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Anju Konya

SHSL Fantasy Author

"Being alone has its pros and cons."

She’s amazing at writing, her first story published around age ten. Known as the loon writer cause she speaks with her characters. she was known as a planner copycat for a time, but after a small break in the states, she’s come back and no one knows she still publishes her work under a false name.

Status: currently alive

Arthur Crane

SHSL Coroner

"There is a reason. Several, in fact."

big adorable nerd. Despite his youth, Arthur Crane has garnered a great deal of respect in the (admittedly niche) circles of the mortuary sciences. His autopsies are always thorough and efficient, and his advice and the information derived from his work with corpses has led to breaks in many homicide cases. Due to a habit of muttering to himself as he works, and the depth of information he's often able to determine, there have even been rumors that he can "speak with the dead." However he's really best known (at least among people who pay attention to that sort of thing) for his work regarding frostbite and the effects of freezing temperatures on dead flesh. Apparently he was able to discover a means to determine time of death from a corpse which had been frozen through a series of tests including measuring the extent of the frostbite and the development of the ice crystals, as well as the status of the blood cells. As far as coroners go this is essentially like figuring out how to turn lead into gold, so naturally he drew the attention of the international community and has taken numerous consulting jobs in several countries. It's no surprise that Hope's Peak Academy took notice, really.

Status: currently alive

Chitose Chiba


From cutesy crafts to artsy decorations, Chitose has a huge influence in the Japanese DIY community. Whenever she features a new handmade accessory on her online web show, Swirl Style, it is bound to be seen being worked into modern fashion trends all over Japan. Whether you’re into decorations, accessories, handmade gifts, or anything of the sort, her web show probably has something for you to try your hand at making.

Status: chapter five victim


SHSL Clockmaker

"When I find who did this, I will throw my glove at them."

Mysterious and charming - a perfect example of a gentleman. Not only is he always dressed in a neat fashion, he also speaks in a smooth manner and abides to respectable etiquettes. Furthermore, the mysteries that shrouds his past and even his name only add to his appeal.

Hailing from switzerland, a land that is known for its beautiful clocks, it’s not a surprise that the Super High School Level Clockmaker goes to this outstanding young man. Not only are Chronos’ designs breathtaking, they also run unbelievably smoothly and will not break down for years. So far, none of the clocks he created stopped to function - unless the owner broke it themself, of course. This is why Hope’s Peak Academy granted him an invitation eventually.

Status: currently alive

Emma's Wife Masipag Touya

"Told you I'd see you guys soon!"

A mysterious, beautiful woman who appeared after the execution of the fifth trial. Mourning the loss of Zero, claiming she could have used that hunk of junk more, she tells them only that the game is over before telling them to meet her in the newest area. Bring your red cards when you're ready to go. Who is she, and what is she trying to do...?

Eri Narukami

SHSL Translator

"I-I'm sorry, I-I..."

Eri is a young translator who recently came into fame within the past few years. There’s no source on just how many languages she knows – just that she knows many, and her ability to give accurate translations is truly something to behold. Due to her work with celebrities and political figures, she’s made quite the name for herself at her age. Despite her height, Eri always seems to be shrinking into herself. Most people note that, when she’s not working, she seems extremely meek and shy, stuttering her way through sentences and becoming easily flustered. The Eri that translates and the one that has to do everything seem to be very different people. It’s almost as if a switch goes off in her mind. Beyond those things, being a translator isn’t a job that tends to bring a lot of fame, so she’s relatively unknown amongst the common public.

Status: currently alive

Forte Hyun-ae Park

SHSL Rebel Idol

An infamous name in Asian media, namely the South Korean Pop world, Forte was once a member of the band, Alektrona. However her musical talent is often, if not always, shadowed by her unprofessionalism and arrogance. According to the forums, she places herself above everything else and treats those beneath her as the insects they perceive her to be. After her contract’s termination, it is currently unknown where the fallen idol will go now.

Status: chapter one culprit

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: No one deserves getting their face smashed in. Or did she die from the fall? Who knows.
  • Only Known By Her Nickname: This is especially important when she signs a note calling Hitachi to the music room with her real name.
  • Sympathetic Murderer: While she did plan it, she also did so to save her fellow students from freezing to death.

Fuyumi Nomoto

SHSL Grocery Bagger

"It's my turn to be the knight in shining armor now!"

A bright young lady with an alluring smile! It’s no wonder so many people flock to Fuyumi’s register at Greenswall market. If you’ve ever peeked at any of her worker’s evaluations, you would know that she’s a diligent and friendly girl, who has a real passion for what she does! …Eh? What does she do, you ask? It’s grocery bagging, of course! Fuyumi Nomoto is Japan’s youngest champion of the National Grocery Bagging Tournament, and the first female champion in the last seven years. Despite coming from a considerably rich family, she happily works as a clerk in a grocery store. Her charming presence has been said to put customers at ease, and keep them coming back for more! Thanks to her, Greenswall market is a nationally recognized chain with several stores in Tokyo and Yokohama alone!

Status: currently alive

Graca Takagi

SHSL Cruciberbalist

Graça comes off as a very shy person as she doesn’t speak very frequently however, this is only because of her stutter which she feels causes people to take her less seriously. She is tempermental due to her experiences in school and growing up with three younger brothers. She tends to stay out of other peoples way however, if she feels someone is treating as less mature than she feels (as she’s not actually that mature) she becomes quick to anger.

Status: currently alive

Hitachi Akihiro

SHSL Raver

"Please don't forget about me."

Hitachi Is a well known party animal. He’s been reported several times in newspapers about how amazing and awesome his radical parties are! Police are known to show up and not arrest the boy but to infact congratulate him and join in the massive rave. He knows how to get a party going! yeah! You can always count on Hitachi to have a good time!

Status: chapter one victim

Kazuki Ito

SHSL Nohgaku

"Um... what is a condition, anyway?"

One of the most prolific and recognized Nohgaku, or Noh performers of the generation despite only being 16, running a search on Kazuki Ito’s name would bring up… videos and anecdotes of his performances and not much else. However, from what information is available, one can conclude that he got his starts performing in his aunt’s theatre, and his fame began escalating from that point on. Before the boy knew it, he was requested to perform for important individuals, including several government officials, and again before he could comprehend what happened, he received an invitation to attend Hope’s Peak.

Status: currently alive

Kazumi Yukimura

SHSL Rocker Girl

"I don't want a pity party."

Kazumi is a rocker girl who goes by the name Tenebris in the band Asking Thine Solitude, a band of mostly American people, apart from herself. Kazumi is their front woman, and provides some guitar and the voice of the band. She and the band have been touring for the past year, returning for Kazumi’s education. She likes to maintain her academics after missing a few years of school and is known as a very smart techie outside of being in a rock band, and helps set up a majority of the tech before a show. She grew up in a sailor family, and actually lives on a boat. Kazumi is a big promoter of rock without the sex and drugs- although she displays a bit of an alcohol issue, and is a full fledged participant in charities and loves to help people. That aspect to her has helped the band gain a good reputation that isn’t just good music. Their playing at charity events all over the world is what earned them enough attention for HPA to send their front woman an invitation to attend the school- the others members of the band being too old to be invited.

Status: chapter 4 culprit

Kenta Igarashi

SHSL Garbage Man

The simple fact of the matter is nobody knows how Kenta even came to be at this school, Sure he’s got the highest satisfaction rating of any garbage man in the entirety of japan where Garbage collectors are concerned. One day his file just showed up in the potential pile of recruits. Kenta himself doesn’t know how he came to be accepted to hopes peak but he’s proud of himself and he’s happy to be attending hopes peak academy.

Status: chapter 3 victim

Natacha Dechant

SHSL Animator

"What do a bunch of teenagers have to do with killing...?"

Natacha is excellent with both her brain and her hands, since she was young. She has been born deaf, but this didn’t let her down, instead, her curiosity and her love of animated movies took over her disability. She loved to watch each character moving like it was real life and she always wondered how she could do it. As she grew up, she heard of her mother’s friend who is an animator and from then, that friend taught her a lot of things about the world of animation and its different techniques. It’s thanks to that that Natacha is so polyvalent and can do almost any animating techniques. the girl was even happier after learning that she got accepted at a prestigious academy at age 16, after few of her animations projects were projected in film festivals, Natacha was really happy, however, she didn’t know Japanese much so she took course with her penpal and improved greatly in just two years then the girl managed to enter the academy at age 18.

Status: chapter 4 victim

Sally Sable

SHSL Ventriloquist

"I could've sworn...!"

Never has the world seen a master of voices quite like Sally Sable! Starting her career causing mischief on the street Sable’s fame grew when she began to apply her ability to throw and manipulate her voice for more practical purposes like show business. Whether it was performing with a dummy or receiving challenges of those who dared doubt her ability to mimic them Sable knew how to draw in a crowd with her childish attitude and amazing talent. It was no surprise when she received her invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy; an honor she accepted immediately.

Status: chapter 5 culprit

Shigeaki Chiba

SHSL Chocolate Maker

"Huu huu..."

Love is in the air! Young lovers think of what to gift their significant other as Valentine’s Day or White Day draws near, and almost instantly everyone thinks of one thing: Chocolate. Young Shigeaki Chiba has a gift with tempering and is a praised food stylist who started up with a small catalog of chocolate-related treats in his hometown and a web show, and now he is being paid by celebrities and common folk alike all over the nation for his extensive list of candies, foods, sculptures, and other chocolatey goods— sometimes to the point that you have to preorder over a month in advance due to his growing waiting list in addition to having one of the largest cooking web shows on the net. Getting many hits on said show, many credit it not only to his skill but also what his growing fanbase call his ‘cutesy mannerisms that keep drawing viewers back in again and again.’ Many speculate that once he is done his public education that he will move on to become the youngest winner of The World Chocolate Masters competition. Truly, his skill and his reputation have earned him the well-deserved talent of the Super High-School Level Chocolatier.

Status: chapter five victim

Shiori Yasuhiro

SHSL Tarot Card Artist Forger

"Trust me, I'll be fine."

Yasuhiro, often hiding her first name, is well known for her tarot card designs, based upon various media from anime to manga to western stories. The cards are designed in an almost perfect imitation of the style of the shows she mimics, and great care is taken to make sure that the cards are just close enough that she avoids any lawsuits, but accurate enough that people can be mistaken that the cards are official products. Not much is known about her past, outside of the fact she’s currently at the school wtih her adoptive sister/sibling Ai Yasuhiro, a SHSL Good Luck.

Status: chapter 2 victim

  • Body of the Week: Victim of the second chapter.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Dying Clue: She made a Y in sign language before she died to insinuate who killed her.
  • Informed Ability: Her secret talent, only coming into play in her knowledge of languages during chapter 1's trial and Her own murder when she was signing something
  • Jerk With A Heartof Gold: She comes off as a bit rude, but there's a sweet girl under there.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: She tends to hide things in her bra wether it's candies or A letter calling out one of her friends that she took instead.

Tamiko Mikami

SHSL Cryptozoologist

"I'm here, and I'm going to be here the whole time."

Mikami is a bright, optimistic young lady from Washington state. However, don’t let her innocent smile and bubbly laughter fool you. Though just a high school freshman, she is the leading expert on all kinds of mysterious creatures. The Chupacabra, Yeti, Jersey Devil, Thunderbird: she’s done research and written theories on everything.

Status: currently alive

Theodore Grey

SHSL Children's Book Author

"I'm glad I'm with you, Natacha."

Theodore Grey is a tall boy originally from Vernazza Italy. At a young age he had began to write many short stories that he had been recognized for in many ways. At the age of 8 he won the Noble Writers prize, that normally only people who are much older than 8 win. This started his journey of writing whenever he got a chance, when he turned 13 he published his first book that brought him his fame as the youngest published author in Italy. He managed to publish 5 more books before being invited by Hopes Peak Academy.

Status: chapter 4 victim

Umeko Toujou

SHSL Medical Assistant Prankster

"... Enough joking around. I hate you all."

A master at bedside manner, Umeko Toujou knows how to take care of her patients and make them enjoy their stay at the Toujou Medical Clinic, open 24/7 and allows patients to stay overnight if they have any worries. She and her brother were known for their amazing way of keeping the patients entertained: with good old sibling rivalry. Yes, the siblings would play pranks on each other in front of the patients to keep their minds off of their troubles, often giving them all a good laugh before their appointment of their medication. Laughter is the best medicine, after all!

Status: chapter 4 victim

Yukari Matsuoka

SHSL System Administrator

"I'm done playing around."

Commonly referred to as the “Ice Queen of Technology”, Matsuoka Yukari has been a prominent figure within the field of technology (specifically management of data), often going as “Y.M.” on the internet. Due to the secrecy that comes with the nitty gritty details of her talent, not much is known about her past endeavors, only her future, and current progress at the moment. Aside from that, she has made herself to be a strict and blunt person from what people have reported, managing the computer systems at her relatives’ company with outstanding skill. Many people claim that she’s a former child prodigy, while others claim that she’s merely a white hat- or even a black hat! Whatever may be the actual truth, it’s completely hidden with her icy demeanor, and her unwilling behavior of stating secrets.

Status: chapter three culprit

Yuki Ichijo

SHSL Philosopher

"Why? Why did you vote betray?"

Yuki Ichijo appears to be an apathetic, insensitive person, although it also seems they have no clue about it. No one knew about this person until they suddenly appeared out of no-where 2 years ago. Their extensive knowledge, learning and thinking has led them to not only remember large parts of philosophy, but even help develop it further, bringing up new questions and better answers. They are completely unbiased in their approach and it appears they argue for all sides of the argument, no matter the topic. It is a mystery though what drives this child to be so completely and utterly successful in something like philosophy, when arguably they could have done almost anything else.

Status: currently alive

Yuma Sugawara

SHSL Naginata-ka

"Well, what was I supposed to do?!"

The quote pertaining to big things coming in small packages very well might have been crafted solely to describe Yuma Sugawara. Despite possessing such a tiny frame and being of such a young age, she is considered by many to be a master of the craft of Naginatajutsu, despite the fact that she is one of the youngest participants of the jutsu. Possessing a lethal eye for detail and an even more quick yet tamed temper, Sugawara is as much a master at the fighting style as the original onna-bugesha who first crafted it.

Status: chapter two culprit

Zero the III

A rabbit that's three feet tall, hops around, and talks to the students on a regular basis. It seems that he wants to help the survivors escape without killing too many people, but what's his real game? Can he be trusted, or is this another toy of Zero's?


Zetsuboucan Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company well-known for bank rolling Ryugu-jo. As it turns out, they did this to fund the research facility that lies beneath, which is involved with numerous potent viruses with no authorization to do so. Once this is revealed to the public, their stocks rocket downwards and their reputation takes a major blow. Their name can be found all over the official files inside of the bunker.

Shin no Sekai

A fringe cult responsible for the attack on the underground water park, Ryugu-jo, spreading the virus Sigma Red to all of the occupants. Shortly after, the disease is released in the public, and Japan is quarantined. Within 15 years, they are essentially in control of the new world. Slowly, they spread their control of the government and all important aspects of life behind closed doors. What are they doing, and what do they want...?


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