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Nightmare Fuel / Nonary Despair 3

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  • Well, arguably, just about everything.
    • Being kidnapped in the middle of the day
    • Being told that humanity is doomed
  • The only way to escape is to kill someone, leaving people with the fear of being killed before they can kill someone else
  • Finding your friends dead body
  • The executions
  • Everything
  • Motive two, which has their most precious thing being threatened. To some, it's a material object, and to others, it's a family member. Living with the knowledge that the thing or person you care most about could die doesn't sound like a good time.
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  • Motive four, which has them living with their biggest fears following them around. The fear of death, of isolation, being told they're useless, being looked down on, reliving previous abuse...

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