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The New Vindicators world has a lot of characters-between the various player characters, supporting characters, villains, and more. This page is for the Player Characters, who have often turned into Non Player characters, as well as other important figures.

Spoiler Alert. Though spoilers will be used, given the length of the campaign, and how some information has been dispersed, some information will be spoilery. Read at your own risk.


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One of the earliest Nephilim, Abadonn's first son, Apocatastasis (real name Hivdil) follows the classic Nephilim traits-he's a giant of a man, and has six fingers and toes. The favored son of Abaddon, he is exceptionally powerful, with the unique ability able of draining the minds and souls of others. To gain more power, he travels to Hyperborea and eats a Golden Apple, becoming an immortal Aesir with the power to copy genetic superpowers, making him even more dangerous. Defeated in ancient times by Aryan and the other Gibborim (the world's first superheroes), he was sealed away under the sea and his return to the world at large is a main plot point of the first arc.

  • All Your Powers Combined: The power he gains from eating a golden apple allows Apocatastasis to copy the genetic powers of those around him, making grow even stronger the more foes he faces, able to copy the powers of any five supers at once.
  • Big Bad: Of the first Book. He shows up again later, but he's been downgraded a bit.
  • Flaming Sword: Hivdil's soul-weapon is a hellfire greatsword, Justified by its lack of weight and the fact that he's a big dude himself.
  • Emotion Bomb: He has the power to enforce calm on those around him, which he no doubt used in spreading his twisted gospel.
  • Healing Factor: Of a sort. When using his ability to drain people's minds, Apocatastasis gains energy he can use to heal any injury, even regrowing a missing arm at one point.
  • Meaningful Name: His birth name, Hivdil, means separation, which he took to compare to the separation his father and the other Fallen were experiencing now that they were cast out of heaven. His second name, Apocatastasis , refers to restoration of things that were separate, which he claims to do by taking people's souls unto himself.
  • Red Right Hand: To separate him visually from modern Nephilim, he's more monstrous in appearance, with his extra toes, pointed ears, and great stature.
  • Stupidity-Inducing Attack: His unique attack is to drain the mental abilities of others, effectively killing their soul if he drains enough.
  • Villainous Decay: After being banished to the Astral Plane, he suffers from its effect on Nephilim and becomes an insane, murderous wreck.

The primary bad guys of the first arc of the European game, Laputa appears to be a terrorist group willing to kill and steal to create a powerful free land for Neo-Sapiens, seeking to punish nations (like the United States) which would oppress Neos. They are organized like chess pieces, with agents numbering 16 in total. Laputa members generally fall into a few categories: traditional supervillain bad guys, extremists with good intentions, and those who are being misled in some way.


Laputa's mysterious leader, the Queen, who turns out to be Tabitha Lamperouge, Jason's mother and a Neo-Sapien even smarter than he his. Calculating, ruthless, and beautiful, she is basically your typical evil mastermind. Tabitha isn't doing anything at all, she's been possessed by a Lacuna seed.


The King of Laputa (the fact that as King, he's not really in charge is an early sign Laputa's not what they appear), and Jack Rexroth's father, Dale. Dale is a Neo-Sapien with the power to shapeshift, modifying his body and usually taking on animal aspects in some way.


The Queen's Bishop, Lacuna is an Esper with the power to create mental duplicates of itself-"seeds". These seeds are triggered, and then the person with an implanted seed is taken over by Lacuna's mind, which can then plant more seeds. Those possessed don't remember anything, and while Lacuna can be forced out of a person, it is usually a difficult process, even for other Espers. Lacuna, due to their personality and powers, quickly became one of the most hated villains of the game. Lacuna is really Elizabeth Lamperouge, who blames Jason for splitting their family up and wants revenge.


Herta Radikovich, an adopted sibling of Vlad with the power of super-speed. An angry young woman, Tantivy (her code-name means moving swiftly) is a dangerous hand-to-hand fighter, having trained in Muay Thai. She is Theiranthrope's pawn.


A young Finnish girl who can turn into walking lava. Wants to do the right thing and stop Neo-Sapiens from being oppressed. She is Entier's Pawn.


An American who was captured by Black Box, branded by them, and lost an eye. He is willing to strike back to make sure such a thing never happens again. Has the power to turn into a semi-liquid rock form, and is a powerful fighter.

A group of Islamic militants with a special advantage: their leader (codenamed Jihad) and his sons (the Jinn) all have the power to make clones of themselves. They have clashed with the NVAE students more than once.

  • Clone Army: In more ways than one. Not only do Jihad and the Jinn have the power to make lots of clones, but the Jinn themselves are Primes - Neo-Sapiens created in vitro from the work of Dr. Meinstein.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Well, No Terrorists Were Harmed: The Oubliette-verse's equivalent of Al-Qaeda...

[[folder:Ugandan Unity Brigade]]A guerilla force in Uganda, notorious for its super-powered leader and lieutenants, and its war crimes across the region. Another foe of the NVAE.

  • A God Am I: The religion General Basenji promotes claims Neo-Sapiens are angels and he himself has been sent by God to take over Uganda. Unfortunately, as his victories progress, more people in Uganda start to believe him.
  • It's Personal: The UUB tricked Otso into exposing and bringing about the destruction of the resistance led by his own father, making them one of Ursa's most hated enemies.
  • No Terrorists Were Harmed: Word of God states that the UUB is directly based on the Lord's Resistance Army.
  • Monster: The UUB is responsible for countless atrocities of every stripe.

New Vindicators Academy of Europe PCs

    The Blue Knight/"Harry Percy" 
A new PC introduced after the Laputa arc to replace Jason, the blue Knight is a Nephilim, son of Leviathian and a Welsh woman, he was a crime-fighter with Paladin, another Nephilim. Prior to his appearance in-game, Paladin goes missing and BK goes to the European Academy for help, eventually staying on at the school because he's not quite ready to be a hero on his own.

  • Flaming Sword:The Blue Knight's soul-weapon is a claymore, made of blue hellfire.
  • Code Name: The Blue Knight, naturally.
  • Faux Flames: Like all Nephilim, BK's fires are psionic in nature, providing no light or heat, though he can concentrate to make them affect the physical world.
  • Flight: Like many Nephilim, The Blue Knight can fly. He conjures 4 bird wings, like an angel, made of blue flames.
  • Withering Touch: The Blue Knight's unique Nephilim power is to sap the mental and physical attributes of someone by touch, called a Soul Burn. However, he rarely uses it because it is potentially lethal, and because it burns his soul as well (in game terms, its an effect that Drains every Ability-Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma that he also has to save against).

    Jason Lamperouge/Prodigy 

One of several American PCs, Jason Lamperouge is from New York, and is a Neo-Sapien with an enhanced brain which gives him superhuman intellect.

  • Anti-Hero: Type III-he can be a nice guy, but he can also be epically sleazy, he's not above killing, and has been called 'heartlesss.' He defeats Lacuna-Prime by essentially crushing her dreams, and attempted to kill a man he knew was under someone else's control because it was the easiest solution.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Contact with electricity causes Jason to temporarily lose his powers, which happens after he is blasted by Lex. The effect doesn't last too long, though. Jason can also choose to turn his powers off, and at one point builds and implants an inhibitor in himself restrain the part of his brain connected to his powers.
  • Code Name: Prodigy. In one future, he changes it to Maven.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Is up there with the other geniuses of the campaign world. When confronted with a cyborg similar to one Isaac Newtown built, Newtown himself says that Jason could have likely duplicated his creations. In one future, he's designed a spaceship that the Vindicators use, called the Ragtime. Early sketches called it the Honky-Tonk.
  • Necromancer: His talent for magic lies in necromancy, which he doesn't use too much in the actual campaign. However, in various future tales, he often uses this kind of magic, coupled with Magitek, to extend his own life-in one tale he just lives for a long time, in another he creates inert clones that his mind transfers to upon his death.
  • Photographic Memory: Has a perfect memory except of things that happened before his powers developed.
  • Superhuman Intelligence: He's built Homemade Inventions both magical and technological, including a magic sword that turns into a pendant, a hologram-projecting bracelet, and his own helmet with built in night vision and a camera. He flew a jet once without ever having done so before, and learned German after being in Vienna for only a few weeks.
  • Super Senses: Because of how his powers work, his eyes see things more clearly than other people-he can instantly look at an object and tell you its dimensions. He can also process information much faster and then parse it out, which equates to speed reading and hearing.

    Dennis Schausteller/Imago 

A PC who joins the New Vindicators during NVAE #20, Dennis is in fact originally from Oubliette-519 - which was attacked by the Armada ship Kurbash. With the aid of the Drifter and the New Vindicators she brought, they defeated the Armada crew and Dennis chose to go with them back to Oubliette-137 and join the Vienna academy. He is an Esper with illusion-based powers.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Very much this trope.
  • Master of Illusion: This is basically his hat. Imago can create complex illusions, inflict psychosomatic damage, change his appearance, and more.
  • Meaningful Name: Schausteller is German for 'storyteller', and Dennis has a personal interest in drama.
  • Pragmatic Hero: Imago supported Greystone in killing Incubus, and was only convinced to agree to spare Pyre and Bile because they bartered their lives for critical information on Pandora and the Armada.

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