
    • At the start of SC Chapter 4, Joshua and Josette (Guest NPC) will have to fight him, but Josette will fall so quickly and deal so little damage that Joshua may as well be fighting alone.
    • In Star Door 1, Julia has to fight him one-on-one. Unlike before, Mueller can use Righteous Witness and the available items and Arts are more limited.
  • 11th-Hour Ranger: In SC, he can be recruited during the final dungeon. He becomes a permanent member of the party in The 3rd.
  • Fantastic Fighting Style: His family's Vander Style is one of the two most prominent fighting techniques taught in Erebonia.
  • Hero Antagonist: At the beginning of Chapter 4, he works with Liberl's soldiers to try to apprehend the Capua Sky Bandits. Unfortunately, Joshua is both in an Enemy Mine with the bandits and playable during that segment.
  • Kubrick Stare: One of his expressions.
  • Lightning Bruiser: In the 3rd, he has the highest SPD and the second highest DEF, STR, and HP.
  • Limit Break: In SC and The 3rd, his S-Craft is "Rightous Witness."
  • Majorly Awesome: He's a major and a Vander, a family with an awesome swordsmanship style in Erebonia along with Arseid. Of course he is awesome.
  • Military Brat: The Vander family has a legacy of service to Erebonia. His uncle Zechs commands one of the Empire's armored divisions and encouraged his younger brother to go enroll at the branch school instead of withdrawing his application.
  • Not So Above It All: Not present much in any of the Sky games, but in Cold Steel II, he's surprisingly lighthearted, jokey and buddy-buddy with Major Neithardt.
  • Odd Friendship: With Olivier.
  • Officer and a Gentleman: He's fairly polite and professional to people who aren't Olivier.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Take a look at his picture - that's his default expression. Being Olivier's Beleaguered Assistant has really taken it's toll on him.
    Olivier: My dear Mueller, fortune favors those who favor the people around them with a smile!
    Mueller: *scowls* I AM SMILING!
  • Put on a Bus: Aside from a flashback voiced event in Cold Steel III telling Olivert to take care of himself before the Courageous explodes, he is nowhere to be seen throughout the story.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The manly man to Olivert's sensitive guy.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Fairly mild compared to most examples, as he only tends to speak roughly when addressing Olivier (which is somewhat justified).
    Mueller: I'm here because I've had to follow your stupid ass all over goddamned creation.
    Mueller: (after having to look for Olivier all over the place while the latter was participating in the tournament) You son of a bitch...
  • Stab the Sky: His S-Craft Haja Kenshou / Righteous Witness
  • Sword Plant: Part of his Victory Pose.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Very much so and definitely more stoic. His little half-brother Kurt takes after him.
  • Tractor Beam: Ragna Bind draws the targets towards him while inflicting Paralysis.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Olivier.
  • Wham Episode: Cold Steel III reveals that he no longer is protecting Olivert and the royal family as the Vander family is dismissed from being the royal family bodyguards.


    Lieutenant General Zechs Vander
Voiced by: Keiji Hirai (Japanese, drama cd) Bin Shimada (Japanese, Cold Steel II onwards)

The lieutenant general in charge of the 3rd Armored Division and known as "One-Eyed Zechs". He is the younger brother of Matteus Vander and the uncle of Mueller and Kurt.

  • A Pupil of Mine, Until He Turned to Evil: One of his students was Aurelia who wanted to fight against strong opponents and her master. He remarks that he raised a tigress.
  • Badass Army: Leads the Third Armored Division though it shows more in Cold Steel II than in Sky SC where they arrive in steam tanks but don't do anything. Though their presence does make General Morgan worry.
  • BFS: As a practioneer of the Vander-style, he uses a greatsword, though we don't get to see it until Cold Steel IV.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In Cold Steel IV, he and Mueller save Rean, Kurt, and their friends at Orchis Tower, defeating a Leviathan with their signature techniques.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Technically made his first appearance in SC, alongside Olivert revealing himself to be the prince of Erebonia.
  • Eyepatch of Power: It's where he got his name.
  • Master Swordsman: A practitioner of the Vander style.
  • The Mentor: He taught Olivert about martial arts and warfare. Even now, Olivert refers to him as "Sensei" in the Japanese script.
  • Red Baron: "One-Eyed Zechs".
  • Tank Goodness: Leads one himself.

    Lieutenant General Olaf Craig
Voiced by: Hiroshi Isobe (Japanese)

The lieutenant general in charge of the 4th Armored Division and known as "Craig The Red". He is the father of Elliot and Fiona, both of whom he adores very much.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He leaders the Fourth Armored Division, and kicks ass standing outside the tank, in a Goliath, and on foot with a lance.
  • Badass Armfold: Leads his division while doing this pose. Outside the tank.
  • Badass Army: Leads the Fourth Armored Division, one of the best army divisions in Erebonia and it shows.
  • Badass Beard: Very manly too.
  • Blade on a Stick: His primary weapon on foot is a lance and he's skilled at it as Rean and the others find out when they have to face him and Neithardt in Cold Steel IV.
  • Cuddle Bug: And Elliot is his victim, much to the latter's frustation. He no longer does this to Elliot in Cold Steel IV though Olaf would really want to but Elliot tells him to stop it as Elliot doesn't want Olaf to suddenly hug him after they had just fought a battle with each other.
  • Dad the Veteran: The patriarch of the Craig family and a brigadier general in the army.
  • Dual Boss: With Neithardt in Cold Steel IV.
  • Fiery Redhead: In contrast to his son.
  • The Glomp: As soon as he sees his son, he tends to rush towards him and give him one big hug.
  • Humongous Mecha: In Cold Steel III, he pilots a Goliath Noa.
  • Jock Dad, Nerd Son: Dad wants to make his son into a soldier, while said son wants to be a musician. Olaf changes his mind later on.
  • Large and in Charge: He's already a big man leading an armored division, but Cold Steel III decides to reinforce this by having him use a Goliath, which is at least 2 times the size of all the other types of Panzer Soldat, to help combat the Cryptids and Magic Knights running rampant.
  • Large Ham: Anytime he announces his attacks, he will be very hammy. That also includes hugging his son as well.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Due to his loyalty to the military, he has no choice but to fight against his own son when Rean's party are trying to rescue Alfin and Tita, who are under the 4th Armored Division's custody.
  • Not So Different: Rean notes that he and Craig aren't so different from one another when it comes to being overprotective of their family members in Cold Steel III.
  • Overprotective Dad: His idea of escorting his children needs him bringing at least 200 armed soldiers plus a few tanks.
  • Papa Wolf: In fact, he insists that his kids need at least a hundred soldiers just to escort them.
  • Playing with Fire: His Goliath Noa is equipped with flamethrowers in its arms.
  • Red Baron: "Craig The Red"
  • Secret Keeper: Figures out that Rean is his former general's son. When the two have a private moment, Craig spills the beans on what he knows of Osborne and Rean's past.
  • Scars Are Forever: Even during his younger days, he's already had that scar on his eye.
  • Tank Goodness: Leads his armored division, alongside Neithardt.

    Major Neithardt 

See his section here.


Provincial Army

    General Aurelia Leguin
Aurelia as she appears in Cold Steel III
Voiced by: Yuko Sumitomo (Japanese), Valerie Arem (English)

The commander of the provincial garrison of the Cayenne family and a deadly warrior known as the Golden Rakshasa. In the third game, after the annexation of North Ambria state, she retires from the military and takes up the position of principal at Thors Second Branch School.

  • Ace Custom: Her Spiegel, and her later Spigel S, has a unique blade and larger shield, is painted gold and has some extra decorative elements. Players get to fight against the latter in Cold Steel III and it is one of the toughest boss fights of the game.
  • Ace Pilot: Took on both Randy and Rean at the same time in Cold Steel III with nothing but her Ace Custom against Randy in his Hector and Rean using Valimar. She's so good that it is without a doubt, the hardest fight of the game that the game outright allows players to proceed if they lose the boss fight.
  • Air-Vent Passageway: Is impressed by the fact that the vents can be used to traverse through the Naval Fortress but then starts complaining that it's too tight for her chest. Then starts wondering why they didn't just blow the wall away.
  • Amazonian Beauty: As seen in Cold Steel III while wearing a swimsuit, she's quite ripped.
  • Ancestral Weapon: Her sword Arcadia was forged during the War of the Lions and passed down her family for generations.
  • Ascended Extra: Is much more prominent in Cold Steel III than previosly.
  • A Pupil of Mine, Until He Turned to Evil: "Evil" is too strong of a word, but she was trained in swordsmanship by One-eyed Zechs and Viscount Arseid himself, but is now fighting against both of them in the Civil War just to prove her skills as a warrior.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: General of the Lamarre Provincial Army and commanding officer of Juno Naval Fortress before becoming the first principal of Thors II located at Leeves.
  • Badass Boast: She declares to Zechs that her goal is to become more famous than Lianne Sandlot, who is historically viewed as the strongest warrior in Erebonian history. Doubles as a Blasphemous Boast since Lianne is regarded as a saint.
    • She ends up fulfilling that boast to a degree when she actually beats Arianrhod, Lianne Sandlot in current times, in battle. Though Arianrhod herself was holding back, it's made clear by her that Aurelia is actually stronger than she was when Arianrhod was still human.
  • Badass Cape: Wore one as part of the Provincial Army and sports a new one as part of her principals attire.
  • Badass Teacher: Becoming principal and art teacher at Leeves did not diminish her skills at all.
  • BFS: Her weapon of choice as finally seen in Cold Steel III. Her Spiegel carries a scaled-up version of her personal weapon.
  • Blade Across The Shoulder: Her preferred idle stance whether on her Spiegel or on foot.
  • Blue Blood: She's a Countess.
  • Blood Knight: Her main goal in life is to challenge and overcome other great warriors.
  • Boobs of Steel: Strong and very well stacked. Unfortunately, this also presents problems when going through air vents as she complains her chest is in the way.
  • Brutal Honesty: Outright tells the new students of the Branch Campus, which she describes as a trash bin, that they, and their Instructors, were sent there due to being considered misfits and undesirables.
  • Clark Kent Outfit: See Amazonian Beauty above. She's ripped, but her outfit does a good job of hiding it.
  • Connected All Along: In Cold Steel IV, it turns out that she and Elie are distant relatives during a discussion at Pantagruel. Juna and Rean can see it mostly thanks to their similar hair color.
  • Contralto of Danger: Has a suitably low voice to match her combat prowess and noble status.
  • Crutch Character: Discussed and defied by her. She declines going along with the Branch Campus on their first few Field Missions as she believes they need to get by on their own strengths without relying on her. Considering how Purposely Overpowered she was in the tthird game, she probably wasn't wrong.
  • Cultured Badass: As befitting of a noblewoman, she has a healthy respect for the arts and music, teaching them in the Branch campus and discusses Eastern poetry with Rean at one point.
  • Dare to Be Badass: Her speech towards the students of Thors II is that they better improve themselves to the point they can match the main branch or they can leave the academy.
  • Death from Above: One of her crafts has her jumping and stabbing the ground, with a shockwave that engulfs enemies. It's also how she ends her S-Craft.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Delivers one to Arianrhod. Played with in that Arianrhod herself was still holding back during said fight but admits that Aurelia is indeed stronger than she was when she was still a regular human.
  • The Dreaded: Becomes this for her students at the Branch Campus who are intimidated by her. When she decided to personally test them in combat, you could practically see them panicking.
  • Dual Boss: Both her and Victor link up to fight off against Rean, Sara, Fie, and Laura for a friendly match. It ends with the latter four on the floor while the former two are barely fazed. Inverted in her match against Rean and Randy where they are the dual.
  • Duel Boss: Rean fights her twice in Cold Steel III on his own. Once at chapter 2 where she and Rean have a practice session, and the other where Rean has to use his Super Mode to even make her kneel down.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Although it's less evil and more "they're on the other side" but she is clearly not happy at the sight of the Infernal Castle, questioning Duke Cayenne's sanity in the process.
  • Four-Star Badass: Previously the General of the Lamarre Provinvial Army who effectively took control of the Noble Alliance and all the Provincial Armies following Cayenne's arrest. Also lead the war and annexation of North Ambria which by all accounrs was a Curb E Stomp Battle thanks to her.
  • Friendly Rival: With Bardias, ever since they attended Thors together.
  • The Gadfly: Is shown to be this at times. Usually in regards to Rean and his love life.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Is this in Cold Steel III at Juno Naval Fortress.
  • Heel–Face Turn: By the time of Cold Steel III, she is no longer an enemy to the heroes.
  • It's All About Me: Her stated motivation for supporting Duke Cayenne is that a massive war is the perfect environment for a tallented warrior to rise to prominence and that she wants to become more famous than Lianne Sandlot, the woman who helped end Erebonia's last civil war. The fact that this means she's effectively fighting on the wrong ideological side is of no importance. All that matters is that she can show off and become famous.
  • Lady of War: Very graceful in her movements. Also kicks a lot of ass.
  • Lonely at the Top: After defeating her master, she finally understands from Victor's words that being at the pinnacle of swordsmanship left her wanting against other challengers who could be equal to her.
  • Master Swordsman: She has mastered the Vander Style and the Arseid Style, both of which are held up as the most famous schools of swordsmanship in the Empire. All known practitioners of the individual styles are incredibly badass and she's mastered both. Even Arianrhod commends her prowess, saying that Aurelia is better than she was in the past.
  • Meganeko: Wears glasses when she's grading the test scores in Cold Steel III because she complains that her eyesight is too good that she could see dust specks.
  • Meaningful Name: "Aurelia" is Latin for "Golden" which denotes her title as Golden Rakshasa and she pilots a custom gold colored Soldat, emits a golden Battle Aura when excited and the color gold is noted as one of her likes. Fittingly enough, her primary element is space, which is gold in color and her Brave Order is called Golden Aura.
    • Her last name Le Guin can also translate to "The Prig" which among other definitions can denote someone of great prideful attitude, zeal, or conduct which fit with her role, personality, and former status as an antagonist serving the Noble Alliance.
  • Nerf: She was nerfed in Cold Steel IV after her absurdly powerful moment in Cold Steel III by removing her 100% accuracy so she can actually miss enemies, reduced her critical chances, and her dodge rates. Not to mention, she's only available for one dungeon and one boss fight two if the players go to the Golden Ending route.
  • Nice Shoes: She runs around in heels yet doesn't seem to be in pain.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: Like her teacher Vincent, she is capable of wielding her BFS singlehandedly.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Wallace.
  • Promoted to Playable: In Cold Steel III and IV.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Has purple eyes and her Provincial Army uniform and prinicipals attire have much purple and she's definitely a powerful warrior.
  • Purposely Overpowered: In Cold Steel III, she has a base dodge of 40% with a 100% hit rate, her specialty is SS in slash and crush, a self buff that increases strength, artes, and speed (buff crafts are rare in Cold Steel III thanks to the new Brave Order mechanic and some of them have a Heroic RRoD condition attached to them), her Brave Order is to regain 80 CP and increase critical effects by 50%, her field attack instantly stuns enemies, and her S-Craft is at 4S. She's also only available for one dungeon.
  • Red Baron: "The Golden Rakshasa."
  • Serious Business: With everything. As she says, 'The World is a Battlefield' and considering what a Blood Knight she is, she takes everything she does with a gusto.
  • Shipper on Deck: Played for Laughs as she does this with the women in Rean's life twice. Once while in the bath during Elise's visit to the Branch Campus, and again when talking with Musse on the train to Heimdallr.
  • Single-Stroke Battle: Engages in a friendly one against her master Victor in Cold Steel III. She wins by cutting the Radiant Blademaster's scarf.
  • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: As the principal of the Branch Campus.
  • Spectacular Spinning: She spins her sword a few times whether it's her deflecting tank rockets or winding up her sword to unleash her S-Craft.
  • Spin to Deflect Stuff: She does this with her Spiegel's sword (despite it having a perfectly good shield) presumably as a way of showing off.
  • Surpassed the Teacher: Invoked, as she says to One-Eyed Zech, her goal is to surpass both her swordsmnship teachers Zech and Victor to improve her status and reputation as a warrior. Come the third game, its clear she's made progress.
  • Sword Beam: One of her crafts has a huge line radius that nearly covers the field.
  • Sword Plant: Both her victory pose and her weakened pose have her stab the ground.
  • To Be a Master: Her life's goal, and she's well on her way to it. She's mastered at least two schools of swordsmanship, and has earned a nod of respect from the Steel Maiden. After that, she asks Rean if he can introduce her to Yun Ka-Fei or one of the Divine Blades so she can test herself against a master of the Eight Leaves One Blade style.
  • The Unfought: Surprisingly, given how much the game plays up her strength, Class VII never crosses blades with her in Cold Steel II, not even in a cutscene. Subverted in Cold Steel III where she's both fought for several times and playable for one dungeon.
  • White-Haired Pretty Girl: Though "girl" isn't exactly what you would call her considering she's the oldest playable character of the roster in Cold Steel III.

    Lieutenant General Wallace Bardius
Voiced by: Takayuki Kondo (Japanese)

The commander of the provincial garrison of the Hyarms family, originally from the Nord Highlands.

  • Ace Custom: His Hector, and his later Hector Form-2, replaces the shoulder cannons with a shield, a spear and extra thrusters, making his machine a Lightning Bruiser. They're also painted black to go along with his nickname.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: A general and might warrior who managed to brieefly hold off Mc Burn.
  • Badass Longcoat: How he wears his uniform.
  • Blade on a Stick: Like all Highlanders, his preferred weapon. His Panzersoldat uses a variation of one.
  • Blood Knight: Appears excited at the chance to fight a worthy opponent such as the 4th Armored Division and expresses disappointment that neither Craig the Red or Neithardt had a soldats to fight him one-on-one with.
  • Blue Blood: He's a Baron.
  • Blow You Away: His Crafts feature wind, fitting considering his Highlander heritage and Red Baron title.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Descended from one of the Highlanders who fought alongside Dreichels the Lionheart during the War of the Lions and was given a Noble title after deciding to remain in Erebonia afterwards.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: When the Infernal Castle appears, he's clearly not enthused and orders a ceasefire.
  • Four-Star Badass: Brigadier General of the Sutherland Provincial Army before becoming de-facto second in command of the Noble Alliance's military after Duke Cayenne's arrest. Becomes General of the Unified Region's Army after the timeskip.
  • Friendly Rival: With Aurelia, ever since their days in Thors.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Like his superior, Aurelia, he's on the heroes' side by the time of Cold Steel III.
  • Heroic Lineage: Descended from one of the Nord Highlanders who fought alongside Dreichels during the War of the Lions.
  • Immigrant Patriotism: His ancestors are, but he's born Erebonian.
  • Large and in Charge: He's tall thanks to his Nord bloodline, taller than any of his soldiers.
  • Number Two: He serves as this towards Aurelia.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Aurelia. They're close and they duel against each other a lot but they're not in a romantic relationship.
  • Red Baron: "The Black Whirlwind."
  • Spin to Deflect Stuff: He manages to deflect McBurn's flames with his spear. The other Ouroboros characters were naturally gobsmacked at this.
  • The Unfought: Like Aurelia, he is never fought and his only battles come in cutscenes and offscreen fights against the Imperial Army. Averted in Cold Steel III where he's fought as a quest against Class VII, then requests a duel with Rean as well.


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